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May 23, 2022, 10:20:29 pm

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Author Topic: Fantasy or Scifi Misadventure: NC? Bestiality? Futa? League of Legends?(F lf GM)  (Read 1485 times)

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!!! Definitely still looking !!!
!!! May or may not be looking for more interest with this idea at this point, ask me first !!!

Looking for a GM!
Don't reply to this thread, PM's only!
M/F, F/F, F/futa, but no M/M.  I'll be playing female (or futa) only.

My Role: My character will be an adventurer, or gladiator of some kind, faced with great danger and several defeats
Your Role: Typical GM - you will control the story, the other characters, the combatants she battles, decide if my girl is successful or not

Misadventure: occasional to frequent failure of my girl leading to rather.... exciting consequences
Plot: any excuse to have my girl have many opportunities to enter combat, and provide drive to continually fight on without giving up

Not required, but I'd super appreciate it!
Pictures: I love using character pics in the RP, and I hope you will too.  I'm more than happy to tell you how!

Optional Elements
NC: Non-consensual sexual elements, misadventures might contain some forced orgasms or rape (not looking for more than 50% rape as punishment)
Humiliation: Public display or stripping of our heroine after her defeat (still, I prefer not total nakedness for too long)
Clothing Damage: Partial to total damage of clothing during battle, perhaps difficulty in acquiring replacement clothing (heavily preferred element)
Bestiality, Demihumans: Supernatural monsters or half-humans may be her enemies, tentacles, magic, beast-like sexual organs...
Futa: May involve futa girls, or temporary futa-transformation of my main girl.  More on this later

League of Legends: Not super familiar with the lore, but the girls are hot!  I'd be happy to play many of these girls, though I'd write their personality myself...  Ask if interested!

Regarding Specific Kinks
Oral: Not a fan of consensual oral, and for the time being, I'd insist all cases of it to be NC
Consensual Smut: Generally I only care to do F/F or F/Futa in this instance.  Romance could easily be M/F, but the smut would be secondary to an emotional romance.  Either way, it will not be main focus for this RP type.
General Penetration: Yes, but try to limit it.  Not every sexual instance should involve penetration, maybe half of them at maximum.
Sex Slave: Not ever going to make a willing character, so don't expect to make a whole premise from it.

Hot!  Because I think, it doesn't look too violent.  Hands for restraining, and not choking.

Quickly I hope, RP requirements
I am very chill about post-time, please mention if you want a certain post frequency or be chill about my post-timing also!
I've go between weekly, bi-weekly, daily, and like, 5-daily.  I don't like to commit to anything firmly because it ties you down so... it will probably fluctuate a bit.

2 Paragraph post average.  More happens sometimes and I've happily maintained an average of 4-5, but only when it happens naturally
Threads, not IM's, PM's, or.. other things.

PM me if interested: With info on what you'd like to RP!
And please, for the love of Thor, don't give me minimalistic PM's.  I mean.  Come on.  Let's discuss a few things at once please.  Or it takes eons.  And I'll probably assume you're going to give minimalistic posts also.
I'd especially like to know the amount of sexual content:plot you'd like in a frequency ratio.  And with a few examples of the varied intensity that might occur. 
You may want a "vanilla RP" lacking in highly rated smut and that's fine - say so - but also tell me if there is any mature content you would like?  Kissing?  Groping?  Violence?

Dropping an RP
I will let you know when I'm going to drop the RP, and if I do, please understand.  I'll understand if you need to drop it as well.

Fun Events!
Her first defeat (preferred)
Whatever her fate, she had a chance to fight it.  Upon her defeat, everything changes, she might be enslaved, captured, tormented, or humiliated

Forced Orgasm (would enjoy!)
The ability to force orgasms on my girl through remote means as an alternative to torture.  If scifi, maybe an implanted device and remote trigger.  If Fantasy, maybe a magical spell.  In either, maybe an aphrodisiac.

Game Overs (optional)
Death may not be permanent, or other serious errors may not be final.  Perhaps she is cursed with immortal life, perhaps to keep her alive and have their fun she is continually revived, perhaps some powerful force is on her side and failure is not an option.  If so, deaths will not be overly brutal.  This may be discussed, but I'm mainly considering drowning, suffocation, impalement, or electric, magical shock. 

Futa Transformation (optional)
If we want to futa-fy our girl, from magic spell or medicine, an initial first powerful orgasm upon growing her futa cock.  If we have futa transformation, I'll really insist on such an event!  Might be fun to see on one of the GM-girls also, perhaps right before they pounce on my girl for instance.

Potential Plots!
The Arena
Our heroine is captured and entered as a contestant in the arena.  Here, she fights various enemies in public, with dire consequences upon being defeated.  Opponents can be human, bestial, or supernatural.  Additionally, perhaps some intrigue makes things a little more dynamic behind the scenes?  Is she a slave when out of the arena?  Does she have allies or enemies outside the ring?  Will she occasionally be sabotaged to ensure her defeat and violation/humiliation?

The great quest
Our heroine has some great goal, often growing more complicated as she progresses.  Fantasy might have her fight against an evil God, King, or monster.  Sci-fi might have her oppose an Empire, slavers, or advanced aliens.  Maybe she is sent through enemy lines on a special mission.

Events have gone from bad to worse, and humanity or some few survivors behind enemy lines are on the run.  She might have to adapt to new cultures, or rituals, to escape from someone who hunts her for one reason or another.

Eternal War
Two sides in constant conflict, humans versus the dark creatures, empire versus rebels.. she is but a single soldier, but perhaps she catches the attention of those who want to make her more.  For good, or for ill.  her popularity however, might also be exploited by the enemy.  What's better than defeating a public hero?  Displaying their defeated, naked body to the resistance would be one thing...

Final Note
Varied Sexual Content
I'm not asking for a great plot, but I do want any sexual content to be varied.  It's not all total smut, sometimes she just gets groped, stripped, or brought to orgasm remotely.

Let me know however what you're more interested in.  Do you want an even 50:50 - plot:smut?  60:40 - NC:humiliation?  80:20 - heroine victory:heroine defeat?  If you can think of something that can fit in a ratio that helps explain what you would like to do, please share!

League of Legends
If there is an interest in this, I'm more than happy to expand on what I could do here, but feel free to make suggestions also.  Don't expect my knowledge to go too deep however, I mostly learned anything because of my interest in Ahri!


    Expressing Interest
    Message me!  The more detailed the better.  Include what you might want to do, and feel free to ask me questions. 
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