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Started by Piper, January 22, 2015, 08:40:25 AM

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Hi and thank you for taking a look at my thread. (please scroll thru the replies to view updates and new story ideas).

I am looking for writing partners who enjoy creating detailed stories that can last for months and months; With a considerable amount of time spent on building the story and fleshing out the characters.

My preferred genre is romance but don't let that fool you. I don't expect roses and rainbows- in fact, those kinds of stories bore me. I enjoy characters with crazy intense chemistry who have to fight it. The are prohibited by honor, duty, society or morals to be together. Their interaction would include evidence of their attraction but also display the fight they put up to resist it. It would involve flirting, witty banter with sometimes spiteful slurs thrown at each other.

My ideal writing partner would be able to write for secondary characters as well as our story progresses. He would be intelligent and a little (or a lot) twisted. I love forbidden fruit and a story that could layer several different conflicts would just melt my butter. He would be powerful, in both body and personality. An alpha male all the way- no submissive or effeminate men for me, please.

On the subject of erotica or smut: I am not against it at all, but it is not the purpose for my endeavor. The journey is what I am looking forward to. I could (and usually do) write for pages and pages before sexual contact occurs. I love the build up and tension!

OOC: this would be 100% character and not bleed into a real relationship. I have one of those in which I am quite blissfully happy. I just love to write and enjoy a collaborative story. I do not mind chatting OOC, messages or IRC, in fact I think it is beneficial to a story. I am friendly and flirty but I am taken. So, if I flirt, please don't misinterpret it. I am not offering myself to you nor am I trying to move in on your RL relationship.

I am usually available to write week days and mornings are usually the best time; Arizona time zone. Weekends are family time so I will not write replies but may pop on to check messages here and there. I try to reply to a post or message within a a few days, depending on how many active stories I have going and if for some reason I can not reply, I do my best to let my writing partner know. I would like the same consideration.

Ons and Offs: I hesitate to even add this, but I will as a jumping off point. It is by no means comprehensive. Intensity. Intelligence. Strength. Foreplay, lots of it. Oral; lots of kissing, licking, biting and of course oral sex- giving and receiving. Near/almost sex; when the pair should not be together but can't help themselves. They do just about everything leading up to but not including actual penetration (until later, of course). Rough sex; this goes back to the intensity I listed- hair pulling, smacking, spanking, rough handling, hard sex. Dirty talk. Size difference; I tend to prefer to play a petite female to a large framed man- I suppose it speaks to my submissive nature and attraction to big, strong men. Obviously, forbidden relationships. Fear of pregnancy. Pregnancy and all that entails. Semi public sex; the risk of getting caught. I will add to this paragraph as I think of things. 

Sometimes we are going to start a story that just isn't as satisfying as we hoped. I will not hold it against you if you withdraw your writer-ship. I will, however, have no respect for you if you just leave our story without a word. Have the courage to speak up. We can either go our separate ways, or we can shake the whole thing up and try a different approach. Either way, I'm an adult. I can take it. Of course, I expect you to give me the same respect if I change my mind about a story.

Themes could include:

Star crossed lovers
Unexpected pairings
Damsels in distress
Survival (apocalyptic, post apocalyptic, dystopian)
Historical eras (Think medieval, civil war etc)
Vampires, fairies and other such lore creature

Some books or shows that inspire me
Black Dagger Brotherhood
The Crossfire series
Fifty Shades
Immortals After Dark
Hot Highlanders
The Vampire Diaries
The Originals
Tristan and Isolde

So, if you've made it this far, please message me if you are interested. I look forward to writing with you.

Feel free to check out my posts to sample my writing. I welcome it.

Edited to add new ideas!  :-*


An idea we can collaborate on together:

Our characters met while mine was on vacation (another state or preferably another country). It was a whirlwind romance but my character didn't want any strings. (maybe it was a fling before starting college, after a bad break up or before beginning a new stressful job etc) They spent a whole week together, their connection was instant and intense one that they both have thought of often over the five years passed. They both regret never having exchanged person info to stay in touch and thought about each other in the years between the first meeting and what would be their second. As it is, they only exchanged first names.
Fast forward to the week before her wedding, when friends and family are starting to arrive for the big day and your character is related to or close friends of my character's fiance, in the wedding party?. Then there is a party or barbeque and they are struck dumb when they spot each other....


Adding a taboo relationship storyline:

Understand that characters suggested below are not concrete and can be modified as we collaborate together. I would, however, like the theme to remain the same.

Older Brother/brother's girlfriend (brother/sister-in-law, best friend/his girlfriend, et cetera ) I'll try to explain my theme or idea behind this storyline. I'd like for my character to be in a committed relationship with your brother/best friend when she meets you there is instant chemistry that sort of rocks their respective worlds as they try to resist each other and do the right thing. There should be a long, slow build up. A lot of resisting and close calls. The possibilities are only limited to our imaginations. There is also room for many fetish or kink exploration, voyeurism, mutual masturbation, unprotected sex and so on.


Kidnapping or damsel in distress idea

I don't want to put too much thought into this, as I'd like for us to collaborate together on a story. But either your character is the kidnapper (hired hand) or the rescuer. This can be set in modern or historical settings.

Ideally, I am looking for a partner who can effectively portray a powerful, criminal-minded, dark, seductive, alpha type male with a good heart. I know, I know women always want the bad boys with the good heart. But there's a reason for it. Because it's hot!

There should be lots of violence, drama, adventure and crazy chemistry for our duo.

Below is something along these lines I was playing around with. It doesn't have to be exactly as written, but I wanted to share it for perhaps a jumping off point. In the snippet below, Javier could be the bad guy or someone targeting him who ultimately kidnaps Arrahbeth. Or, your character could be a police officer who had Javier under surveillance and rescues my character- perhaps putting her under a sort of witness protection? The possibilities are endless.

Arrahbeth untied the pressed black apron of her uniform as she entered the employee locker room. She rolled her neck and shoulders to ease her muscles from the long shift at the high-end bar she waitressed at. Having already settled up with the cashier for her tips, held the roll of bills in her hand. This place had been a god-send compared to the grimy diner she was working at downtown when Javier, the owner of the bar offered her the job. To be specific, he offered her a date...several dates in fact, but she politely refused. Focused on saving money to pay tuition to finish her degree at the community college. She didn't need any diversions. Javier said he respected that and sort of took her under his wing. When customers got too grabby, they were gone- no questions asked. When her car broke down, he insisted on paying to fix it and letting her pay him back when she could. She felt at home here. But tonight, as she stepped into the locker room, the hair on the back of her neck prickled. Her ears strained to pick up sounds over the ambient music that still played although the bar was closed to patrons.

She startled and jumped when she heard the unmistakable sound of gun shots coming from Javier’s office. She frozen in place for a split second, her instinct was to go check on him, but when the office door was snatched open it was his face, twisted in anger, that was looking back at her. Something passed in Javier’s eyes that warned her to run in spite of his effort to recollect himself. She spun around and sprinted for the back door. Slamming it open with both hands and throwing herself into the darkness of the alley behind the bar. She heard him and the voices of Ruben and Carlo screaming to her and to each other in English and Spanish. Javier implored her to stop, trying to reassure her but warning bells were frantically sounding her in mind as her feet pounded the pavement. She skidded around the corner and chanced a look back to see them closing in. She pulled from her strength deep down as her legs pumped and thrust her forward. Her feet were light and agile, carrying her petite form easily down the sidewalk. Ignoring the streetlight, she darted into the street, narrowly missing cars. The city bus was just pulling off when she slapped on the door and the driver opened it up. She darted inside, watching the faces of  Javier’s men disappear as the bus drove off. She knew she couldn’t go home, they’d find her there. She let the bus drop her off a couple stops down and took another bus headed back down passed the bar, hoping it would throw them off long enough for her to make her get away.

After taking several busses zig zagging around town in the middle of the night, she checked into a quiet hotel; The kind that didn’t require an ID but didn’t offer much in the lines of security either. She stayed up as long as her adrenaline let her, finally succumbing to a restless sleep sometime around 7am.


I'm also open to coercion, manipulation and some force. Ideally, this would be as a young, inexperienced and impressionable female to be more realistic.

It should not be vindictive or sadistic, however. Hopefully this will make sense and speak to the right writing partner.


Darker Fantasy. I have ideas where this could go but I don't want to put either of us in a preconceived box so I will keep my ideas to myself until or unless you ask about them)

To put it simply, Arrahbeth was a good girl. She always did as she was told, did not take risks, worked hard and after a grueling seven years in law school, she was beginning a new life in a new town. She would be the powerful, intelligent, witty and even sassy woman that was aching to bust loose. Tomorrow she would start at a prestigious law firm but she had all this pent up energy. So when the idea came to her sometime in the night between those half awake, and half asleep moments, she clung to it. She would go to a club, dress scantily, flirt outrageously, get drunk and dance her ass off and just let go. For once in her life. She earned this.

After rummaging through her clothes, she decided she had to go out and buy a dress fit for a club. All her clothes were for business and none would help her party it up. A quick search on her phone of local stores turned up a couple possibilities, so with a pep in her step, she set out to find -the- dress. It took three stores but she left with a dress unlike anything she would've ever dared to wear before. In fact, when she tried it on in the dressing room, she had almost talked herself out of it. It was sheer black with bands of black set strategically placed to cover just the minimum. On the hanger, the dress was about as wide as her forearm and when it stretched over her body, it hugged her ample curves. Since it was backless, she was thankful there was enough support in the bodice of the dress to support her full breasts so the stringy thong was the only other undergarment she needed. The sales man talked her into strapy heels that wrapped around her calves all the way to her knees. He was so over the top gay, that she seriously wondered if he were even gay at all or just a really bad actor.

She wore her thick, dark red hair down in loose ringlets that hung past her ass. It caressed her back when she walked in a way that made her feel sexy, even when her confidence waned. Dark eye make up and glossy lips completed her look. She was about to walk out the door when she thought of her neighbors. She grabbed her Burberry raincoat and tied it at the waist. By the time she started her car, she almost had herself convinced to go back inside and just go to bed early to be ready for her first day at her new job tomorrow. But 'Gorilla' by Bruno Mars came on the radio. She turned it up and backed out of her driveway.

Having left her coat in the car, she took a deep breath as she sauntered to the line. When the bouncer waved, she looked behind her to see who he was waving at. He pointed at her and waved her inside. Both the whistles and the catty way some chick hissed "bitch" at her back, helped her hips sway just a little bit more. She gave the bouncer the seductive smile she'd practiced in the mirror all day and was rewarded with a groan of approval.

Once inside, she quickly threw back two shots of tequila before making her way to the dance floor. She wiggled her way through the crowd until she found a small empty space and started to dance. With the thump of the music, hum of the alcohol and heat of the bodies dancing around her, she lost herself and moved to the music. She felt someone staring at her and found him through the mechanic smoke and low lights. He was easily head and shoulders over any other guy in the crowd. His gaze was so intense, she felt her cheeks flush with warmth. He wasn't dancing. Just standing still and look right at her...right into her.


Contemporary- Musician or Celebrity

YC: lead singer of a band just starting to make it big (based on a real band/singer is ok)

My character is visiting family/friend in your country with no idea who you or your band are as they are not known in my country. I'm there with my [cousin/friend] who is with her s/o, brother etc. who is your opening act....I'm rather disinterested but being supportive to my friend. Your character notices mine and tries to get her attention but she isn't making it easy- something your character is not used to.

(I like the idea of different backgrounds coming together here. Ie, country/rock, rap/country, rock/gospel- but I'm open)


An idea I've had bouncing around. I'm open to input and ideas.

You are the brother/best friend of my character's boyfriend. He and she have been together a good while but when she becomes pregnant, he changes...and so does your character. While there may have been some innocent flirting in the past, my character turns to you for support and help in trying to understand why her boyfriend is acting strange, this brings the two closer and an attraction develops. Your character enjoys watching her body change, while her boyfriend seems turned off by it.

This is just a general idea so I am more than willing to discuss more details with anyone who is interested. Please message me if that is you.


Our character's knew each other growing up. Perhaps mine was friends with your character's little sister. My character, of course, had a crush on yours from a young age. Your character was friendly with mine but she was your character's little sister's friend, and simply did not think of her in terms of romantic notions. Years pass, perhaps my character goes to boarding school or to live with one parent upon a divorce (could be set in modern or historical times, we could make the situations fit the time). Upon her return, your character finds the little girl he once knew has grown into a beautiful, captivating and witty young woman. The two flirt and perhaps begin to share more than a flirty crush. Kisses or maybe more.

However, he comes from a wealthy, respected family and is expected to marry a certain class of woman. A class that my character does not fit into, in spite of her intelligence and genuine warmth, his parents absolutely refuse the match. It pains them both, but duty and honor stop him from disobeying his parents. His character goes to college or to serve in the military...her family falls on hard times and she is forced to become a stripper/escort (or in historical times, a courtesan) to support them. He returns to find his sweet, angelic love doing what she was forced into....


My character met your brother (best friend or even son) while he was stationed in South Carolina. It was a whirlwind relationship and just before he was deployed they married. It wasn't until he after he left that she discovered she was pregnant. During his deployment he is either seriously injured or killed. As they discussed, she moved back to his hometown to have his family for support as she didn't have any family to speak of.

Upon her arrival (again, either with him seriously injured or already gone), your character and hers meet for the first time. You offer her a shoulder to lean on and you two become close...


Your character is a professor at an Ivy League college, my character is a freshmen as said college. She is not like the other students who come from wealthy families, she is there by the grace of scholarships, but still the money is tight.

She has a natural but understated beauty. Quiet, friendly, studious, intelligent and considerate. That is why, at a bachelor party you were pretty much forced to attend (old military buddy or brother etc), you are shocked to recognize the stripper (either on stage or at a private party) looks so much like this quiet innocent girl from one of your classes.


One night, while cruising the internet in "one of those moods" a series of clicks brings you a web page containing suggestive pics and "hidden" cams of said girl.


You are a youth minister but have a weakness to porn, in spite of repenting, praying and swearing it off...and you run across a girl from your youth group (either via the internet scenario or the stripper one)

This idea has many paths it can take and room for many fetishes and kinks. (except for blackmail, yuck)


The night before her big new job, my character goes out to celebrate. She meets your character, intense, hot, heavy attraction follows and leads to a one night stand.

The next day, she enters the conference room. Everyone is waiting on the CEO to greet the interns when your character walks in. My character slinks down in her seat and tries to disappear. Turns out, your character IS the CEO. The very married CEO.
We can change the details around until we both find something we like.


It's corny and it's cheesy but could also be oh so fun!

A civil war era story.

My character would be a southern belle, daughter of a plantation owner whose home and acreage was ravaged by the war. Your character would be a confederate solider leader who commandeers their house when they invade Charleston.

They'd hate each other but be inexplicably drawn to each other. Perhaps he and some of his men are injured and forces her to tend to their wounds....

Or, she discovers your injured character, has him brought back to her home where she nurses him to health.

We could change up the wars or the sides to make it fit....

I'd love to discuss this idea (or something similar) with a writing partner.


My character, a med student (or some other respectable career path), has answered an ad (either as a nanny or as an egg donor/surrogate) to help make ends meet.

A taboo relationship between our character develops. Lots of possibilities here and room for kinks and fetishes to be woven throughout.

Your character's wife is beautiful but uptight, both in how she insists her child be (carried) or raised, and in the bedroom. Once you were both career minded and success driven, but family life (or the idea of) has helped your character loosen up and long for a more carefree and fun relationship.


My character is an addictions counseling student. As part of her certificate, she has to observe, conduct and research different recovery programs. From the 12-step programs to federally funded ones for alcohol, to prescription drugs, over eating, gambling to sex addictions.

She has been able to objectively observe and even conduct meetings for each program she has studied until she comes to the sex addictions recovery program. The first one she attends, she finds herself intrigued and even drawn into the stories. She tries to make excuses to her instructor to get her out of this particular addiction research, stating that this would not be the population of addicts she would work with in the future, but her instructor tells her she must study each kind of addiction to understand how the addict works, how they think and justify their addictions.

My character tries to be as invisible as she can at these meetings (she is required to devote x months to each addiction), but she finds herself captivated by your character's stories in particular.....

Or...in that same vein, perhaps she is in some sort of rehabilitative programs with the prison system where she works with the inmates....could be academic, missionary, legal aid etc
And she finds herself inexplicably attracted to your character...dark and dangerous type of criminal


Some Favorite Face Claims


This isn't really a plot or story idea, just a glimpse into my mind and little things that make me stop and take notice. Ramblings really.

Opposites I enjoy stories with opposites. Interracial coupling. Class/stations differences. Age differences. Personalities. Political or religious beliefs. Size differences (larger male to smaller female). Rock n roll v Country. Metal v gospel.

Subtleties Straight out naked is...boring. I prefer my characters to be sexy in things like their man's over-sized shirts, baseball hats on girls. There are other images that I find extremely erotic. A man's member pulled through the front of a pair of dress slacks. A private touch in the middle of a crowded room. A man's hand on their woman's lower back. Brushing her hair out of her face.

Inspirations I often hear a song, see a picture, read a book, watch a show or a movie and am struck with a story idea or theme. Some of my more recent inspirations are below. Enjoy and by all means, if your muse speaks to you in regards to any of them, let me know!.


Everything about this makes me crave some kind of story based on it. The song. The video. The singer.

I personally have a weakness for toxic, addictive relationships. Which is why I stay away from them in real life! :) But on E...why not? (within a story between two characters, only)

Forbidden relationships! Need I say more?

The intense break up you can't get over. Plus, the country mixed with the pop also speaks to my 'opposites' thing.

Again, the break up. The one that got away.


Jealousy. Addictive relationships.


The quote

Everything about this picture. The man with the tatted sleeve. The look on her face. The position. The touch. Yeah, everything.

Umm. Yeah. Everything.

The quote. The look the quote is talking about. The feeling from such a look.

Subtle and sexy.


Adding a possible historical idea while I am thinking about it. I will have to rely on you for the historical realism if I miss the mark.

I'm thinking of either an American Civil War or American Revolutionary War setting.

My character would be a Southern Belle or one of the settlers in the 13 colonies while your character is a Rebel or British solider. My residence (or that of my family) would be invaded and commandeered by enemy soldiers. My Father (brothers/husband, what have you) will be off in the war or have already fallen. If there is a mother, she will be either very ill or sick in the mind because of the death(s). So running the house will have fallen to my character.

Throw in another character who is interested in mine (either a fellow southern/colonist or someone from your character's military troupe- insubordinate or commanding officer?).

Our character's, mine and yours, hate each other on principle. I'd love it if there were some sort of situation that calls for your character to save mine upon the home invasion or after.

OR it could be our characters know each other from childhood, your character is a friend of her brother) and you are now fighting for "the other side".

Inspiration is North and South or Turn...whatcha think?


Set in a different time or even different world...

Our character's are siblings. Yours is the eldest and in this society, it falls on the head of the household to arrange marriages etc. My character had been sent away for schooling, so then has been absent for a number of years. Now, our father has died and you've been named his successor, as is the custom. I have returned and now it is up to you to arrange a marriage for me, or send me to the church (christian church or pagan temple etc). One problem, you feel something a little more than a sibling's bond and irrationally grow angry at any suitors who propose an alliance through marriage or any argument that I should be given to the church/temple.


Inspiration The Shield: Breaking the conventional formula of the cop genre, THE SHIELD plays out in a tough, morally ambiguous world in which the line between good and bad is crossed every day. It focuses on the tension between a group of corrupt but effective cops led by Detective Vic Mackey, a captain with the burden of bringing them down as well as reducing crime in her district, and a City Councilman out for his own political gain.

If you haven't watched this, please do!! It's on Hulu. Great show!!

Anyway, I'd like to play a character opposite yours, which would be modeled by the main character on The Shield, Vic Mackey. He's a cop. A good cop or bad cop, it depends on who you ask. He has it own set of rules he plays by and woe to the person who doesn't follow those rules. He's cockey and dirty but has a heart for those less fortunate and often uses unsanctioned or morally questionable tactics to make sure his target/mission is acquired.

I'd like to play an ADA, victim of a crime, wife/daughter/girlfriend of a criminal Vic is going after...we can discuss more.


A twist on Beauty and The Beast.

The beast could be a human, so fierce, cold and so mysterious, rumors have spread that portray him as an actual beast or demon.
Or he could be a powerful drug lord
Or we could create it in a sci-fi setting where he is a beast (humanoid creature)

He has a member of my family hostage (we can throw around the reason) and, being the protector and strong headed daughter/sister/best friend, I have gone to negotiate their freedom...Silly? Maybe but we can throw normal to the wind and have some fun!!  :P


Home Again

After a few years away, my character is back in her home town. Her aunt passed away and she is the executor of her estate. That is where she runs into your character. He is her husband's good friend, former employer etc. and they run into each other at a local restaurant or something. They strike up a conversation, time passes and they look around to see they are the only two left. He walks her out and they share a kiss, finally succumbing to the pull between them all night. 

Maybe it leads to more that night or we can drag it out. They carry on an elicit affair....maybe? Ideas? One shot?


Y/C belongs to an elitist club- top secret and ancient society, think Illuminati/Skull and Bones/Knights of Templar etc, he has been part of this club for years, dating back to college and going back generations. It's a dark, twisted and powerful society. Taking liberties that leaves them above the law. In fact, many of those in power are part of the society (majors, police chiefs, senators etc). Now that your character is slated to move up the ranks to second in command, he must be put through the paces. His past sacrifices and proven dedication means nothing.

M/C is your daughter/sister/niece who is unaware of this society or that she is dating someone hired by it. The hired man approached her nearly a year ago and has gained her trust. Their families believe it's serious and leading to marriage. She is a senior in high school/freshman in college. She and her boyfriend have had some pretty heavy make out sessions but he always stops just short of going all the way. Saying he wants her first time to be special. Even eluding to their wedding night.

She is confused when she wakes up in pitch black. The last thing she remembers was her boyfriend running back into the restaurant to retrieve his forgotten credit card. She's cold and realizes she's naked. A shard of light pierces the dark. She shields her eyes. A hooded man wearing a robe enters carrying a torch. She is pulled out of the room by another man, she's gagged, a hood placed over her head and her hands tied behind her back. She's led down a hall, a door opens and she is strapped onto a sawhorse, legs spread wide.

This is it, your character's initiation. A little ordinary by most measures, fucking a virgin? Ok. But you have no idea whose is face hidden behind the mask.


I'm back after a long hiatus and looking for a few creative writing partners. Please message me if something above catches your fancy.


The Girl On The Train

My character is a young girl, (senior in hs or freshman in college), your character is an older man perhaps married with children her age. The ride the same train together every evening. She catches his eye one day and something is exchanged between them although neither even speaks to the other. Often the train is crowded and soon they both position themselves near to the other. Bumps. Touches. Grinding.

How far do they go?