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February 26, 2021, 11:59:42 am

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Author Topic: Jager Needs an Evil Djinn [EX][Possibly Non-Con]  (Read 523 times)

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Jager Needs an Evil Djinn [EX][Possibly Non-Con]
« on: January 21, 2015, 02:40:52 pm »

It's been a while since I posted one of these and I'm still getting back into RPing. I'm sort of at a standstill right now and I'm hoping a new game might help kick me back into a regular game pace.

I'm a very difficult person to RP with. Mostly because I can be a very slow poster. If you can't handle that, then please move on. Also, please check out my Ons/Offs (I'll be doing the same to you).

Anyway, if you make it through my O*Os without crying, please feel free to continue on reading here! ^__^

Anyone remember the old Wishmaster films? If so, that's what I'm looking for. Not cannon to the film storylines, but similar in idea. Evil Djinn gets released and must capture a certain number of souls in order to be able to free an army of Djinn and take over Earth. I'm going to be honest, the first two films were good and I loved the actor playing the Djinn. The third movie is where they changed the actor and I didn't like him. He was in the fourth film, so I didn't even bother watching it. I don't even remember what happened in the third film and don't even know what the fourth was about.

I want someone who can either play the Djinn (which is what I really, really, really want...I'd like to not be the villain for once) or someone to play the human who releases him. Unlike the films, the main human does not have to be some bouncy, perky breasted college aged girl. It can be a woman, a man, or anything between or beyond those. Same goes for sexuality. I honestly think that after a few thousand years, the Djinn really has an open view on sexuality.

The Story, sort of, that I want: During his last release, the human who released him managed to place a secondary requirement to be able to release his army. Along with the 100 souls he must capture through wish granting, he must also convince an good human soul to 'love' him truly.

Other Stuff: The idea of Good is subjective. Someone can be into all sorts of things and still be 'innocent' in my mind. You can practice spanking, rope bondage, and pony play in your private life and still be a good soul. You can swear and drink like a sailor and still be a good soul. Being good is a state of mind. You can even bend the rules if you know that things will go for the better and still be a good person. It's the meaning behind the actions that make them good or bad. Of course there are some things that are 'bad' murdering random people and kicking puppies and throwing kittens...but I think we all understand that.

Also, since he needs a human to love him, he wouldn't likely be doing his usual in the face brutality towards that person. However, he will be manipulating them.

The Djinn: For those that remember, the Djinn is basically all powerful. So long as someone says "I wish..." then he can do it. Granted, he tends to make it end badly, but he can do it. He can even change the laws of physics and reality itself to grant the wish. Nothing is beyond his ability. He can even put someone into a great deal of pain to twist a wish out of them if he really wants their soul. The only person he cannot harm is the one that released him. He can mentally torture them, but he cannot cause harm to them. He does, however, need that person to make a wish. Even if he gets all 100 others, he has to get that person too.

The Djinn has a true form and can take on the form of a human. Usually a handsome man in a suit. The original actor to play him was Andrew Divoff, but no reason my partner has to use him for his human form.

Non-Main Characters: This game would involve a lot of work for NPCs. I don't expect to play out all 100 wishes, but playing some of them out would be fun. So I would expect us to work out several NPCs for brutal wish scenes. They can be violent, gory, sexual, or just cruel.

Anyway...if you're interested, please PM me or post here. Don't expect an instant reply. I'm slow with PMs sometimes.
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Re: Jager Needs an Evil Djinn [EX][Possibly Non-Con]
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2015, 03:59:09 pm »

This. This is what I need.

*stares and rewatches*