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April 26, 2018, 02:40:12 AM

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Author Topic: Ideas, ideas, ideas... Seeking creative female  (Read 178 times)

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Offline BatsoseTopic starter

Ideas, ideas, ideas... Seeking creative female
« on: January 20, 2015, 05:39:20 PM »
So, I have tried to put together various threads I have running to consolidate my current ideas and added others.  So here goes:

Forced Incest
A brother and sister are forced at gun point to have sex with each other and video taped.  Embarrassed they try and forget the incident, but neither can really forget and can't stop thinking about it.  During a summer vacation together they are confronted with their feelings...
Abduction Addiction
A woman is bored in her life and craves some excitement.  A friend of her tells her about this service that offers a unique sexual experience that she can’t give away the details, but assures her she will enjoy it.  She agrees and then is abducted and goes through a wild sexual adventure that leaves her satiated.  It also leaves her wanting and she decides to try and find out who runs the service… The man who runs was also impressed with her.  I am open to ideas about how this goes...

Alien Invasion
Aliens have taken over the earth and killed a large majority of humans.  They enslaved  the rest of the humans to do their labor, which mainly means mining for natural resources.  The aliens left to watch over the operation have taken on a replicated human form, built their own cities and in a way begin to assymulate human culture, but still keeping the slave humans out.  A certain group of aliens have developed a curiosity into human sexuality and allow some female humans to enter their new society, but keep them as sex slaves.  They begin trading female human slaves.  Meanwhile back in the alien home world there is a faction of aliens who do not agree with enslavement of humans, but for the most part they are shut out, but one infiltrates and poses as an alien-human hybrid to try and find a way to to free humans.  He decides to try and help one specific female human slave, but first must engage as the others do and treat her as a sex toy.  Eventually he gets her alone and tries to convince her he wants to help humans escape their enslavement.  In the process he begins to develop feelings for her.  I am open to how this goes...

The Ambivalent Bride and the Wedding Photographer
A women is marrying very young and just before the wedding she becomes tentative, suddenly plagued that she is making a mistake.  She begins drinking heavily and in this strange mood has a fling with the wedding photographer that was far wilder than she expected.  I am open to how this goes.

Crowded Subway Rendezvous
This could either be a one shot or something longer depending on how it is developed.  So two people, a man and woman, have seen each other on the same subway train everyday.  They have noticed each other and maybe even shared a smile or two, but never acted on the furtive glances.  Maybe they are both in committed relationships elsewhere.  One day the train is extra crowded and they are smashed into each other and one accidentally  fondles the other in a sensitive area.  An apologetic look followed by a flirty teasing encouragement, maybe meant to be ease embarrassment, but it leads to a continuation of the fondling, unbeknownst to the other commuters pressed in around them.  A moment of intimacy is exchanged, maybe a head resting against a shoulder, a minor orgasm or arousal and then the ride is over.  Now each can't stop thinking about the other and wonders what the next commute will bring.  I am very open to ideas about how this plays out.

I am craving an Rp involving spanking and more ( especially anal )

It could NC and either long-term or one shot. I am thinking could be a variety of pairings like:

Student / teacher
Doctor / patient
Incest Siblings

 I am open to other suggestions

More to come...

PM me if interested in any of these.