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Author Topic: Two Games [MUL]  (Read 702 times)

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Two Games [MUL]
« on: October 10, 2008, 01:26:53 AM »
Lebanon, Kansas. [MUL] [NC-H] [UN]

A small farming community, well out of the way of any major city, far enough from most large towns to be quiet and peaceful. A place like that breeds a special kind of people, hard working, god fearing Americans, supporting family values and living honest lives.

And one other special kind of person. An angry person, with an anger for the world and a disgust for the supposed ignorance of those around him. A person with unusual resources, and knowledge most men people lack. A person with a taste for the dramatic and the occult. A person with a plan.

A solo about a small town targeted by a supernatural affliction, a lust that is overtaking it's unassuming citizens person by person. It manifests as an unchecked desire, not just a physical lust but a want for sin. The afflicted picks a target, someone forbidden or somebody seen as worth corrupting, and sets in motion to take them, usually through manipulation or seduction. I'm thinking maybe the lust can grant them certain abilities, like being able to induce physical sensations or reactions in their victim to help bend them to their will.

As a manifestation of sin, the afflicted would be driven to choose forbidden engagements. Step-siblings, clergy, forbidden romances and illicit affairs, things of that nature. After the afflicted is done having their way, the lust spreads to the victim, who would then choose a target of their own.

It could span multiple scenes if we decide it's that interesting, switching as the afflicted and the victim. A cool aspect of the game is playing characters first as unwitting victims, then later as their dark afflicted sides, with targets of their own.

The General [MUL] [BON] [UN]

Scipio Agrippa, General of Legio III Gallica. In his youth a brash noble and cavalry commander, his connections with the Caesar made him influential, his tactical wit and bravery on the battlefield made him respected among the military. He rose to his position at the young age of thirty eight, now commanding the leigon of Gaul. Not an ignoble ruler, but zealous in his charge to bring Roman enlightenment to the barbaric peoples. His infrastructure projects and just reforms bring some prosperity, but his blatant disdain for the people's traditional ways lead to much resentment among them, and he's made a point to make examples of those who would try to unite against him. Still, he is in the prime of his life, and the height of Roman power and decadence, and when not busying himself with the affairs of his station he entertains himself with lavish gatherings and a sizable stable of slaves from all over the empire and trophies from his conquest.

The girl was a slave, born into it from her parents but taken from them before she could open her eyes to see them. She didn't live the life of most slaves, the life that people thought she lived. Her master was powerful, resourceful, clever. Never did he make himself directly known, but he molded the girl her whole short life. She was given the usual training for a slave of her class, though that symbolic virginity was never taken from her she was instructed and tested on how to please a man. Taught the procedures for cleaning and serving, trained in the usual gestures of submission. But besides that, she was taught other things. Like where a relatively small blade can be slipped into a man that will kill him without a struggle, the codex of small unit tactics for praetorian guard, how to send a javelin soaring into a man. How to lie and not get caught.

But that was her secret life, and her secret mission. She was to be given to Agrippa as a gift, and to make use of all of her slave training to please him. To give him succor when he is weary, and exercise when he is slothful. To be everything he wants, and to make him inseparable from her.

And when the time is right and the pieces in place she will be contacted, and she will use her other training to bring his life to an end, rout the tyrannical legion and burn roman dominance from the north once and for all.

This could go alot of ways, a romantic story of desire vs. duty or maybe a darker power struggle situation. Maybe she could be caught and punished for her treachery, maybe she could win and make a servant of her old master. It just depends on how it unfolds.

PM me if you're interested, I'm a flexible type so if you've got an idea to improve my own let me know.

Closed again. Thanks gang.
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Re: Two Games [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2008, 09:32:50 AM »
Both are very interesting ideas, JK!  If you don't mind a slow poster I may be interested.  More so in the second one.

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Re: Two Games [MUL]
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2008, 08:54:19 PM »
The first sounds interesting to me.  But would you mind a little more details? :)

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Re: Two Games [MUL]
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2008, 10:27:01 PM »
Taken up, thanks for the response guys.

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Re: Two Games [MUL]
« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2008, 09:08:05 PM »
Looks like Lebanon is open for business again. If anybody's interested hit me up.