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Author Topic: Violelia's Original and Fandom plots, craving Star wars! [M Seeking Female]  (Read 1063 times)

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Offline violeliaTopic starter

Table of contents.

1.) About me / On & Offs.
2.) Original Plots.
3.) Fandoms.
4.) Picture inspired plots. (NSFW)

Currently craving: Stories set in the Star Wars universe, especially ones that revolves around Swtor's newest expansion, Knights of the fallen empire. However, I'm equally interested in stories from other timelines, including AU ones.

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Re: Violelia's Original and Fandom plots [Literate females wanted!]
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2015, 01:09:46 PM »
Me -

Welcome to my thread,

  • I am an experienced male RPer with years of experience.
  • I love a story with both quantity and quality with a good mixture of plot, smut or either one of them leaning heavily towards a side.
  • I adore having OOC chats, so even if you just want to pm me and say hi, feel free to do so!
  • I can write in any form, be it in 3-5 literately descriptive paragraphs per post or more if on a starter that requires lore and or back story.
  • I am pretty open minded kink wise and is mostly dominant in all my stories.
  • I am only willing to play on threads. I have a Skype for discussion / OOC.
  • I only do heterosexual pairings with me playing as the male character. As a straight male, this is the only sort of pairing I'm interested in playing.
  • I have no problem with playing more than a single character.
  • I only play characters that are above 18.

Ons / Offs ! -

General ons!

  • Plots: Which are well thought out with a fair share of pretty much everything enjoyable.
  • Romance: Who doesn't enjoy a little bit of sweet romance here and there?
  • Darker plots: Just because I enjoy romance, doesn't mean I don't enjoy a darker, loveless plot!
  • Action: Us against the world! Or against one another!
  • Playing as the evil bad ass that won't say no: While I love playing the sweet and romantic guy, I also do enjoy playing the downright evil, psychopathic rapist that would shoot and fuck before anything else.
  • Stories set in the Star wars / Comic universe: What can I say? Every boy's dream.

General Kinks?

  • Foreplay; There's nothing I love more than to slowly ease a person into the right mood, to kindle the tiny spark into a ferocious flame.
  • Seduction; The light grazing of fingertips across naked thighs, or even the way I would look at you from across the room, eyes brimming with desire.
  • Rough sex; Angry neighbors, squeaky beds, biting, scratching, hair pulling, that sort of stuff.
  • Passionate sex; A slow and gentle start doesn't necessary gets you last place. Fingers entwining between each thrust, soft gentle kisses placed everywhere, that sort of stuff.
  • Bondage; Give me a pair of cuffs, a blindfold and your waiting body, I'll bring you to depths of pleasure you never thought possible.
  • Non-con; Struggle, run, hide. You're just prolonging the inevitable.
  • Orgasm Control; Beg, plead, whimper. I might just be convinced to grant you that sweet release. Might.
  • Public scenes; In the cinema, under the table at a crowded restaurant, or even when your friends come over for dinner. The flushed look upon our cheeks as we try to maintain straight faces, perfect.
  • Giving Oral; I don't really think I need to elaborate on this.

General offs?
  • Extremely young characters, I guess as long as it conforms with the site's rules I'm fine with it.
  • Extremely naive and innocent characters, please no. I hate anyone that has the "I'm a virgin that grew up in a sheltered monastery" mindset.
  • One liners, short paragraphs or uncreative posts when I give you something I've spent hours on.

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Re: Violelia's Original and Fandom plots [Literate females wanted!]
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2015, 01:11:24 PM »
Plots ! -

Original ideas. (More plotfilled. For more Smutfilled, please scroll down.)

Title: Exchange.
Settings: Modern. 
Themes: Master x Slave / Pet, noncon.

I'm currently extremely interested in the idea of "Trading / Exchanging" favors.

In this story, my character is a person of interest. He's good looking, he's rich, he's extremely smart. Beneath the facade however, lies a completely different personality, a cold blooded, emotionless assassin. He would take any job without questions, regardless of how dangerous the mission was, be it the assassination of a political member, or the inhumane torture of a target. He never once failed, but he had a single rule, he would not harm women, nor children.

This would be where your character comes in, someone vastly different from what he was, of polar opposites. An example would be a party girl of sorts, who drunkenly stumbled into his property one day, either coming across the dug grave in his backyard, or the many guns laid out on his table. Or perhaps a college student, who was delivering pizza in order to pay off her student debts, who came across something she should not have seen when he did not answer the front door.

Whichever it was, he captured her. He promised that he wouldn't harm her, yet he could not allow her to leave, not until he settled certain affairs, or figured out what he must do with her. He would chain her in the basement, and this is where the concept of "Trading / Exchanging," favors come in. He would give her a choice, anything she wanted, she could have, in return for something of hers. Of course, her demands must be reasonable, she could not ask to be released, or given weapons of sorts. But things like being allowed to use his shower, asking for blankets, for clothing. For a different type of meal, for a drink she craved, or perhaps a book. And as time goes by, he might entertain her offer of eventually allowing her to leave the basement, to stay in his room with him instead.

The story can go in any direction, depending on the preference of my partner. My character could be a misunderstood person, with a warm heart beneath his exterior, or he could be purely evil, treating her as a sort of entertainment while not on jobs. The kinks / direction of the exchange would be according to my partner as well, his required favors, would be based on my partner's kinks. It could be anything, from a simple kiss, to wearing a toy, to not be able to orgasm for the remainder of the day.

Your character should not be entire submissive, she should hate mine, should fight him, should try to get away, only to be further broken by the trading / offering system. Trapped in a basement, she's nothing but cold and dirty. Each time they interact, he would ask something from her, and when complied, give something in return. Perhaps a blanket today, a fresh set of clothing tomorrow, even the chance to use the shower.

I imagine things like these:

“I want a blanket.”
“In exchange, I want to know more about who you are.”

“I want to use the shower.”
“In exchange, I get to watch.”

At the very start, she would of course be extremely spunky, but I’d imagine for her to soon realize that she truly was trapped, he wouldn’t make it easy either, I imagine that interactions during the first few days to be short, him leaving her in the dark and cold basement for long hours on end. It would make her crave human contact, to get her out of this uncomfortable place, creating an artificial bond between her and her kidnapper. A form of Stockholm syndrome.

I’d imagine her to ask if he were to kill, or to rape her at the start, something that he would decline. I imagine my character as more reserved, I think having emotional outbursts nor the urge to satisfy himself are qualities he would not have. However, he could use the latter as a form of punishment in a non con scenario.. He wouldn’t do anything too extreme at the start, and he could even treat her a little nicer than expected, I assume he wouldn’t be entirely cold hearted, just unsure of what he would do with his prisoner. Yet one day, she would try to escape, only to be caught. He would feel betrayed and forced himself upon her as a form of punishment. Which would lead towards more sexual contact, with this being the very first.

During the start, the exchanges are little, hours apart. But as he gets more attracted to her, wants more from her, she gets to ask for more things as well. It works in an interesting way.

Title: Integrated Domain.
Settings: Fantasy themes in a modern setting.
Themes: Overall Light, Romance, Seduction, Humor.

Legends foretold of her return, myths prophesied the death and destruction that would follow in her wake. The female entity of war, the harbinger of destruction would once again walk within the human realm. It would signify the dawn of a new world, one brought forth by this very god, a world ripped from its inhabitants. It had been 99999 years since the last catalyst and a year away from the next alignment of Sol’s orbiting planets with the dead sun of Rah a billion light years away. A secret sect had existed since the beginning of time, its only purpose to prevent her from regaining her full capacity. For years they prepared and when the time finally came, sacrificed their lives with an ancient ritual, one which they believed would end her existence once and for all, during the one year time frame before the event when she was at her weakest.

What they had not thoroughly prepared for was for the ritual to fail. Instead of her death, she had instead been ripped from her sleep and left stranded on Earth, her powers torn away and ironically locked within the last place anyone would have ever thought of. Within the balls of a third year university student. And he wasn’t the least like any other hormone fueled males of his age. This man was a hardworking student who loves nothing more than to study and work dedicatedly for charity. He hated things like loud music, piracy and even regularly petition for bans on Internet porn.

The woman would not be able to kill him, least she wants her powers to disintegrate and succumb along with the male. In order for it to fully return to the woman, she would need to make him have an orgasm that would be both willing and filled with his love for her. If she kills him, or if he falls and makes love to another woman, the power would be gone forever, along with her once the year’s deadline catches up.

Notes: The story would involve the woman approaching the male and to try and corrupt him to her side. She wouldn't be able to force nor threaten him, for the only way she can regain her power has to be willingly done from the male side. The male too, might be attracted to another female in the process, something that would bring quite a challenge to them both. For not only the first female might get jealous, but if the male falls in love with the second, the first would forever lose her powers.

Title: Offline temptations.
Settings: Modern.
Themes: Adultery.
Specific kinks: Outdoors/Public Sex/Masturbation, Humiliation, Orgasm control.

“Put it inside of you.”

You’re a married woman, one with an online fling lasting over a year. You’re unhappy with your life. No kids, low paying job and a husband that was getting fatter and rounder every single day, not to mention his tool the size of your little finger. You met someone in an internet chat room one day and conversations about the weather and the news soon blossomed into something more. You guys talked about your kinks and your fantasies, you told him about your husband, and he in turned told you about what he wanted to do with you. Photos soon led to phone sex, which soon led to him asking for a meet up. You knew you would never betray your husband, something he very well knew too. So he asked for a simple cup of coffee at a public place. You accepted, what do you have to lose?

The day eventually arrived and as you sat by the Starbucks at the mall, dressed for the first time in many years to impress, you received a text asking you to reach behind the chair. To grab the box placed behind, for it was a present from him to you. Confused and excited at what it might contain, you opened it up, only to see a shiny pink egg shaped vibrator. You stared at it, confounded at the very thought of what you were seeing till you received a message on your cell phone.

“Put it in.”

Then, you remembered the very words you yourself had told him. As long as he didn’t touch nor tried anything physical with you, she wouldn’t consider it as an affair. Something he knew very well of, something he’ll try to turn to his advantage, he won’t do nor ask anything of you. Till you’re a writhing mess begging for him to fuck you.

Notes: The two characters would spend a lovely day looking like a normal, average couple on a date. They would enjoy typical couple things, having a meal together, browsing stores and or catching a movie. Yet no one would notice the slight shivering of the woman's legs, nor the tiny remote control the man has in his grasp. He would tempt her with mild vibrations, or drive her insane with heavy ones, he'll bring her to the edge of her climax in crowded areas, yet never over the top. He would control, play with her pleasures and only till had he been satisfied, will he grant her sweet release.

Title: Visage
Settings: Modern Fantasy.
Themes: BDSM.
Specific Kinks : Massaging, Masturbation, Fingers.

The world was no longer what it seemed to be.

Unnatural forces flows through each and every individual, granting them abilities and powers beyond an average human’s limits and comprehension. Some fully embraced their powers, using it in favor of mankind, while others abused it, causing chaos and destruction. With what they had done, the opposite fractions of the powered humans were labeled as either heroes or villains. Each with their own special agendas and abilities. With what powers and responsibilities they each held in their arms, they had all forsaken the pleasures of living a normal life. Instead, their days were spent in loneliness and anguish.

And here was what the Visage was made for. An innocuous building with the tradition of cease fire made solely for both powered humans known as either a hero or a villain. It was a place of utmost relaxation, where they would come after long days of either maintaining peace or causing destruction, to give their battered bodies and souls a well-deserved rest. They’ll be served food cooked by the highest quality of chefs, given a spa and if requested, a lengthy massage to either simply release their strained muscles, or one of a more erotic nature.

Everything would be on the house, welcome to The Visage, where the comfort... is you.

Notes: A lot of how the plot could pan up would be up for discussion. Would it be a simple smut plot of a super-heroine/villainess getting a sensual, erotic massage? Or could the Masseur be a Villain sympathizer and slip an anesthetic into the oil, rendering the hero helpless and to his mercy? Or perhaps with his family killed by falling debris,  it's the only place where villains would let their guards down for a lone human masseur to get his revenge?

Title: Alter ego
Settings: Modern, village side.
Pairing: British writer x Hollywood Actress.

Your character is something of a failed actress, not entirely worthless nor out of a job, but nowhere near where she had envisioned herself to be. Instead of attending her own red carpet events and leading the runways deep in the heart of Paris’s fashion circle, she instead spends most of her day scouring for any acting job she could find, while working as an unhappy and underpaid barrister.

My character, is something of a recluse, an eccentric and peculiar person. He’s a world famous writer, of stories that have not only been reprinted in dozens of other languages, but ones that have secured millions of dollars in movie deals as well. Not forgetting the tons of awards he had won for his books, some reserved only for the highest of achievements.

The strange ting is…  that no one actually knows who he is. Each story is written under a different pen name, pseudonyms he created specifically for each book, of fictitious men and women that took both glory and recognition for his own work.

Yet something most unexpected happened, after writing behind a false image for years, his work started to decline, his stories, soon moved away from best seller lists, movie deals no longer arrived at his doorsteps. He knew he needed a change, he needed to step out from behind the papers and reveal his own persona, something he did not wish to happen.

In order to prevent this, it'll be where your character would come in. He needed a change, in order for him to again be at the top of the writing world... he needed someone to be him, a public figure.

He'll publish under her name, her image. She'll attend the meetings extended to him, greet the people that wanted to meet him.

He will remain as the words, but to the rest of the world, she'll have to become the author.

I imagine the setting in something of a rural British town, it'll be foreign to her, moving from a huge city into a small coastal village, a Victorian mansion by the sea. He wouldn't be easy either, the strangest and at the same time, the most intelligent and charming person she'll ever meet.

I do enjoy the idea of there being a certain stipulation in their contract as well, other than the standard non disclosure agreement, she'll also have to agree to be his “muse”. Having no other choice than to agree with whatever he wants her to do in order to “inspire him”. Be it jump into the ocean from the cliff's edge for an action scene, or to put on a tight fitting corset for a Victorian era piece, or perhaps, a slow and sexual dance by the fireplace, during his first foray into writing erotica.

Title: Convince me.
Settings: Slightly futuristic.
Pairing: Robot x Scientist.

It’s a couple of years down the future, a period of time known as the golden age of science. There were neither flying cars nor teleportation devices like in the movies, but many other of those once thought unachievable, were now on the verge of discovery and breakthrough. With the dismantling of the military budget and having billions of dollars moved towards the science sector instead, the world changed in it’s entirety. Medicine and technology advanced fastest than any recorded time in history. Men and women of science were now known as celebrities, they have sponsors, commercials, even movies.

The Global Scientific Research Organization's grants are now known as one of the most valuable and the highest achievement any scientist should aim for, only to be given to members of the scientific community that had the ability to advance humankind towards a better scientific tomorrow.

Your character could be on the verge of a breakthrough, the major first scientific advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. She designed, coded and created a machine that looked exactly like a human person. From emotions to thoughts and even hunger, it was something that would have gotten her tons of praise from the rest of the scientific community. Except for the fact that a dozen other companies were attempting the same, companies with thousands of employees and an unlimited budget.

She needed to do something different; her task? To convince the robot... that he's human.

I do love this idea, it opens up to a world of endless possibility, with the premise that she must not allow him to know of his origins. She could tell him that they were either married or in a relationship, with him currently recovering from amnesia due to an accident that had taken place. In order for her to get her grant, she placed a dozen different hidden cameras around the building, recording their every move as she observed the robot, having them participate in daily activities, such as having a meal, or going out together.

There’ll be a sort of innocence in him, something childlike, unknowing of the world around him. Like if they see a couple locking lips in the park, he’ll ask her for the reason why, and when she tell him that the two of them are in love, he’ll ask, “aren’t we in a relationship? Why don't we do it too.”

Title: Variance Rising.
Setting: Medieval fantasy.
Pairing: Human x Forest Elf. 

An idea quite heavily inspired by the Lord of the rings series, though this will be played in an original setting.

It will take place in a medieval world, one inhabited by humans and mythical creatures alike, elves, orcs and dwarves to name a few. The humans rule the inhabited lands, shared in commerce with the elves and the dwarfs. A high king in command of a powerful army, that would march down any opposite if need be. There were plenty of nobles and royalties, but only one high king.

The elves rule the Grand forest, a stretch of land so wide, no one knew of what laid on the other end. Different races tended to certain parts, the ones that lived near the edge interacted with the humans, traded with them, some even in marriage. Others lived deeper in, choosing to separate themselves with the rest of humanity, choosing to neither open their doors to travelers, nor to include themselves in their affairs. And of course, the night elves, who lived near the parts where the canopies were so far up in the skies, it was always night. Where one would find arrows in their hearts even by stumbling upon their land.

The dwarves come from the mountains, they cared neither about politics nor the fight for power, only gold and drinks. Plenty of them could be seen in both human and elven lands, working as either merchants or blacksmiths, they're as neutral as can be.

The orcs are a hostile race, once sharing the lands with the humans, they raged wars with no reason other than to satisfy their very own blood lust. Defeated by the great human army, they were driven into the forests, where many of them were killed by the elves, and with tales that some of them eventually trekked to the other side of the forest and now lived there, slowly but steadily growing their forces, so that one day, they could have their revenge.

Your character, is an elf. One that lived in the heart of the forest, in a land forbidden by humans to enter. Ruled by an elder with a hatred for humans, those that unfortunately did, ended up either dead, or imprisoned till they die of old age.

My character is a prince, one that was in direct line for the successor of king, one who was dying of a mysterious sickness. Even after years, a cure was not found, the king would soon be dead.

As an adventurer / traveler, my character was not near the capital when he received news of his father's death. Being required to make haste, it was a dark winter's night when his caravan was attacked by orcs that recognized his banner, his men were all killed, yet before he was dealt the finishing blow, he saw an arrow pierce through the orc's chest. Followed by an entire volley as the elves of the forest arrived.

The prince would be saved by your character, who brought him back to her land, where he was imprisoned without trial and left for dead, like any other human that had set foot here. Having lived a sheltered life within the forest, your character would be intrigued by his travels, and in exchange for his tales, healed him back to health.

It would not be long before they started to enjoy the other's company, with growing hours spent together in that cell, where stories of new and old would be shared. He would hide the fact that he would be king, a fact that if the Elven king knew, would fully take advantage of.

Ideas and thoughts could be easily added into this plot. Though I do prefer a more matured and stronger elf, one that knew of the dangers outside and would not hesitate to put an arrow through another's skull. Not those cute / innocent anime ones.

Pairings I'm currently interested in.
My roles are listed on the left.

* Means that I can play either roles.

Student x Teacher*
Master x Slave*
Client x Prostitute*
Human x Demon*
Human Scientist/Hunter x Succubus.
Viewer x Camgirl.
Villain x Policeofficer / Detective that fell into his trap.
Superhero / Villain x Superhero / Villain. *
Pirate x Noblewoman.

Ideas for above pairings (Less plot).
Do know that while each of them are quickly summarized, they can be easily turned into fully formed plots, do pm me to discuss more about each.

Student x teacher.

1.) Control/Blackmail by the teacher. You're a student whom I've caught doing something illegal, perhaps going through my computer for the cheat sheets, or that I've seen you working at an escort somewhere. I'll use that information and force you into doing whatever I want.
2.) Control/Blackmail by the student. Almost the same as the above, but more powerful simply because it's the teacher's career at stake. Could end up having humiliation as an emphasized aspect, forcing the teacher to wear his remote controlled vibrator during class, or having them fuck before a lesson and forcing her to head into class without her panties and with his cum still dripping out of her.

Master x Slave.

Pretty straightforward. I can play either role.
1.) You're a submissive slave whom I'll break and bend to my liking depending on your kinks.
2.) You're a dom slave whom I'll break and turn you into my submissive toy.
3.) I'm your dominate slave, you can decide on whether I'll fall to your abilities, or for me to gain the upper hand and leave you in chains instead.

Human x Demon.
Human Scientist/Hunter x Succubus.

1.) You're a demon who has full control over me, in both pleasure and health. What would you do?
2.) You're a succubus, trapped and or captured by me. You'll grow weaker as time goes by, starving unless you can have a taste of a male's essence, one which I just might deny you of.

Viewer x Camgirl.
Again pretty straightforward.

1.) I meet you on an online Chatsite. You are a famous camgirl with millions of fans, yet there is something about me you always find yourself thinking of. We'll play through a ton of different scenes, from having my character tell yours how to touch herself, which toys to use, to them eventually meeting up in real life.

Villain x Policewoman / Detective.

1.) You're a policewoman that just unluckily had her shift tonight, stumbling upon an illegal weapon's trade, you tried to intervene but was quickly caught and to be executed. Realizing it was actually a female and not a random policeman, the boss decided to have his way with her before disposing of her. Could go into a longer plot if decided on.
2.) You're a detective that had been after me for years now, trying to bring me to justice but never succeeding. Until I managed to capture you one night, raping you but keeping you alive. Going through your phone and noticing the pictures of your daughter/youngersister/niece, threatening her and forcing you to come back to me night after night.

Superhero / Villain x Superhero / Villain.

1.) You're a superhero, I'm a villain, I've captured and decided to break and turn you into my little slave and newest henchwoman. We can exchange roles.
2.) You're a villain, so am I. I decided to capture you and show you who's the evilest of them all.
3.) I'm a superhero, you're a villain. You're beautiful yet evil, and I just can't seem to stop letting you get away.

Pirate x Noblewoman.

1.) You're a noblewoman on a ship I attacked, I stormed the ship and took whatever I wanted, including you.
2.) You're a pirate and I'm a nobleman aboard a ship. I tell you of other nobles we can rob and together we go on a journey of plundering and pounding.

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Re: Violelia's Original and Fandom plots [Literate females wanted!]
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2015, 01:11:39 PM »

I like a ton of things, so while I might not be able to list out some off the top of my head, here are some I'm most definitely interested in playing now.

Star wars:

I'm mostly interested in playing either a Sith, dark Jedi or a bounty hunter, amidst themes of either corruption or powerplay.

1.) You're a Jedi warrior, from either a knight to even a general. In charge of winning the war against the Siths, you're always on the front lines, an inspiration to your troops, a symbol of incorruptible power. Which makes it all the more challenging when my forces eventually captured you, leaving you at mercy of me, a Sith with the ability to break even the strongest of Jedis. From turning you away from the Jedi order, to making you drenched with even the slightest of a touch, the possibilities are endless.

2.) You're a Jedi warrior, one that had to work with a bounty hunter of all people. Unable to reject or to even complain as it was by the order of the Council, you have no choice but to finish the mission with him. Along the way, you both meet dangers and evils of all sorts, learning to eventually trust one another and perhaps... just perhaps... you'll finally give in to his charms.

3.) You're a bounty hunter, this would play out like the first plot. But instead, you're hired to assassinate me, not knowing I'm a sith and the full extend of my powers. You're easily beaten and captured, then soon corrupted and broken into my newest little plaything.

4.) You're a Sith, born to kill and with hundreds of Jedi kills under your belt. Unlikely that you'll end up a slave, but you did. Knocked out by poison due to your own arrogance, you were transported to a planet that absorbed the force itself, leaving you powerless, just another slave. There you were sold to a kingpin, who attempted to break you, who would chain you to his feet and have you fight in the arenas against the other slaves.

5.) We're of opposites, a Jedi and a Sith. We're both captured by an intergalactic villain who wanted to pit the strongest "warriors" against one another to the death. We have to work together.

6.) You're a padawan, one that strives to become the best. Every year, a galactic ranking is held, the padawan at the very top would win an internship with one of the grand masters, something you wanted more than anything else. In your study trips down to the archives, you found an ancient tomb, a dark holocron disguised and forgotten as a simple scripture. It'll slowly start to corrupt you, in every way possible.

Dragon Age:

1.) You're a mage, I'm a Templar. Your magic is weak, it is powerless against the might of the order. You're nothing, easily destroyed. Yield, to me.

2.) You're a Templar, sent after a sect of blood mages. Underestimating their power, there was nothing you could do but watch as your men died around you... revived... and killed, over and over again.

Comics: Characters I would like to play :

    Lex Luthor
    Red Skull

Comics: Characters I would like to play against :

    Black Widow
    Poison Ivy
    Black cat
    Harley Quinn
    Kitty Pryde


I quite pride myself on the ability to play an almost perfect Loki. I would like to play a different Loki, one that isn't as weak as he is in the movies, a Loki that is almost a God himself, with the ability to flatten the face of the Earth if he so wishes. He would no longer have the childish ambition to take over the world, but he'll be as arrogant, proud and confident as before.

When a human found the means to open a portal and snuck his way into Asgard, leaving with one of their crowned Jewels, Loki would travel down to Earth in return, seeking the one responsible and killing everything else that stood in his way.

In this story, I like to pair Loki up with someone like Wonder woman, a character that must be powerful in her own right, and as you can see further down, why wonder woman would be such a good character.

He would land on Earth, easily retrieving the artifacts without resistance, only to be approached by Wonder woman and questioned about his motives. Which in turn infuriated the man, having someone like her question a god himself. He would destroy her, carrying her unconscious form back to Themyscira where he would set her upon the altar and defile her, keeping the super heroine and her country under his mercy, as followers under a king.

Welcome to the Lovesylum.

Batman (or hero of your choice)  / Harley Quinn (or villainess of your choice).

Scientists have discovered in recent studies that a cure for evil does exist. Based on the simplest of fundamentals for a human being’s emotion, they discovered that the one way to turn an evil being back into the light, was not of reprogramming or conditioning but instead, love. Showering a villain with nothing but love and love alone, would eventually turn even the cruelest of beings back into one with remorse, morals and of course, love.

Thus when a certain villainess was caught and sent into Arkham, a certain hero was placed in charge of “curing” her. Unlike the old insane asylum, there were no longer electric shocks, drugs nor lobotomies.

Instead there will only be romantic strolls by the beach, candlelit dinners and warm sensual massages by the moonlight.

Daredevil x Any Femme Fatale.

When I think of Daredevil, the first thing that comes to mind is not only his enhanced senses, but his inability to properly see the world around him. I like the idea of pairing him up with a deceptive female of sorts, someone who relies on her abilities to charm or to attract the males around them. Someone who’s more than a little manipulative, with poison on their tongues and daggers beneath their fingertips. It would be a perfect match with someone like Matt Murdock, who is able to sense even the smallest, the most practiced of a lie, to see through their motives with nothing but the use of his senses. Who while able to grasp their attractive features from their scent and the rustling sounds of their clothing as they walk across the room, is entirely immune to their physical charms.

The story would revolve around them approaching him for their own hidden motives, their concealed agenda intriguing him, prompting him to accept their request, knowing that they have something else planned from the very start. The obvious few that would partner up nicely along with Matt Murdock would be a few of the more, “secretive” or downright “seductive” females, such as the Enchantress, Mystique, Black Cat, Maria Hill, Black Widow.

Bruce Wayne x Selina Kyle.

I also like the idea of a relationship between Selina Kyle and a Batman-less Bruce Wayne, for them to exist in a Universe without heroes. Where his parents survived and Bruce Wayne grew up to be the ruthless emperor of the financial kingdom. This will be more of a powerplay / domination themed story. Selina would still be the Catwoman, but not as experienced as she would like to be. Perhaps he was her very first big "mark." She would join Wayne enterprise, filling the position as Bruce’s secretary in order to access his schedules and ultimately steal the pearls he kept in his office space, a necklace that would cost tens of millions. Except in this story, he would have found out about her motives beforehand, waiting for her on the night of her theft, not only catching her in the act, but also “educating” her the consequences of stealing from a Wayne.

Joker x Harley Quinn +1.

I like the idea of having Joker and Harley kidnap another member of the DC universe, a character for them both to eventually break.

You must be able to play both Harley and the second character. I will play the Joker and a few extra henchmen if needed.

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Re: Violelia's Original and Fandom plots [Literate females wanted!]
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Picture Inspiration / Plots -

Do note that none of these are set in stone. If any of them interest you, do send me a pm and we'll dish out the details! The pictures could be from either short scenes, to even full fledged long term RPs, anything and everything works!

Teaching in class with a hidden vibrator.

One of my favorite themes. Could be anything, is she blackmailed? Is she doing it willingly? Is it by another teacher? A student? A parent?

Captured and bound.

What could she be? A captured princess? Warrior? Priestess?

Lying next to the other.

What are they? Best friends? Incest plot?

School girl with a hidden vibrator.
School girl with a hidden vibrator 2.

Same as the above, one of my favorite themes. Could she be blackmailed? Could she be doing it willingly? Is it controlled by another student? A teacher perhaps? A parent?

Forced down.

Being held down and forced into from behind. A non con scene?

Masturbation 1.
Masturbation 2.
Masturbation 3.

I think it's an extreme turn on to have another masturbate next to you. Mutual masturbation scene that leads into something more?

Forced Orgasm from behind.

Image speaks for itself. A scene where you're tied up, with me my rough fingers probing your velvety depths.

Business Woman.

Powerplay is an interesting concept. Perhaps the idea of fully controlling a business woman that once had everything beneath her. Oh how the tides have changed.

Completely defeated.

A non con scene, where the victor takes everything. Could be a gladiator, a soldier, a villager, could be anything.

Bound Knight.

I had a sort of longer termed plan for this. The idea was for her to be a sort of disgraced knight, once an established knight of the order, she failed in her mission to protect the King's daughter, which resulted in the woman's death. Stripped of her title, she was throw into the Slave market, where a noble of sorts eventually purchased her.


I had an idea of having someone taking care of a blind character. Being sexual frustrated and unable to see, it's where my character's best friend, or sister comes into play. Taking care of him, it soon turned from feeding and bathing... into something more.

Tied up next to me.

A simple scene.

Public Groping.

One of the sexiest things ever.

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Re: Violelia's Original and Fandom plots [Literate females wanted!]
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Back from a month's hiatus, bump!

Online Blondebooklover

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Re: Violelia's Original and Fandom plots [Literate females wanted!]
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Hello there!

I was browsing through the wanted ads and I came across your ad. I was very interested and I was thinking we might be a good pairing. While I wasn't drawn to any of your detailed thought out story lines, I was wondering if you would like the discuss the client x prostitute pairing. I have been thinking about a new story line myself and this pairing just clicked perfectly with it. I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea but I thought I would proposition you with it.

It's the early 1900's the lines between the wealthy and the poor is vast. Arranged marriages for money and power are still a common occurrence in the upper tiers of society. My character has just been married off to a older oil Baron so her family could move up the ranks. Her families new money mixing with very old money. Everyone pushed her into the marriage although she wants nothing to do with her new husband. After a year of marriage and no heirs she decides to seek comfort else where.

Visiting town with one of her friends they come across a salon and go in and visit with the other women. She hears of one of the women talking about her lover she spoils with gifts and presents. She wonders if she could get herself a lover like that, her husband would never notice she was spending his money on gift and things of that nature. It would be a no strings attached arrangement. When she was done she could stop gifting him and be done with it.

This is where your character comes in. After talking with the lady she finds out where she can find a man like she talked about. She goes to a common area and meets your character. They set the arrangments and their affair takes off.

It isn't completely fleshed out but it is a good start. Let me know if it is something that might interest you. If not it is OK.

Thank you for your time,

<3 Blondie

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Re: Violelia's Original and Fandom plots [Literate females wanted!]
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Hi there!

I'm rather new to the site, but I saw your request before I was even approved and it's pretty much been my goal to be finally able to replay. (Does that sound creepy? I hope not!) I was just approved today and had to work up a pair big enough to actually respond. The prompt you presented for Variance Rising is flawless and exactly what I enjoy most in rp. I'd be interested in playing opposite you, if you were so inclined! Hopefully you would be. I'm not sure if the conversation continues in this thread or private messaging, so I'll just follow your lead.

Hope to hear from you,

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Re: Violelia's Original and Fandom plots [Literate females wanted!]
« Reply #8 on: April 24, 2015, 03:29:01 PM »
Back from workhiatus. Have a whole month to myself, looking for more partners to write with. I'm particularly interested in starting a Star Wars based story, because after watching the trailers, who isn't?

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Re: Violelia's Original and Fandom plots [Literate females wanted!]
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Back after almost a month's disappearance, work sucks.

Added in a ton of images and changed up plots.

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Changed a few things, added in a new craving, took out 2 taken plots.