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May 20, 2018, 11:16:35 AM

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Author Topic: [M LF M] [Need Top/Dom type] Agent Suru. [Very Flexible and Kinky!]  (Read 634 times)

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Offline AltherasTopic starter

Feel free to take a look at my Offs, Ons, Pairings, and Characters! It will give you an idea for the kind of things I enjoy.

This request is for a specific character of mine. The plot is flexible, though I will list some ideas. He was originally created in the Star Wars: ToR universe, so a Star Wars world for the environment is preferable, but not necessary! He is a cyborg by his basic backstory, but this can be changed to suit you. He is not the sort of cyborg with a lot of mechanical parts, but rather he was an ordinary human before a horrible crash that left him scarred and injured. He had to have a couple of implants just to survive. He is mostly human, and almost entirely flesh and bone. He does not have any mechanical limbs, just some implants. He needs his goggles to see properly as they provide an overlay that interfaces with optical implants. Without them, he sees shapes, but little detail. If he is not a cyborg, then I would prefer him to be played with glasses that he needs to see.  He has had a very rough life with a very difficult past and a terrible childhood, but further details will be revealed either in RP to your character, or in our conversations to plan the plot.

If you are open to using a Star Wars world for the RP, we have the option to RP in-game on the Star Wars: ToR MMO, which is free-to-play. Any server will do.

If you don't want to use a Star Wars setting, or just don't want to RP in-game, I'd also be very eager to do an RP for him here on the forums. I really want to do some role play with him, so I am willing to do it pretty much anywhere and in any setting. If he is a cyborg, then it will need to be at least a futuristic or sci-fi style setting. In ToR he is an Imperial Agent, but this can be changed depending on our setting and circumstances. For example he could be a secret agent James Bond style working for the government. Or, he could not be an agent at all, he could be something mundane like a school teacher. I am very flexible and very open to your ideas.

In appearance he is half Japanese, half British. He has a British accent though, no matter the setting. He is slender, short, and almost frail looking, but he's very tough despite appearance. Beneath his goggles his eyes can be either white or a pale blue. As an ordinary human he wears thick glasses instead of his cybernetic goggles.

As a result of his hard life and his scars, he does not see himself as attractive, and has had mostly just one-night stands. He believes that people will only find him attractive when they are very drunk. He keeps up a tough appearance and attitude, but deep down he's lonely and in a lot of pain because of it. He would likely never admit to this though. He often tries to remain cold and unattached, though he sometimes lets people get close.

I am looking for anything for him. Romance, one-night stands, a BDSM relationship maybe, even kidnapping, rape, and slavery are acceptable. My Kinks are vast and varied, and my Offs are VERY limited. So please do approach me with your ideas!

He would prefer a top, he enjoys receiving anal and giving and receiving oral. He can enjoy pain when it's done right. He's a masochist, but not much of a sadist. His biggest turn-on is the sensation of being held down by a man who is stronger than he is. This can be rough and violent or tender and gentle, he just enjoys feeling his partner's strength. He prefers men who are bigger than himself, but that isn't difficult as there are very few smaller than him. He likes all races and is open to trying anything once. Even Hutts and Wookies are ok. ;)

I am not too picky about the plot. I can post a few brief suggestions here, but the plot will really depend on what you are seeking. If you would like to RP with Suru, please message me. We can work out a plot together.

If it's a one-night stand, than perhaps just a typical meet in a Cantina or Bar will do the trick. The ideas below will be for more in-depth plots and I will add more ideas as they come to me. These plots will be primarily intended for Suru, but if you want to start up an RP with one of my other characters from my thread, then do not hesitate to ask!


Blowing My Cover: Non-Con, Kidnapping, and Blackmail are all possibilities with this plot.

For the purpose of this plot, Suru will be acting as a double agent. He will be serving one side while pretending to serve the other, and relaying vital information back about them. Your character would be working on the side he is pretending to serve, and would somehow get onto him and blow his cover. Once his cover is blown, your character takes matters into their own hands. They will perhaps kidnap Suru and force him to answer to them for what he is doing. Another possible idea is that your character would use blackmail to subjugate him, forcing him to work for them under threat of revealing him for who he truly is, which would no doubt lead to his execution.
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Offline AltherasTopic starter

Added plot! Blowing My Cover.