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Author Topic: A Prince's Wishes  (Read 478 times)

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A Prince's Wishes
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:21:30 PM »
A wonderful shine hung gently over the room. A warm beam of light beckons at the end of the room. With a snap of his fingers, the Prince allows the light to envelop the entire room. Looking at him, you can tell why he's the Prince of Light. The whole room was lit up like a star but there was nothing more captivating than his smile.

"Hello", he said, with a warm smile and a flourish. I'm the Prince of Light pleased to meet you. "I see I've managed to convince the fates to direct you to my request thread here. It's not a coincidence you're here. Our energies match. That's why you're here.", he said stretching out his hand to lead into the room. A wave materialised two of the finest thrones human eyes had ever seen. He invited his guest to sit down.

"I hope you're having a pleasant day here in blue moon. I've been craving a roleplay, you see and I ... uh .." his voices drifted off as his eyes betrayed the disappointment the bravado and charisma hid. " I haven't been too successful in that area, with partners dropping out on me all the time. But, I try. " he flashed a smile with his mouth his eyes did not share.

"What  can you expect from me as a partner ? I am fairly literate. I post regularly too. I'm very friendly and love making friends, even more than the roleplay. I always care about and respect my partner, without judgement." he mused.

"What are the things that excite me ? I'm still new to roleplaying, and the list isn't all inclusive. I like romance. I enjoy the psychology of dominance and seduction. I like plots with character development.  I enjoy smut too. I like so much more. Please don't be afraid to come to me with your ideas. I love movies too. So, if you could come to me with a fandom idea and I love the movie, I would be excited to do it !That being said, I don't think I'll ever enjoy furries."

"Here are a few sample plots to start you off. I am open to new ideas.", he said and then showed his guest elegant slides of his plots.

Plots :

Angry, Married Couple
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"I'm really craving a married couple. I love married couples. They're so adorable. I want to do maybe a week of them being with each other. The circumstances could be a holiday, it could be a lost bet where one has to be a slave to the other. I want them to have angry sex when they're fighting. I want them to angrily fuck each other like they want to kill each other with animalistic orgasms. I want him to pick her up and just fuck her brains out in anger because of their argument and I want her to be furious with him but be absolutely inept at denying their explosive sexual chemistry.I want to make her cum like a wild animal. I want her to constantly shake in his arms with pleasure helplessly as she continues to hate him but can't stop shouting his name. I want lots of dirty talking."

"But, I also want to do the same couple making love to each other. I want to see them getting intimate to bond with each other rather than look at it as a performance. In this scene, I want them to talk sweetly with each other and really love each other."

Some adultery and BDSM to tickle your tastes, perhaps ?[/color][/b]
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I have another idea, based on the movie Julie/Julia. We could take the storyline.

Well, after that Julie Powell wrote another book about the turn her life took from there. She had been with her husband her whole life, but there was this guy from college she sort of knew. She calls him D in her book. Unlike her sweet, handsome husband, D was a sadomaschoistic lover. She wouldn't consider him a candidate for a relationship or even a friendship, but there's something about him that he just cannot say no to.

They have various edgy moments in their powerplay affair. He leaves lovebites on her neck intentionally, greets her naked at the door, pulls her in and ravishes her before she can say hello one time. They have all sorts of edgy things. She's actually written all about it. Altough I haven't read it and don't want to. It would be nice to explore it.

She was no stranger to BDSM, though. She tried to do those things with her husband too, but they didn't work out as well. Eventually, the affair ended and she's back together with her husband

"A tale of twisted seduction, perhaps ?"
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His primed intuitive abilities told him that his guest was hungry. With an effortless snap, he manifested the most delicious of pizzas replete with corn, onions, chicken and a cheese crust to gorge on. He also materialised some water in case his guest was stricken by hunger.

"There is something else, you see. Another plot has caught my fancy. It's a plot of twisted seduction. It is inspired by a free online movie of the same name. It has moved me to consider roleplaying it so that I can fully understand it. Put myself in those psychological shoes and also answer some grand questions for myself. Can you force someone to fall in love ? Would it really be worth it ? You must be curious about what it is " His voiced trailed off allowing for dramatic effect.

"Well, a man, involved with the sciences kidnaps a woman and attempts to make her fall in love with him through a somewhat bizzare draw of circumstances. It would include not allowing her to see the world, making her dress up, telling him intimate stories of himself, finding ways to bond with her without her permission(like absentmindedly quoting her favourite poem), not answer her questions and be silent so she starts searching for his approval, playing childish games like throwing pop corn at her, forcing her to respond to his frame, psychologically reading her. It is a story of most captivating hesitant and reluctant seduction. There is a sex scene ... I wouldn't describe it as rape, more like a reluctant beginning. She's the one who screams at him and asks him to just get it over with but when he does make a move on her, she gets turned on and the physical recoil in addition to the emotional confusion turns her on. And, the last part which is the absolute kicker is feigning his own death ... which forces her to think that she loves him because of the temporary emotional stimulus. Well, the movie ends with the man kissing her and saying he will go get breakfast after explaining he wasn't dead ... only to go downstairs to move on to his next experiment."

The Prince took another deep breath. "What do you think ? I think it would be exciting to write about a character who is very different from myself. It's a little twisted and may take us down lanes normally avoided. Can someone make that ultimate manipulation ? If it is done, how would it feel ? hollow ? What does that say about other relationships ? Is it all just manipulation ? Is anything real ?"

Allowing a few moments of silence for his questions to be mused over, the Prince decided to offer his own thoughts on the subjects. "I do believe love is real. In face, I think it's the only thing that's real. However, our characters (both of them), are just manipulated to think that it is love. It isn't soulful, magical, deep divine love. The woman is merely responding to emotional stimuli. In many ways, we are all being manipulated everyday by tv, ads, neighbours, newspapers. I think the love would be short lived because there is that bonding when there's only one person, the uncomfotable way of forcing to play and being rather forced to bond with each other. The bond isn't real because the people aren't being their real selves. A bond is formed between the projection both the characters are giving out and this is something that a lot of couples do unconsciously. Nevertheless, it would be fascinating to see if you would partner me on this grand venture to explore the lanes of human thought and marvel at the mystery of the universe."

Satisfied with his narration, the prince eagerly looked forward to hear his guest's response. "It has been most nice of you to humour me. Why don't you tell me about yourself ?", he asked with a kind smile that was more reminiscent of the charming Prince and less of the dark, twisted character he wished to play.

"This is not all I'm open to. I'm still discovering myself and I am most certainly receptive to new ideas. "

"What do I look for in a partner ? I like partners, who like me enjoy connecting with me, and having authentic conversations. I like partners who want a long term connection too."

"I've been talking a whole lot.", he said sheepishly. "Why don't you tell me about yourself ? " The prince asked leaning forward looking deep into your eyes wanting to understand every part of you, mind body and spirit ...

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Re: A Prince's Wishes
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2015, 01:07:41 AM »
I apologise for the colour. It turns out it doesn't mix well with the site layout. Anyway, I'm still open for some more time before I close out this thread.