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April 23, 2018, 04:53:56 AM

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Author Topic: Dr. Hugelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cum (Seeking Any)  (Read 352 times)

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Offline LostInTheMistTopic starter

Okay, first off, this is NOT a Dr. Strangelove game, sorry. I couldn't help the title. This is not with the rest of my ideas because this is a very specific craving. I want to try this out.

This is an outlined idea, and can be modified if desired.

Story: A man with a religious upbringing married a woman with a much stricter religious upbringing. While both of them are united in their faith, his beliefs are much more flexible than hers. He's willing to miss an occasional church service, whereas she goes at least twice a week. She is fantastically beautiful, but she wears only extremely conservative, unflattering clothing, and little or no makeup. This doesn't matter to him quite as much as the fact that she doesn't believe in contraception of any kind, and she doesn't want a kid at this point, so they have no sex life. (She's straight laced, vaginal sex is the only kind of sex to her mind.)

The husband is getting frustrated with this, because even though he cares for his wife, he's starting to notice the women at his job, and he's considering being unfaithful, but while his wife is away at church during the week, he comes across an internet advertisement for "Doctor Hugelove's His and Hers" medication that is guaranteed to improve both the frequency and enjoyment of sex. Deciding that he may not be strong enough to remain faithful, and that he has nothing to lose, he orders it, and a week or so later, a package shows up on the doorstep. He decides to make dinner for them that night....

Notes: A couple of things.

0) Right off the bat, the religion or denomination need not be defined, and no offense is meant to those who hold religious views. You need not be religious or irreligious to be a part of this game, nor do you have to tell me one way or the other.

1) This story will start off with no sex for a while, as we set the scene, and develop the characters and the story. Even after the first few dosings of the drug, the wife will just know she's feeling increased sexual desire, but she will likely respond to this by diving even more deeply into her religious obligations. If you're looking for immediate smut, this is probably not for you. There will be lots of smut later on, but it'll take a while to get there.

2) I'd like the drugs to also have side effects along the lines of increasing size and sensitivity of breasts and penis. This is not an absolute requirement, but it is a preference. Additional side effects I'd like would be increased submissiveness from the wife and increased dominance from the male. Again, preference, not requirement.

3) We'd need to plot out in general terms where this goes. The inclusion of kinky sex, and the wife becoming an insatiable cum-addicted sex maniac is kinda what I have in mind, but maybe you have different ideas. We could have her be totally corrupted, or just be generally more agreeable to sex.

If you want to try this, drop a post in here (shameless request to keep this a little higher in the forum for a little longer) and then send me a more detailed PM. I'd be willing to play the wife if required, though I'd prefer to play the husband. I'd be willing to play two copies of this game, if two very different set ups were to come along.

Offline magikal

Hi Lost,
This sounds interesting to me. I'm shooting you a PM right now.