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E timing out

Started by AmberStarfire, January 11, 2015, 09:25:06 AM

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I've had this happen a few times lately but it just happened about a minute ago when I was trying to send in my last post to my Finders and Seekers thread. It sat for a long time on 'connecting to Elliquiy' and timed out, so I tried it again and it worked very quickly. At the same time it was being slow/not working, I tried opening the Elliquiy 'updated threads' link in another tab and that didn't open either, until things suddenly started working again.

I ran a traceroute right after it started working quickly again, but it was working faster by that point.


And again a few minutes ago. I ran the traceroute while I was having trouble with a page not loading.

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Yeah, E timed out for me for a little bit as well not too long ago.  No clue what happened there.

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I ran into this a while back. It hung up on "Establishing Connection" I had to totally went go out and resubmit the post I was trying to make.
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It also happened to me about 30 minutes ago.