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Author Topic: Reina's characters, ready to go!  (Read 833 times)

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Reina's characters, ready to go!
« on: January 10, 2015, 01:46:45 AM »
Hey all :) Just thought I'd put up a list of some of my characters. Hoping to find a few partners that can tackle each of em.
A lot of their bio's were written a few years back, so bare with me if they're not exactly the most advanced writing in the world.
I'll include a small little perspective on their personality traits to help you guys decide if you'd like to try either of em out.
I usually like to write in bulk (para- 7 to 10 sentences or more), but can work for either less or more depending on my partner.
I'm not an extremely advanced writer, but do love quality over quantity. I'm not a grammar nazi either. Believe, I still make more than enough mistakes when it comes to my writing, but I am working on it.
Also, I'm not restricted to just these characters. I'm more than open to creating new ones to fit any scenario. Just let me know what you're looking for, and we can work something out. Hopefully I'll have them all up by the end of the week. Please feel free to PM me :)

Here they are:

Easy Plays:

Xiomara Denton (Myra)

Name: Myra Denton
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Sexuality: Bisexual
Class: Mistress
Face Claim: Kate Beckinsale

Clarice Haultin married into royalty and lived a very loving life with her husband, Henry Denton. She was loved by her kingdom, never forgetting where she had come from, and would travel to her village every day to make sure her people were well taken care of.

On the night of the Moon Festival, Dimitri Hayes, a well known and feared vampire, had been on the hunt for new blood. An exquisite scent had called to him, and he watched Clarice as she mingled among the villagers, dressed rather humbly for someone whom he had heard was a royal. Her blood seemed to have hypnotized him, and his need to taste her was slowly getting the better of his self control. He followed her as she walked back to the kingdom, and without hesitation, he attacked, knocking her off her feet and biting into her neck. He drank, and drank, and drank, sure he would have every ounce of her life source. Suddenly, he paused a moment, feeling the woman beneath him cling to collar of his shirt, attempting to whisper to him. He half expected her to plea for her life, but was taken aback at the words he heard escape her lips.

“My children… my children…” At first, he did not understand. Word had not been sent out that the king and queen were expecting. Only then did he hear the faint heartbeats from inside her womb. Though his animalistic nature still held the majority of his control, Dimitri was not one to murder children. He bit into his own wrist, and placed it to her lips, forcing her to drink. Lifting the limp Clarice off the ground, he carried her to the kingdom, leaving her at the front gates, and fled as soon as the guards had seen him.

Seven months pass, and life in the kingdom had fallen dark. Clarice was kept in the dungeons, unable to feel warmth of the sun on her skin, nor able to eat meals that would satisfy her. Cattle were slaughtered, and their blood fed to her. Her poor husband, still so very loving of her, refused to have anyone put her to death, though she wished for it. Early labor pains had shown that their children would be coming prematurely. Being chained to the wall, preparations made in case guards would need to take her out, Clarice moaned in pain as Henry caressed her hair. As soon as she let out a scream, her maids jumped to service, fresh towels ready for the lives that were being born before them. The night had been long, and while the sound of his 4 children’s cries had brought joy to his heart, they could not outweigh the loss of his precious Clarice, who did not survive the birth.

Myra was the first born among her siblings, and the only one who seemed to hold the traits of her vampire father. She could not play outside with her brothers and sister, and any meat she ate would be given to her raw. She did not understand why she was so different, and simply assumed she was ill. At the age of 18, she was told the story of her mother’s death, and for the first time, Myra felt the deepest of hatred for the beast that was responsible for her illness. At the coming of midnight, she snuck out of the kingdom, blade in hand, searching for the monster who attacked her mother. It would be the night she would regret for the rest of her life.

Dimitri had been intrigued when the familiar scent from many years ago caught his attention once again. He watched from the shadows as Myra walked silently through the woods, admiring how much she looked like her mother. He chuckled loudly for her to hear, and her gasp caused his lips to curve upward. She had sought him out, and he would deliver. She did not have enough time to react as his arms locked around her arm and waist, his hands squeezing her wrist as the knife fell from her grasp. Her heart pounded, her anger burning, and her scream danced across the silence of the woods as Dimitri’s lips kissed her neck, claiming what was left of her humanity.

Myra is generally very sweet. She is a mistress of high status, but is not prone to keeping pets or slaves of her own. Attachment isn't for her, and she would prefer one night stands over romance. Even so, she enjoys the chase more than the act, and loves to keep her partners longing before she ever sleeps with them.
If you're looking for a quick One-Shot scene with a dominant mistress, Myra may be the one for you. Long term threads are also welcome, but I do warn she loses interest in her partners very quickly, and thus, muse for her is hard to keep at times.

Evelyn Aaria Jones

Name: Evelyn Jones (Eve)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Class: Switch
Face Claim: Amy Lee

A humble peasant, Evelyn Jones was the only pure woman in her village. While other ladies had been married off, or sold into prostitution, her mother worked hard to protect her from any man that set his eyes on her. Though many gentlemen had asked for her hand, some very sweet and good willed, others cruel at heart, it was not the life she wanted for herself. In truth, Evelyn despised men, especially her father, whom in her eyes was nothing more than an abusive swine. The bruises her mother kept hidden from other villagers did not escape her own eyes, and Evelyn knew if a man ever beat her, she would die before staying silent.

King Harold heard of Evelyn’s purity, and asked that she be brought to the kingdom. His son, Jasper, was next in line for the throne, but refused every woman who had been brought to him. Hearing that Evelyn had not lain with any man, his curiosity and lust grew at the thought that he would be the one to deflower her, and own her. Upon her refusal to accept Jasper’s proposal, Harold sent his fleet to bring her by force, and the village was pillaged. Her mother, in an effort to hide her, was murdered by a soldier, and Evelyn in a moment of fury attempted to attack, only to be captured.

She was kept in the dungeons for days, no food or water, until finally she agreed to marry Jasper. The night before her wedding, she offered a token of gratitude to the king and his son for sparing her life. She put on a private performance, dressed in elegant garments, swaying to the music being played as she brought herself closer to their thrones. When the music picked up tempo, and her timing was just right, she twirled 3 times, a knife slipping from the sleeve of her dress, slicing each of their throats. Before news spread that Harold and Jasper had been murdered, Evelyn had already fled the town. Still being hunted, Evelyn lives constantly on the run, changing her appearance from town to town, staying long enough to be noticed, but never long enough for anyone to remember her name.

Evelyn is one of my most difficult characters to find a proper pairing with. She puts up a very tough exterior, and has strong mental control over her will. Because of her background, she has become a brilliant escape artist. Most RPs that include are Master-Slave based. Now, for those of you who want a shot at taming her, I do need to warn you, you will need a lot of patience. She has suffered emotional trauma, and literally has killed those who harmed her. You will be dealing with a woman who has nothing left to lose but her freedom, which I can assure you, she will fight for. Eve isn't prone to violence, but will defend herself if need be, with both her actions and her words.

I'm hoping to find someone who will take his time when dealing with her. Sure, physical punishment may get you so far, but it is her mental strength that plays a big part in whether or not you will own her completely.

If anyone would like to take her on, I do highly prefer a long term thread. I'd like for it to not be strictly sex driven, as she will be building some form of relationship with your character.

Alassë Tinúviel

Name: Alassë Tinúviel
Age: 115, Appears 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Class: Slave
Race: Elf

The daughter of an Ice Elf and Shadow Elf, Alasse is among the rare kindling of her kind. Being born to the Tinuviel clan, it was known straight away that her life would be held with high regard and filled with responsibility. She was raised as a huntress, her father having trained her to become quite skilled with a bow and arrow. On her father's side, she held the ability to perform dark arts, encantations and magic came as easily to her as breathing. Mixed with the cold in her veins, she became a master at glacial magic, able to create weaponry and even summon the spirits of the Northern Winds to her aide. However, using this technique too often would result in dependency upon her body, and subject her to lose control over parts of her mind. At twelve, she witnessed the suicide of her grandmother, who had lost her will to her magic. Not wanting to walk the same path, she swore to hold off on its use entirely, unless moments of life called for such a strong need.

Shortly after her eighteenth birthday, her country had been threatened by the Woodland elves of the western lands. War was waged, causing mass starvation and the decline of land for either side. In order to keep peace between their people, Alasse was married off to Calben Caladaer, the Prince of the Wood Elves. It was against her wishes that this became so, but under the guidance of her parents and the duty to her kingdom, it was with reluctance that she shared her vows under his Sindarin gods, placing her in a spiritual bond with her husband. For a month, it seemed the treaty had done its work, allowing peace to return to each country.

Still, it did not last.

Whilst elves fought their brethren, a new war was waiting to wage on them. Vampires, creatures quite new to their homelands, had come and pillaged their countries, slaughtering thousands upon thousands of her people. Alasse herself was one of the very few to survive the attack, but it was much to her dismay. She was captured with her sister, and locked away until it was decided what would be done with the remainder of the few survivors. Within the week, they were starved, beaten, and leaving her helpless, she was forced to watch as her sister was ripped away from her life. Alasse was left with the burden that she was the very last member of her clan and bloodline. As such, she was sold into slavery at an extremely high value, but treated as scum rather than a rare jewel.

Taken from her homeland, she was forced from shoreline to shoreline. The Elven Queen had fallen far from her status and into the mentality of a slave. She lost her will, and her pride, and even much of her own self worth and identity. Passed from home to home, being used up until there was no need for her, she would pray silently that her gods would spare her any more torment and grant her back her freedom.

Alasse is very sweet, but very timid and shy. Due to abuse from her prior masters, she is very soft spoken and does not take kindly to strangers. While she is submissive by nature, her personality can switch up a bit depending on who her partner is at the time. She may get a bit daring and try to escape, but this elf is generally a house broken pet.

I do not mind her in a setting under a strict master, just the same as I do not mind her in a story of romance with another slave. She fits well in either a long term thread or one-shot scene. She is perfect for anyone who is seeking a pet that is already trained, or simply, something new to ravish. Life as a slave has given her quite the strength and stamina, and you will be surprised just how far she can push herself to stay on good terms with her owner.

For those of you not into M/S, I am more than open to use her in a Non-Sexual thread as well.

Alaina Sappalm

Name: Alaina Sappalm
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan-sexual
Class: Switch, usually Sub
Race: Fae
Face claim: Lindsey Stirling

A tree spirit, birthed of a crossbreed between redwood and willow, Alaina is a rare Fae of her kind. She holds a compassion for all creatures, and is quick to nurture any soul that needs care. A natural empath, Alaina holds an ability of relieving others of their negative emotions. This takes a tole on her, the power out of her control, and often leaving her with a mixture of her own sorrows among the environment surrounding her. Sweet and kind hearted, little known is known of her past, and only very select few have been given a glimpse of what it holds for her. While she is a kind being, Alaina is also quick to defend her loved ones and her home, and will not make haste to rid either of any threat that comes their way. Her age is unknown, but in her human form, she appears no older than 18.

Alaina is extremely nurturing, and will put in her all to be sure that her loved ones are okay. As described in her bio, she has the ability to remove negative emotions from another person. The catch is, unfortunately, that she absorbs them into herself. They tend to build on top of her own sorrows, but she will never voice them out loud. All in all, she is the type who can fit into almost any category of role play.

She is great for anyone seeking a thread that is not strictly Sex oriented.

Dimitri Hayes

Name: Dimitri Hayes
Age: Appears 30
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual, male preference
Race: Vampire
Class: Master
Face claim: Bruno Pelletier

Never one to spare the life of a chosen victim, Dimitri's reign was known well across Britain. Many missing persons were often held in his chambers, where he would feat for days at a time if their blood was rich. The moon in the sky was a sign to fear, for the night called for him to play. He loved all kinds of men and women, his diverse taste often sent him traveling the globe to try them all. When his thirst was quenched, his physical pleasure was satisfied, having no hard time luring many to his bed.

Though a cruel being at heart, the only life he valued was that of a child's. He would bring no harm to a being who wasn't of age, preferring his dinner be ripe. It was for this reason, he spared only one soul from their demise; Clarice Haultin. The queen of her kingdom, Dimitri was intrigued by her will to live as he drank from her. Upon realizing she was with child, he found his only sense of morality, and took her to the gates of her castle. Her blood had been the most exquisite he had ever experienced, and he vowed he would feast upon her once more after her children were born.

The years had come and gone, but Dimitri had never forgotten the taste of Clarice's blood. Fate seemed to be on his side during his second visit to the kingdom. The sweet scent of innocence filled his nostrils. This was not the same woman he had nearly ravished long ago. No, this was one of her kin, and she looked as delicate as her mother had. He descended upon the crimson haired girl, bathing in her beauty and aroma. As he neared her, his lips curved into a smirk. She glared at him with hazel eyes, mirroring the color of his own. Sniffing the air carefully, Dimitri knew well enough that this woman held part of his blood. She had not been out in the woods carelessly. No, she was looking for him. The pride that his "daughter" gave him made him chuckle. He would oblige their meeting the only way he saw suffice. Biting into her flesh, he claimed her as his own, drinking from the woman until she could barely speak. She was his beautiful creation, and he would share her with the rest of the world.

Dimitri knew all to well his child would come for him one day. Of course, he was never in hiding. To this day, he keeps watch on her, watching her as she grows stronger. He would have her as his own one way or another. Until then, he would remain a stranger to her.

Dimitri is very territorial of his pets. Once they are house broken, he is as caring to them as a lover and parent to their spouse and child. However, when he takes in new slaves, he can come off as a bit of a sociopath. He is very charming, witty, a bit cunning, and focuses on mental restraint in order to tame his pets.

There are a lot of different sides to Dimitri you can discover, depending on what sort of character you use with him. Like Myra, he is great when it comes to  one shot scenes, but anything long term will need a lot of plotting in order to hold his muse.

Alexander Celco

Name: Alexander Celko (pronounced Ch-el-co)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Leshy
Class: Switch, often sub

A guardian of the forest, it is very rare for Alexander to come into contact with humans. He finds his comfort among wildlife, often taking the form of a white owl and falcon. Lord of the forest, his vow to protect nature from harm is a struggle he suffers. Though he has saved many animals from the traps of poachers, the decline in trees has made it harder and harder for his friends to find shelter. Alexander will take human form if he in unable to steer hunters away from his woods. With his dreadful cry, and glowing green eyes, it is not hard for the guardian to frighten off unwanted guests. His mischievous nature is one to fear, as he finds a comfort in luring lost wanderers into his cave. He is known for snatching up young male and females alike, never to physically harm, but to toy with their minds. Though he holds a high status in his woods, Alexander holds respect for creatures that protect his land, and will find no shame in bowing to those who do just so.

He's pretty devious when it comes to humans. He most definitely prefers wild life and anthros over human beings. He's not entirely a sexual being, but for the right person, can get very angsty. Alex is a bit eccentric, and a quiet person. He's a bit difficult to get used to at first, but is very loyal to his companions.

He does well for anyone interested in a fantasy based role play. He is also great for romance RPs. Long or short term are both fine.
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Re: Reina's characters, ready to go!
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2015, 11:37:28 PM »
Zyria Florence Jun

Age: 27
Race: Witch
Sexuality: Straight
Class: N/A
Face Claim: Jun Ji Hyun

"Compassion can get you into loads of trouble, but... if it's shown to those who deserve it, those who truly do not understand what it means to receive even the smallest gesture of kindness.... Then I believe it's worth it."

Found shortly after her village was pillaged, Zyria lived a life raised within the shadows of the forest. The woman who adopted her, a wanted witch from the city, offered her as a gift to her guardians, the Spirits of the Elements. She asked that the child be protected and given power in exchange for the service she had provided all her years of life. Because she had no heir, the witch took in Zyria as her own, raising her in a world of magic and potions. As she grew, Zyria became devoted to serving her Spirits, often offering prayer and gifts she could fine. When they needed her, she would answer, happily carrying out any task asked of her. In return, she was kept from harm. Her adoptive mother was not so lucky.

At the age of 15, her world fell apart. Word soon spread that their location had been discovered. Soldiers marched onto their land, ripping Zyria from her home as they dragged her mother out into the fields. She watched as they ignited the witch, and Zyria called to her Spirits for help. Her mother could not be saved; the fire had consumed her all too quickly. The soldiers turned their attention to her, the foulest thoughts within their minds as they reached out to the teen. Before they could grab her, her guardians acted, and each soldier began to burn, blue flames engulfing them. Zyria, thanking them for their protection, fled from the scene. She knew it would not be long before more troops would come for her.

Zyria spent the next ten years of her life traveling from city to city. She had mastered the use of each element, and her sorcery was feared by those of her kind. Though she appeared fragile, she had trained herself in not only magic, but physical combat. She had become a weapon, and hoped to avenge her mother by destroying the kingdom that put her to death.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

"I Ask For Your Protection"
(Scene written by me, 2 years old, taken from another RP)

Zyria's heart was pounding in fury with each running step. It was getting harder and harder to breathe. Her chest was tightening from exhaustion, and her legs were beginning to shake. The sound of horses following behind her was the only thing pushing her forward. I can't be caught, not now, she thought, her near black eyes darting left and right for some sort of escape. Custodes, rogo vos protegant. Hearing her thoughts, the Spirits Zyria had served all her life began whispering sweetly in her ears. Her body was feeling lighter, less strained, and her footfalls were coming faster now, even as the knights behind her continued to make chase. A swing from one of their swords sent her hurling around the nearest corner. Their horses were racing on, the turn so sudden, the knights had no choice but to pull them into a halt. Taking notice of this small window, Zyria kept running, the end of the alley way becoming her hope for escape. The village square was not far now, and it would be easier to lose them from there. With a heaving chest and sweat racing down her neck, she was almost there.

"GOTCHA!" Loud screams erupted from her as she was suddenly cut off by a knight in pursuit. The armed guard grabbed her by the hair and flung her to the ground. Zyria turned over, her eyes surprised and ready. The sight of his sword coming towards her gave her little time to think. Immediately, she held her hand up in defense, and a burst of hair emitted from her palm. It sent the knight flying backwards, but more of them were well on their way. She staggered to her feet, ready to run, but a stone wall blocked any further path. The raven haired woman was trapped, and exhausted. With reluctance, she turned to the armored men who were now surrounding her. "Stay away from me," she spoke firmly, earning dark chuckles from the surrounding enemies. She reached her hand out, and the ground underneath them began to rumble. The men's eyes filled with a small hint of fear, but before she could do much, Zyria felt her powers fading. Her body collapsed against the wall; she too tired, too weak. The knights saw their advantage, coming towards her slowly.

"Custodes, rogo vos protegant," she whispered, praying hard that somehow, her Spirits would keep her from harm. That's when she saw them, two blades, one ablaze in flames, the other emitting blue smoke. Holding them, a man whose eyes were as cold as the artic. He came running towards them, and for the briefest of moments, Zyria wondered if he was possessed by one of her guardians. She had no time to ask questions, for a night had come all too close. Her dark eyes slowly grew pale, the orbs now a sparkling white. She held out her hand, and a flame consumed it.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

"Night Terrors"
(Taken from current thread, different forum, written by me)

Smoke as thick as the night sky blinded the frightened teen. Her chest was tight as she struggled to breathe, dropping down to her knees to escape the polluted air. "Mom!" she called out, "Mom, where are you?!?" The sound of shattering glass startled her, and she flinched as a flaming bottle hit the table not too far in the distance. Her home, the only one she'd ever known, was being attacked.

"Zyria!" she finally heard a woman's voice, and she crawled over to the spot from which it came. Finding her mother's arms, she was met with a wet cloth to her mouth and noce. "Hold this," the woman told her, her face barely visible through the thick smoke. White orbs pierced the darkness, her mother's hand reaching out, forcing the smoke to clear the room. Water burst through the pipes of the kitchen and bathroom. It was flooding the ground, but the fire was fading back.

Suddenly, the two females were hoisted to their feet and drug outside the cottage. Screams of fear and pain ripped from Zyria's throat. Four large men pulled the older woman away from her, placing on her chains that seemed to burn into her flesh. "MOM! MOOOOOOOM!" she screamed out, but she was thrown to the ground by one of them, and hit hard with a staff to the back of her head. Her vision was fogged, her eyes half lidded as she tried to gain it back. The men had surrounded her mother, whom they chained to a large firewood log. Her eyes filled with a deep sadness, but the only word she called out to her daughter was "RUN!"

The smearing flames reflected in her terror stricken eyes, as Zyria watched them engulf her mother, and heard her agonized cries.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Zyria shot up, eyes glowing white. Her arms were extended out, the raven hardly realizing what exactly she had done. Within the corner of the room, the earth began to burrow down, and a pool of water was flowing in, being shot at the wall in front of her. Gasping loudly, she called on the earth to cover the flood, discarded stones within the room circling the hole in the ground. Trembling hands reached for her pendant, and she whispered to her Spirits. The woman had nearly forgotten where she was, whom she was with, the nightmare of that wretched day still clouding her mind, as tears spilled down from her pained gaze.

Angel Keige Ohara

Age: 33 (Open to change)
Race: Halfling- Vampire/ Unknown
Sexuality: Gay
Class: Switch

Born and raised in the streets of LA, Angel grew up with the knowledge that life could be cruel, even for a child. He had lived in a foster home for some time, never knowing who his parents were, or if they were still living. While other children had been adopted, Angel would always be left behind. He lost all hope of finding a family, and by the age of twelve, he was a "problem child." Countless fights at school landed him in the office, and countless times he'd been told he'd end up in juvenile detention. It never stopped the streak of anger and violence that radiated from the blonde.

At the age of 14, his foster keeper had thrown him out, leaving him to fend for himself. Meals were scarce, sleep even more so. He'd often find himself breaking into schools and homes at night, only to grab a quick meal and goods before being chased away or caught. It was like this, that he met his first lover, Angelo "Ace" Keige. The home was small, but quiet, and he knew nothing of the family inhabiting it. Just as he had entered the kitchen, he was stopped by the voice of a woman who'd been watching him the entire time. His first instinct was to run, but he was stopped immediately by the son of the household, a ginger with quick reflexes and more strength Angel had ever seen. There was no real struggle, he was simply held down effortlessly by the older teen, but what came next changed his perception on life entirely.

The mother had offered him a warm meal, and a change of clothes, if he swore to calm down. Apprehensive at first, it took quite the time before he accepted that he wouldn't be let out of Ace's grasp. When he did surrender, her promise was well kept. He'd eaten, changed, and was even given the chance to stay with them for the night. Of course, it would be with supervision, and in the other male's room. That was the first night Angel had real interaction with someone his age. It was the first night he hadn't been thrown away, or arrested, nor treated like the garbage he believed himself to be. It was like a dream he'd never imagined, never bothering to envision that such a blessing could come his way.

But it had, and the blonde soon found that he was accepted into this home with open arms. Mary, Ace's mother, took him in as her own. Not once did she ever think of him any less than family. Even the youngest child, Abigail, loved him as a sibling, though she was too young to understand he wasn't blood. Raised together, Angel and Ace became an inseparable pair. Their years of friendship had only become something much deeper as the years passed. They were companions, best friends, brother's in arms who swore they would always be there for each other. And that love had become everything to the blonde. Angel knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ace.

But just as quickly as things had fallen into place, life only came back to remind him what a fragile thing it was.

When Angel had turned 17, Mary became ill. Still in high school, and only one person receiving an income, money for her treatment seemed like a lost goal. What little money they had saved to keep the bills payed was quickly used for chemo therapy. Within months, the house was ceased, and the trio was moved to a shelter until they could get back on their feet. In a desperate attempt to make things better, Ace had decided to take a loan from the only people known to give money out fast. Elisium, known as the LA sharks, had payed for all of Mary's medical needs, and had given Ace a years time to come up with their money. Ace did well with his payments, sending out cash with every bit of his paycheck. When it wasn't enough, he would do jobs for Elisium, ones that Angel had no clue of. The secret of the loan was kept from him entirely, leaving the blonde out of the loop while his lover tried to keep things calm.

Only when Ace was layed off from work, did Angel feel the gravity of it all hit them. He had no idea what Ace had done, but his worry lied with Mary and Abigail. Mary, still in recovery, and no home to welcome her when she could be checked out of the hospital. And Abigail, only 7 at the time, was too young to understand it all. They had sold the rest of their possessions in an attempt to keep some form of income. What little they had now was simply the clothes on their backs. Angel decided then he would drop out, find work to try and keep them going. But when he walked into the small shelter apartment given to them.... his whole world stopped entirely.

Blood. Everywhere. The whole placed was trashed. And in the center of the room, a hole in each of their heads... was his family. Ace... Mary... Abigail.... and waiting for him was their murderer, gun in hand. Shots were fired, but the blonde ran as fast as his body would allow him. He wouldn't stop- he couldn't. He couldn't go back. He ran miles to the nearest port, hopped on the first train out of LA for good. There was nothing left for him to go back to.

He was changed that day. There was no longer hope in his eyes, no longer any emotion he could feel. He was cold, shut in, a mere corpse of a man who had what little there was to cherish ripped from right under his hands. For years, he didn't speak, not till he found himself being rounded up by hunters looking for fresh meat. He was bought and sold to a Nephilim, who would place his slaves in death matches for entertainment. It was after he'd been hit for the first time since he was twelve, did he allow himself to feel all the anger, rage, depression that he'd bottled up inside. He fought. He won. But when he became too much to handle, he'd been thrown away by his master, and every master after.

Now a cage fighter, Angel remains untamed, wild, and searching for his next challenge in an attempt to feel at all.