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Author Topic: Slave girl up for grabs - a comedy!  (Read 340 times)

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Slave girl up for grabs - a comedy!
« on: January 08, 2015, 07:08:53 PM »
Hi! Ive been away from E and writing in general for a fair few months real world commitments have inconsiderately gotten in the way. However! I have some time for the next week to write again and am looking to dive into one or more stories. Perhaps I can continue them after the week is up but dont want to promise anything and let people down.

So, Im looking to dive right in, this would really suit someone who has a bit of free time too and could post one (or more) replies a day for the next week (until next Thursday 15th).

As the title suggests I like slave girl stories light hearted, slapstick, funny / sexy are the keywords with the slave girl usually acting as the punch line.

A fantasy / medieval setting would be most appropriate. Considering the general brutality of that environment using a slave for comedic purposes doesnt seem too much of a stretch.

I would play the slave girl, most likely shes been a slave for a number of years, it isnt new to her. She grew up on a tropical island or remote village and was captured by slavers when she was a young girl.

Your character and how he comes to own her? That can be up to you, but some suggestions:

- A young man who lives a few steps on the wrong side of the law wins her / cheats at and wins her at a game of cards / carnival game / bet / etc.

- A young warrior saves the life of a lord / clan chieftain in a battle and at the celebratory feast is offered to name his prize. Hes been eyeing up the young serving wench all evening and decides he wants her.

- A (not very good) petty thief and con artist runs a scam, hiring a local street girl / sometime partner in crime to pose as his slave and play a distraction, but ends up enslaving her by wrapping a magical slave collar around her neck as a prop (she thought it was a fake, now she's stuck with it).

- A local criminal working for a minor gang lord gets a big score and instead of laying with a prostitute he decides hell save money in the long run if he just buys a slave.

- A wealthy family are concerned that their son is gay / doesnt have any friends / has never been seen with a girl / tinkers too much with magic alone in his room so instead of getting the book of spells / new wand / alchemical supplies for his birthday he gets a slave girl.

Most of these suggestions see him as a bit of a bad boy from the lower classes its easier to create a happy go lucky living in the moment sort of lighthearted guy from there, I find. Also he is a new slave owner, hes never owner a slave before. I really enjoy exploring ideas around just what do you do with a slave? if you dont have a specific job to give them and wow Im a horny young guy and Ive got a beautiful, sexy slave, what WILL I do to her?

Thanks for reading! This will be easygoing and lighthearted but I do like to write a lot. Ill match whatever you give me but ideally I like to write 3+ solid paragraphs (its not a strict amount, can go up and down but generally I like to have enough to read to enjoy some story before I think of a reply, instead of doing each scene bit by bit as a slave owner as well I think its easier to write for longer as the slave pretty much has to do what shes told).

Send me a PM if you're interested! Bye for now!
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