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Started by shii, January 05, 2015, 02:20:46 AM

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Hello and welcome! Please PM me with any interest you may have of the below items. You should probably take a look at my O/O's. I'm looking for a fellow story writer who has ideas and inspiration. I'll try to match the posts of my partner but 3 to 5 paragraphs is fine. I am a switch so I play each role well. if there isn't something here you like but you have an idea please let me know  ;D Ah yes, and the pics are not of the actual characters per-say just the feel/concept.


The Demons and the Elves have long been bitter adversaries. The rift between them stretches far and delves deeply ensuring no peace will ever be found between the two powerful nations. War and periods of truce define the existence of the two nations and it’s people. The wars are often bloody and prolonged with borderlands often shifting domain from Demon to Elf frequently. The truces can last decades as both Elves and Demons are long lived creatures. Our story begins with YC who is a Demon prince, and acquires an elf, who, this deep in demon lands can only be a slave. YC intends to use him as he sees fit and is pleased by his beauty. MC will be frightened having never seen a Demon up close but they will be smart and resourceful as he knows to be displeasing to his new master would mean certain death (he will also have a healers magic as his only strong magic). MC is not weak or a push over but he is smart, and obedient when he has to be but will stand his ground when he feels it is right. However somewhere along the way YC and MC fall deeply in love. Demons mate for life and often follow there lovers into death should they die. It is a bond that can not be broken or undone. For YC to fall in love with an Elf is nearly an act of treason as YC is promised to another as his royal blood demands. They must keep there bond a secret but for how long?

About Damons: They are elemental in nature. they have the ability to use Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. The royal blood lines are strong with this magic and it takes more to wear them out. Demons can have horns, tails (fuzzy or not) forked tongues, pointed ears, wings both feathered or bat like, fangs and a rainbow of skin colors. They have a highly sexual society that is very close nit. There sexual drive is high and they have no shame, often engaging in sexual acts in public if the mood strikes them. it is seen as a sign of vigor and never a shame or something to be embarrassed about.

About elves: they are known for there ability to create spells with the ancient tongue. Some elves are more gifted in this magic than others but all elves have some magical ability. They are far more controlled and ‘proper’ with there sexual encounters and find the demon’s sexual nature appalling. They are not as free with themselves and strict laws and social rules conduct there daily life.

I am willing to play YC father and family relations if necessary.


~*The Business Man*~

The business man’s days are spent making money, his nights are filled with relieving his pent up frustrations and stresses on a body he has paid well for. He often uses a whore’s services to cater to his unconventional desires that wander ever deeper into the world of kink and BDSM. The whore is experienced but the business man brings him to new levels of servitude he didn’t even know was possible. They only ever meet for a session and always at the rich penthouse the business man had obviously bought for just such occasions. However, something begins to change and they start to talk more. Things soon turn romantic, but they are from such different worlds. They can not possibly love each other. Will the business man take his lover in and teach him how to pass for an aristocrat? Will he deny there love and cruelly punish his lover for it?

I’m willing to play either character in this set up. Things I’d like to see in this would be, piercing, master/slave, flogging, rough sex, caning, orgasim control/denial, cock rings, spreader bars, obeying orders, bondage, servitude, cock worship and more depending on what you would also like to see happen here. I am aiming for a controlling/demanding (almost OCD) top in need of someone to love him and a creative, submissive, giving, bottom who wins his heart.


~*His Pet*~

MC is a trouble making street mongrel and leader of a gang. He lives in the city slums stealing and fighting to carve out a living. YC is an intelligent man with influence, connections and power, living in the upper reaches of the high tech city. The rich and privileged often keep human pets or slaves, usually bought for a high price to satisfy there master’s amusement. One day YC rescues MC, saving his life. MC is honorable even though he is a mongrel street rat and seeks to repay the debt. MC has no money so he knows he must repay the debt with his body. YC becomes infatuated by the wild yet honer bound street mongrel and offers to keep him as a pet for a year in payment for saving his life. MC accepts knowing he will be free after only one year, the debt payed. However MC finds it harder and harder to resist the seductions of YC as YC trains him to serve MC slowly discovers the love within his heart for YC and the lifestyle he lives with him. YC is desperately in love with MC and tries to carefully bend his wild lover to his will.

I would like to explore some character building here. MC will be an interesting mix of obedient yet defiant. I’d like to explore that special bond between master and slave. Also if you have seen the OVA of Ai no Kusabi you will know what I mean. It’s not necessary for this RP but this short anime (2 episodes) gives the feel for what I would like to explore. You can watch it on youtube but it’s NSFW.