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Author Topic: Interest Check: System + WWII  (Read 689 times)

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Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Interest Check: System + WWII
« on: October 07, 2008, 06:03:04 PM »
Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, I used to GM a game that actually used a system. It was custom designed, really simple, simply because I had never done such a thing before. I also had a co-gm and about 12 players. Basically, enough people to flesh out a Squad, though they were equally divided into three squads so their squad-mates could be cannon-fodder. And because the scenario in play was not a single-unit action type of thing. Anyways, to  make a long story short, the game saw 1-day of action (the mission) with 2,000 or so posts made (half of which were over a 2 month period). Intense, I know, and there were a few surprises thrown in (like a PanzerGrenadier Platoon and Stug that happened to be in the area). The results were rather bloody, with close to 75% casualties, and not one member escaped untouched (in one manner or another).

So, I've decided to start a new version of the game here, as long as the following rules are met/understood.

1. Realism. I'm a WWII buff, so I know my facts (mostly). Hollywood movies are far from the truth. So, not everyone has a Thompson, not everyone is going to survive. Hell, I expect most of you to get wounded in one way or another - cuts and scrapes etc. Don't be all "gung ho" or anything either, as its the quickest way to death.

2. The System.
The System isn't like anything you've seen. It will be rather basic, and used to sort out combat (for the most part). Once things get settled, I will draw it up in further detail and post it here.

3. Posting. No one-liners! Due to the pace of this game (SLOW) because of all the behind-the-scenes stuff, I expect posts to be lengthy (but not short novels). 

4. Characters.
Being a combat unit, no women! Based on theatre, country, etc that might be open to debate. Potential 'Resistance/Partisan' members can be Female too. Also, depending on interest, this game could be massive with players on BOTH SIDES being active.

5. GM = GOD.
Well, close to it. My word is final. I am open to suggestions (and will ask for suggestions/comments) but when I make a decision, it is final. Period.

6. Joining
. I might be picky with who I chose to let into this game. You need to be reliable, post any absences, post regularly (at least 2 times a week, maybe more when interacting with each other when no GM input is  needed). You also need to be a competent writer with at least some basic knowledge of the time period. You know - who fought who, etc.

So, some basic ideas:

Option 1: Normandy
Part of the Airborne Operation, meet up with some Partisans. Cause some havoc, regroup at objective, take/hold town until Seaborne units arrive.

Option 2: Italy

Airborne Invasion. Secure target area, destroy ammo dump. Meet up with Partisans. Liberate village.

Option 3: Eastern Front

German/Russian side. Special Operations Mission. Partisans linkup (if Russian). Kill Partisans (if German).

This is just all in a nutshell. Ideas can be elaborated on, changed, or new ones added. All depends on the amount of interest and players we get.

So - any takers?

Offline Jineriq

Re: Interest Check: System + WWII
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2008, 11:59:16 AM »
It's really a shame that no one else seems to be interested in this. As a former Marine I'd love to be a part of it, and although you don't have anything in the Pacific Theater as your examples, I'd be more than happy to jump in there. The Island-Hopping campaign is beaten into your brain in Boot Camp. So, even without any jarheaded setting, I'd love to be included.

I do have a question, though, regarding the system. You say not to be "gung ho," which I can understand, but does the system lend itself to possible heroics? What I mean is, will we be able to see the kind of bravery and heroism that earns medals and turns the tides of battle, rare as it may be, or would that just come down to lucky rolls and happenstance?

Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: System + WWII
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2008, 12:09:10 PM »
I think it would depend on the character, the moment, and how things had been going, with a little luck thrown in too. And how well a person writes, feeding me (the GM) with things to go off of. Again, depends on the situation/scenario, and how fucked up things have gotten. No need for bravery when engaging an enemy on the run. The risk is not worth the result.

Offline Jineriq

Re: Interest Check: System + WWII
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2008, 12:26:45 PM »
Makes sense, and like you said, not everyone is going to walk away from battles unscathed, if anyone will at all. Sounds pretty accurate.

Like I said, I'll jump into anything if we get more people. Plus I'd like to make it fairly accurate, in regards to both rank and demeanor of troops. Too often does the real military-ness get overlooked.

Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: System + WWII
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2008, 12:28:04 PM »
Yeah. I still have the Y!Group that the original game was played on, so I can dig around for the pretty detailed Squad/Ranking Listing, along with Weapons etc. Chances are, this game won't amount to anything anyways. Sorry to disappoint, just the way of large scale games here.