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June 26, 2022, 10:19:25 pm

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Author Topic: Nyao! Dangle a thread for me! [F for M] (Requests currently on hold)  (Read 448 times)

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Edit on 12/29/14: Wow! I've gotten tons of responses to this! Unfortunately I'm at my limit for game discussions at the moment, but watch this space - If I find I have more time for RP, I'll re-open requests!

Welcome to the fluffy pillow room. Won't you curl up with this kitten for a while?

Let me just start by introducing myself. I'm a fan of anime, JRPGs, and love and fantasy. Writing is well... I love to lose myself in the words i write. It is my favorite art and I like to think I perform it well. I can easily get carried away and write hundreds of words in no time at all. However, I will match my post length to yours. You get what you give, chérie d'amour!

I'm open to hearing new ideas and will casually entertain all queries when real life allows. However, if you strike a fancy, and strike it well, I'll dive in headfirst. Send me a PM. Let's be friends!

My favorite thing is a partner that can keep up with my writing, both in terms of acceptable grammar, and in terms of my impatience. Good grammar is quite important to me. I try so hard as a matter of respect to you, and it's a matter of respect to me that you do the same.

As for my impatience, I don't enjoy waiting forever for replies to my posts. If you can't reply at least once a week, please keep moving. Bonus points if you respond quicker than that - I will try my best to do the same. I understand that Real Life trumps Forum Life, but keep me in the loop. If you get bored or busy, simply say so, or you run a big risk that I will be uninterested by the time you return. The bottom line is, keep me interested and/or let me know what's up, and I'll stick around.

I do have one pet peeve. No parroting. I've had several partners in the past who can't move the story along on their own. The simply retell what I've said from their own point of view and stop short of adding anything new. Please, I crave a creative partner so just... Just no. 

Now, the main event. Without further adieu, here's what I'm craving. I've decided for once to leave specific story summaries up to discussion and instead generalize a list about types of characters I feel like playing in an RP with you. Do feel free to make your own suggestions as well.

Kemonomimi! (<3)

I've found that I love playing cat girls (nekomimi), bunny girls (usagimimi), fox girls (kitsunemimi), etc. I'm not quite into full furry, per se, so as the trope suggests, she'd have a human body, but with fluffy ears and tail. Don't forget those animal instincts though. She might struggle with her initial innocence giving way to her instinctive desires. This is at the top of the list because I've been spending a lot of time browsing this in my spare time:

Supernatural Humanoids 

Demons and Angels. Goddesses and mythical powerful beings. Someone who comes to you to grant your desires because you are wiched or pure enough to earn her favor. ...or her punishment. Like the last entry I prefer a primarily human body. 

Androids, Cyborgs and other Sentient dolls

In a technology based setting, she's created to make you happy. (A bit like the last entry I suppose.) She's programmed for pleasure. Maybe she likes it. Maybe she doesn't. Inspiration drawn from shows like Chobits and songs like Electric Barbarella (Duran Duran) and Sillicon Girl (Eiffel 65).

So there you have it. Take this as a starting point and tell me if you see something you'd like to build on with me. Wanna try something you don't see? PM me anyway! Let's talk!
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