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Author Topic: Vampire Gods Among Us-Citizens and Slaves  (Read 553 times)

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Vampire Gods Among Us-Citizens and Slaves
« on: December 28, 2014, 03:18:15 AM »
(If you think this post is a remake, it is not.  We are currently looking for a new type of players, and this post has been redesigned for such.)

This is a freeform game involving a futuristic scifi-fantasy world in which vampires have been the ruling race for five thousand years.  The endgame is to have one of the Dark Gods (or god-like elders which control a slave species) assume the position of GodKing and rule over the world.  The Dark Gods have already been chosen, but we are needing other vampires to be influential pawns in the silent and possibly very real war in the future.  You can also be a member of the slave race, or with approval, take up the mantle of one of the NPCs and make them a PC.  If I've peaked your interest, please keep reading.  Thank you.

Long after the time of man, the world has become a very different place.  War had ravanged the lands over and over and over again, leaving only the most depraved or resilient species in its wake.  Genetic manipulation and mythological creatures had blurred together, bringing back the creatures of the night in an age of wonder and possibility.  Blood poured upon the soil, staining it with the pain of a billion souls.  The wronged demanded to be avenged.  Countries pushed science to the limits in order to keep the world barely alive whilst making new war machines to destroy their enemies.  The stalemate between perfection and utter oblivion lasted for eons, until one race rose above the rest.  Vampires.  At first, these beings were nothing more than mindless leeches with an unquenchable thirst.  After evolution and science took their roles, vampires attained a holy status and became living immortals upon the planet.  They were no longer monsters hiding in the shadows, but eclectic beings capable of higher thought and machinations beyond dreams.

Of course, none of the other worldly powers immediately submitted to these new beings.  There were wars like there had never been before.  Thousands, Millions were slaughtered on the battlefields.  The stench of rotting corpses polluted the world;  trees rotted from the inside, crops yielded poisonous fruit, and the soil crusted and dried into sand.  Eventually, the other powers submitted to the immortals, allowing themselves to be governed by the once-human beings.  But there were only a handful left, and the lack of humans prevented the vampires from refilling their ranks.  So those few vampires left committed to a democracy governed by an elected King.  Every eon a vote would take place and a new immortal would be crowned.  As it was written, so it was.  For over ten thousand years.

During that time, science had allowed the mass cloning of braindead comma patients hooked up to incubators.  The vampires had an eternal supply of sustenance, allowing the humans to repopulate naturally.  Of course they had to be protected against the elements, so they became a slave race to their dark gods. 

Eventually, every need of the vampires was sated.  And they became bored.  And then they became cruel.  They had to find new ways to entertain themselves.  War was one of those options.  The Dark Lords, or the original ruling vampires as they were called, would orchestrate the species they dominated into controlled wars.  Another option was sexual depravity in ways never before thought of with every creature that crawled up on the land.  The world became a wicked place.

Now, another eon is about to pass, and the ruling king for the last five eons King Primus has decided not to run.

 He was tired of his palace of sin and decided to remain in seclusion.  Not even his child race of Angels were tended to, allowing them to spread across the land and disappear.  So now we have six Dark Gods wanting power.  What will they do to attain it?

*******************THE GAME********************

A Freeform Game

Originally, this game was open for players to fulfill the roles of the Dark Lords, or Throne Holders.  They have since then been filled.  We are developing the game still and are nearing its start, but I realized that there might be an interest for more writers to play as vampires who are subordinates to the Throne Holders...or as one of the slave races that serves their gods interests (or secretly not).  The theme and mood have been set, but now it's time for the masters and the pawns to make their move.

Here is the code for character creation...

Code: [Select]
Dark God: (Go to the first reply to this post for a list and description)
Species: (Go to the second reply to this post for a list and description)
Territory: (if applicable)
Personal History:

Essentially, you can create whatever character you want within limits.  Those limits are the ones I have already mentioned, plus your character must work well with the Throne Holders' histories.  In other words, you cannot make a character who is the original Dracula, Father of All Vampires, who is secretly playing one of the Dark Lords as a puppet for his amusement.  You can make a thousand year old vampire who has done her/his best to manipulate their Lord through politics, sex, or love.  You can't make a vampire who can call forth the fires of the sun and engulf the world in a fiery hell.  You can make an armored soldier who has the ability to take on a dragon-like form and fight in his/her Lord's army.  Honestly, it's best to come up with an idea and then ask the Dark Lord in question if it works for him/her.

Now, on with explaining some things about the character sheet. 

-Name:  Can be anything, but if you choose to have a title, make sure it doesn't conflict with the current NPCs' and PCs' power base.  Create a job than no one knew we needed.
-Appearance:  So long as you abide by Elliquiy's rules and are reasonable with their size and power, be creative and go nuts.
-Dark Lord:  You must choose a Dark Lord.  Only vampires with a damn good political status can be unaffiliated, and you are not one of them.  I will post a list of them lower with information.  Read up on them, think of a way your character could fit, and then contact the player.  Feedback is key!
-Species:  The main choice is vampire, but you can choose any of the slave species.  Just remember that if you are not a vampire, you are at best a second class citizen.  If you want to be something completely off the wall, PM me first before you create!  We may not need a tiger-centaur with lobster claws and butterfly wings.
-Territory:  Most likely no, unless your Dark Lord has deemed you worthy of ruling a part of theirs.  Ask first.
-Personal History:  The more unique the better.  Personally, I love playing flawed and broken characters.  Playing a God-mode Superman gets boring quickly.  Also, remember the storyline.  21st Century the Great War happened, then came the Apocalypse, then five thousand years later Primus takes control, and five thousand years later (now) he refuses to be reelected.
Weakness:  I am playing out the idea that vampires are each eternally unique, and they develop their powers and their weaknesses according to the type of personality they have.  Can they never sleep in the same place for more than one night?  Must they pray to their Moon God each night or go mad?  Does beautiful music make them relive horrible experiences?  Do they constantly contract sicknesses only humans are known to have?

You might notice that one of the NPCs have a slave species of her own, and you might want one too.  I will only allow this if you're willing to develop the species in full.  PM me to find out what that is.  Even if I do approve, realize that your slave race empire will never be a true contender to a Throne.  At best, your empire is a third of the size of the smallest Dark Lord's empire.  If you act too big for your britches, you'll be taken down a peg or two. 

Basic Biology of Vampires: They are only weak to the sunlight when they are young.  As Elders, they are only inconvenienced by it.  They must feed on blood.  They do have fangs.  They are as close to immortal as one can be, as even when they are 'killed', they enter a torpor from which they can be resurrected if the right rituals are performed.  Religious icons are a no.  Stakes are a no.  Beheading is a yes.  Impaling the heart will severely damage them.  They do not age. 

If you wish to know more of our progress and are willing to wade through our collective creative process, here's the link for the Throne Holders' OOC posts...

We are beginning the story now.

If you wish to join, PM me your character sheet or post it on the OOC page.  When I approve, you'll post it on the Character Sheets ONLY page, and then feel free to join in after the Dark Gods have made their entrances.  As far as posting order, Dark Gods take priority, but other than that be aware of the progression of the game.

Post as this...

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img padding=5 height=125]YOUR CHAR IMAGE HERE[/img][/floatleft][size=18pt][font=trebuchet ms]CHAR NAME[/font][/size]

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Re: Vampire Gods Among Us-Citizens and Slaves
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2015, 02:41:54 AM »
The Dark Lords

1.  Throne of Ghost-"Mistral"; player-Prince Truhan
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Player: Prince Truhan

Name: Mistral


Throne: Ghosts

Species: Former sentient beings

Territory: He has his main base in the largest Mayan temple, his servants are currently spread across south and central America.

Personal History: Mistral wasn't always called that, however he doesn't remember what he was called, or indeed what he was before being a vampire. However since he started his time as a vampire his focus was on 2 things, to accumulate power and to keep existing. The first one was a mean with which to ensure the second one. His determination allowed him to rise in the ranks of the vampire society, and led him to the position he is in now.

He soon became familiar with ghosts, while their motivations varied they also felt an urgent need to keep existing. He provided them that, binding them to him, and making sure they all knew that he was the reason they were able to keep from being destroyed, to stay away from the big fire below.

He has often sparred with Rebecca who feels a strange fascination with his ghosts, he doesn't hate her, but he has no intention of conceding anything to her, and makes sure she pays dearly for every slight against him.

Weakness: While most of the other Dark Gods have managed to surpass their weakness to the sun, it still haunts Mistral, perhaps it's because he dislikes warm, perhaps it's the knowledge that it could destroy him in his early vampiric days, but the direct light of the sun manages to affect him. As soon as he is exposed he becomes blind, after about a minute he starts to weaken severely, if he spends more than 5 minutes in the light he will become unable to move. He'll need an equal amount of time in the dark to recover from the exposure.

2.  Throne of the Lycans-"Selene";player-Elven Sex Goddess
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Player:   Elven Sex Goddess

Name:  Selene  (the Moon Goddess),  other known names (Little Red Riding hood,  Ennoia).

Appearance:  Selene appears as a blonde hair young beautiful woman.   However, she has bestial trait that is quite distinguishing.  That are a source of outrage of shame, as her feet are cloven hooves.   Note this trait can be hidden some what.  As she wears platform boots that give the illusion that her feet are shaped cloven.   

Throne: Lycan   

Species:  Lycanthropes

Territory:  Is known as the 'Protectorate'. Stronghold is called the 'Brugh', located in Russia near the border of Georgia.  Within the Taiga (Part of the Boreal forest).  Selene fortress once belong to the czar of old imperial Russia.  This is the stronghold region of her slave tribe of lycans known as Silver fangs her ruling elite.
The other tribes are spread out around the world.  For her slave race is semi mitigatory.   As listed below some are within a certain region of the world.  While there are four tribes of her slave race that are completely mitigatory.   
Personal History:  Before recorded time itself before the rise even of empires of Sumeria, Babylon, around 8000 BC.  The short bridge between the stone age and the bronze age.  Known as the  Chalcolithic or copper age.   Selene born in the great tundra within the ancient Taiga part of the great Boreal forest within what would once become known as Siberia.   Part of a hunter gatherer tribe within the region.   Who is caught and made slaves to the antediluvian Ennoia.     Ennoia for what ever reason embraced Selene at some time during her early twenties. 

The vampires that follow the goddess of Lycans.   Are known as the Gangrel.   Like the goddess they can go to ground.  Take refuge into the ground with the coming of day and the brunt of the sun rays.   For unlike the goddess they cannot head into the sun, for the sun will burn them.    They however, have not the affliction of silver weakness as the goddess and her slave race has.   They are through afflicted with a bestial aspect as the goddess is.   It is the nature of the bloodline of vampires.  They also are not effected by the moon madness of a full moon as Selene and the lycan race are.  Selene took this mantle as first amongst the Gangrel when she by diablerie of Ennoia.   A name she now claims as one of her titles.

Selene defeated the lycan lords who now serve her as the lords of the lycan race.   Fenris,  Cerebus and the She wolf of Romulus and Remus.    They are her personal body guard and lovers.    She did this because of her ruthless nature of being able to rage,  to welcome her bestial side. 

A unique occurrence has come with Selene ties to her slave race.    The chi of  yang that is the foundation of life is strong in her slave race.    So that with the places of power of caerns around the world that her Lycans draw from her,   the touch of moon madness,  the rage that is hers.   She in turn draws this yang.   Unlike other vampires Selene can reproduce.   Life can grow within her womb.   

Weakness: First there is her a fore mention physical trait of cloven feet.  A source of shame that is outrage.    Selene has a great combustible temper full of rage.   That on a full moon extends to all of her children (her species),  it is called the moon madness.   All our touched by this moon madness.   A blind murderous killing rage during the time of the full moon.    In the first years of the  species hundreds would be slaughtered in a frenzy of killing amongst each other.   The rage is now channeled into a frenzy of orgy of sexual depravity.   Unlike other vampires Selene is not affected by the sun.   She however, takes lethal damage from silver,  of which she cannot heal super naturally and this extends to her children.  A note on silver damage,  Selene if she goes to ground takes her being her essences and flees flowing into the earth.   She is immune from even damage from silver.  She however,  cannot interact or respond.    She can sense those around is the only thing she can do.   She if caught in the grips of a frenzy she will not ever use her ability to meld into the earth.   As it is wide known that her slave race has such a major weakness to silver.   It has long been known Selene has in her arsenal of nuclear bombs UV bombs that could wipe out major centers of the vampires.   Thus during the reign of Primus and beforehand  she has held this ace as a detente against the others.

3.  Throne of the Draconians-"Pllures"; player-Sain
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character Details

Player: Sain

Name: Plures

Appearance: Plures is slightly over 2 meters tall vampire with an athletic build. He has a very dominating presence oozing of confidence that nothing would ever be able to bring him to his knees. His skin and hair have lost all colour and the whites of his eyes have become red. Plures prefers to wear clothes that he knits together from the nanomachines in his blood. In addition, he seems to favor wearing long metallic claws on each of his fingers.

Throne: Dark Lord of Draconians

Species: Vampire

Territory: Large part of the former Russian territories and more in eastern Asia where China used to be. For the draconians the main interest in this area are the almost infinitely vast forests that they let their cattle (some humongous mammoth like creatures) feed on. Remains of the large human civilizations in the area have also proven excellent for salvaging ores and materials. However, neither aspect is nothing to write home about as the best ores have long since been dug out of the ground by humans and the forests are mostly cold and unforgiving. His capital is located in ancient Mongolia where the city of Ulaanbaatar used to be. However, now days the capital goes by the name of Canai spire.

Personal History: Plures used to be some sort of scientist engrossed in nanotechnology before the great changes began and modified the world. In those ancient wars he was captured by the old Catholic church in their vain attempt to steal some of the vampire’s superior technology and gain footing from which the humans could bounce back up. In the end though all that interrogation and torture amounted to nothing much on the political scale as the church was annihilated along with the rest of the humanity, but for Plures the experience left scars. His own machines that had been corrupted by what he considers as 'half assed' scientist priests of the church remained in his system. Over time he has tried to get rid of the damage, but has been unable to remove the control mechanism that causes certain passages of Latin to make him begin to lose his ability to reason and think.

Regardless of the mishap with the church, Plures was lucky in that he could count himself to be among those on the vampire side as they turned out to be the ultimate winners of Earth. For a long time he lived a fairly regular life in the vampire society, continuing his research to create better and better nanomachines while mingling among the society. This was before rigid rules had yet been established and the only ones around were the still fresh elders following the still motivated Primus in his planetary conquest. It was perhaps the happiest time for him and many of the vampires. They solved problems together and the touch of time had yet to begun eroding their sanity.

Later, during the peak of the vampiric society, when they had hit the ceiling on every relevant technology and become uncontested Gods on Earth, Plures was beginning to change. His research was no longer that relevant and moreover there were other younger vampires that could take over. It was a time of betrayal, identity crisis and misery for him. In the end Plures left Nod for a millenia to travel around the world and find something interesting. This was when he found the draconians. Soon after he had established a rule over the race as their messiah, Plures made his reappearance in Nod and took his place among other throne holders as a Dark God after receiving the blessing of Primus.

Whatever he might have been in the past seems largely irrelevant after spending so much time with the draconians. Plures has become ruthless, arrogant and sees violence as a very natural response to many situations. He may occasionally become interested in various topics with others that he deems equal (namely the throne holders and Primus), but abhors small talk and the way that most vampires conduct political scheming. Naturally, his straightforward nature has gained popularity among more hedonistic vampires who also rather act on instinct than keep up the facade of class and etiquette.

Weakness: Plures soon becomes incapable of thinking straight when the correct rites of the old language of humans is recited to him. In this reduced state he can go into full rampage mode, stay frozen or flee, but is unable to complete any more complex thought processes when being ‘exorcised’. Every vampire is aware of this, and knows how Plures considers reciting exorcism of the old language in his presence as a grave insult and is known to have made elders torpid for less.

4.  Throne of the Fey-"Shasqhal"; player-Jaqhal
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Player: Jaqhal
Name: Shasqhal
Appearance: his ability to change his appearance was once formidable, and although it is not so this days, he uses it most of the time. When in presence of his slave species he is almost like one of them.
However, his Vampire appearance is as follows: Shasq (shorter version of his name) is tall, thin, very pale and has long dark purple hair. He keeps his elvish-like ears and his eyes are always dark red. His true appearance, though, is that of a tough, veteran soldier. He is always changing his appearance, but he will always keep his androgynous body, his long dark purple hair and his expensive purple, black or crimson clothes. Also, when in battle or when he has to face long exposure to sunlight, he wears this outfit (mask included):
Example of clothing:

Throne: Dark Lord of the Fey
Species: Fey
Territory: Central Europe, a bit of the North Sea and a bit of the British Islands. See map.
The Fey live in dwarven-like cities underground, in the surface in scattered elvish-like cities across the swamp forest, inside those same gigantic trees, above the cities atop those trees, thanks to their control of the air element, and even higher in flying cities, thanks to science, their own abilities and their Dark God's abilities. The underground tunnels and the forest are in constant development, spreading more and more. Also, these trees grow from the depths of the North Sea, too.

The cities are like the main city, Lerka: flying cities made of genetically modified trees, imbued with his vampire lord blood and steel, lots of steel. These are more machine-like than city-like.

In the ground lays the Forest. From the distance, let's say, from the Swiss Alps, the territory will appear as a giant uniform column of robust, thick trees, covered in metal and just above their crimson crowns (genetically
manipulated) and at the end of several massive branches would be the haven of the fliying cities. These ones are nomadic, while everything else can grow more and more. This "column" is something like 10 kilometers tall.

Personal History before the Vampire Era:
He has been called many different names. He was born Lucius (Ancient Roman "lux" light) in the early days of the Roman Republic. Then, he was Aelfnoth (Anglo-Saxon "elf" combined with noð "boldness, daring"), but he had to change it after faking his own death in the Battle of Maldon. He changed it to Arthfael / Ael for friends (Ancient Celtic arth "bear" and mael "prince"). Then he used Egica (Spanish Gothic/ Teutonic root eg/ec "terror") during the Visigothic Kingdom.

He has lived as a warrior, a sailor, a pirate, a hired sword... Changing names, appearance and sides in war as he saw fit. He loved to wage wars and he delighted in killing and biting whoever crossed his way. Though he has travelled through the whole planet, he always returns to his "home": the territory own by the Fey. This is not due to some feelings stupidity (because he lived lots of ages there in the past) but due to the many battles fought there. These battles, all that spilled blood, the corpses, the genetic manipulation, the pollution, the nuclear disasters, the diseases, chemical innovations, chemical disasters... Everything created a horrid amalgam of wretched ingredients and from this it is believed the Fey were born.

Or, at least, this is what he firmly believes. In fact, he was the second-in-command of a squadron that raided Central Europe during the Great War. His first true memory is his Mistress —as he recalls calling her— telling him to get up and make ready for the upcoming battle. He did not start as the second-in-command: he stole the identity of the previous one, took his appearance and... well, killed him. Mistress discovered his early skills and used them in her favour. They both "discovered" false traitors and managed to rise quickly through the ranks. After all, Mistress was killed and Shasq had to fake his own death. He had to flee from several creatures and even some vampires who discovered their plots. The whole squadron was destroyed and he was lost in the horrid forests of Germany. To make matters worse, his severe weakness to the sunlight made him mad. After a while, he discovered something wicked: the place where the Fey live today. The Great War unleashed the birth of the Fey, or so they say. Some say Shasqhal, who lurked nearby while festing on the lesser creatures, helped somehow using his powers. Shasqhal has told his slaves that he created them with his powers and everything else was secondary, but in fact he firmly believes it.

And he did what he does best: disguised and became one of them. But not just that but their God/dess. He spied the first of those creatures and quickly learnt how to brainwash them. And he did. He also got a new appearance and a new name and, with his new slave race, he approached Nod, Primus, in order to become a Dark Lord. After he became Dark Lord, he has always tried to fit in the social vampire life in Nod. Through the years he has tried to maintain some kind of friendly relationship with every vampire he knows, because it was not one simply vampire who defied the world but the union of everyone of them. The survival of the fittest group.

Now, with Primus' throne empty, he will side with whoever seems the best option for the throne and for them. Though he desires the crown, he prefers not to be elected. What he, deep inside, craves is a strong, powerful leader to serve. But not just as a subordinate but as the second-in-command. Just like old times.

Apart from everything, he discovered that his slaves suffered several allergies and weaknesses and after this, he started studying them in order to cure them. However the time spent on this work —or even more, this duty—, he has not reached the full cure. Shasqhal managed to give some resistance to nuclear radiation to the older creatures, but that's all.

So, does he really believe he is that old? Yes. In fact, he remembers arguing with Mistress about those old memories of him. She didn't believe him, she called him crazy, idiot, a liar. These days are a blurred memory, but are some kind of memory after all. True or not, he firmly believes they really happened. Mistress, on the other hand, tried to convince him that all the squadron were the result of a experiment: the German army cloned lots of humans, vampires, from the remains of lots of corpses discovered in old tombs, ruins, cemeteries, castles of old times... And that's why he remembers being at the same time a viking and a roman soldier or a visigoth. He is like a puzzle of memories and corpses. Perhaps his ability to mold his own body is a dire effect of his origin. Then why does he believe that he is that old? Simply: Shasq would hate to embrace the idea of being a laboratory product instead of something else. He even made sure to erase, destroy every last hint of those laboratories after claiming the land of the Fey. In fact, a lot of the steel used to built their cities came from there (and a lot of other places, of course. They ravaged every city around their forest).

Weakness: the sunlight burns his skin as if he were still a youngling. Thats why he always wears lots of long clothes. Also, sometimes his body suddenly changes its appearance. The worst thing that may happen is that his body adopts the form of a corpse and this makes him have a panic attack: the only thing he truly fears is Death. His own, of course. And a last one: though nobody knows about his creation (his origin in those laboratories) were he faced with chatter about it, he would enter rage/panic mode.

5.  Throne of the Voltanesh-"Aleska"; player-Nihil
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Player: Nihil

Name: Aleska

Appearance: She is a trans woman, about 1'73 meters tall without heels. Her looks have changed at various times due to her liking to plastic surgery, but white hair and violet eyes are her distinctive signs. Currently she has a slim and well formed body, with marked curves and big, firm chest. Her face has fine features: a straight nose, full lips always painted black and slightly slanted eyes with long, overloaded eyelashes. With half-smile painted in her lips when she is not facing her audience, she can look arrogant or teasing. He has pierced with white gold her lower lip, nose and nipples. Usually wears long tight dresses with high neck or ruffs. She likes to use fine jewellery and diamond nails.
Throne: Voltanesh

Species: Vampire

Territory: Mediterranean sea and surroundings (from Romania to Tunisia)

Personal History: She was once the sacrifice to a cult, the pure virgin to feed the monster, and that monster turned out to be herself. A red room is the only memory she has of her early years and the frenzy of her very first kill as a vampire. She rounded Romania mostly with her father, the man that looked up to her, who educated her in his own depraved way. She rarely left the castle she called her home and sanctuary, where she improved, played and became stronger. Eventually, she learned to keep under check those desires and crooked pleasures she inherited from her father, to keep composure in the presence of the elders,  and then her rise to power begun.

She never took place in the war openly. Placed her pawns gently and carefully to assure herself a nice spot in the new world order. Genetic manipulation was her weapon of choice. She worked as supervisor at the ''Blood Banks'', which gave her permission to play with some interesting toys, and currently she owns and runs most of the blood sources in the world. She loves to create biological weapons, and new monsters were born from her cold hands. Her subjects never lived enough to hate her, but finished the war and with a new human race rising in numbers, no vampire could allow their food to gain power and rebel, so she created the perfect reign for them, and became their protective mother and queen.

Weakness: She needs sleep. If she doesn't sleep at least six hours per day, she can suffer from brutal humor changes to hallucinations. She has managed to keep this weakness hidden with excuses but anyone can see she's not exactly sane. As one of the first vampires infected by the virus, she's quite unstable.
Another weakness she has and everyone knows is Valeria, the crippled princess. She's a voltanesh child Aleska adopted and turned into the center of her power, the leash that keeps her people happy and quiet.

6.  Throne of the Undead-"Rebecca"; player-Kythia
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Player: Kythia
Name: Rebecca
Throne: Undead
Species: Human.  Formerly human.
Territory:   What was once the South-East US
Personal History: Rebecca is likely from Israel originally, although getting information from her is obviously hard.  Certainly she appears to understand Hebrew.

Long ago, she used to wear a lab coat (its long since disintegrated in to rags now) and given that she never seems to have moved to the CDC, most suspect she was a scientist there while alive.  Given the nature of the place and the preponderance of zombies there, its not unreasonable to assume that that plague started there either.  What Rebecca's role in that was though is unknown.

Nowadays on the few times she visits Nod she wears heavy duty clothing, the only type that has survived the centuries.  Rotten radiation suits or badly decayed military fatigues.  She seems to wear them until the literally fall off her before finding another suitable outfit, meaning that over the time the others see her she becomes progressively more indecent before being fully clothed again in a different costume.  Eventually, presumably, she'll end up permanently unclothed - the ghouls and zombies don't weave fabrics and she seems to have little interest in what she wears.

Her current base is in what was once, long ago, the CDC in Atlanta.  Now she claims all of the southeast US as her domain.  The swamps have long since overtaken this area and its a humid hell hole of mutated alligators, packs of feral ghouls, mosquitoes and fever.  The towns of Allenhurst, GA and Otter Creek, FL are different though.  Each is inhabited by thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of humans.  Packed in tight, eking a starvation diet from the swamp and both guarded and herded by ghouls.  Herded is the right word, for while the ghouls protect them from the mutated swamp life, they will occasionally round up a number in time for zombies to arrive.  The zombies eat the humans, the ghouls eat the zombies.  It's the circle of death.  The humans there are broken things, barely a step above the ghouls after so many generations of this "life".  A life expectancy in the twenties leads to a rush to pregnancy - marriage broke down long ago and rape is the norm.  Literacy has collapsed and language is collapsing.  Photos of survivors of concentration camps seem eerily accurate in describing the human cattle that Rebecca and her undead farm.

It's widely known she hates Mistral and sees the ghosts as rightfully hers.  Relationships between the two are dire and have spilled over in to war countless times over the centuries.

She is heavily contaminated with the plague that created the zombies, and while it doesn't affect her her touch is death and then rising again for any living creature except the ghouls.
Weakness: Rebecca can't speak.  Or, indeed, make any sound - while she can mime a laugh or cry blood tears, it will be silent.

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1.  Ghosts
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Ghosts are sentient beings that upon passing felt a dark emotion strongly enough to remain in earth. Whatever this emotion was, usually anger, rules them from that moment on in everything they do. That last moment before dying becomes the most important to that ghost's existence because it defines them more than anything.

Furthermore, they know they just escaped death, and feel an irrational fear of it willing do almost anything to stay away from it.

Mistral has studied ghosts for ages and knows how they work, he has made them loyal to him, even to the point where they are willing to sacrifice for him. It took a long time but they are more afraid of crossing him than death itself.

When someone first becomes a ghost they don't usually realize what has happened to them as they attempt to communicate with others. A neophyte ghost has little if any chance of affecting the mortal world, when time passes and the emotions of the ghost grow stronger (usually anger and resentment out of being ignored) they begin to be able to do something.

1st stage (Often called: "The Phenomenon"): The first chance a ghost can to affect the mortal world is to alter the temperature of the area they are in. Usually by just a couple of degrees, making it something that only observant people realize. It is rare, but it has happened that a ghost has made a room cold or hot enough to kill. The ghost still tries to make itself heard, even if it makes no sound, and grows ever more angry that his noises are ignored.

2nd stage (Often called: "The Sensed"): After what usually amounts to a couple of decades, a ghost begins to be able to be noticed. His voice can be heard, or a glimpse can be seen. This is very limited, and after going through the 1st stage it makes most messages conveyed by the ghost to be anger filled threats. The appearance is usually one of a shadow, which makes it very easy to ignore.

3rd stage (Often called: "Poltergeist"): Now the ghost can affect objects, usually with one of two objectives, to be noticed or to hurt others. Objects the ghost has a connection to are easier for it to move around. Depending on the age and power of the ghost is for how long and with how much strength they can move such objects. If they lose control of said objects they need to replenish their energies before they can do so again, every time weakening them until they need weeks of rest.

4th stage (Often called: "Haunters"): Now the ghost can make itself corporeal, take a shape of it's choosing. It's usually something related to how they looked or wish they looked like while they were alive. However that guise isn't immutable and every few seconds it changes to that of their dead body. Most ghosts are content enough with this state and just hone their skills to better serve Mistral. Given the importance they give their bodies a ghost acts as if it was real, if they are damaged enough in corporeal form they will become incorporeal and focus on nothing other than regaining power to return to corporeal shape a process that can take weeks or months.

5th stage (Often called "The Possesors"): Only ghosts that shone the 4th stage reach this. These ghosts don't care about making themselves corporeal, they hate the living for having what they don't and instead develop the ability to posses living creatures. How long this possession lasts would depend on the willpower of the creature, however Possesors aren't particularly fond of their vessels and make sure they meet their end rather quickly. A possessor can't just hop around wildly taking a hold of most anyone in a battlefield, possessing someone takes great effort and after doing it once, it will be a long process until they can do it again.

The only known way of perpetually destroying a ghost is with a religious banishment ritual that will send the spirit to its final resting place. Although he has never used it, and hopes nobody ever will Mistral has instructions on how such a ceremony is performed.

2.  Lycans
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The Lycans are divided up into tribes.    Each tribe takes on an aspect of Selene's personality.  That gives them a place in the cosmology of the race and internal political structure.   At one time the lycan race covered the world,  everywhere they resided.   But centuries throughout the ages,  of relentless culling of their cousins the wolf.  Has adversely affected the lycans as wolfs reached near extinction.   So the lycan race retreated into the north,  into the Taiga. 

Silver Fangs -  The noble ruling class of the Lycan nation.   Through closes to the goddess,  the ritual of moon madness of orgies has created a cesspool of in breeding amongst this tribe.   The area that was once known as Russia is the strong hold of this tribe.

Get of Fenris -  This tribe embraces the war like nature of the goddess to an extreme.   Rare is it that they embrace the depravity of sexual degradation during the moon madness.  The old ways are still  followed of the murderous killing spree,  it is known as the culling.   This tribe was in northern Germany,  now  Norway and other former northern nations of Europe. 

Fianna -  One of  the British isles,  this tribe was forced out of its native land.   Now found in Newfoundland of North America.    this tribe is the lore keepers of the race. 

Shadowlords -  This tribe is full of secrecy, plots a political machinations.  Located in the Taiga   having retreated to what was Poland and the other Baltic states, formerly had been of the Balkans area.

Black Furies - This is another war like tribe.   Through not to extent of the Get.    They are the keeper of the species artifcats.   They also different from others the leadership is matriarch.       This tribe was found in the area of Greece.  Now in the central southern Siberia of the Taiga.   

Utkena -  This tribe holds sway as the spiritual aspect of the species.   Located in north America predominantly in Alaska.         

Wendigo -  Also located in north America, in western Canada area. A war like tribe full of hatred.   Hatred of the tribes from across the oceans.   

Stargazers -  Formerly the far east,  very North China predominantly and Korean peninsula.   Now farther north into the Taiga in what was eastern Russia.   This is the tribe of philosophy. 

The following tribes are spread out to far and do not have dominant regions that they call their own.    All of them reside within the Taiga.    Each serving a purpose within the Taiga.  The Glass Walkers keeper of the ancient tech,   the healers of the Children of Gaia,   The down trodden of the Bone Gnawers, in the towns and cities of kinfolk.   The red talons forgoing the kinfolk of humans instead breeding with the wolf cousin.   Taking to the great expenses of wild in the Taiga.   

Silent Striders - Once from the land of pharaohs.   Ancient curses keep this tribe from residing in the ancient land that is known as Egypt.     They are the wanderers and messengers of the species.    The often travel the realms of the others,  still most reside in the Taiga. 

Bone Gnawers -  This are the omegas of the species the lowest of low.  The form the slums in the society of tribes.    They take on outcasts of the other tribes.  The cowardly aspect of the goddess.     Through they are more resistant to disease then the other tribes, a stronger immunity from being in squalor as a way of life.   

Children of Gaia -   They are the one tribe that claims the merciful, healing aspect of the goddess.   From this tribe must of the emissaries come from this tribe.   

Red Talons -  This tribe has embraced the animal side,  the bestial aspect of the  species,  rare is it form them to take on the human form of the species.   As they have embraced the full primal side of the goddess and reside predominantly in the lupus form.

Glass Walkers -  These lycans embrace the technology.    They understand and are care takers of the tech.         

All tribes have the five forms.   Human,  glabro (the Neanderthal form) Crinos (the war form hybrid mix of wolf and man),  Hispo (the monstrous animal form) and Lupus ( the wolf form)

The auspices of the moon also come into play amongst the tribes.  Those born under a full moon are called ahroun.    They are the warriors of the lycan race.  Those born under a glibbous moon  are known as galliards.  These are lore keepers of the tribe.    Those born under a  half moon are known as  philodoxs and they are the judges of the race.   The crescent moon are theurges those more attune to the spirit world.   An finally those born during a no moon are ragabash.  They are the stealth of the race. 

There is much in fighting amongst the tribes.   It is one aspect that keeps them from gaining overwhelming numbers.    Yet all revere the goddess.    The villages, towns and cities of the tribes are known as septs.    Within these septs are cairns places of power that draw power from the goddess.  The Lycans believe they are the vanguard of protecting the world for the goddess.   

Most of the Lycan's fight with their impressive natural weapons adding ancient relics of two handed swords,  bastard swords and battle axes to fight with.  Through some do use more advance weaponry such as fire power of guns of various ballistics.   

However their is a elite guard that consists of the best from all of the goddess tribes of Lycans.    It is called the wolf guard.   The wolf guard is stationed at her stronghold.  The wolf guard number around a hundred.   This elite guard of very potent shock troop  is equipped with the most advance body armor and weaponry of the age.   More then the advance weaponry is that the lycan are actually hybrids,  turned by the goddess herself to become half vampire half lycan.    An like the their sire the goddess these hybrids are immune to the ravages of the Sun.     

Like the wolf, Lycans  gather in packs.    Each pack has a pecking order.   From the leader of the pack the alpha to second in command the beta down to the least amongst the pack known as the omega of the pack.   

Lycans reproduce naturally.    It is fable myth that a bite from a lycan will turn a one into a lycan.   Lycan expand through procreation.    However,  Lycan to produce a Lycan that can shift into any of the forms.  Must breed with a human.   These humans are called kinfolk.     These kinfolk are mere humans and all their frailties.  They through do not suffer the moon madness nor have intolerance to silver.   

The very nature of the lycan race.   Lends such a high degree of danger and physical rife upon those humans that are connected to them.   Even such an act of mating could has a element of danger and destruction.    For such the lycan race over the centuries have developed a code in regards to their kinfolk who are to be treated with honor and respect and to be cherished as the life blood of the race.   Those that succumb to their beast during the moon madness and their kinfolk is killed.   Will be stripped of rank and place in society and given to the ones called the Pure Ones, who will tear apart the offender of such crime.  Regardless of what tribe of the lycans this is so.    A primal race with a primal brutality to justice.   

Lycan with Lycan can bring off spring.   These off spring are  called the pure ones.    They are born in crinos form and remain in this form and have not the ability to shift to any other.   They are more raw in primal nature.   They make great shock troops of the lycan race.  They are natural instinctive predators.    Only feeling kinship towards the lycans and others looked upon as prey nothing more.   Some would say that these pure ones are unthinking savage beasts.    Seeing these rushing across a field in great loping strides slavering beasts upon a settlement can be quite unnerving.    Through silver affects the pure ones.   They will fight until put down final, in the most savage way a predator cornered would fight.   It is considered a badge of honor and devotion to create a pure one amongst the lycan.    Most lycan pure one conceptions come at the time of the moon madness.   

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Biology: Large, strong with regenerative abilities to grow lost limbs an adult draconians’ physique is a straight leap up from their ancestors. Their skin is covered with thick strong scales of varying colours that sometimes grow especially thick in certain areas (back of the head, near jaw) to form horns and other mostly decorative characteristics. Surest way to put one down is to cut off most major blood vessels to the head or damage the spinal cord sufficiently that the draconian stops and allows itself to be mutilated to death. Heavy damage to the heart or the brain works in many cases, but members of the species are known to regularly survive from such trauma. So successful is their basic design that even in this day when they would have access to a wide range of weapons and armor, most draconians who see combat opt to rely on their natural claws, jaws and trust the protection of their scaly hides.

Their brains function much like those of the humans, but draconians are much more strongly directed by their emotional states. Their desires are often very primal and beast like despite the cultural evolution over the years. Creating offspring and surviving are such strong driving forces for each draconian that they would likely betray their friends for those, and it is likely that the friends would understand this as a completely reasonable thing to do.

However, the reproductive process is far from ideal. Like humans, draconians are able to mate regardless of season. When they have not been pregnant for a while, the females begin to emit pheromones. For the first few weeks, the males are simply unnaturally attracted to the female, but as time goes on the effect of the pheromones intensifies enough to drive the males into mating frenzy that causes them to become extremely aggressive. Draconian female lays from ten to up to few dozen eggs, and while the process itself is no more draining than typical human pregnancy, it has an unfortunately large failure rate. Only less than half of the eggs will hatch with living draconians and of those almost none survive the first week and many of those carry several serious mutations and hereditary diseases. Those that do survive the hatching process continue to grow slowly until the age of 25 before entering a period of adulthood growth. Although draconians of such young age are still far from average adult in all terms (about 1,5 m in height), they are mostly mature both sexually and mentally. Unlike their progenitors - the humans - draconians never cease to grow in size. An average individual of the race will reach full adulthood size - roughly 4 meters in height - by the age of 50, and continue to grow at roughly 10 cm per year. They do not die of old age due to degeneration at cellular level, but rather when an old draconian begins going too much over the size of 8 meters, their blood circulation just cannot keep up with the size anymore and they begin to suffer from series of strokes. Incidentally, draconians get more sluggish as they age both mentally and physically.

Traits that have been lost or gained overtime. Wings, most of the species used to be able to fly, but then a wingless mutant became predominant due to some oddity of evolution. Only very few draconian families with wings still exist. Evolutionary pressure has directed the draconians to further hone their strengths, namely their physical prowess and regenerative gifts. Over the years the brain size has stayed about the same as has their inability to properly reproduce. Some of the scale colour alleles have also been weeded out of the population due to racial wars and the chromatic colours have become predominant.

Culture: Draconians, they see themselves as superior both as a race and individually. It all starts from the cradle where eggs are still unhatched. The draconians believe that those few who survive to adulthood in acceptably healthy condition are the champions of the first war that each draconian wages. Supposedly, each egg houses a soul of a draconian, and before they hatch these souls enter a battle royal to determine who has the right to be born. Hence, having all the eggs die without hatching is seen in a more positive light as simply a case of all the souls having slaughtered each other before any could be born, rather than as some sort of weakness. Crippled and disabled hatchlings are viewed as backstabbing cowards who ran from the battle of birth and killed on the spot. Those who live are heroes from birth, but rather than pampered for surviving the first trials, these newborn heroes are to be tempered with harsh trials and discipline. There are countless variation within different societies, but in general the hatchlings are taught how to hunt along with how to survive in the wilderness and field of battle. Only when they reach the age of 25 do the hatchlings get to branch out to try things that interest them.

The responsibility for caring for these eggs and for growing the hatchlings is solely that of the female. Whenever able to reproduce, the females depending on their size and strength are either raped by countless males or mate with as many males of their choosing as possible until the eggs begin to mature. Thus, it is difficult to determine the exact father, which has led to a draconian societies finding the very concept so obscure that it is wholly absent from the culture. Everyone has a mother and the rest are either sisters or brothers, though this only applies to other draconians of the same ethnic background. Sometimes draconians of other scale colours or backgrounds come to be as close as siblings, but this is rare and most often such bonds are only created on the battlefield where such relationships have a unique term: battle brother / battle sister. Casual, non reproductive, sex where both parties have given their consent is seen as a very significant expression of trust. The draconians share this expression with both males and females as their outer sexual characteristics are largely similar. Even sex with ones own mother or blood related siblings is not considered strange, but rather natural. However, sex of any kind with anything else than a member of the draconian race is sacrilege, and cases of rape with individuals outside of the city have before led to multiple crusades to wipe out whatever bordering nation the culprit belonged to.

Over the years their tendency to worship strength and the general belief that ‘might makes right’ has not gone anywhere. Draconians think little of those who have died, unless the death was in glory of battle, which would, according to the most widespread draconian beliefs, make the soul worthy of reaching heaven where they unite with the brood mothers - actual dragons from old legends.

In the past the leader of each settlement used to be the largest and oldest draconian, since despite their lack of speed they would still come on top in duels against other members of their race, and it felt natural for the draconians to think that the biggest is the strongest and therefore also the smartest. Often this led to the societies being extremely backwards with their rules and regulations as the old ones who led villages were demented ancients whose brains barely even functioned anymore after years of strokes continuously destroying parts of their brain. It was rare in those times for draconians to gather in too large villages as tradition dictated that only one’s own family was worthy of their trust.

History: Plures Caesi changed all of these old traditions that favoured the slow large elders of the quick and smart adults. He also went a long way towards eliminating the racial tensions within draconian race to be much less severe than it was when tribal culture was the norm. Many variations of the legend have been painted on stone tablets and caves, and draconians like to add and subtract parts to make their particular ancestors look the best.

In the legends, Plures, a lonely vampire, walked the earth in search for challenge. He was controlled by utter boredom and apathy as nothing he met offered challenge that the god sought. Then, he came upon a barbaric settlement, a village of draconian warriors. The descriptions of how it all happened are often exaggerated beyond reality, but in effect Plures slaughtered the elder of the village with what seemed like an effortless flick of his divine claw. The draconians present for the first time in their life witnessed power that could contest with their elder (aside from other elders) and rather than being offended by the death of their leader, were enthralled by the appearance of such power. Curious to see if any other draconian village had an elder that would be more powerful, Plures wandered through their lands, killing every single ancient member of the race one by one. From each village, a handful of most ambitious warriors joined the entourage that followed the mighty warrior vampire on his travels, hoping that they could watch and learn from the way that Plures waged war.

This gathering of followers grew large and witnessed many miracles of carnage. Ultimately the voyage of Plures came to a halt. He had conquered every village there was to take. Legends tell how he turned around then to face his followers and declare that there, on that spot he would make them build an empire. The ancient draconians had never even fathomed the possibility of anything other than small tribal villages, and at the time this idea seemed to them like some queer wisdom that only gods could comprehend. They did as was told, and from there began the empire of War.

At first, Plures answered questions that the draconians posed to him, accelerating the cultural growth, but over the generations, after the foundations of the city were built and the empire united, he became more and more secluded from the race. No longer were the oldest and largest considered to be by default the best. From there on the draconians began to respect true strength only. They recognized that if a small creature (such as Plures) could best all of the ancestors, then it was only natural that draconians of all sizes should be given a chance to prove their worth. This gave birth to an intricate dueling system based on the way that Plures does battle with his claws. Whenever conflict arose just about anything from leadership positions to conflicts within households. Two draconians of similar would battle for first blood with their claws only and the loser would yield to all the demands of the victor.

Interestingly enough, this mysterious seclusion only helped to further fast forward the growing cult among draconians of the empire. Some of the draconians had entertained the notion that Plures was in fact their messiah, a God, from the very beginning. It was an easy thing for the draconians to accept, since the vampire had after all seemingly come there to deliver them from falsehood and guide them to wage war like the Gods do. This strange cult however stunted the cultural growth. The draconians no longer dared to enter the private fortress of Plures as they began to deem it as sacred ground that only the truly worthy should tread.

Thus, almost a millenium later from when Plures settled down. Only every now and then, a high priest - an exceptionally strong warrior - would clear the challenges deemed necessary to prove one’s worth and enter the sacred fortress to ask for guidance of the God and return to his own after receiving the enlightenment. For as long as no other would dare the challenges, that draconian would rule as the emperor or the empress. Sometimes these rulers would bring about radical changes in the rulership or governance, but most often they would simply bring back new ways of warfare.

Technologically, the draconians have gone back and forth, but broadly speaking have continued to advance as setbacks that they have met have only been on very specific fields. Their culture has held back the advance of medicine and biotechnology somewhat, but draconians are masterful engineers and mechanics. They don't believe in weapons, yet they allow themselves to sometimes ride various vehicles to war like their ancestors once rode mythical creatures. Often, these take the form of various large open topped armoured bikes or hover crafts equipped with simplistic but reliable solid projectile weapons. Some larger vehicles take form of crude looking yet humongous mechanized castles equipped with a wide array of different sorts of cannons and turrets, requiring often dozens or even hundreds of draconians to operate the war machine. In their homes they have all the comforts of electricity, central heating and plumbing.

4.  Fey
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Elvish like faces, insect-like wings, skin, hair and eye colours ranging from blue to green, brown to orange. Long arms, legs and fingers which end in razor sharp nails.

Though they are powerful, they can get easily killed by diseases if not quickly detected. Also, and perhaps due to how they were created, nuclear radiation burns them. It is not an instant death for the older ones who just get sick, enter rage mode and get injured, but the younglings will perish in just a few minutes.

Also, a note: the colour of the creatures determines their ability. If they have only one deep colour, they will be very skilled in the power this colour means. If they have multiple ones, they are skilled in several powers. If they are black, they are skilled in every power they can control, and very dangerous.

They are divided in:
+Light benders: The light benders were created after one of the experiments. They are immune to nuclear radiation. However, they'll burn almost to death if the sunlight touch them during a long period. They can be burning several days but, in the end, they won't die. Instead, they become mindless puppets. Shasqhal uses them to punish the rest of the Fey and to continue his experiments. Truth be told, he finds some delight in seeing these ones burning and burning for days. Their skin disappear after the first experience and they get covered in some kind of sticky pseudo-skin that makes them scream after every movement they make. No Fey likes to hear these screams.

+Builders (plant growth benders): the ones who make the Forest grow bigger and bigger. Their skin resembles the touch of wood and their hair is brown or green. They made the first tunnels making the roots bigger and bigger. Now, machines and technology help with that work. If plants are near, they can be dangerous soldiers.
+Fire benders: red, yellow and orange are their colours. The eldest ones can even become lava if killed. They are mostly soldiers but also workers. They help to keep the flying cities flying, but they are not really needed there.
+Water movement benders: blue is their main colour. They help with the plant growth when water is needed and are also required in cooling the main factories and laboratories. They are soldiers too: they can flood entire cities in seconds or dry entire lands.
+Wind benders: most of them are almost transparent and they share all the colours the other groups have. They help at the industry, laboratories, flying cities and are soldiers, too.

A sixth group, formed by the very best of every group. These are the only black ones. They master every power the other ones have. They keep order in the Forest and in the flying cities and their eldest are the members of the Old Guard,

The last group is not a group like the others.
+Old Guard: since their colour is black, their forms sharp, and they are the best of the best, they protect their Dark God at any cost. These ones control plant growth, fire, water and air. They cannot manipulate light, however, but are genetically modified (physically vampire-like augmented) and immune to nuclear radiation after the experiments their Lord committed upon them. They are more destruction machines than Fey.

5.  Voltanesh
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Biology: Essentially, they are human. Their lifespan is shorten but they can reach 60 years with the proper treatments and medicines. They can still reproduce naturally, but due to health risk and pregnancy difficulties, in vitro fertilization and test tube growth is the best option.
They tend to be born with faults and malformations, but with the proper supervision of their development, less are forced to live without a limb or something like that.
All voltanesh have a better mental capacity than the original humans; however, not all share the same superhuman abilities: some of them have telepathic abilities, some can move objects with the power of their minds, from apples to cars or walls; some can ignite or cause small explosions at will. They can have only one power, or have them all, but nature never gives anything for free, and these gifts come paired with disabilities, chronic illnesses and physical weakness.
Voltanesh are fragile, they shine bright like diamonds, but are really easy to break.

For the protection of the cities and population, Aleska created new creatures called vozhd. Meat monsters controlled by suggestive drugs and telepathy with no willpower or reason. They have an enormous strength and are designed to resist a nice amount of physical damage. Don't live much.
Vozhd often team up with (insert cool name here) an elite group of mentalists selected by Aleska herself and trained for combat. They are more resistant than normal voltanesh, and are provided with a drug based on vampire blood for them to keep up at combat.

Culture: The war wiped out all rest of human culture, with some exceptions. Vampires were human once, and some like to keep their cultural heritage and impose it to the voltanesh cities they rule. There's something they all have in common, though; the cult to the queen and princess. Aleska is the undeniable ruler of the voltanesh, but she has turned Valeria into a religious figure. The nation sends her flowers and presents, their prayers are for her, and her birthday (together with the capital foundation day) is a national holiday.

History: At first, survivors gathered in small tribes. They built camps amongst the ruins, with junk and whatever they found, and these camps ended up turning villages, and then towns. They started repopulating their old cities, avoiding the other creature's territories. With little victories, they grew confident. War destabilized some laboratories' management, and allowed guinea pigs to rise up and conquer the bases as fortresses.
That's when Aleska appears. She pretends to hear their demands and with good words and sweet promises, she convinced them. Old laboratories became city halls, and voltanesh from all around the globe joined their new land. A capital raised over the sea and was named Penumbra, and a dying child was chosen as a prove of what Aleska could give the voltanesh. Valeria, the crippled princess, was raised and educated by the vampire, who turned her into a goddess herself. She showed them the power they could achieve and how she would help them reach it.

6.  Undead
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Although there are two species under her control, they form an ecology between themselves.  Zombies burst from sewers and mineshafts to attack the other races and raise their members.  They then return to the swamps where they are eaten by the ghouls.  Ghouls use, in some strange way, the DNA of the flesh they eat, so two ghouls who have feasted heavily on Lyca flesh will have bestial hairy babies while the Draconian eaters have scales and vestigial, useless, wings.

Her...hobby?  interest?  masterplan? noone is sure... is breeding.  Deep in the labs and vaults of the CDC are the records of a ghoul breeding program that has stretched back millennia.

The zombies appear exactly as one might expect.  They are, however, part of a hive mind, connected through the virus.  What one sees, all see.  They don't have the brain power to usually make use of this, but she is connected to the mind as well through the virus in her and, hen she exerts her will, can direct them in perfect unison.

Ghouls vary in appearance according to their diet but are uniformally feral humanoids of roughly doglike intelligence who communicate through a chilling chattering noise.  Some have been bred for more intelligence, some for strength, speed, some with shovel like claws for burrowing, some with fins and scales for swimming.  They are easily recognisable though, the basic structure hasn't been bred out of them.  Most if not all are likewise infected with the plague and form part of the hive mind, all owe her a simple - again, doglike - loyalty.

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Territories:  Created by Sain.  Thank you.

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The parade has just passed, and now all the characters are socializing before the day's events take place.