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Author Topic: Dreams of Darkest Desires (M/F for F) (Looking for good stories)  (Read 970 times)

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Dreams of Darkest Desires (M/F for F) (Looking for good stories)
« on: December 25, 2014, 11:25:04 PM »
First of all, welcome to my request thread, please read my Ons and Offs, this is more than a list of my kinks, its a summary of what you can expect from me and what my expectations are. That said, not all my kinks will feature every game, and I'm happy to talk and negotiate about what specifically we should include. There's never any obligation to include every kink i suggest in every game. Of particular note if you like my plots, but none of them specifically strike your fancy, or you have one that aligns with my interests and want to pitch it to me, please, please , please don't hesitate to just shoot me a line.

About Me

First and foremost, I expect the clear understanding that these are just games, while I relish the chance of forming friendships, I will keep communication exclusively to this site, and it will never progress beyond friendship. It pains me to have to be explicit about it, but I've had unpleasant experiences where this base understanding was not explicitly spelled out.

Communication: Communication is absolutely key to me. I will always be receptive to communication, and proactive about it, and I'd like it if anyone I write with would do the same. Hashing out the ideas before we start, bouncing them around as the game is ongoing and of course mentioning absences. This is *especially* important if a game isn't going the way you want or if there are other issues. I'm accommodating, if you have an issue with my writing, grammar, style, tone, ideas, or anything else, I will never take it as a personal attack if you bring it up. I'd appreciate the same from partners. I will always attempt to notify my fellow writers of absences (via either an absences thread, or via PM), otherwise you can expect me to post once every roughly 3 days, depending on how fickle my muse is being. I will never ever drop a game without talking to my partner first, no matter the reason, I made that mistake once, and I've really regretted it.

Posting frequency, style and length: Not an easy thing to address, my personal goal is to post once a day, more realistically, once every 2-3 days is most likely to happen, with weekends being super hectic or super calm, depending. My muse is fickle, and sometimes uncooperative, I'll let you know if she's acting up. I tend to match my partners in length as far as writing goes, although i usually write between 300-800 words, depending. I absolutely loath one liners, the point for me is to develop stories, its very difficult to do that that when all your partner replies is "Jessica moans loudly". I prefer substance over length, description is great if its relevant to the plot, internal monologue is great, try not to spend 400 words describing the curtains and then glossing over how your character reacts to the shocking news she just received. I'm not a grammar nazi, nor obsessed with spelling, but I do expect a minimum of effort. I proofread all my posts and spell check, I'd appreciate the same care from partners.

What I play: I am content to play either male or female characters, but I will only have female characters as my counterpoint. That said, I have no issue with male players playing female characters, especially if they're convincing writers. I mostly play dominant characters, although I could be convinced to play a non-dominant or even submissive for the right plot.

Plots: Some plots are smuttier than others, but for the most part I'm looking for plot driven RPs. That is RPs with character development, evolution and change. I will occasionally indulge in a RP that is more smutcentric, this is something we'll hash out when we talk before settling on the game. While I enjoy smut, I'm perfectly content to play in games that have very little or no smut, if the plot is compelling enough.

Themes I Crave
These are themes without plots, if you have any ideas around these lines, I'd love to hear.
A good story - Biggest craving right now is a solid plot line. Maybe me just GMing something. I really, really, really just want a story. No smut required.

Sci-fi- Huge craving right now. Spaceships and planets full of aliens, and lasers and high stakes politics and all that goes with it.

Cruelty - Emotional or physical, I feel the need to see a character suffering and writhing, hurt just for someone's amusement. The power play involved in a character getting hurt just because the other person can hurt them, really does it for me.
Blackmail - What it says on the tin. Bonus points if its a betrayal of trust, and used to force the victim to extreme means.
Emotional Manipulation - Using the person's emotions against them, to make them undertake things they would otherwise not consider. Guilt, dread and fear especially.
Infidelity/Cheating - Tied into the cruelty, one partner betraying another, by violating their trust. Extra hot if the side fuck is there exclusively to hurt the characters partner, or done with the intent of being discovered.
Cuckqueaning - A step beyond the infidelity.

Plots in green are open, plots in red are taken, and plots in orange are already taken, but I could be convinced to run them more than once. If I mark it in blue then its a huge craving.

House of Suffering
Every rich eccentric millionaire has their hobby. Some collect yachts. Others play the stock market. Yet others go hunting. Some however, have darker proclivities. Like say kidnapping young girls, and forcing them through a series of sexually cruel challenges and torments if they ever want to see their families again. In comes the first poor victim, she awakes confused, to her tormentor goading her over loudspeakers, explaining to her that if she and her family want to ever see the light of day, she'll have to make her way out of the house. But every door is locked behind a challenge, each more cruel, humiliating and painful than the last. All this time, the cameras are running, recording her every exertion, as the millionaire watches on with interest. 

Kinks: Non-con, humiliation, kidnapping, pain, sensory deprivation, forced incest (?), bestiality (?)

The Academy
The Academy, a highly secretive training institution, that takes people, regardless of background, that have been deemed "suitable" and trains them into highly effective secret agents. Its the academy that produces the finest spies in the world. Of course getting in is always voluntary, but oftentimes the offer comes to people who wouldn't expect it. Like say a young female criminal, a fit; athletic woman, full of motivation and bravado. When caught robbing a government safehouse, she faces a choice, she can join Her Majesties Service, and make her way through The Academy, or she can be disappeared, never to be heard from again. Quitting The Academy is not an option for her, so she must pass at all costs. The testing and training will be thorough, she'll face everything from physical threats to mental conditioning...

Kinks: This could be spun any number of ways, including things like "enhanced interrogation resistance training", or just straight to the premise. Could end at graduation, or progress into more elaborate spy adventure mode. Anyway, major craving of mine! Think of the recent movie Kingsmen.

Endless Nightmare
Have you ever had a dream from which you could not awaken? A horrifying dream where scuttling insects and unnameable horrors chase you, a slow building fear. A dream so lifelike, that it might not be a dream? A nightmare without end. This is what this plot would be, a innocent dreamer, sent into the swirling malestorm of a madman's dream, forced to seek out some solution so she might escape, all while trying to remember her purpose...

Kinks: Horror, everything else up for debate and discussion, could range from no smut, to super smutty, depending.

The Mirror Clouded
The Mirror Star, a unique space phenomenon, that hangs above Mirror's Shard, a planet in the far end of the galaxy. Owned by the Selecia corporation, Mirror's Shard is home to the planetary governor, and the native citizens, who are little more than serfs. In an attempt to gain their liberty, these downtrodden servants rise in revolution. But they underestimate the willingness of the Selecia Corporation to crush them ruthlessly. While the young rebels, led by a young fiery woman try everything in their power to disrupt them, the planetary governor gets more and more ruthless, eventually culminating in the capture of the leader...

Kinks: Rape, Torture, Humiliation, BDSM elements. Again, a plot that can pivot wildly depending on what my writing partner prefers.

In the Federation, there are what can only be called Deathworlds, planets so inimical to life that to land on them is a death sentence. So woe betide Princess Aurelia, when her spacecraft is the victim of sabotage, and her ship crash lands on one such world, a vast tropical swamp. The World of Morte Secundus. Now she and her last surviving bodyguard must attempt to survive, as the madnessspores and native fauna seek to consume them, like they've consumed all before. Their only hope being to hold out for rescue, hoping that their beacon is still transmitting, and that someone will dare land on the Deathworld

Kinks: Horror elements, Rape, Betrayal, Insanity. Again, a game that could range from high smut, to no smut, up to discussion. The entire inclusion of the bodyguard is up for debate, as this could be a straight up survival game.

At Any Cost
Explorer Vessel 6.364, the Halicon, comes to life again, awakening its long frozen cryogenic crew. But something is wrong. Its hundreds of years later than it should be. The ship is in a completely unknown quadrant, and key systems are failing. Worst of all, for our intrepid captain, she's the only survivor, her crew having failed to awaken from cryosleep.  To top it all off, she has a severe case of post-cry amnesia. Very severe. Now she must struggle not only to survive, but to recover her identity and piece together what's happened.

Kinks: Mostly non-smut, this is just a fun adventure/mystery/exploration, with me as the GM.

Sorority Desperation
A seemingly simple plot. Gamma Phi Delta is currently accepting new members. Every year Gamma Phi picks a girl, a girl who could not usually get in, and accepts her anyway, to make her the sorority bitch. They blackmail and twist her, forcing her down a dark road of depravity. By the time Gamma Phi are done with her, she's a mindless fucktoy, broken beyond repair, and known as the sorority slut. How it ends is up for debate, but one thing is sure, this girl will suffer a lot.

Kinks: Blackmail, Noncon, Humiliation, College Life, Virginity, Public Play, Torture, Bestiality(?)

Demon Summoning
The cult of Aschalis secretly took root in the town of Medina, a standard medieval village. Slowly they prepared a ritual, in the shadows. Now the leader of their cabal, Ezikiel, has been infused with the power of a Demon. A fearsome power that comes at the exchange of his soul and that of all the village. The rp would begin with Ezikiel rising and taking control of the village, slowly growing more and more mad as he forces his sadistic wishes on the villagers. The mayor's beautiful daughter being the main target of his wrath, having become an object to corrupt for him, he obsesses over torturing and humiliating her...

Kinks: Rape, Humiliation, Forced Exhibition, Torture, Bdsm,  Bestiality(?)

Betrayal In the Ranks
In a futuristic setting, two competing trade families vie for control of the space routes, growing more and more fiercely competitive as time goes on. Hundreds of years into their rivalry it turns to bloodshed. What should have been a quick coup for one side, stagnates into a long, bloody conflict, spanning planets and burning entire worlds. Now, the daughter of the Head of one of the families is visiting a distant mining station, when it falls to the hands of the rival family, there she and her long suffering Aid must attempt to flee the rival family before they are aware of their presence. But the multi million dollar bounty on her head and the prospect of having a chance at touching the sweet flesh he's been denied so long, do so tempt the Aid.... where it goes would be up for discussion, I'm not adverse to the idea of running it as an escape adventure, or having it turn sour at the last minute.

Kinks: to be discussed, could range from no-smut, to hardcore rape and torture.

Trouble In School
Ok, so I have a recently found kink, i'd like to play an RP where I'm a vicious bully. Not that I condone bullying in real life or anything, but I'm dying for an RP where I can be an arrogant jock, and torment some poor sweet girl. Preferably set in Highschool. I'm very open to discussion. Can play either M/F or F/F.

Kinks: Humiliation, Cruelty, Blackmail, Rape(?)
Welcome to Nightbriar

A young reporter comes to the town of Nightbriar, seeking the story of her life. Looking for a scoop, having been told that Nightbriar is full of strange occurrences. Once there, she realizes that this is in fact true. Strange town traditions involve chanting a name no one can ever seem to remember, events that happened just the day before are quickly forgotten. Something is afoot here, but digging for it could cost her more than her life...

Kinks: Horror, everything else up for debate and discussion, could range from no smut, to super smutty, depending. Would probably prefer low smut, but adult themes

The Web We Weave

College can be hard, especially when one is a talented freshman coming from a highschool that didn't challenge her much. Sometimes a girl can have to do... favors... to keep her grades up. But when one girl tries just that, her professor does more than just take advantage of it, he seizes the opportunity and the treasure trove of blackmail material it provides. Soon this poor innocent freshman is caught in a downward spiral of blackmail, humiliation and debauchery.

Kinks: Blackmail. Non-con. Humiliation. Bdsm. Torture. Beast(?).

currently not interested


Fantasy: from Low Fantasy to High Fantasy. I'm particularly fond of mage characters, but I will happily play almost anything. I tend to prefer grandiose settings, full of magic and mystery, probably the result of too much DnD. I do occasionally enjoy the grittier sword and sorcery setting, because they appeal to some of the darker elements I seek in RPs. Regardless, some of my favorite bit is figuring out the moving parts in fantasy settings, from how food travels, to the ruling structures.

Sci-fi: I'm a huge huge sci-fi nerd, although please no super hard sci-fi where we have to calculate the mass of the spaceship and the fraction of c its traveling at. I'm a sucker for games on spaceships, or involving discovery and exploration, there's a deep fascination for me in just exploring a slowly expanding setting, voyaging to the far ends of the universe. It can also serve as a backdrop for conflict and politics, with sly manipulation and clever intrigue

Spy/Political  : as above, I adore games that revolve around manipulation and deceit. Clever con men, bond like spies, world ending plots, the whole nine yards. This goes double if my partner is capable of surprising me with interesting twists and turns. I wouldn't be adverse to a house of cards style game, if it came to that. I love playing the cold, calculating, hyperinteligent sociopath.

Horror : I have a weakness for horror. Slow, building horror, fear that coils inside you, mounting dread, and the surrealness of reality. Think Lovecraft. I will happily run Horror based games, or play in them, especially one where no matter what the characters do, they are doomed. Horror doesn't have to be supernatural, serial killers, rapists, evil millionaires can all be a source of horror. I do tend to prefer a supernatural cause or assistance.

Steampunk : The clank and whirl of bizarre machines as absurd mechanical monstrosities crawl forward, steampunk is a lot of fun, and I really enjoy most of the tropes in these types of settings. Its a chance to let my imagination run wild.
Modern : not much to say about the modern world. Its comfortable, familiar, and full of potential intriguing stories.

Crime : Ah crime, I do love crime based RPs, from heists run by slippery conmen and double crosses, to brutal kidnappings and rapes organized by druglords, crime based RPs are dripping with potential, from adventure, to sex, to tantalizing heists. I would love to play a game where I get to play a slippery con artist trying to run the con of his life.

College life  : Sororities, fraternities, corrupt professors, slutty freshmen, college is fraught with possibilities for interesting plot ideas.

Remember, if in doubt, message me! I'm happy to talk

Please don't post in this thread, PM me if you're interested in an idea

Apologies and Absences
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Re: Dreams of Darkest Desires (M/F for F) (Looking for good stories)
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2015, 07:04:53 PM »
Added an "about me" section, because i realized i'd rather people read that first, instead of having to go to my o/o thread.

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Re: Dreams of Darkest Desires (M/F for F) (Looking for good stories)
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updated with new plots, removed stuff that was taken, etc