A Lost Kingdom (Medieval Pokegirl, M/F or F/F)

Started by SmilingFox, December 25, 2014, 05:04:10 PM

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The kingdom is lost. Adrift through history, aimlessly wandering towards its own demise. The gods have abandoned us, for reasons unknown to mortal man. Mankind has seized its destiny in its own hands, and by those hands has their destiny been squandered. The regions are divided, each clinging to its own territory, to its own way of life. The people toil endlessly, drawing what they can from infertile soils, from unforgiving depths, from the capricious sea. Deserters from the previous war, returning victorious but unpaid for their shed blood, plague the roadways and hidden places.

And worst of all, the King is dead. His son, the rightful heir, is too young to take the throne. A regent must be selected, and two are equally fitting. Civil war looms on the horizon, the final nail in the coffin of the land. Salvation seems a hopeless effort, but the struggle to survive goes on.

An idea I've tossed around before, but this is a bit of a new take on it. You play as a young boy/girl, just out of the academy and ready to take your place among the knights and soldiers of the kingdom of Aland. The city of Sigibia, your home, has seen better days. Crime is up, the economy is down, and unrest abounds. The rightful king is dead, and two possible regents squabble over the throne, while the rest of the kingdom starves.

Still, the army is a good way to fill your belly and the pay is decent. What's more, you get your own pokemon, a right of passage for all knights. A companion on and off the battlefield, to share your life with. It's a momentous day, and a turning point. A feeling lingers with you, as if to say 'Your destiny begins here.'

Suffice to say the story will be plot driven. Lots of conflict, and no real 'right' answers. No real system will be used for fights, so there's no need to worry about that. As far as people I'm interested in playing with, mostly anyone willing to stick with the story. There will be smut, and if you wish to play a female character, I'd prefer if you're at least open to F/F relationships. The possibility of an eventual harem is there for those interested in it.


Sounds tempting. Tell me a little more of the story line you had in mind. When you say 'young knight', how young did you have in mind? Also, would the young knight be the aforementioned heir?


Storywise, I plan for the main character to probably be in the late teens. 16+ at the very least. As for background, either the child of a lesser noble house or a sponsored bastard. The king's heir is a toddler at the moment, and unfortunately most see him as merely something to possess for power.

Being a medieval setting, lifespans aren't that great. Especially with how things have been in the past few centuries, with natural disasters, drought, famine and disease running rampant. Plenty of new recruits for the military are in their teens, and a large amount of the standing forces are in their twenties.



Might this have a Harem building/kingdom building bent to it? I am very interested in learning more/possibly participating.

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