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Author Topic: [M seeking F] Varied Selection of Stories  (Read 518 times)

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[M seeking F] Varied Selection of Stories
« on: December 24, 2014, 04:28:41 pm »
All ideas are basic as they are written - they can be simple One-shots or develop into something more long term.

The Babysitters Secret - Looking for both the Wife and Babysitter

The Smiths are a happily married couple who have recently moved into a new home in a new neighborhood. Unknown to their new neighbors, the Smiths enjoy a Swingers-lifestyle. Now that they have settled into their new home, they've started to explore the local swingers scene and have started to go to various hookups and the like. They have as of yet to start hosting any of their own parties, however.

The Smiths know they will often be gone for a long weekend or the like, and with a dog at home, they'll need a house-sitter - some one to look after their dog and use the home. They find their house-sitter in a pretty, innocent-looking neighbors daughter. The girl has always been curious (sexually) but too shy to ever act anything out. While hose-sitting, though, she discovers the Smiths secret and can't help but notice how the Smiths are always flirting with her. Will she give into temptation and become the Smiths new pet?

Brother Knows Best - Seeking both Sisters - written as Twins but can also just be a year apart.

The Whites suffered a family tragedy when the oldest son, Andrew, was 18 and his sisters were 13. Their parents died in a car wreck coming back from a Christmas party. The family was devastated but at 18, Andrew was able to take custody of his twin sisters. He dropped out of school to start working full-time to provide for them. Three years later, the twins are now 16 and Andrew has been able to take online courses to get a degree in technology.

The budget is still tight and Andrew has made sacrifices for his sisters, so that they can live as normal a life as possible. But its wearing him down, he hasn't been on a date in years, and the twins are still a long way off from college. All of that changes when he discovers that hte twins have their own little website and do cam shows for their fans. Andrew has to admit that the twins have started to blossom into beautiful young girls, so why not exploit that?

The twins are more then happy to let him in on their little secret, especially since he has been the 'male actor' they've always wanted as part of their shows.

My Girlfriends Sister Seeking the Sister

Richard has been dating Sarah for some time. Sarah and Mary are sisters (Sarah being older) and live together, so Mary sees a lot of Richard. He is always nice to her and even flirts a little with her, making her warm and fuzzy inside. She secretly has a crush on him but isn't going to act on it.

Sarah is gone for the weekend on a camping trip with her girlfriends, leaving Mary home alone. Richard calls to see if he can stop by, to pick up a thumb drive he left in Sarahs room. Once he gets there though, he is even more flirtatious and convinces Mary to help him out with the photography project he is working on for the college he goes too. Things soon heat up and Mary learns its a very erotic art project!

Blackmailing little Sister Looking for the Little Sister

Andrew discovers his sisters birth-control pills, and takes them! He knows their parents don't know she has them, or is even sexually active enough to need them. They would flip out and ground her for life if they ever found out. So Andrew waits until their parents go out to see a movie - then he shows the pills to his sister. She quickly tells him that she is willing to do anything to keep him quiet, to get the pills back. Money won't cut it though - he wants to fuck her instead. Reluctantly she agrees, as he'll give her the pills back and not tell their parents!

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Re: [M seeking F] Varied Selection of Stories
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2014, 10:29:35 am »
My Brothers Wife Seeking Lonely Wife

Andrew had always liked his brothers wife and knew that his brother was cheating on her with his secretary. His brother rarely paid his wife any attention and he knew it. So a family holiday to Colorado meant that Andrew had to pick her up from the airport - his brother was 'delayed' by business and would be rejoining them a few days later. Andrew doesn't  mind and is happy to pick her up. But a heavy snow storm is burying them in snow, causing them to get stuck in the middle of the night (in their car, or in a cheap motel).

Seeking warmth, they have to snuggle together, and suppressed feelings soon take over and they spend the night making love to each other. The storm has passed in the morning and they are able to continue to the parents home, wear they came to deal with what happened and happily go up to Andrews log cabin to check on it and spend another night together.

Webcam Girl Looking for the Webcam Girl

Andrew is a geek. He knows it and embraces it. There is nothing he can't do with a computer and an internet connection. He knows how to hack and all sorts of other things. And he lusts for his sister.

His sister is always up late. He had been monitoring the families internet traffic and noticed that hers spiked around the same hours at night. It didn't take much effort to figure out why. His sister had a webcam, stripping and teasing and masturbating for her fans. Her website was rudimentary, her webcam pretty low quality - rather pitiful, really. But Andrew could fix all of that. For a price. He got to watch and be the cameraman, run a more professional website, and take a small portion of the increased profits for his trouble. But when the fans notice the cameraman is sporting a huge hardon, they want to see a little more hardcore action...and his sister is more then eager to do so, having noticed the rather large erection too.

Seduced by a Girl

An older teacher is seduced by one of his female students. [Much to be discussed, especially types of characters etc]
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Re: [M seeking F] Varied Selection of Stories
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2014, 07:24:09 pm »
Updated with some new ideas.

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Re: [M seeking F] Varied Selection of Stories
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2015, 04:33:07 pm »