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Author Topic: My Story Ideas and Such [F characters needed]  (Read 1379 times)

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My Story Ideas and Such [F characters needed]
« on: December 23, 2014, 02:50:01 AM »
Hello and thank you for reading my idea thread, I try to fill it out with anything that comes into my head and am always looking for more!
You can find my On/Offs thread HERE

I usually have great spelling and grammar and while everyone makes little mistakes hear and their ( <- intentionally incorrect), as long as the post is legible I am good with it. My mind is never empty when it comes to imagination and so I tend to go with the flow of however and whatever my partner is writing. I almost always have a computer or tablet on me and so I am able to respond to posts and PMs quickly. Although it isn't necessary that you respond immediately keeping a regular posting pace is nice. I am fully aware that life happens, and E is not always top priority. Anyone willing to give it a go feel free to shoot me a message with any tips or ideas. I have a few ideas of my own, read on to find out what they are. If you are curious and would to try something I don't have here just message me with a premise (unless you already have a story idea in mind) and I'll have a full story idea back to you most likely within an hour.

No names or stories are set in stone. In fact most names were just the first one to pop into my head at the time of writing the idea. Anything and everything is subject to change when we discuss the story. All stories are written in third person, forum posts only.


Open Ideas
The Killer of LondonOpen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
NC/Bondage HumanThe setting is 1730s London in January. Christmas has only just passed and everyone is still enjoying the holiday cheerfulness. There is snow on the ground, money in peoples purses, smiles on their faces, and death in the very back of their minds. A killer has recently gone on a spree through London. In the month of December they managed 38 victims. The last of which was on Christmas eve. Its been almost 2 weeks since then and people are just starting to get back to their lives. I play Joseph, a mercenary. He has traveled Europe working for lords and ladies, barons and baronesses, even a king or two. Recently the governor of this fair city sent word to him that his services were needed. Joseph has arrived just in time, for you have struck again, reminding everyone you still exist. You know he is in town, and why. He am the entire reason for your killing spree, you knew he would be called in. Why do you want him here, Joseph has no idea. It is about time you and he met.

Late Night RunOpen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
NC-Human Johnny is a young business man new to the city. One night he is out for a run in the park when he meets a young woman who is completely sex craved. She can't get enough of it, and it Johnny is her latest target. This may have been a bad choice for her however, as after she has her way with him Johnny kidnaps her and turns her into his slave. She is no longer able to go out and take on whoever she pleases, now she is his and his alone.

Ongoing Stories
School's OutOngoing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
NC HumanStephen was a new teacher at this high school, having just recently moved to town. He was 32 years old, and had been teaching for about 8 years. He was in fairly decent shape, as he was the wrestling coach in addition to his normal teaching duties at his former school. He has been at this school for only 2 months before he manage to learn most of the good gossip. One girl, a senior, in his last period class was rumored to sleep with any man who asked. There were rumors that she had slept with a few teachers at the school, but no one knew which ones. Stephen decided he needed to teach this young woman a lesson, that if she was going to give away her body as if it were a stick of gum, she might as well give it away to just one person. So he has her stay after school one day, where he learns the rumors are true, and sleeps with her in his locked office. After learning the truth he decides to kidnap her. He drugs her and takes her to an abandoned building where she stays as his slave for as long as he can manage.

When Father's AwayOngoing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
NC HumanCal is a 19 year old college freshman just coming home after his first semester away at school. He lives at home with his dad and younger sister in a smaller suburb of Houston. His dad has to leave the house to just the two of them for about a week or so while he is away on business. Cal takes full advantage of this by reopening the pool and using it just about every day. His sister on the other hand uses this as a chance to tease him, as there is nothing she enjoys more than teasing her older brother. The sight of her around the pool almost naked starts to give Cal some weird feelings. After her teasing gets to be too much he finally snaps and takes advantage of the empty house, and his younger sister.

Family ReunionOngoing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Light/Bondage Human It has been four years since Kyle last saw his younger sister, five since the death of their parents. He left for college and never looked back. She was still in high school and so she stayed with their grandparents. But now there is another death in the family, their grandparents have joined their parents. Kyle and his sister see each other for the first time in four years at the funeral, and they barely even recognize each other any longer. Kyle has lost weight and gained height, going from his 5'8'', 240lb, acne covered high school body to a well toned and bearded 6', 200lb college graduate just trying to be an adult. Kyle is now moving back to town, his grandparents had left him their house in the will. He is now responsible for not only a house, but also his kid sister as she finishes her last year of school.

The sister is between 17-19, and Kyle is 25.

Slave to His DesiresOngoing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Bondage Human Sean Forlas is a successful and powerful business power. He has a beautiful secretary whom he has not yet shown his affection to. He flirts with her regularly and she flirts back. However their relationship has always stayed professional in nature. That is until now. Sean has decided to ask her to join him on a business trip. What she does not know is that this trip is just a chance for him to take her as his own. With a little business being done on the side. Another thing she does not know is exactly how he plans to use her. She will be tied, bound, gagged, filled with his cum, covered completely in his cum, whipped, spanked, privately humiliated, and used in ways she never imagined, and made to be his little slutty slave. What Sean did not expect however, was just how much she has wanted to be his slave, how much she loves everything he does to her.

My Big SisterOngoing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Light Human Mark has graduated high school and is now off to college six hundred miles away from home. Luckily for him, his older sisters lives in the same city that he is going to school in. They have happily agreed to let their kid brother live in the guest room in their house for a year or two while he goes to school. Besides, now she has someone else to mow the lawn right? Mark and his sisters haven't seen each other since they each left for college except for at holiday dinners, and this past holiday season they missed each other while he was away on a trip with his martial arts studio. It has been almost 2 years now, and he can't wait to start school. Living with his older sisters is going to be way better than being stuck in the dorms.

My Roommate's SisterOngoing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Light Human Two best friends, Nathan and Ryan, are roommates. They have been for about 7 years, and have been friends their entire lives. Ryan's younger (5-8 years) sister is going to college in the same town as they live, so Ryan offers her the empty bedroom in their apartment. Nathan hadn't seen Ryan's sister in a few years, but he knew her growing up and with Ryan practically being his brother, he decided sure why not. She takes them up on the offer, but she has changed in the years since Nathan has last seen her. She has grown up, in more way than one. Nathan now lusts after her, only to find out she has had a crush on him since they were kids.

Uncle's GirlsOngoing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
NC/Light HumanCharlie was a single father raising twin daughters, sort of. He was a single uncle raising his dead sister's children as if they were his daughters. His sister had died shortly after they were born, and their father had died overseas not long after that. He worked long hours to give them everything they would ever need in life. The girls were now graduated from high school and getting ready to leave for college in the fall. He watched his nieces grow into beautiful, strong, intelligent women, and he could not be happier. This last summer they have together as his little girls are going to bring them all much closer together as a family, in ways that Charlie had wished for since the twins started to turn into young women, instead of little girls.

A Weekend with SenseiOngoing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
NC Human Chuck is a 26 year old martial arts instructor. You have been a student at his dojo for almost 3 years now. He has been your coach through many trials in life and every test as you to move up in rank. His relationship with you has been no different than with any other student or instructor so far. The school has been invited to a special tournament, and Chuck has invited you along. You would love to be able to go to the final weekend of competition but it is across the country and you cannot afford the trip, tournament entry fee, and a hotel. So being the supportive instructor that he is, Chuck offers you the second bed in his hotel room along with paying for the fee. You know he has done this for other students and you have no reason not to trust him, so you figure what the hell, you're going to kick some ass at that tournament.

Shoot me a message if any of these catch your eye, don't be afraid to give suggestion. Nothing in these ideas are set in stone. Also if you have any idea for stories you think I might be interested in or that I might be a good fit for just let me know! I am always looking for more RPs and I am definitely willing to do a story that I didn't come up with the idea for. If anything I have going right now looks good I am always willing to do something similar to them.

Pairings of Interest


I'e also been interested in a story set in one of the following universes, if you have any ideas let me know!

Star Wars
The Walking Dead (Just not part of the same crew as in the show preferably. I don't like playing a character that already exists.)
Sword Art Online
Marvel (Not necessarily super powered characters, even just characters involved with shield would be cool.)

I'm sure there are other pairings and universes I am interested in, I just didn't think of them when I wrote these lists. Feel free to ask if you have any other ideas.

I am open to almost everything, however I do not do fanfic. I don't think I could do justice to the characters, so I avoid writing it.
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Re: Rooglez is back, and here are his ideas. [M looking for F]
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2014, 01:01:12 AM »
Added 3 new story ideas, changed around some details in Family Reunion, and updated status of Slave to His Desire.
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Re: Rooglez is back, with lots of ideas. [M looking for F]
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2014, 10:43:46 AM »
Removed 2 stories that no longer had an interest in. Updated the pairings section, removed the "want to try", that was all info in my O/O thread.

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Re: Story Ideas and Such [M lf F characters]
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2014, 01:01:34 AM »
Added in My Roommates Sister, changed title of thread.

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Re: Story Ideas and Such [M lf F characters]
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2014, 03:31:25 PM »
Added in the Pairing of Interest Section, edited the Uncle story away from father with twin daughters, to uncle with twin nieces who are practically daughters.

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Re: Story Ideas and Such [M lf F characters]
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2014, 01:33:41 AM »
Added in the story "School's Out" also added red markings on each story with where each forum would likely be posted. Edited "My Roommate's Sister" and "Uncles Girls"

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Re: Story Ideas and Such [M lf F characters]
« Reply #6 on: January 01, 2015, 11:55:24 PM »
Updated the status, location, and title of "A Weekend with Sensei", formerly "The Tournament", and formerly "Light Human" now "NC Human" instead. Also edited the summary to fit more into what has been decided for the story.

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Re: My Story Ideas and Such [F characters needed]
« Reply #7 on: January 02, 2015, 09:57:22 PM »
Family Reunion has been made re-available since my partner quit before the story even started.

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Re: My Story Ideas and Such [F characters needed]
« Reply #8 on: January 08, 2015, 12:28:11 AM »
Updated the status of and put in the links to "My Roommates Sister" and "Uncle's Girls". Also edited their descriptions to more accurately fit what the story is now going to be.

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Re: My Story Ideas and Such [F characters needed]
« Reply #9 on: January 12, 2015, 07:58:13 PM »
School's Out and Family Reunion stories are taken with links to them added into their sections.

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Re: My Story Ideas and Such [F characters needed]
« Reply #10 on: January 28, 2015, 02:22:50 AM »
Reorganized stories into "Open" and "Ongoing" sections in order to make things a bit easier to read.