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Author Topic: Welcome to Planet LV-1201 - The Throne of the Xenolord (Updated Feb. 8)  (Read 1709 times)

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The corridor you entered winds deeper and deeper into the dark abyss. With each step you take, the chill in your spine takes more hold of you. You feel almost as though the walls are watching you - thousands of invisible eyes tracking your every move. The fog is thick now, as you look down you loose sight of everything from your knees down; whatever is littering the floor is lost through the thick, dark mist. You think you see something shift out of the corner of your eye, one of the black patterns on the strange resin-like coating upon the walls seems to... move... but only when you're not looking. Your pace quickens as you grip the letter tight in your hand. This is the planet, and you're at the right GPS coordinants... but why here of all places? Several times you have to fight the urge to flee, to forget this summons and go home where it's warm and bright.

Regardless, you press on, and soon the corridor opens to a large room, large egg-shaped objects litter the floor, the tops barely visible over the fog. You hear heavy footsteps and see a lumbering figure turn a corner, the form of a menacing Xenomorph Queen stares and hisses at you. You're an intruder. It takes three heavy steps towards you, raising it's claws to attack.

"Down. Stay."A powerfully commanding voice booms around the room, a clear order, the Queen freezing in mid-strike and seems to... bow in reverence. "I must apologize, my friend. Karen can be a little... rash. Please, come farther and talk to me. I've heard a lot about you." You shiver and carefully make your way around the bowing Queen, coming to a throne room, a tall man in a strange silver-and-gold harliquin suit smiles and stands. "Welcome, my friend! I see you've found my home and castle just fine. You're probably wondering why I called you here. To be honest, to live as long as I is more a curse then an actual blessing and - I've found in the last five hundred years - I've gotten quite bored. So, I thought you might be able to entertain me. Oh, but don't worry. If you would rather not, I have so many others who are on their way. If you'd rather go home, that's quite understandable. A Xenomorph drone slinks from behind the throne and sits at his side, the creature seeming to glare at you. "If you wish to leave, just let me know, and I'll have Mell here escort you out... otherwise..." He walks towards a table with papers scattered about, near a billboard with several notes pinned to it. "...let's talk, shall we?" The man in the strange suit stands near the bulletin board stoically, waiting for you to make some kind of decision. His feet disappear into the fog on the ground, much as your own do, and you can still feel eyes upon you from all corners. You know that it's this man and his presence… or perhaps some form of magic… that is keeping the creeping darkness from descending upon you like a locust. "Oh, I feel as though I should mention this…" He takes a piece of paper from the bulletin board and hands it explicitly to you. "This… is a list of everything that I shall not even consider. I'm sorry to say that, if there is anything on this list that you require… I may have to have Mell show you out. I am a gentleman, and as a gentleman I must have my standards. I respect your choices, and would wish you respect my own."

<The piece of paper he hands you can be read here.>

He smiles as you look over the big board. On a separate, smaller board is a single sheet of paper. The board is labeled in rainbow colors as:
Weekly Special!
Beacon Academy vs. The SemThief (RWBY)
Rumors have begun to circulate around Beacon Academy... frightening rumors about a man... a man who can - in his own words - 'top any who challenge him'. Everyone who's fought him thusfar has wound up defeated, yet alive. Strangest thing about it is... those who attempt to fight him with Semblances... somehow loose their abilities while around him. The rumors were easy to suppress at first, but now that Oobleck's been talking about creatures known as SemThieves, it's only a matter of time before someone gets it in their head to investigate with this knowledge. Ruby Rose convinces Teams RWBY, CFVY and JNPR to join her into her investigation with this 'SemThief'. (To anyone who accepts this RolePlay, I will be detailing the SemThief out to you, including their abilities and disadvantages, that way only the characters are surprised when things pop up. This can either be a straight action story, or something else. I can also play another character if you'd like a second person to work with. The SemThief is an original idea I had for a character that... probably will never go very far, but still.)

You replace the Weekly Special paper and continue down the board. The board seems to be divided into sections. Which would you like to view first?

Not looking for, but will still do
The One In The Window
(Original): With the world rocketing into economic boom, technology on the rise, and war at an all-time low, things are looking pretty good for you. You're a millionaire with a HUGE house, and more then enough things to keep you occupied. There's just one problem. The house is empty! So, window shopping in the local department store shows you the answer, an Artificial Maiden, or ArMaid on sale! Jumping on the chance, you purchase her, not expecting what's in the fine print... (Looking for someone to play the rich mansion owner. Can be male or female.)

Nice Panties, Nice Figure. Next Time Close The Window.
(Male\Female or Female\Female): Conventions. Times where all like-minded individuals come together in merry revelry to rejoice in what they love. But for two specific con-goers, this specific convention will be very different. On a chance look through a window, a man (or woman) notices another woman changing through a three inch crack in the open window. Enthralled by this woman's beauty as she strips naked before their very eyes, s\he writes her a message, slipping it through the crack in the door. I would like this to be a long one-shot, where the female (Your character) spends the entire three-day convention trying to find this person to either punish them or reward their honesty. She can be an exhibitionist who likes to be watched, or someone who simply had a slip of the mind, forgetting to close the window entirely. S\he has never seen her face, and she had her back turned to him\her, so neither knows the other's face, and must find one another amongst ten thousand people. (Based upon a true event in my life.)

Between Summoners
(League of Legends): When the spells aren't flying, and the steel isn't clashing, most of the Champions who call the League home just enjoy a good sit-down break. For two of the League's most well-known, it can be more... (Can go really any direction, but I would like a pairing somewhere with Ahri.)

The Purring Kitten Studio
(Original): Things have really changed since the Starfall eighty years ago. Human genetic structure has been split into two separate strains, Homo Sapien and Homo Mimi... Humans, and Catgirls. With the boom of catgirls into human society, they have started cropping up in an array of professions. Perhaps the most lucrative of those, was the porn industry. In 1981, an adult film came out, called The Purring Kitten. Since then, the studio that filmed it, The Purring Kitten Studio, has been the foremost location for catgirls wishing to join the ever-booming adult film industry. Now, Arla Sedrena, the original Purring Kitten is looking for new talent. (Thanks to Aragem for the idea.) (Can be either a solo or a group game.)

The Cat and Cow
(Neverwinter): The Cat and Cow, Neverwinter's premier brothel, is home to a menagerie of kinks for your every day enjoyment. For a specific Drow, working the night-shift at the Cat and Cow is only half her job description. When she's not sleeping with her customers, she's killing people in the name of the city of Neverwinter. What happens when someone comes into her life and throws everything into a loop.

Welcome, Mr. Guest
(Inspired by the game 'The Starship Damrey'): You awake in a Cold Sleep Capsule with no memory of who you are. You're trapped, unable to escape. However, as you lie there, you discover someone else is still around! She doesn't see you… doesn't even know you exist. Your only hope of escape is to lead her throughout the ship through the ship's security cameras and undo the lockdown on the Cold Sleep Lounge to escape. (Willing to play either parts. Can be, like all my stories, MxF or FxF.)

The Leg Bone's Connected to The…
(Based upon Kashimashi): A young man is struck down in the prime of his life by extra terrestrials visiting earth. As part of their own prime directive, they cannot interfere with the development of another species and, as an 'I'm sorry', bring the young man back to life. However… their understanding of our people's physiology is somewhat… lacking. Instead of putting him back together, they wind up putting her back together. The aliens stay around and study her to be certain they did right. (Obviously FxF with possible FxFxM love triangle.)

This is Kind of Creepy…
(Monster Hunter): How do you explain to your Guild Representative why you've got a perfect likness replica doll of her in your item box? You can't plead the fifth on this one. (Looking for either the Guild Rep or the Hunter. Can be MxF or FxF.)

My Master Is A Hero!
(The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind)
My name is... well, I suppose it's really not all that important. All you really need to know is, from the day I was born, I was raised to be a slave. Not the battered Argonian and Khajiit slaves that the Dunmer cultivate in their homeland of Morrowind... I'm... something special. I was raised to be a companion to nobility, the highest of class of slaves available, purchasable only by the elite or... realistically, anyone with the gold. I was bought about six months ago. Usually, for most slaves, the time the spend with their slave handler is the happiest time of their lives, most of the people of Morrowind barely able to be considered 'people' let alone people of the 'decent' variety.

I'm happy, and very lucky, to say that in my case, it's different. I was bought by... well, I can only describe them as brilliant. Kind, compassionate and loving, my master is the best I could ever hope for. What's more? My master is a hero! The incarnation of an ancient Dunmer First Era hero, Lord Indoril Nerevar. I guess that's why they're so kind to me. I've been with them for about six months, but I've hardly seen them. 'Destroying Dagoth Ur and saving Morrowind', they'd say the few times they'd return to rest at home. My story really begins after the history books already closed. I guess I can't complain. My master is the best master. I want to show you why.

(Yes. You read that right. Morrowind. Not Skyrim. This takes place after the main plot when the slave in question is finally privy to some of her Master's adventures. Willing to play either the slave or the Master in this game.)

Really Want

It wasn't just Akihabara.

I wish the curse that was the plague known as the Synthisters was only restricted to one city but... that would be the king move of the ignorant. True yes that Akihabara's lust for material goods was a unique one... true also was that it's not the only city of it's kind. Akiba wasn't the only to suffer and... when one thinks about it, it got off fairly light. Akihabara was, after all, a by-day city.

Not like Las Vegas. The Synthister problem hit us pretty hard here here in Vegas and the solution wasn't as easy as others, due to the fact the Synthister's major weakness... the sun... could be avoided by simply living a nocturnal life style. And that only compounded the real problem... we thought we were done for until... one of them turned on the rest.

The Last of Us
BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK OF CONTINUING! I highly recommend you sit through this fifteen minute video on the subject. Instead of me sitting here and longwindedly explaining the entire principle of the the Role Play, just watch it. Okay.
Premise: What if everything you knew is wrong? What if everything isn't as black-and-white as you once thought? What if jumping on mushrooms and kicking turtle shells just… didn't mean the same anymore? It happened all too fast, I don't think anyone really remembers where they came from. They flooded in one night, thousands upon thousands of infected humans… they threw us out of our homes and lives, uprooted us at the base level. I was too young at the time to understand, and I still don't know what they mean by 'cordyceps', but I know it can't be good. I don't know much, but I know this much. If something isn't done… I don't even want to think about what will happen to my beloved Mushroom Kingdom. I caught a glymps of their leader once, and the very sight of her chills my bones. I've not choice… no other option. Tonight, I steal away to King Bowser's country to plead for his aid… he has always been kind and considerate… I only pray he shall help us.

The End of Days
(Original. I'm a retard.): For years, men and women of many walks of life have feared the coming of the day. December 21st, 2012. However, the end of the world did not come with fire. It did not come with darkness. It did not come with warning or fanfare. It did not come with the walking dead. Fire can be quenched. Darkness can be vanquished. The dead can be outrun. At the stroke of midnight, holes erupted in the ground, and from within came that which haunts your nightmares. Velociraptors. It was a month before the earth had been taken over by these creatures... The feel know no emotion - they cannot love. They know no fear - they cannot be repelled. They know no compassion - they cannot be reasoned with. They can only be fought. Can two people find the secret to stopping the Zombie Velociraptor Apocalypse... and can they not kill each other in the process? (Can be MalexFemale or FemalexFemale CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING. 'End of Days' is being re-written in Novel Form, and I will not accept it as an RP.)

I Am Not A Moron!
(Portal 2): After that grisly show I put on, I am not letting you get the upper hand... 'remove Portal Gun', should have been number two on my five step plan... My fault, completely my fault... but I can assure you two... it will never happen again... (Post-Portal 2. Looking for someone to play Chell/GLaDOS. PM me for plot ideas.)

The Hybrid
(Alien): Practically fifty years after the catastrophe aboard the Auriga, a splinter group of scientists manage to capture a single Xenomorph specimen and transfuse it's DNA successfully into a human host. A human embryo is injected with a cocktail of Xenomorph DNA and, after spending 18 years growing, the final product can only be described as the perfect killing machine - the perfect fusion betwixt Human Intelligence and Desires; and pure, unbridled primal ferocity - However… what happens when one of the researchers falls for this magnificent creature? What happens when the 'it' they all see turns out to be a she, in all her desires? (Looking for someone to play said researcher. Can be a male or female character.)

Balance Policy
(Based off the Manga of the same name): In the near/distant future, the population of women being born into society has slowly started to decline, culminating within a drop to having a .001% female birthrate world-wide. In desperation, scientists the world-over gather together at the Geneva Summit to discuss a possible solutions, where a brilliant young scientist proposes a solution. Breaking technology has allowed humanity to completely rewrite their genetic structure, down to even their personality! Initially viewed as taboo, it is soon realized that this may very well be the only way to save the human race. So, five years ago, the Balance Policy was enacted, forcing one in every three born males to undergo Gender Reassignment Therapy. As a bonus (perhaps as a manner of compensation for the change in lifestyle) the group allows the subject to alter their personality as well. However, genetic preferences cannot be rewritten, as attraction is a thing of the soul, not physiology. The human race is on the incline and humanity is saved… but at what cost? (This can be either MxF or FxF. The former can be similar to the Manga, where the M-F transfer falls for an old friend of his\hers. The latter can go any direction.)

Bitches Love Cannons!
(Madoka\Hellsing Ultimate Crossover): They're both in the same business. Killing things that… technically shouldn't exist. Blond, Blooded and Buxom, the pair of killers make a hell of a team. But what if their feelings aren't completely platonic? Seras and Mami discover the old adage about bonds forged in war to me more then slightly true. They also discover that… indeed… bitches love cannons. (FxF Blond Buxom Bitches blowing zombie and witch alike apart!)

The TechnoMancer and the Witch
(Based off an RP I had years ago): This is getting out of hand! That stupid technowhatsit girl down the street keeps thinking up new inventions to piss off the alchemist up the street, and she in turn divises a crazy potion to get back at her! One of these days those two are going to be the death of us all! (Two rival scientists, a TechnoMancer and a Witch, have been at odds in the small sleepy town for years. One day, their antics climax and throw the pair back in time to the 1400s. The Witch is imprisoned for being - you guessed it - a witch, and the TechnoMancer is hailed as the hero for stopping her evil ways. How will the TechnoMancer figure this one out? CAN she figure it out? FxF. No preferred character.)

When I Needed You The Most
(Golden Sun: Dark Dawn): With the Grave Eclipse a thing of the past, the New Warriors of Vale are offered a respite from their heroic deeds. However, one in particular is guilt-ridden about an event that just keeps replaying itself in her head. She can't sleep, can't eat and can't think about anything else. Her words echo in her head, and they tear the Jupiter Adept apart. One night, she steals away and makes for Belinsk. She needs an explanation. (I want this to be more romance then actual smut. Where it goes after the initial plot is up for debate. FxF KarisxSveta.)

Four, Three, Two, One
(Original): I thought life would get easier after I left Earth... Life on the Mars Colony with nothing to worry about except myself? What could possibly drain the fun out of this experience? Oh, yea, right. NO OTHER PEOPLE! Whoever the hell thought this plan up made a serious clerical error. I'm alone on this damn colony, and I'm about to go bat shit. At least there's a supply shuttle coming today. Maybe the pilots'll talk to me... (Looking for someone to play the new colonist on this empty world.)

There's Something About Maria
(Original): You've always been different from girls your age. Always a little stronger, a little more independent, maybe preferring the company of your many guy friends… whatever it is, you've always been just… different. You began to think you were different back in high school, you knew this girl who just made you laugh and tickled you in all the right ways. Her name was Maria. She was sweet, shy and delicious, just how you like them. However, before you could really talk to her, or even get to know her, she moves away one day and takes a good chunk of your heart with her. Well guess what? Eight years later and guess who decides to walk back into your life? You've been given a second chance to get to know the girl you remember from high school, and possibly have a chance at stealing her heart. She couldn't have changed much, right? … Right? (FxF only. The mentioned 'you' is to be a strong, dominant female, while Maria is a cute, shy submissive who's just right for the seduction. I have no real qualms playing either character, but I would prefer to play Maria.)

You Can't Take the Sky From Me
(Serenity.) Originally, the game was to be played with another, but said person never responded once. Forgot the plot we worked out, but willing to talk over a redo. The opening post can be found here if you want to read and see if it's up your alley. Any character can be the MC, but I think the captain was initially.

ARK Project
(Based upon the game ARK: Survival Evolved.) Indecent... dammnit, if they were going to dump you on this island in the middle of 'Fuck Knows Where', they could have at least give you some clothes! Okay think... think think... Before your brain can click on as to what to do next, the strangest thing fills your vision. A woman, riding a Utahraptor, shouldering an Assault Rifle is staring down at you from the saddle of her mount. You quickly cover yourself, but the woman only seems to smile. "English?" She asks simply, to which you nod. "Good. Here, put this on." She reaches into the saddlebag of the Utahraptor and retrieves a pair of pants (and a shirt, for those of the fairer sex) and tosses them to you. "You look cold." She's not wrong. Reaching back into the saddlebag, she stuffs the Assault Rifle away expertly. Dipping down slightly, she takes your hand. "No use you staying out here then. Hop on." She hoists you effortlessly onto the back of the Utahraptor, who seems to protest a little at the added weight. She gives the reigns a light snap, which cause the Utahraptor to begin it's jog down the beach. On the way to wherever you're going, she explains... everything. (Looking for someone to play the newest arrival on the island. Can be MxF or FxF.)

Star Citizen
(Based upon the game Space Engineers.) You wake up to cold steel floor and a chill running down your spine. Red lights blare down the corridor and an alarm is doing it's best to deafen you. You try to figure out what the hell is going on, and through the alarms, all you're able to make out is 'Hull Breach' and 'Cryo Bay Malfunction'. You quickly scramble to figure out what's going on... the Cryo Bay is loosing power and the emergency release system woke you up - and damn good thing, too. You can put the other Cryo Pods on backup power from here - so they'll stay alive - but you've only enough time to wake up one more person. Better make the right choice. (This will be a long-term RP about survival in deep space and the eternal struggle to repair your aging ship. Can be MxF or FxF.)

Puppet Commandos
(Based upon a flash game I play.) As a struggling Lord/Lady in such a backwater as (Insert Country Name Here), you often find your days filled with the tedium of boring Monarchal things. Like papers. And requests from the ever-dwindling peasentry. And chickens that get loose in your castle. However, one day, a traveling Witch comes calling, and tells you she can help you attain - not only the fame and fortune you desire - but anything you could want. All she asks is you find her a capable soldier to begin crafting an army with. Well, you've no 'capable soldiers', but you do that the Guard Captain of yours. She's... not perfect, but a little elbow grease and she should be... okay. The Witch then shows you the power of her Puppet Magic, creating ten where there was once one. Your bid for world domination begins.

Taken\In Discussion

Welcome to 2007
(Based off Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon): It's a world of cybernetic augmentations and neon lights! It's the 1980's best and worst! The world has avoided destruction with the aid of Sergeant Rex Power Colt, and the Mark IV Cyber-Commandos are back in full production! However, even in a world of relative peace after the calamity of Vietnam War 2, war is always just around the corner. The threat of the Blood Dragons and their super-power infused blood did not die with Colonel Sloan on that remote island. Somehow, the blood - and the Dragons themselves - have found their way onto the mainland, and it's up to a new Cyber-Commando to put a stop to it. (Looking for… fuck it, anything on this one. I just love Blood Dragon! MxF or FxF.)

My Girlfriend's a Super Villain!?
(Semi-Original. Based upon a previous RP):Your day is pretty mundane. You go to work, slave away for ten hours a day, come home to a loving girlfriend and a home-cooked meal. The news is filled with the same old crap. Who's been reelected? Who's been sacked? What was the score on the football game. The local bank being robbed by a Super Villain. You're dead to it all now, and if you never hear that woman's name again, it'll be all too soon. But what happens when the most hated Super Villain in the city turns out to be... Your Girlfriend?! (Can be FxF or MxF. Looking for someone to play the mundane to my Super Villain.)

Your Heart's One Desire
(Original): A man\woman is offered one wish, his\her's heart's desire. What does s\he use the wish on?

Special Category
These games are all special cases, or have been previous 'Weekly Specials'.
Spare a Coin, Lady?
(Skyrim): Life is hard in Skyrim if you've got a roof over your head and a steady supply of food for your belly. However, for little Rami Telmoe, a seventeen year old Dunmer living in Windhelm, life is even worse. The racism which had prevelated Windhelm for so long is still rather apparent, so it doesn't take one long to realize that things aren't getting any better. Rami is an orphan, shoeless and wearing a tattered blue dress that is clearly too big for her. She's too old for an orphanage, and too young to be considered an adult. Trapped in the middle between childhood and adulthood, she's looking forward to another blistering cold night in the streets. Maybe, through sleep, she can ignore the rumbling in her stomach…

(Crossover between the games 'Analogue: A Hate Story' and 'Freelancer')
From: Liberty Scientific Institute, Planet Manhattan
To: Freelancer Outfit Green-13
Body: Freelancer. We understand you specialize in special recovery missions. We, at LSI, think we have just something for someone was historically asocial as you. You no doubt are aware of the Five Sleeper Ships which brought us all here to the Sirus Sector - The Liberty, The Reinland, The Britonia, The Kusari, and the derelict Hispania. Few know that there were actually eight sleeper ships launched to the Sirus Sector... The Waterloo, The Sicilia, and The Mugunghwa. The Waterloo and Sicilia were lost during the escape attempt from Earth, and the Mugunghwa was lost before we arrived.

Well... we've discovered the Mugunghwa in the Gamma-13 System. Repeated attempts to hail the ship have been met with failure, so we believe it to be dead. We want to hire you to fly out to the Gamma-13 system and make some type of contact with the ship. If anyone is left in cryo stasis, send for a recovery team. If no one is left alive, download the Mugunghwa's datacores and return here with them, so we may learn the fate of the last Sleeper Ship. Half your payment has already been delivered to your account, and the other half will be delivered upon personal delivery of the Mugunghwa's datacores to the Liberty Scientific Insitute here on Planet Manhattan. Thank you for your time.

(Looking for someone to play the Freelancer. WARNING! This will be a difficult RP, as the other character is an AI. Romance is, of course, an option here, but obviously there will be little/no chance for erotic content.)

Beneath the categories is a secondary category, this one seems a bit smaller, and maybe a little thrown together, but in the same regards, you can't help but feel the potential. It reads:

One-Liner Based Plots
These plots are simply plots based off a single line from a book/movie/song whathaveyou. Each is open to debate.

1. "So hotly contested here's a tip\You should rename your thighs to the Gaza Strip."
2. "You've been struck by\A smooth criminal."
3. "...and stripper poles. This place need a lot of stripper poles."
4. "I'm not apologizing."
5. "You do you, and I'll do me... and we won't do each other. Probably..."
6. "I think my girlfriend is an alien\Invading force from Planet 10."

Below this category is several loose sheets of paper with simple base principles scribbled upon them in his oddly neat handwriting. They are as follows.

-Alien (I prefer to stay away from canon characters there, unless they're just mentioned in passing.)
-MechWarrior (crossovers encouraged)
-Puella Magi Madoka Magical
-Star Wars
-The Legend of Zelda
-Sailor Moon
-League of Legends
-Duke Nukem (Crossover Encouraged)
-Frozen (You leave my ElsAnna alone!)
-I will do most fantasy settings, and most fantasy creatures, save a werewolf. Any other were creature is fine, but werewolves rub me wrong now. There is a certain were creature I'll jump at, though.
-MonMosu (Monster Girls) I shall freely admit that MonMosu Quest! is one of my favorite indie (don't know if it qualifies as that, but still. Non-name-brand studio games) in history, and the phrase 'Touch Fluffy Tail' has stuck with me for years.

The man smiles as you reach the end of the board, his kind, caring smile overwhelming you in a sensation of love. This place… it is cruel and feral, but even in the cruelest of worlds, you suppose there must be a ray of hope. "I hope you managed to find at least something that piqued your interest. If so, don't hesitate to speak with me directly for any form of detail that we may need to work out. I add things here all the time, you know how to get here, and you know that you shall forever be welcome so please… do not hesitate to check up on me." You walk away from the man as he waves, the little Xenomorph drone named Mell shows you back out to the surface of the planet, where the twin suns can just be seen over the horizon.
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Re: Welcome to Planet LV-1201 - The Throne of the Xenolord
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Characters I want to use/reuse:
This section is where I put all the characters that I have either used in previous RPs and gotten attached to, or characters from other Games\Movies\TV Shows\Books that I've gotten attached to and want to play. Inside each category is the character's name, and a quick bio of them, if you are unfamiliar with the character, also a picture for those Visual Nuts, such as myself. Note, that not all characters must be used in their original settings. If there is a character here that you like, but don't nessecarily want to use in his\her cannon appearance, then let me know. We can work something out.
Original Characters
Subject One Nine Seven Nine/Lyndrys Harper
Name: Lyndrys Harper (Named Subject 1979 in her original appearance.)
Physical Appearance: Subject 1979
Xenolord's Notes: "Ah! Lyndrys Harper. She's one of my more… prized creations. A fusion, she is, between human control and Xenomorph biological perfection. I love my darlings, the Xenomorphs, as any father should, of course… but even a species as… fundamentally flawed as you Humans can add something needed to the mix, as it were. Lyndrys was originally created for a science-driven role-play between scientists and test subjects. She is kind, yet feral… cunning yet cute. Though she has undergone some… significant genetic modification due to her hybrid status, I can assure you, where it is important, Lyndrys is still one hundred percent human."

Sailor Apocalypse
Name: Sailor Apocalypse
Appearance: Sailor Apocalypse, minus her wings.
Condensed Biography
Biography: Sailor Apocalypse is a joint Sailor Moon and City of Villains character I created, though she can fit in any role as a villainous character. She has a good counterpart, Sailor Earth, as well.
Biography (Sailor Moon): The Topaz Kingdom, one of the many kingdoms which dotted the solar system, once called the Earth home. Friend to the Crystal Kingdom, the queen of the Topaz Kingdom fell one day when, in a presumed fit of insanity, began to willingly give her subjects over to the Dark Kingdom for sustenance. The Crystal Kingdom's wrath was swift, and the Topaz Kingdom was all but destroyed. Their surviving Princess, Sera Fields, has become embittered by her mother's death, and has sought the Sailor Senshi's blood as the Dark Senshi, Sailor Apocalypse.
Biography (City of Heros): A woman can only take so much. No one really knows when someone's breaking point is until the reach it. Sera Fields was the eldest daughter of the respectable Supradyne researching Jake Fields. However, his chosen field of study proved to be fatal during a faithful Troll Raid upon his laboratory one Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. Forced to witness her father's death, Sera Fields stumbled upon a tome which lead her to great magical powers. However, even as the hero Sailor Earth, she could not escape her personal hell. She, now a woman and one of Paragon's most famous heroes, finds the monster who slew her father and arrests him. What follows is a fiasco of a court case which ends with the Troll being let go. Enraged by this farce of justice, Sailor Earth goes insane and slaughters not only the Troll, but a half dozen PPD officers in a messy bloodbath, before finally retreating to the Rogue Islands under the new guise of Sailor Apocalypse.
Age: Mid-Late 20's.
Xenolord's Notes: "Sera Fields. She was, perhaps, one of my favorite characters. She can be many things, however in this iteration, you'll find her many things. Brash, yes. Powerful, of course… beautiful most certainly. Though she has been known to be both straight and gay, she really has no presence in the long run, and is up for discussion. I can also use her in a non-super powered role-play, or a magical girl role-play, whichever happens to tickle your fancy."

Bounty Hunter Silessa Tomoe
Name: Silessa Tomoe
Appearance:Armored; Unarmored
Previous Appearances: Target: Samus Aran
Background: (Target: Samus Aran or Metroid Series) Former Space Pirate Silessa Tomoe had a faithful encounter one day on Zebes. As the planet sounded it's death rattle, fire rising high into the sky, Silessa encountered, rather briefly, Bounty Hunter Samus Aran. The Space-Suited Bounty Hunter took one look at the Space Pirate, muttered a single word, and spared the girl's life. After the destruction of Zebes, Silessa fled the Space Pirates and decided to make a new living for herself as a Bounty Hunter.
Quirks: Silessa is not what one would consider a 'good person'. Rude, crass and vulgar at times, Silessa knows what she wants, isn't afraid to chase what she wants, and says exactly what's on her mind. Usually armored, Silessa is a demon when it comes to her job, but most find her personal life to be rife with oddities. And her sex life? She's not known to be gentle.
Xenolord's Notes: "Poor, poor Silessa Tomoe. She has, sadly, suffered the least character development out of any of my characters, and I would desperately wish to change that. Silessa can be whatever you want. Don't hesitate to see if we can't work something out."

Jin Styles
Name: Jin Styles
Appearance: Jin "Stygia" Styles from MechWarrior M.O.S.U.
Previous Appearances: MechWarrior: M.O.S.U.
Background: Jin is a Monster Girl, a fusion between a human and a Stygian Jinouga.  When calm, Jin is a slow, methodical leader who takes every angle into consideration before making her move. When angered, she can be known to make snap decisions, powerful bouts of violence and she suffers a considerable hit to her thought process. Calm and collected, Jin is as feared for her brainpower as she is her combat prowess.
Quirks: Jin is quick to anger and has never been known to come off a rage-induced high quickly. When angered red-black energy arcs about the strands of her hair and down her tail. She can discharge this energy in powerful projectiles over short range, or through her own claws to add bite. Regardless, Jin is a feared fighter on foot or otherwise.
Xenolord's Notes: "Stygian Jinouga. My bane, my nemesis, my love - in some strange Human\Monster way. As close to biological perfection a species unlike Xenomorphs can get, Stygian Jinouga is represented in Jin Styles in all her best attributes. She is intelligent and wise, however quick to anger and a tempest should you accomplish this. A capable fighter, a cunning tactician and a stalwart companion, Jin will be a tough character to draw close to. If you chose to attempt to form some kind of bond with Jin, expect a long, drawn out game… but it shall be so rewarding."

Gena Magara
Name: Gena Magara (Pronounced Gina)
Appearance: Gena Magara (NOTE: General idea of looks. I understand this character might appear to be too young. This is simply to get an idea of what she'll look like.)
Previous Appearance: None! Be the first!
Background: Being a new, unused Character, Gena has no background! However, you should probably be ready for unexpected bouts of anger and cool purple glowy bits.
Xenolord's Notes:"Gena is based of the Flagship Monster for Monster Hunter 4G, Gore Magala. With this, you understand that she is a MONSTER GIRL. She is not human, and has aspects that makes her definably non-human. She will be hard to get close to, much like Jin. If you decide to conquer this mountain, you're in for a long, if rewarding, trip."

Non-Original Characters

My First Villainess Crush
Name: Baroness
Appearance: Baroness.
Xenolord's Notes: "I'm sure a lot of people watched GI Joe when they were younger. I know I did. Aside from the PSA's at the end of the episodes, the one thing I always looked forward to was seeing my 80's Cartoon Villainess Crush, Baroness. Glasses, suave, sexy, smart and that voice…. goddamn that voice! She had everything I ever wanted in a woman. I won't lie. The ability to play Baroness in an RP (Even unrelated or somewhat related to GI Joe) would make my nerd dreams come true for a long time. I wouldn't mind playing her either straight or (as she strikes me as a 'do whatever it takes' kinda girl) femslash role.

The Alabastor Goddess
Name: Yuelia\Butterfly
Appearance: Yuelia from Fantasy Life.
Xenolord's Notes: "Ignorant to the ways of the world, hopeful and boasting a heart that's perhaps a bit too big, Yuelia is the perfect 'blissful ignorant' character who wouldn't be against trying a lot of new things if it will help her understand the ways of humans more. I would like to see her in either a crossover situation, or perhaps in Fantasy Life's environment itself. Wouldn't mind playing her in either a femslash or hetero role.

The Obsidian Goddess
Name: Noelia
Appearance: Noelia from Fantasy Life.
Xenolord's Notes: "Cruel, twisted and maybe a bit sarcastic; Noelia is the older, more mature (thought it's more of an act!) sister to Yuelia. She tries so hard to distance herself from others, she just winds up digging herself deeper and deeper into my heart. Much like Yuelia, I could see her in either a crossover situation, or in the game's Canon. I wouldn't mind playing her in either a femslash or hetero role… though she doesn't seem like the kind of person who would like to be wooed. ("I wears the pants in this family! If it's alright with you… Not… not that I care or anything I just… I want to be sure you're not gonna cry or anything…! Idiot…")"

Name: Him
Appearance: You know who Him is.
Xenolord's Notes: "Few and far between are male characters that I shall lower myself to even consider playing. I find it… unfulfilling and boring. However, once in every blue moon, a character comes around that… piques my interest, gender aside. Him is one such character. I was a typical kid during the nineties and early 2000s, and the Powerpuff Girls was among my favorite cartoon of the time, right along side Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo and other classics. The character of Him fascinated me, because it did something that precious few shows did. It portrayed a truly, unequivocally evil character, whom existed for the sake of being evil… no goal. No monologues (Well… a few) just… unimaginable evil. He represents what I consider a true villain. Guided by no morals, driven by no goal, Him is - without a doubt - the Ultimate Evil."

Sera (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
Name: Sera (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
Appearance: Sera from Inquisition.
Background: Childish, impulsive and vulgar; Sera is about as far from an Elf as an Elf can physically get. She holds a disdain for all things 'Elfy' and almost all Magic. She is a self-taught Rogue and Archer, and uses her skills to advance whatever whimsical feat that caught her interest today.
Xenolord's Notes: "Sera is my kind of crazy. The kind of girl who doesn't think about teadious hows and whys, just lives for the moment and doesn't find time later down the line to regret. As long as you're loyal to her, she'll love you regardless. In this, I'm either looking for someone to play Sera, or play along side her. As in game, the other person is expected to be female (She doesn't romance male inquisitors in-game) though race of said other person is open."[color]
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World Building And You: The World Only Xenolord Knows - This section is dedicated to all the worlds I have constructed over the years, be they here on E or elsewhere. Each world has it's own rules and characters that make it just a little bit different from the others. Feel free to observe each world and see if it's something you'd be interested in.

Wayfarer's Academy For Magical Talent
Background: No one quite knows the hows and whys behind it, but what we do know is this; about a hundred years ago, an entire generation of young girls began to crop up which could exhibit - for a lack of better terms - magical abilities. It started off pretty simple. Someone who could move a cup across a table without touching it... or one who could tell when a friend was distressed... but pretty soon, things started getting out of hand, and schools started burning, people started being frozen, electrocuted and thrown from buildings. Pretty soon, the government couldn't ignore it any longer, so they decided on a solution. Just as the Americans forced the relocation of the Naitive Americans in the old days, so too would they forcibly relocate all 'Magically Apt Individuals'. Girls were forced to be tested for aptitude before puberty; when the powers began to manifest, and if they were shown to have them they were registered in a world-wide database and relocated to one of several camps the world over.

It wasn't too much longer before the world-wide database, the Magical Aptitude General Information Complex, MAGIC, was teeming with hundreds of thousands of young girls, all burdened by abilities and powers they hated. Until fifteen years ago when four of the world's most powerful Earth-Based Magic users - fugitives from the degenerating South American Governments - got together and rose an island off the coast of California, far into the Pacific Ocean. Wayfarer's Island, they called it, and upon that island pulled from the sea, they constructed a school. And from the school rose a small town. And from the small town erupted a city. And from the city?

Inspiration: This is designed to be a modern, americanized Magical Girl story, in which those with Magical Powers are feared and stigmad, forced to live in controlled cities and have every aspect of their lives controlled and monitored.

Setting: The setting here is a grim, dismal earth ravaged by hate and fear. The play setting will be Wayfarer's Island, a haven for those with magic and the students within.

Possible Pairings: For obvious reasons, most of the pairings in this world would be FemalexFemale.
StudentxStudent - Two students who are just trying to understand what they can do, and what cruel god would thrust this kind of strife onto them.
StudentxTeacher - A student and a teacher discover there's more to their relationship then acedemia.
StudentxSurvivor - When his ship sunk in a freak storm, he never thought where he'd end up is washed ashore on a hostile island.

Other Information: I have a huge notebook full of information on this world, so if you want, I'd be happy to share.

Pretty Soldier Wars
Background: The world ended forty years ago as everyone always thought it would. In Nuclear Fire. When the energy mogul Energy Systems and Technologies unveiled their newest power source, which they called 'ZION', the people believed that, finally, human life would be made better. Third world countries would be destroyed... power would finally be able to be had by all. If only fate would have that in store for us. Enery Systems and Technologies, a russian energy firm, placed a price tag on their 'ZION' system that was impossible by any but the richest of countries, and even that was pushing it. Energy Systems and Technologies further spat in the eyes of the world by building a reactor, free of charge, outside their patron's capitol of Moscow. It would be the straw that would shatter the camel's back.

Within a year, in 2008, the world was engulfed in volley after volley of nuclear weapons, all the major powers pummelling each other for no real reason that anyone remembered. Japan, however, once more proved to be the smart one. Years before, they had constructed several walled cities as a sort of BioDome like project, to see how well people take to living in enclosed spaces. This project, as it would happen, saved humanity in the most ravaged Asian countries. We managed to annihilate ourselves in the course of five days... a war which was labeled as World War III or... more colloquially, simply 'The Third'.

Christ, I wish that was the only problem in the world, I really do. Ten years ago, in 2039, reports of strange creatures, described as 'tentacle monsters' by drunks and tired business men began to sprout up in one of the Japanese walled cities - called Polis' - and the reports have not stopped. We call them 'Yoju', creatures which reproduce violently with human women, their young exploding from the chests of their mothers and consuming their corpses. Traditional bullets pancake on their hides and human soldiers shit their pants at the sight of the things - god damn Fear Phera. We were lost... until a solution was found. By augmenting wiling female volunteers with mehcanical implants we were able to fight off the Yoju on their own level.

It's 2050, and the Pretty Solider Wars are alive again.

Inspiration: Set in the world of Youjuu Senki A.D. 2048 (Roughly Translated as 'Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048'.)

Setting: A decrepit city rampant with over-population, A huge poor and refugee problem, a staggering 80/20 Female to Male population, ripe with bestial tentacle monsters and forced promiscuity.

Possible Pairings: So many here, it's not even funny.

Canon Characters: While not all canon characters are listed here, these are the major players.
Commander Jake Galaxy: Commander Galaxy is the current Forward Operations Commander of the anti-Yoju tactical squad, the Anti-Strangebeast Special Police, or A.S.S.P.. Arrogant, self-centered, mightier-then-thou and chauvinistic, Jake is the evil the world needs to survive. He is a tactical genius and an absolute gentleman when he has to, only those closest to him have ever seen the real Galaxy.
Commander Reiko Kirihara: Current leader of the Anti-Strangebeast Special Police, Reiko is Jake's immediete superior and the soundest head in the A.S.S.P..
The Anti-Yoju Security Council: The AYSC is the civilian branch of the A.S.S.P., designed to serve as a commanding body and controlling entity. The Beurocracy to the A.S.S.P.'s Military. Often seen as an antagonist.
Biosoldiers: The female volunteers augmented with mechanical augmentations (BS0 Model) or augmented through the use of Yoju-Based injections (BS1 Model) created to fight the growing Yoju Menace.
Y-Breds: Usually, when a woman is proginated (A polite term of saying fucked) by a Progenitor, usually any child she is carrying is killed by the Yoju semen. Occasionally, however, if the pregnancy is within it's first trimester, the Yoju semen instead changes the child to a half-human half-Yoju hybrid known as a Y-Bred.

Suggestions: I don't usually do this, but for this game, I would recommend you sit through what Reiji and I have of Pretty Soldier Wars - The Seige of Sophiapolis to better understand the world.

The Society for the Control and Extermination of Sub-Human Hybrids (AKA: The Society)
Background: What is the measure of a man? Is it in how he lives? Or maybe how he dies? Anyone with memory from the last fifty years will tell you the true measure of a man is how we remember him, and what he left us. Well, one man will never die if memories are life. Gerald Torque was just your average, every day biochemist until everything in his life snapped. Infuriated by his wife leaving him, he decided that no woman deserved life and, utilizing all of his years of biochemical expertise, devised a virus to kill every woman on the face of the earth. We hadn't figured out about it until it had already been released... thankfully though, he failed in his ultimate goal, and instead of wiped the earth clean of the beautiful creature known as 'Woman', he changed her.

Now, at any point in almost every woman's life, she will change. Most, thankfully, change during their puberty cycle. They turn into Monster Girls, half-human half monsters with ranging appetites and needs. The lucky ones who change during this cycle manage to retain their sanity, the virus only changing their bodies. The unlucky ones, who turn sometime later in life, are driven insane by the virus and turn feral, violent.

The Society for the Control and Extermination of Sub-Human Hybrids - or simply known as 'The Society' by those in the know - exists to do one thing: Control the feral Monster Girls, called Mosu, by killing any that threaten human society. They employ sane Monster Girls to do this job, to control their sisters and keep humanity safe.

Inspiration: Let's face it. I play Monster Hunter, and some of the humanization of the monsters are hot. >.>

Setting: A world very much like our own, save for the underworld which is inhabited by violent, ruthless and cruel creatures.

The least developed of my worlds, currently, but that just means you get to help me develop it!

The World Called Els
[unrelated]Wait 5 years for a game, only to find out my computer is a Win32 system, and it's a Win64 game. Curse you hindsiiiiight![/unrelated]

The world is split - divided. Between the Humans who claim the world for their own... and the Monsters who are afraid of loosing everything. Desroit, Kutubey and Chaos - Gods Divided by Sin and Worship. And one woman walking the edge between sanity and madness.

Setting: The setting is the Shattered world of Els, and based on the Lightning Warrior Raidy series.

Pairings: Too damn many to count.

Power Players: These characters are the ones who you'll see in the canon games, and may make a resurgence in any game we do (may also be played, if you choose.)

Raidy: No one knows the full name of the woman called Raidy. She's a traveller, a wanderer with no home, no family. Trouble, however, seems to follow her... or probably more realistically she seems drawn to trouble. Her trademark red hair and orange ribbon is the first thing people usually see, and the last thing her foes see is a bolt of pure electricity striking them down. Those who have seen her in action claim she's a freak, a lightning-capable warrior, with swordsmanship skills unparalleled in the world. Don't let her gender confuse you. Some claim she's an angel, come from heaven to banish the Monsters of Els. Some claim she's a demon, sent to corrupt man and steal their souls. Others claim she's more.

Celinadia: A wanderer from the Eastern Continent, Celinadia has come to Els for some unknown reason. She - like Raidy - has no knowledge of who she is, aside from her name, which means 'Glaciar' in the ancient tongue. Her name is well earned, as her abilities to control, manifest and manipulate frost and ice have earned her the nickname of 'The Ice Queen' by those who live to tell her tale. Cold, unfeeling and kind of a bitch, no one really likes dealing with Celinadia. (Side Note: Celinadia is an Original Character, created for the 'City Beneath the Sea' game, though she can appear elsewhere.)

Fonfon: A werewolf who, after getting her tail cut off by Raidy outside the town of Sadd, can't seem to get away from the warrior... though Raidy thinks it's because she wants to become friends with her. Raidy has, somehow, acquired Fonfon, Tiss and Foless as travelling companions, which has not helped her status in Els at all, as Monsters are often frowned upon in polite society. She has a penchant for whips.

Tiss: Tiss is a demon, pure and simple. Though, after loosing her horns once to the Lightning Warrior, she began to follow her for her own reasons. Tiss can be sweet, but is sadistic and a penchant for hot wax therepy. A good ally, a terrible foe.

Foless: A Dark Elf with a love of... enemas. She seems to have tapered off in this department (which is good) but has picked up a bit of a masochistic side (which could be bad). She does seem to know when to stop before she gets herself killed (which is good), but will often go out and look for a beating (which is bad). Fonfon or Tiss are usually willing to supply (which is good), but she really wants to feel that pain of being beat by Raidy again (which is bad. For Foless). She's now following Raidy around, in hopes she could get a whipping from her again.

Amusing Facts: Raidy is Airquotes Straight. She claims to high-heaven that she only likes men, and is completely straight... but her habit of punishing monsters for their transgressions boarders on the line that says that may be a lie.

Possible Plots: Lightning Warrior Raidy IV: City Beneath the Sea - Raidy is hired by an expedition to an island that's been discovered off the coast of Els. When she arrives, she discovers that two others - Fonfon and Celinadia - have already arrived on the island for their own means. A mysterious force bonds the three together, so they must solve the mystery of the City Beneath the Sea before they are allowed to leave. And at the bottom?

Lightning Warrior Raidy: Temple of Elemental Sin - Raidy stumbles across a temple, buried in a forest far to the north. Upon investigation, she'll discover the truth behind her Lightning powers... and a hidden secret years buried.

More are to come, and these will be developed as time progresses. If one of these interests you, don't hesitate to send me a PM!
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Re: Welcome to Planet LV-1201 - The Throne of the Xenolord (Updated Feb. 8)
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The Weekly Special game has been changed to: Beacon Academy vs. The SemThief

NEW GAME! "Puppet Commandos" Has Been Added.
NEW CHARACTER! Carmen Sandiego