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Author Topic: Peachy's Stories! (FxF)  (Read 1016 times)

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Peachy's Stories! (FxF)
« on: December 19, 2014, 03:25:12 AM »
Peachy's Main Story Page
    Currently Craving:
  • Dominant Female Characters
  • Romance
  • Nonconsensual
  • Dedicated Long Term Partners
  • Quid Pro Quo - the exchange of goods. I'm very much craving stories with this sort of focus. One partner exchanges sexual pleasure in return for something that she desires.
  • Actively searching for three or four new one-on-one games.
  • Available to post at least once a day on weekdays, and much more on weekends (Can probably post two or three times a day during the week as well).
  • All of the ideas listed in this thread are available.

    Peachy's Pointers:
  • This list of ideas is what's currently tickling my fancy, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to discussing with you something that has nothing to do with anything listed here.
  • Feel free to take a list at my O/Os page if you think it might help you get a better idea of what might work for us.
  • If you have an idea that you think I might like of your own, please feel free to PM me with it.
  • These ideas are not final. Nor are the characters. You're welcome to make changes, and request changes.
  • If you're not comfortable playing a dominant female character, you may not want to read further.
  • If you are happy playing a dominant female character, read on!
I Can Show You the World

Celeste Bouvier
Age: 19
Occupation: Unemployed
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Do something with your life. How many times had Celeste Bouvier heard this in the last year and a half since she graduated from high school? Far too many. Her sister had gone out and gotten married when she was twenty years old to a stable accountant who made enough money to comfortably support both of them, and any family they might want for the future. Her brother was a little more ambitious. His first two years out of high school were spent working, saving pennies, until at age 22, he returned to school where he went on to complete his Master's degree in chemical engineering. Now he was 27, had a very high paying job, and was, like their sister had been for three years already, getting married in the fall. Both were living relatively successful lives. Meanwhile, Celeste was unemployed, and hadn't so much as even looked at potential colleges that she might like to attend. They may have had a point. She did need to do something with her life. But what?

The only thing that really made her happy was not working. The first three months after graduation she spent working as a waitress, and immediately hated it. Her parents didn't blame her when she quit; they both agreed the job wasn't for her. However, when another six, seven, ten months passed and Celeste still hadn't found another job, they quickly realized that maybe their daughter was just a little bit lazy. She was young, though. So they gave her time, and didn't immediately pressure her.

Celeste used that time to spread her wings. And by spread her wings, I clearly mean she liked to party. When there wasn't a party to go to, she went to a club. When she wasn't drinking, she was nursing a hangover. When she wasn't nursing a hangover, she was getting another one. There were a few friends who shared Celeste's philosophy: have fun and worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Her parents didn't approve, not of Celeste's lifestyle, and not of her choice of friends. They were getting fed up.

A little after she turned nineteen (they didn't want to ruin their baby girl's birthday!), the nagging started. At first it was just her parents. Then her siblings joined in. And it never stopped. Every day, they asked the same question: "Get a job yet?" When she told them no, they wondered when she'd apply for college. When she answered that she didn't know that either, the inevitable, do something with your life came. For someone who didn't have a job, didn't go to school, didn't have any responsibility, Celeste Bouvier was dealing with an inordinate amount of stress.

There was only one way she knew how to deal with stress. More drinking, more clubs, more parties. It grew to the point that she was drunk every night. Whether drinking in her friend's basement, or getting wasted at a club, Celeste was always having a good time. Until she went home, where the nagging, the bitching, the moaning started right back up again. Poor girl needed to get away from home! Stress was a terrible thing to deal with, and if she didn't get away from the source soon, she knew she'd have a breakdown. 

Plot Summary: One night when Celeste is a little tipsy, but not quite smashed, she's approached by an older woman who soon makes it apparent that her desire is to bring the young girl home. Celeste, desperate to avoid the lecture that was no doubt waiting for her at her parent's place, agrees without too much convincing. Besides, the woman is gorgeous and she's always had a thing for older girls.

They arrive at a mansion. It was like nothing Celeste had ever seen before, and if there was any lingering doubt in her mind about whether or not she should have accepted the offer, it was non existent now.

Next morning, Celeste wakes up alone in a very large bedroom until one of the woman's maids/butlers comes into the room and informs her that the lady of the house has left for the morning, but has requested Celeste to join her for lunch.

It's on this lunch where the older woman reveals her intentions: She has long desired a young, submissive girl that she can own, do with what she pleases, pamper, spoil, and take care of. She believes Celeste is that girl. Should she accept, Celeste will never need to work a day in her life; the woman has enough money to support the both of  them in luxury for ten lifetimes over. She will show her the world, treat her like a princess, make all of her dreams come true. The only stipulation is that she agrees to become her submissive lover, and that she be willing to accept any kinks, fetishes, or desires that the older woman might fancy.

Plot Goals: I'd like for it to be a long-term BDSM themed romance. Puppy play would be adored, though it's not necessary. For this story, I am very open to whatever kinks you might be interested in. Despite the very sexual nature of the game, I do still plan for this game to be plot driven. That is, there will be a lot of sexual interaction, but only because it works with the story, and not sex instead of story.

Discretion Assured

Arianna Celeste
Age: 21
Occupation: Escort
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Arianna Celeste was born in Paris, where she spent the first eight years of her life. Shortly before her ninth birthday, however, both of her parents were killed in a horrific car crash. Having no other family but a single aunt who lived in Boston, Arianna crossed the Atlantic. Her aunt had money, but no interest in raising a young girl. So shortly after arriving, Arianna learned that she would spend most of her time in boarding schools away from her new home. That was fine by her, because she also soon learned that she and her aunt did not get along. Besides, her home was back in France. Anywhere she lived here in America was little more than a temporary residence.

For the next seven years, this was how Arianna lived. During the holidays, she came home to her aunt's place and spent a few weeks walking on pins and needles until it was time to return to school. Her grades were average, and never gave the teachers any problems. Making friends wasn't difficult for her, though the friendships she did make were rarely intimate and mostly superficial.

Just after she turned sixteen, tragedy struck again. Even though she barely knew her aunt, when the news came of her death, Arianna was devastated. It was the last family member she had, and now, suddenly, she was so very alone. She dropped out of school after hearing the news and returned to Paris. The money she inherited from her aunt was enough to sustain her for a few years, at least. And for the next three years she used to to live a life of frivolous luxury, spending every last cent she had inherited from her aunt on fashion, drugs, and alcohol. By the time she turned 20, it was all gone.

There was hardly any work for a girl without a high school diploma, certainly nothing that would allow her to continue living in Paris. Although she did own the apartment where she was living, she had no means by which to afford the other necessities that she required to live. When she finally spent the last cent of her aunt's inheritance, Arianna decided that there was only one thing she could do that would earn her the kind of money that she needed to continue living her luxurious lifestyle. She certainly had the body and the looks to become a high class escort in Paris.

Plot Summary: Arianna is now an expensive, discreet, and accommodating (she'll do just about anything) escort in Paris. Although she has very little experience, her looks, style, and charm attract a lot of attention from potential customers. One of her first clients is a female businesswoman or lawyer from America who visits Paris for work at least twice a month. The woman is married, and claims publicly to be heterosexual, but clearly she is not. She's never been with a woman before, has many unexplored fetishes, desires a submissive partner willing to try many things, and perhaps the most important of all, she needs someone who will be discreet. Her wealth allows her to easily acquire a high class escort, and the one who immediately catches her eye is Arianna Celeste.

Plot Goals: I would like to start the game out either with their first meeting, or maybe even go back as far as their first time discussing a potential arrangement over the phone. Sex and kinks will be a major focus for this game. However, I would like it if eventually the businesswoman started falling for Arianna, and if Arianna begins falling for her client as well. Of course, she's married, so the relationship could never work. Or could it? The drama! Gasps. That's just my idea, and I'd love to hear anything you might be interested in playing out as well.

Opposites do Attract

Ashleigh Valentine
Age: 18
Occupation: High School Senior
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ashleigh Valentine is the type of girl who nobody wants their son to date. She's a party animal, a rebel, an anarchist, a God damn punk rocker. She's a free spirit who just doesn't give a fuck. Neither one of her parents do either. They're both hippies, grew up in the 70s, and smoke so much pot they usually forget they even have a daughter at all. From the outside looking in, the poor girl's home life might sound a little sad, a little neglected. But it's better than an abusive family. Nobody ever hit her at home; nobody even raised their voice. Mommy and daddy believed in gentle encouragement, praise, and love for their daughter when she was young. Discipline? How barbaric! As she got older, and began to realize that there were no two bigger pushovers anywhere in the world, Ashleigh's parents just gave up and decided it was better just to let her do whatever she wanted. Doesn't sound so bad now, does it? And what teenager doesn't want parents who keep so much weed around the house that they'd never notice if a few grams here and there went missing?

School was one of the things that Ashleigh really just didn't give a damn about. College was way too expensive, and even if it wasn't, she had no desire to go. She was an artist, not some conformist stooge enslaved by corporate America. On the other hand, she didn't want to get a job just yet. And a high school diploma probably had it's merits. Ashleigh went to enough class that the school didn't expel her, and did enough homework that she didn't fail every single course. In fact, she was passing every course with all C's and one D. Not bad for a girl who only showed up for three or four lectures a week. Some of the other students around the school were starting to wonder how it was even possible that she hadn't failed every single subject. Rumours spread, like they do. Ashleigh Valentine was sleeping with her teachers in exchange for grades! She definitely had the good looks that'd appeal to most men, and women, for that matter. Then there was her fuck society attitude. Just the kind of girl you'd expect to suck some dick or eat some pussy in exchange for a passing grade. Yep, she fit the bill. Except it was all bullshit.

Ashleigh had too much self respect to do that sort of thing. She knew what people said about her, and for the most part didn't care. Although she was by no means popular, she did have her circle of friends, and if you weren't one of them, then what did your opinion matter? That's the philosophy she tried to live by. By that logic then, there wasn't any reason for her even to attempt to stop the rumours. Besides, it was amusing, watching the other girls point and gasp, while the boys just stared and wished they had something to offer her in exchange for a piece of that ass.

There's much more to Ashleigh than just that, though. Most people see her as this rebellious teenager without any goals, aspirations, or respect for anything or anyone. Who she truly is, though, is far from that. Her dream is to some day become a writer. Music is one of her foremost passions, but she is admittedly not talented enough to become a musician. The only instrument she plays is the piano, and while good, she doesn't believe she's great like you need to be to make a living off it. She's also a very compassionate girl. While so many other teenagers dress up all sweet and speak with such innocence, only to be cruel and borderline sadistic monsters on the inside, Ashleigh is the exact opposite. She dresses how she wants to dress, talks how she wants to talk, and sometimes that intimidates people or gives them the wrong impression. If you aren't the kind of person to judge a book by its cover, though, you might discover that she is one of the sweetest, most generous, and genuinely kind people you'll ever meet.

Plot summary: The winter holidays are approaching and for one of the classes the students are assigned a group project that will be due after the break. Each student is assigned a partner that they must work with to complete the project. Ashleigh Valentine is assigned to work with a girl who is, in so many ways, the exact opposite of herself. She is shy, academically oriented, tightly wound, and suffering far more stress than any young person should. They are not ideal partners, but neither one of them complains to the teacher. Ashleigh simply doesn't care enough to bother. The other girl is either too shy or too nice to do so. In the end, they'll just have to work through it.

Plot Goals: I would like to start the scene with a short introduction of each girl's reaction to being partnered together, and then jump ahead to their first actual meeting with one another. From there, we can decide what our goals will be for the roleplay, what we would like to see happen, where we want to take the story, and all that fun stuff. What I personally would like to see happen eventually is a romance that no one would ever suspect. I would also like to have the shy, quiet, geeky girl to assume the role of dominant partner between the two. Ashleigh will initiate; I had the idea that she will try to get the other girl to open up and allow a little more fun into her life. Slowly, but surely, she gives in. Eventually I'd like this to lead to sex, where Ashleigh tries to take the leading role, because she's the one with experience and the one with the very open mind. Things change, however, once the other girl gains more confidence, and soon Ashleigh finds herself in a a very submissive role.

** Turning a Blind Eye **

Emily Garnet
Age: 20
Occupation: University Student
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Emily Garnet grew up the only daughter and youngest child in a family of five. Her two brothers were William and Scott, and both Ivy League educated lawyers. She was expected to follow in their footsteps. Not necessarily law school, but something prestigious at a prestigious school. Her grades were never quite good enough to get her into Harvard - the school that both William,Scott, her mother and her father had all gone to before her. Academia itself had never been one of Emily's primary concerns, despite how much pressure her parents put on her to perform well in school. Perhaps that's why she merely did well, and never excelled.

Her father claimed that Emily's stubborn side came from her mother. Her mother said it was thanks to her father. They both probably had something to do with it. From the moment she understood what no meant, Emily has been the kind of girl who always has to find things out for herself. Nobody can tell her what to do. While her parents largely consider this trait a fault, it's not difficult to see the positives, if you know where to look.

Emily has always been an extremely loyal person - to her friends, to her family, to anyone who she believes deserves it. Once you've earned her friendship, there is, quite simply, nothing you can do to lose it; once you've earned her love, she'll never leave your side. While an honourable way to live your life, her parents are much more pragmatic people. Emily is too much of a dreamer for them. After all, that kind of romantic nonsense isn't going to get you into Harvard, or any other top tier school. Little did they know, Emily had no desire to go to any school like that.

Acting was her passion, live threatre. None of this movie star nonsense. No, Broadway was where Emily wanted to shine. Not very practical, is it? Her parents did not approve. They are not, however, the kind of parents to give up on their daughter the moment she treads a path they had not intended for her. And one thing they had learned long ago about Emily was that once she had set her mind to something, nobody was going to change it. So they gave her their blessing, allowed her some of their fortune in order to get herself established in New York City. They didn't believe she would succeed, but also knew that this was the only way their stubborn daughter would ever learn; she needed to fail on her own. When she came back home, they'd welcome her with open arms. And when she did, that's when they'd talk about what school she'd be going to the following semester.

Plot summary: Emily has moved to New York, where her parents set her up in a modest, but cozy downtown apartment. They've promised to pay the rent for a year, but after that Emily is going to have to prove she can make it on her own. This seems reasonable to her, and thus she gladly accepts (who wouldn't!). One thing she quickly realizes is that, even if you are a talented actress, you can't simply walk in off the street and expect to land a leading role, or even get an audition, in a Broadway play. The first few months are tough going, and Emily has very little success. At six months, she's just about ready to give up. If something doesn't change soon, she knows that she'll be forced to move back home and deal with the I told you so's of two very smug parents.

On the plus side, though, Emily is very much enjoying her time in New York. The clubs. Oh, she loves the clubs! That's where she spends most of her nights and early mornings. Although her parents are fully expecting her to fail, that doesn't mean they haven't provided her with the means to enjoy herself for at least one year. She is their only daughter, after all.

One morning after a particularly long night, she enters a breakfast cafe for some tea and a light breakfast. It's there that she's approached by a very charming, confident, and beautiful woman. What Emily doesn't know is that this woman is one of New York City's foremost criminal leaders. What Emily soon finds out is that this woman wants to take her on a date. She accepts. How could she not? So charming! And that will be our opening scene.

Plot goals: I'd like for this game to be a romance, mixed with some drama, mixed with some crime. Emily soon falls in love with her new criminal companion, whose identity she later discovers. There are going to be two detectives in our game (NPCs) who have made it their goal in life to capture and convict the criminal. In order to do this, they will use any means necessary. This means possibly abusing her relationship with Emily, perhaps even abusing Emily herself when she refuses to help them bring down their target. In terms of sexual goals, I would like, as with all my stories, to involve some level of D/s. Spankings are loved. I do also adore the idea of this criminal woman being a very selfish, and perhaps sometimes abusive lover, and definitely voracious lover.

Eternal Love

I don't have all the details worked out for this, but I have the basic plot and idea for the two main characters. The setting is earth, and we can decide on the time period together. In this earth magic does exist, along with monsters, fairy tale creatures, and whatever else we might like to add. All of that is, however, hidden from the general population.

My character is an immortal human. She has two major powers. The first one is obvious. She is immortal, which means she can't die from disease or old age, she heals extremely fast, and it's incredibly difficult to kill her. Her second ability is the power to grant immortality to one other person. But it has to be by her own free will. No one can force her to do it.

Your character I want to leave mostly up to you, but it was my plan that she be a treasure hunter of sorts, or a monster hunter. So long as she knows about the other mythical creatures and magic in the world, it's fine with me, though.

The plot for the story is that my character has been captured by a group of slavers intent on using her as a prostitute or sex slave. The leader also plans to torture and beat her until she gives him/her immortality like her own. Before any of that can happen, though, your character intervenes.

It's up to you whether you want your character to be a white knight saving the damsel in distress, or whether you want her to have ulterior motives. Either way, I would like this to eventually develop into a romantic story between our two characters.

Room, Board, and a Little Something More

I want someone to play an older woman who is the mother of my character's best friend. She is single, in her late thirties or forties, and hasn't been on a date in a very long time. My character grew up a few blocks away in a much rougher neighbourhood. Her mother left when she was young and her father is a career criminal. During his many stints in jail, my girl usually goes to stay with her grandmother. But since she has recently become ill, that's no longer an option. Now she's in her senior year, just turned 18, and her father is once again in jail. This time, however, it looks as if he'll be in there for a long time. Unable to pay the rent, my character is forced out, and she has to find a new place to live. Her best friend mentions that they have a spare room. And your character, the mother, being of charitable heart and mind, allows my girl to stay. From there, seduction ensues.

Sugar Momma

I need someone to play a wealthy married woman anywhere from 30-50. I'll let you decide what she does for a living, but it will need to be something that will earn her riches. Anyways, she's bored of her marriage and hee husband who she only ever married in the first place because they were a financial match. Both of them have prestigious careers, and they both spend more time at work than they do at home.

Desperate for a little companionship, she posts an ad online seeking a female for a sex based relationship. Since she is incredibly wealthy, she offers the person who answers her ad access to one of her downtown apartments that her husband doesn't know about, and the girl will be able to use the apartment for as long as they are together. She will buy her things, spoil her, pay for her education. And all she wants in exchange is a beautiful girl who she can do whatever she pleases to.

Aphrodite's Daughter *Warning* Nonconsensual

This game is going to be set in modern era Earth, the catch being that a lot of the old legends, myths, and folklore are actually true. However, they are mostly concealed from the general population. For my part, I want vampires to exist, and some of the ancient Greek myths (obviously). You're welcome to add in something that you'd like to see as well.

My character is a daughter of Aphrodite. There are a lot of legends surrounding her existence. Some are true, others false. Even the general population knows the stories, but they of course write them off as false. She is immortal in that she can't die from disease or old age, and heals extremely fast. She also has the power to grant immortality to one person (maybe more. Haven't decided yet!).

Among the people who actually know that the myths and legends are true, there are groups of hunters. Some hunt vampires and other monsters. Some seek treasures. Others are vampires who hunt humans. There is one legend that nobody knows for sure if it's true or not. Does Aphrodite's daughter actually exist? Some believe she does, others believe this is one myth that actually is a myth. And there are those in the middle who don't know what to believe.

Of the people who do believe she exists, they spend most of their life pursuing her. Vampires want her because she is an endless supply of blood. If they can capture her, they'll never have to hunt again. Legend also claims that her blood is more potent, it tastes better, and any vampire who drinks it will no longer need to fear the sun. Humans want her because of her potential to grant them immortality.

So what I'm looking for is someone to play either a vampire or a human who finally manages to capture her. From there, we can take the story in a number of different directions. But let's leave that for private discussion so we can both get out ideas in there!

Here's what I require from my partner for this: First and foremost, be friendly and I'll return the favour!
Secondly, be happy playing a dominant female.
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Re: Submissive Peachy Seeks Dominant Females!
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Re: Peachy Wants to Play (FxF)
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Re: Peachy Wants to Play (FxF)
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Re: Peachy's Stories! (FxF - D/s - Some Noncon and incest - Lots of romance!)
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Added some character sheets for my existing stories. Planning to add one for all of them, but this is all I have for now. I won't bump the thread anymore when I add a new CS, so please stay tuned if you want to see what I come up with!

Also added the story Discretion Assured.

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Re: Peachy's Stories! (FxF)
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I Can Show You the World is available again!