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Author Topic: It's Only Forever (Labyrinth Search) F for Male Character  (Read 611 times)

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It's Only Forever (Labyrinth Search) F for Male Character
« on: December 17, 2014, 09:24:57 PM »
It's Only Forever
Not Long at All

Long ago, when she was young and the Castle Beyond the Goblin City was still a place of Light and Fae-ish Laughter, Kassiendra Du'Morrigu was a young starry eyed Maiden. She had been a member of the Courts, like any Maiden, she had traveled between them and she had been enamoured with the Newly made Goblin King. Theirs was a tempteous strange relationship, rife with Fae-ish Pride and even more powerful Fae emotions. But a challenge was placed, because Kassiendra was intended for another as was planned before her birth.

She was to face the Labyrinth, challenge it and win her prize. Her prize of remaining in the Goblin city. Clad in armor from her Mother, a true Maiden of the Crows, and cloaked by her Father - The Bringer of Frost, she faced the Labyrinth.

She failed

For in the critical moment, as she approached the end of the Labyrinth, she was assaulted and attacked. With what you may ask? With the one thing that could truly bring a powerful Fae to it's knees. Someone had managed to win away the Fire-Gang, from their new King, bribed them with some thing or another, and this person gave the Fire-Gang Cold Iron. Kassiendra was still learning the craft of War, under her mother's tutelage, so she was incapable of fighting off several enermies all bearing Cold Iron.

Just a Game, a simple Game... She can survive her head coming off! Of course she can, she is the daughter of Morrigan!

They had chittered this back and forth as they attacked her. But the deed was done, and The King of the Labryinth knew not why his Maiden never returned from the Labyrinth. She vanished that day, taken by her mother to a place of healing. For Iron rots the soul as much as the body, and Kassiendra had many many long years to heal.

When she had finished healing, she found out that her story had not ended how she had thought it had. Another, a shape-changer, had taken her Guise and completed the Labyrinth. She had told the Goblin King that she found his Kingdom Lacking - a twisted ugly place - that not even the Daughter of Death and Frost could care for. The shape-changer left, and the Goblin King was broken for the first time. With her leaving, he turned into a harder creature.

But Jareth still had a duty to complete, and he did it dutifully.

Anytime someone wished away a child, he would take said child. Those who proved contrite would face the Labyrinth, to prove their desire and sorrow for the return of the missing child. If they failed, they were sent back - with the belief that the child was added to his court. The child was indeed a Goblin babe, for it became a member of the Goblin court. But Jareth was a Fae, a member of a race that cherished children, due to their own lack of production of said creatures, so instead of changing the child into a Goblin - he would give these children to a Fae couple who wanted to raise a young one.

Many long, bitter lonely years came - for Jareth fell out of favor with the Kings and Queens of the other courts. Less and less arrived for his balls, and less remained in his realm. Soon enough only a handful of Fae remained in his Kingdom, some only visiting for functions that required a Noble attendance.

And Jareth languished in his loneliness, for Fae need Fae to really be alive.

This is set after the events of the Movie Labyrinth, Jareth has been twenty years in his realm - lamenting and bemoaning what had happened to him. The loss of his power, the disavowal of other Fae to come to his court. He was languishing, he was dying for the affection and the closeness of other Fae. Him! A once powerful and desired King, was nothing in the eyes of his fellow Royalty. His own brother, leading the Kingdom that Jareth could have lead much better, laughing and tormenting him with letters. How could a human sink him so low?

But darkness rises at the most unexpected of times. Kassiendra, long out of her healing - and many years wiser and unknowing as the why Jareth never contacted her, why no one will even speak of him, finally decides that it is time to take matters into her own hands. She, who once believed she would happily tie herself to his lands - be his Queen. She grows tired of his childish fit, and intends to set him - and his Kingdom to rights.

This is intended as a game of redemption and understanding, a hopeful romance will grow between the two Fae. Kassiendra, the Daughter of The Morrigan (One of the Tuatha'De'Dannan, the highest Powers in the Fae realm) and the Lord of Frost, intends to rebuild the power base of the Labyrinth, before some fool-hardy Fae decides they want a Kingdom and decides to take if from the powerless King of Goblins.

She plans her arrival for one of his Balls, for he holds one every year at the time he first established his rule. When he had his corronation by the Labryinth itself. But what will happen from the arrival of a woman he refuses to even acknowledge properly. He still hates her for the things she said, and she still has no idea what happened and why he never came to find her after she was struck down in his Labyrinth.

A scarred Maiden, for Maiden she has remained - for none other has taken her heart, and the previous suite dissolved when she faced her challenge of the Labyrinth. The Iron left her scarred, something she hides with glamour, but can the outwardly scarred Fae woman... heal the inwardly scarred Fae King?

Our Fae Maiden

Please PM me if you are interested. I will take on several of these plots, that can go in many directions.

1.) The two of them work out their differences, after years apart - and a love blossoms. Happy ending for all, an Heir for the Kingdom.
2.) Version One with a twist, they both discover the deceptions used against them and seek out to get vegeance together.
3.) A much darker version, and not intended for the long term. Jareth, in his half-mindless state realizes he can use Kassiendra to restore his power base. He uses her, and the love she holds for him, to rebuild his Kingdom. This can remain dark or overtime - he will come to see the error of his ways. I say this one is darker because there will be bouts of anger towards her, violence perpetrated.

I want to state now that Kassiendra is a Dominant Female, but she will NOT go meekly into any submissive position. All of my usual rules still apply. When I mean my usual rules, lease check my O/Os for a general break down of what I prefer in a game.
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Re: It's Only Forever (Labyrinth Search) F for Male Character
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2015, 03:02:19 PM »
I am still looking for a player for this plot, I have yet to find a partner!

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Re: It's Only Forever (Labyrinth Search) F for Male Character
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2015, 04:13:33 PM »
I think I might be interested in playing your Jareth..

Online SweetSerenadeTopic starter

Re: It's Only Forever (Labyrinth Search) F for Male Character
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2015, 04:19:19 PM »
I think I might be interested in playing your Jareth..

Please PM me if you are interested, include what you think about the plot and anything you might want to take to the table. As well as which of the plot styles you would be interested in.

Online SweetSerenadeTopic starter

Re: It's Only Forever (Labyrinth Search) F for Male Character
« Reply #4 on: September 07, 2017, 12:46:29 PM »
Once again I find myself craving this particular story/Pairing. Looking for a Jareth for this, who is willing to take up the challenge?