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Author Topic: Just another guy courting the women of E  (Read 553 times)

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Just another guy courting the women of E
« on: December 16, 2014, 11:37:05 PM »

What I'm Looking For:  As a male I'm mainly looking for female writing partners (shocking I know! Lieges may apply as well.) whom don't mind reading and writing at least a couple of paragraphs per post.  Nothing against the other men of E it's just my preference, but under the right circumstances I don't mind a male writing the part of a female.  While I typically role play male characters I have dabbled in playing the female role for the ladies out there whom enjoy playing the male role.  I'm not interested in homosexual pairings, including lesbian role plays, it's just not my thing.  Please note that I can't do one liners or short posts of any kin.  I need some juicy details to enjoy and soak my muse in.  Give me something to read and respond to and I will do my best to return the favor.  On average, I think, I typically write about three full paragraphs but I can easily do more when prompted.  As for content, well I'm not ashamed to say I love games that are full of smut but I also love a good mix of plot, story and character development.  Just sex for the sake of sex can get dry and boring.  There needs to be a story and context built around it.

Writing as a Hobby:  I'm not going to shame you if you make the occasional grammar or spelling mistake.  No one is perfect, especially me because I know that I have the occasional error while typing.  If I do need to change/fix something in my post then let me know - especially if it is bothering you.  Most of the time any overlooked mistakes are a result of fatigue and/or hastiness.  I won't be insulted if you point out a bit of spelling or grammar I messed up.  Typos happen!  The whole point is to enjoy writing with one another and often there needs to be a form of open communication between writers (such as through PM or IM).  I am the kind of person that needs to discuss the details, plans and ideas for a role play before starting it.  I have a hard time just jumping in with little direction or lack of an outline.  If at any time you don't have muse for the role play, you become too busy, or anything like that comes up then just let me know.  There were never be any hard feelings or grudges if you have to drop a game with me for any reason.

Ons/Offs: Feel free to take a gander at my Ons/Offs page and my preferences.  Just know that some of it may be slightly outdated.  Also just because I like something doesn't mean we have to include it. I don't like forcing a fetish in a story just for the sake of having it. I like things to flow and have a somewhat natural progression.  I will ALWAYS respect my writing partner's preferences when it comes to kinks and fetishes.  I will never do anything to make you uncomfortable and if I do so by mistake then please tell me.  If you are uncertain about some of my kinks/preferences then feel free to ask.  I will always ask for clarification when needed in order to avoid stepping on any toes or boundaries.

NOTE: If you are interested in any of my ideas below then please send me a PM with any questions, comments or ideas that you have.  Feel free to offer suggestions of your own.  All of my ideas can be tweaked to better fit preferences and cravings.  Also note that I always give my writing partners free reign to their characters.  While I might make suggestions as to what I am looking for with each idea don't be afraid to throw in some change ups and make your character your own.
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Re: Just another guy courting the women of E
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2014, 11:37:15 PM »
A "Fair" Arrangement - OPEN

Bonus Image 1 NSFW
Bonus Gif 1 NSFW
Bonus Gif 2 NSFW
Bonus Gif 3 NSFW

General Idea: A married woman finds herself deep in debt after taking money from a loan shark - why she needed the money can be discussed.  Perhaps she has a gambling problem or needed it to pay off bills that were piling up all while her husband works his ass off to try and keep them afloat.  No matter what the reason is she is now deep in debt to a shady individual and without the cash to pay it back.  The loan shark sends a hired thug to deal with her - a young and upcoming stud looking to prove himself.  He is put in charge of handling and collecting several loans and she is on his list. 

When she can't pay him right away he offers her the age old, cliche deal.  He will give her an extension on her payments but she must pay him in the meantime with her body.  Now this could be a one-shot but I see it more as a series of one-shots.  Since she doesn't want her husband to know or catch her then the two of them meet up in various places to "discuss" business.  They may meet in the park, on a form of public transportation, in the hotel he is staying at and so on and so forth.  Every week it's a different place.  Each time she shows up to the meeting without the necessary amount of cash to pay off her loan she must give herself to him sexually.  Even if they are in public and people might see and/or hear, he starts to grope and feel her up before roughly claiming her body.

Possibilities: I imagine her being rather reluctant at first but she gives in and allows him to do s he pleases in order to avoid causing more trouble for her and her husband.  She could secretly enjoy it and even start to crave the way he fucks her and brings her to sexual bliss in such risky and adventurous places.  The details can be discussed, tweaked and fleshed out of course before we start.  The story can continue as long as we both want as well.  If we want to take it beyond a series one-shots or even have it develop into something more then that is always possible.  Maybe their relationship starts to blossom an unlikely romance or perhaps she even gets knocked up?  She could end up leaving her husband for the hired thug whom helps her clear her debt to his employer the loan shark.

The Dark Knight she Deserves - TAKEN

Bonus Image 1 NSFW
Bonus Image 2 NSFW

General Idea:  Alright so this is a little bit of a middle-ages twist on a vigilante, inspired by the pic.  My character is known as the Dark Knight whom openly opposes the unfair laws and taxes put into place by the current King.  He steals from the rich and mighty of the kingdom and gives back to the poor and needy - similar to that of Robin Hood.  He also frees those wrongly imprisoned and crashes public executions to save innocent citizens all while making a statement.  Basically the King is a greedy tyrant with his hands outstretched over the land and no one has had the courage to stand up to him until the Dark Knight created a symbol of justice and started to lead a crusade against him.

Your character would be the  Princess, the daughter of the King.  She has grown infatuated with this Dark Knight whom opposes her father.  Their attraction and all of that can be discussed, you have freedom to create the Princess as you see fit since it's your character.  So the pairing behind this idea is of course the vigilante and the princess.  They start a secret relationship right under the King's nose.  She could sneak out sometimes to meet him and other times he could sneak into her room.

Possibilities:  There could be many various possibilities to be discussed - one would be how they meet and start their relationship.  I like the idea of the King hosting a tournament for knights and the Dark Knight shows up to participate in it.  The King could have set a trap for him and captures him but perhaps the princess frees him - or maybe things don't go as planned for the King and the Dark Knight wins the tournament and the princess sneaks off to meet him and/or warn him before her father can take action.  We can also discuss how their relationship progresses and any plot twists that might occur.  I like the idea of him still wearing a mask even as they get sexually involved and only later on he reveals who he really is for the ultimate form of trust and intimacy.  Who he is under the mask can be discussed too.  He could have been some royal guard that went missing or maybe even a prince (her brother) that renounced his title and went rogue.

Adopted Daughter of a Galactic Overlord - PENDING

Bonus Image 1 NSFW
Bonus Image 2 NSFW

General Idea:  Vrael is a supernatural being with phenomenal powers.  His immeasurable strength has allowed him to claim the galaxy for his own.  As a self-proclaimed god he does as he pleases.  He conquers entire planets, races and species just because he can.  He strikes fear into the hearts of many as a wrathful tyrant.  All that oppose him fall at his feet, his power overwhelming even the mightiest that face him.  Vrael will sometimes recruit those whom he believes will be useful in one way or another.  Some of the strongest heroes, warriors and soldiers of various planets have been forced to serve him and do his dirty work - to deal with the more trivial matters not worthy of his time.

Your character would be a female that he sees true potential in.  A feisty spirit that confronts him for all the the death and destruction he has caused to her people and planet - or something along those lines, we can always change it up.  Vrael has plans to adopt her as his daughter whether she likes it or not.  It's a great honor to be the daughter of a galactic overlord, according to him anyways.  He will manipulate and train his new "daughter" into the perfect weapon and sex toy, she will be his ideal servant and tool standing at his side.  Why does he call her a daughter rather than a wife or mate?  Because to him she is still beneath him as a young, naive and weak being. He is going to offer her guidance and raise her to be the ideal daughter in his eyes.

Possibilities:  What race your character is and all of those details can be discussed - I'm not really picky here at all.  She could be human/look human or be something completely different.  She could have some special ability/powers of her own or perhaps just be very skilled in combat.  We can also discuss how he manipulates her and turns her into a weapon - I like the idea of him modifying her body into that of a cyborg and making her nearly indestructible.  Then of course we can discuss all of the sexual details and kinks, what fetishes they explore and how he trains her to be a sex pet/toy/servant/etc.  How your character handles everything and develops is up for discussion as well.  I'm fine with it being forceful/non-con in the beginning as long as it evolves from there somehow.

Quirky, Casual and Kinky - TAKEN

Bonus Image 1 NSFW
Bonus Image 2 NSFW
Bonus Image 3 NSFW

General Idea:  The two of them were best friends growing up.  They played outside together when young, went swimming, jumped on the trampoline, cuddled up and watched movies and built bitching pillow forts while having a slumber party.  As they got older they continued to share interests.  They geeked out over anime, manga, comic books and movies.  The two of them would compete over the silliest of things, share thousands of inside jokes and intimate secrets, and kick ass together in video games.  When high school rolled around their closeness created some obvious sexual tension and awkward moments that neither of them acted upon.  How could you make a move on your best friend after all and ruin the good relationship that was already going?  The attraction and appeal was there, but dating complicated things and created drama.  Friendships were easy, romances and emotions caused pain and vulnerability.

So the two oblivious fools moved right on into college together and became roommates.  After years of cuddling and flirting a spark suddenly catches fire and they throw themselves at each other - all it took was the two of them living together for their sexual frustrations to finally turn into raw passion and lust.  Now the two of them have a whole new sensation to explore as they mix romance and sex into their already intimate lives.  They find out just how adventurous and kinky the other is.  They start taking showers together and sleeping in the same bed.  They make sexual bets when feeling competitive and casually perform sexual favors while watching movies/television or while playing video games.  The two of them find a thrill in having sex in public/outdoor places where they might be seen or heard...and so on and so forth.  I think I have made my point.

Possibilities:  So naturally we would need to discuss some details about the characters and their relationship.  We would also have to decide at which point we would want to start the role play - such as would it be their first sexual encounter or maybe a little bit after that with a different scene/scenario.  What type of fetishes and kinks they explore are also up for discussion.  The female writer can of course create her character as she pleases but I do like the idea of them being a bit more "average" in terms of body type, or maybe even a bit "chubby".  Gotta love a voluptuous girl with filled out curves!  What they geek out about and do together can be discussed as well...I will say that I do love the idea of cosplay making an appearance.  Really I'm just looking to have some fun with this one with a couple that are best friends and lovers.  They are comfortable and casual with each other all while having their own little quirks.  Some hijinks and moments of comedy are encouraged.

Corporal Punishment - OPEN

Bonus Image 1
Bonus Image 2 NSFW
Bonus Image 3 NSFW

General Idea:  This takes place in a world where there are people gifted with special powers (think X-Men, Sky High or even Scott Pilgrim).  Such powers have created great conflict around the world and within countries.  It has affected the government and every system under it's control including the education system.  Dropout and fail rates are at a all time high with these gifted individuals finding work using their abilities, some of it being unlawful or undignified.  Society at a whole is starting to unravel.  Student gang related activities are very common and a large amount of focus has been shifted from hitting the books to honing one's skills.  In order to try and counteract this the government has created a trial period for an academy to test new, experimental corporal punishment policies.

Students can no longer be expelled or removed from school (unless they commit very serious crimes) and it will be up to the faculty of the school to punish them directly.  This means labor or even physical beatings.  Because students can't get expelled it does however leave open an obvious loophole which some have decided to exploit - they can choose to fight back.  Now student related gangs are rising up to challenge the faculty.  There is also a system in place in which "honor" students or students of "merit" team up with the faculty to help keep other students in line.  So will the corporal punishment system work and beat the unruly students into their "rightful places" in society or will it only create more conflict and chaos through the power struggle?

Possibilities:  So we would of course have to decide where our characters stand in all of this but I see there being a lot of fun.  Our characters teaming up to fight off punks and gangs and to deal with faculty members that are taking advantage of the weaker students (so looking for a couple of bad asses here!).  Also I see such an academy having various fight clubs, tournaments and competitions.  Our characters could train and spar together, getting all sweaty and physical until it turns passionate - sexual tension/frustration and all of that good stuff.  I also like the idea of the students of such of an academy being rather adventurous and outgoing leading to rather wild parties...maybe even to the point where sex in public is somewhat normal.  Instead of in our world where you might commonly stumble upon two high school/college students kissing now you might walk around the corner to see a guy humping a girl up against a wall in the school courtyard.
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Re: Just another guy courting the women of E
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2014, 02:10:02 AM »
Updated a few things for clarification and added a couple new ideas.

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Re: Just another guy courting the women of E
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2014, 01:46:34 AM »
Updated with stories that are no longer available and added a new idea.