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June 22, 2018, 02:51:16 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking Dragon for Fantasy (Interspecies) RP Dark Taboo IM prefered not req.  (Read 321 times)

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Offline lordgriffinTopic starter

an example of one of my ideas it is an original Character setting.  Originally it was a DnD setting with the Dragon "God" Bahamut (or Paladine if you will) as the object of the plot.... but for our purposes, We can just call him / Her the Good Dragon King / Queen.

PLEASE understand, this is a course idea, and I have no problem changing aspects that do not suit you...for example some people dislike  the Vamperic ability I give to the dragons in my world...

Ok Using the Dragonlance setting FOR REFERENCE purposes ONLY, The setting would be similar to that of an ancient world setting, post draconic war where the "Good dragons" won, and currently rule most of Humanity Benevolently....

However some, oh let’s call it 50 years ago, after the "dark dragons" were defeated, the dark ones managed to cast a spell...or otherwise conceal strategic human towns, and from the humans of those towns point of view, the Good dragons lost and each town serves a different "Dragon God" or "Goddess" and the GOOD dragons are unaware of these towns even if they fly right over them.

Ok My Scene opens in one of the "Dark Towns" It is the evening of the "monthly Sacrifice" a different Virgin woman is choose by lottery, to be offered as Sacrifice to the Dragon God.  It is also the evening of this woman's Marriage (she is one of my character) to a man she married (also my character) to take her virginity so she could not be selected. Previously her Mother, and younger sister were taken by the dragon (Your character), and she Swore as the last of her family the beast woudl not HAVE her. (her family was likely chosen  by a corrupt mayor, who did not like mom, who was not a virgin but was the High priestess to the dragons of good and was taken at the demand of the Dragon God.

Unfortunately for the women, she was selected on her wedding day BEFORE her marriage was consummated....  As such, she had been led out to the sacrificial Stake, and chained for the Dragon while her Husband (me) tries desperately to get to her. 

AT the appointed time, you come out, very smug, likely pleased that you now have "the entire collection" the Villagers think you EAT the victim, and your content to let them thing so, and you grasp the naked maiden in your forepaw and take her into your lair.

My character, her husband...follows, though forbidden, though you are aware of it, your rather intrigued and impressed that a human has the spine to follow.

What my Character discovered is, the Dragon takes the woman to a large chamber, where all the previous females kneel naked with their wrists chained over their head... every one of them is pregnant..., and most have a dragonling hanging from each teat nursing (turns out the dragon's saliva acts as both a MILD aphrodisiac and as an anesthetic.  Slightly Older dragonettes, climb to the females face…and thrust into their provide them "Protein" and even older Dragonettes mount the females from behind to keep them pregnant.

This is how the Dark dragons are breeding a NEW army to this time defeat the Metallic dragons.

For the woman there is a space right between her mother and sister....both of whom look MUCH older than her.  As she struggles swearing it will NOT happen, the dragon secures her, and then mounts from behind, slipping his forked tongue into her mouth to relax and shut her he begins to mate…knowing the "Husband is watching" Explained that the cost of making a human female bear dragon EGGS, is their life force…her mother is nearly dead from old age and will not last much longer, and as my character watches...the Dragon culminates his act, and his wife goes to sleep…slightly aged…between her 2 family members.

It is then that the sated dragon Calls the Husband (me) "Discuss" things, offering my character a deal...  He can choose to go home, and be silent, to die for his "love" or...he can give UP his love.  And become the dragon's Rider…and be presented with other females…slaves...and maybe even a female dragon from time to time....or draconian...