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June 24, 2018, 01:40:40 PM

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Author Topic: The road trip - Multiple characters, F for M/F  (Read 379 times)

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The road trip - Multiple characters, F for M/F
« on: December 11, 2014, 07:09:31 PM »
This RP is TAKEN, for the moment. Sorry guys, I'll reopen it if I need someone else to play with! :-)

The road trip - Multiple characters, M/F

Five teens are going on a road trip after their graduation at the college, in order to celebrate, have some fun and visit a couple of places. This is the main idea, I've been inspired by Kerouac's books (just to give one example), but everything can be changed and discussed if you want. Just please, keep in mind that this is not a sex-only RP, what I want from it is a lot of romance, friendship, plot, sex of course, and everything else that teens do, like alcohol, drugs, discos, beach at night, etc. If this isn't the story you're looking for, I'm sorry.

Anyway, I was setting this up with another user who suddenly disappeared, so I can copy here a couple of characters that we were going to play (we can change them or use them, I don't mind).

Name: Alexis Connors
Age: 21
Bio: Alexis was raised in a middle class family in city of New York, aka Manhattan. She had been a fluent student throughout her career and she had a lot of achievements. When she was 15 she was spotted by an agent and offered a modeling contract and she signed it but her stay was not long live. Although she got positive response but she realised that she likes designing outfits more than wearing them for commercials. So as she graduated she got a scholarship and was an Ivy leaguer, getting her major in fashion designing.
Through out her life she had dated girls and boys both, sometimes one at a time, sometimes both at the same time. She met Chloe in her college and ever since they both are been bestfriends and part time lovers.

Name: Chloe Calvin
Age: 21
Bio: Born in a poor family living in Manhattan, Chloe has always been used to struggle to get anything she wanted. Being this way, she graduated from school with great marks, and then started to go to the college. Preparing to face the life of a working student, the girl was ready to drop her studies and help her family when her parents said that somehow they won the lottery and there were no need for her to work. With these words in her mind and the money in her pocket, Chloe finally started to enjoy her life, getting the very first experiences (sexual ones too) in the college, without any taboo and getting in the bed with both boys and girls, even more than one at a time. After this brief moment of crazy life, she met Alexis: they soon became best friends, and from time to time they could be considered lovers.

Name: Marcelyne Pond
Age: 20
Bio: Marcelyne, or Marcy as everyone calls her, had a quite normal life: raised in a well-to-do family, she was the last of the three child her parents gave birth. Often eclipsed by her older brothers, she grew up as a shy girl but always managed to get her close circle of friends at school, making sure her grades kept at least average and graduated in time with pretty nice marks actually. Regarding her sex life, she had been engaged to another boy, Steven, since she turned 16: they obviously had sex and enjoyed to play together, but she never really had the chance to try out the things that sometimes flashed across her mind, considering that Steven was the first and only boyfriend she had in her entire life. Will the trip change something inside her mind?

The sheets of the other two characters are not written yet, however they should be two guys, and one of them should be quite rich in order to pay and offer for the whole trip. Regarding the RP, I would play three characters (if we're using these ones, Chloe, Marcelyne and the rich guy), while you would play the other two; I expect both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, maybe even mixed togheter - however, please remember this is not a sex-only RP. Thanks!
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