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Author Topic: I need some dang fluff in my life  (Read 644 times)

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I need some dang fluff in my life
« on: December 06, 2014, 03:32:43 AM »
Heeeeyyyyy!!! I'm back. Some really, REALLY shitty things happened in my life (you can learn more in my Aways and Absences, if you so desire) and I was in psychological traction for a while, but it's all good now. Well, not really. But it's a lot better.

NOTE: If we were discussing a roleplay before and/or during all of the terrible things in my life happened, I'M SORRY!!! I was talking to lots of people and still have a couple of RPs going. But my inbox was filled with so many different people that the idea of going through it and picking up conversations from months ago is causing me lots of anxiety, for reals. I hope you understand. You can absolutely PM me again to pick things up, but right now my brain is in a Not Good place for initiating things on my own. :( :( :( Sorry!!!!!!

Things are pretty stressful right now, so I'd like a RP or two that's light. I don't mean that in a derogatory way, just like... something very fluffy and cute. Maybe a romance? Cute smut? (Is there a word for cute smut? Fluffy smut? Smuff?)

I kind of like the idea of childhood friends, one of which has always had a crush on the other, and then the other one is like "omg me too." God I'm a sappy fuck.

Also into a plot where both characters don't speak the same language, so there's a communication barrier. So, like, something with a sailor/mermaid, or any type of monster-person (fauns? aliens? kinda creepier monsters?) Preferably in a situation where they are in some kind of trouble and depend on each other to escape. AHA!!!

Something really stupid where I play a princess (or a prince! haha) and she's kidnapped but is really whiny and annoying as hell the entire way. Your character is like "omg can u not" and they bang fall in love.

I am drawn to the idea of a completely free-form RP. Like the kind that used to happen in AOL chatrooms in 2001 (or at least they did for me). We each have our characters, and only a basic few keywords for what the characters are like. And same goes for the setting. We basically make shit up as we go along and see what kind of surreal shenanigans we get into.

I'll keep the rest of the plots I had below. Feel free to approach me about any of those, although keep in mind they may need to be tweaked to keep it "light/fluffy."

As always, I'm big on inverse stereotypes and switching things up. Like, why does no one ever wanna RP a vampire and werewolf who are totally best buds? Or like, no one wants to play a Hades/Persephone story where Persephone actually was behind Hades "kidnapping" her and bosses him around all the time while he's just like "yes dear."

Now onto the stuff you need to know!!!


You should read my O/Os. You can read them here. That will give you everything you need to know about me. Please, read that first. Are you done? Good! OKAY!!! Let's move on.

I play m/m, m/f, f/f, and others. This is also listed in my O/O page but I thought I'd put it here too. Please don't use words like futa, hermaphrodite, shemale etc. when messaging me. These are considered very insensitive by the transgender community and while I am not trans, I have trans people I care about deeply in my life, and seeing those words makes me flinch. I don't think I am comfortable playing any story line that involves fetishization of trans people like that. However, I am very much interested in playing against trans characters actually written by trans people.

Android Personality Syndrome

Ok…. confession time… I got this idea from pretty much a porn comic. You can read it here (NSFW!!!!!!!!!!!), it’s called A to Z by Doxy. It definitely doesn’t have to be 100% similar to that story EXCEPT:

1) has to be in a scifi/futuristic setting

2) has to have a sex bot. I’m pretty sure the sex bot has to be male because insta-boners when turning it on is just way too cute. (or at least it can switch its genitals or something??? JUST GIVE ME INSTA-BONERS SOME OF THE TIME)

So basically the idea is that SOMEONE finds the bot thrown away because it has developed Android Personality Syndrome (it starts to override its settings and has its own personality, basically). So they take it home because it’s just so gosh darn cute and who would want to abandon such a sweetheart android? NOT ME!

I think I would rather play the person who finds the ‘bot but I can also play the ‘bot if that’s necessary. Actually now that i think about it, I am totally up for playing either. I tried playing the bot and it turns out I am not good at playing a bot. I am way too emotional and excited all of the time to channel my inner android. We don’t need to have any buxom blue goo alien ladies in there but??? If that’s what you’re into?? OKAY!!!

If you read that comic, you can see the bot has a lot of personality settings you can switch to— like, “power bottom,” “broken spirit,” “bedroom seduction,” etc. So hopefully there can be lots of switching and exploring the changing dynamics between the characters. But as you can see, the bot does have a personality of its own somewhere deep inside of it. How will it manifest? WE SHALL SEE!

I would really like it if the bot’s owner began to develop genuine affection for it and stopped seeing him as a sex toy and more of a… lover. BUT CAN ROBOTS LOVE BACK? WE SHALL SEE!

This would be a really smut-centric, goofy, fun RP with maybe lots of fluff and a lil angst. If you’re not into lots of sex and a generally pervasive sexual atmosphere, this is probably not for you. Yes I’m pretty sure this is Chobits. I have never watched or read Chobits. But I want to. WE SHALL SEE!

GHOST BLOWJOB (note: I'm not super interested in this one at this time, but I'm putting it here for future ref.)

This has been a plot I have had for a LONG time. I had one going on a while back, but I was dropped *CRIES*

Basically this goes like: Person moves into apartment. (In most situations I imagine, this is like, a dirt cheap college town apartment. They probably got a deal on it w/out knowing it’s haunted. Etc.) SURPRISE THERE’S A GHOST. WHAT DO.

The person starts noticing spoOoOoOky things happening. Unbeknownst to them, the more they interact with and give attention to the ghost, the more…. corporeal… it becomes? You slowly begin to hear their voice. See their outline. Begin to make out features. They can move objects better. They can touch you.

The last time I did this, it was more of a funny/campy sort of ghost story. That’s totally cool, but I am also open to a darker, scarier, and psychological version of this. It’s up to you.

WEREPUPPY (again, not super interested in this one right now, but still!)

This was based on a short story I wrote several years ago, about a werewolf. He had a crush on his next door neighbor. She really likes dogs but cannot keep any because the apartment is a no-pets one (SAD). So she is a dog walker for extra money.

A romance blossomed between them and one night he was so ENRAPTURED by her, he forgot that he was going to turn. And he did. But she took it really well.

I’m talking about the kind of werewolf that transforms into an actual wolf (although maybe bigger/scarier?) not a creepy wolf/man hybrid. Any gender pairing could would work this, it doesn’t have to be a man and a woman, it could be any type of pairing as long as one is a werewolf and one is a dog-lover.

We’d have to come up with a set werewolf lore for this, along with a reason why the werewolf is “tame” enough not to rip the other person to shreds when they transform.

Was thinking puppy play might tie into this… hhueheuheuheuheuehueeeee

Welcome to Tentacles (<-- PLEASE OH PLEASE. GIVE ME THIS.)


So. If you are familiar with Welcome To Night Vale, and especially the “fanon” for it, you probably know where I’m going. This doesn’t necessarily have to be set in Night Vale, just a similarly creepy town. As always, I can’t play canon characters but if you want to… go ahead.

A lot of porn art for WTNV involves tentacles, whether coming from spooky artifacts or actually in place of genitalia. Which is awesome. I was thinking along with tentacles there could be room for other horrifying encounters (if you listen to WTNV, you know what I’m talking about). And maybe angels. This is really vague I know. Sorry.

OH. Maybe this could be like, a Gravity Falls type thing. Only with much older characters obviously. And Gravity Falls reminds me of Twin Peaks a lot so….. Night Vale/Gravity Falls/Twin Peaks inspired RP basically. MAYBE MYSTERY SOLVING AND GENERAL CREEPY CREATURES?? I just really want tentacles, please give me tentacles. But I'm not talkin bout no tentacle rape, I'm talking about, consentacles, consensual tentacles. Like this (NSFW). Ya dig?


THESE ARE NEW PLOTS. PLOTS THAT I CAME UP WITH RIGHT NOW. (Not right now. Over the last few weeks, more like.)

I met you on Fetlife and you weren't actually a serial killer so that's cool (I want this to be M/M or F/M because I like seeing men in pain) TAKEN

I've been playing solely dominant characters for at least a year now and I really want to write a submissive character. This plot is stupid as hell. I want to play a guy who wants to explore his submissive side and goes on an online dating service. Or Fetlife. Or Grindr. Whatever. He finds another guy (or a LADY) and they chat it up and talk about kinks and stuff and meet in real life and things are kind of okay, I mean he didn't actually walk into a Catfish episode, so that's nice. He goes to this person's place and I dunno they probably. Kiss. Watch cartoons. One of them ties the other one up and fists him. I don't know. I like the idea of playing someone who's kind of freaked out about meeting someone up IRL after only having spoken to them online, and he just gets really excited and subspace-y and the next thing he knows he's in bondage gear with a giant butt plug in his ass but he's cool with it. Ya dig?


I want to write about... get this... lesbian mermaids. Or more like, a human maid and a mermaid. They meet. They fall in love. They cannot be together because one is a mermaid and the other one is a land lady. Sadness. Beautiful lady sadness. Tears falling onto heaving bosoms. Seaweed in awkward places. How do mermaids have sex? WE SHALL SEE!

If you played Corruption of Champions, you'd know what this means.

Persephone and Hades but Persephone is actually a sex-crazed mischievous bitch and she bosses Hades around a lot but she's like really pretty so Hades is okay with it but seriously he sometimes regrets kidnapping her and making her the queen of his realm before knowing her true self like come on dude that was pretty short sighted of you
This one is pretty self-explanatory. (I'm Persephone.)


I want to play a demon (gender negotiable) who's really bad at being a demon. She really likes flowers, and woodland creatures, and singing and all kinds of cute stuff. Is she also is a succubus? I don't know? (or maybe all demons have insatiable sex drives? who knows). And all the other demons make fun of her cause she's lame as hell and they don't let her join in their reindeer demon games. She cries a lot. Give me a character (angel? demon? hooman?) to interact with her. Or him.

That really stupid plot about the sexy wizard and the girl who's cursed to be horny all the time
Jesus christ I forgot about this one. This plot was the lovechild of last September when I read Howl's Moving Castle and was obsessed with it, and I was extremely sexually frustrated. So if you know the plot of HMC, Sophie is cursed to be an old woman, and she's can't tell anyone about her curse. Well in this fuckin story there's a young woman who's been cursed (by whom??!! a spurned lover?? a random perverted wizard strolling thru the area??!) to maintain a frustratingly high sexual arousal almost all of the time. Only she can't tell anyone!!! She seeks out the help of a wizard in the local area, but since she can't explicitly tell him what's wrong, she just kind of hangs out at his place all the time and makes up excuses to stay there. She does this in order to look through his books of magic and spells to try and figure out a way to undo the curse or at least give him a clue as to what's going on. Meanwhile, the wizard is pretty nonchalant about all of this, although a little curious about some of this woman's odd behaviors. Looking to play opposite the wizard here, and hopefully you can play the wizard similar (but not identical) to Howl as he is in the book-- a sarcastic drama queen with a touch of narcissism.

Oh and PLEASE DON'T REPLY TO THIS THREAD!!! I'm kind of OCD about this stuff. PM me instead. PM me all of your weird wonderful magical sexual ideas. Thank you. Goodnight.

Ya dig?
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Re: I need some dang fluff in my life
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2015, 01:11:01 AM »
Bump for fluff.  :'(