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November 18, 2017, 03:24:19 PM

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Author Topic: Terra's Rebirth. Now hiring aboard the Dirty Ivan. Apply within  (Read 2487 times)

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Terra's Rebirth. Now hiring aboard the Dirty Ivan. Apply within
« on: November 30, 2014, 07:07:10 PM »
A Troubled Past

The stars. They have dotted the night sky for as long as man has recorded history. It was also one of the places man desired to be. After all who wouldn't want to fly among burning balls of gas? Yet in the year of 2013 flying among the stars was nothing more than a dream without wings. That was until the first of the artifacts were discovered.

The first artifact was found in the Colombian Glacier in Alaska. More specifically, in a crevice of the last remaining glacier. The glacier had been melting over the past several decades, thanks to global warming, and once the artifact was retrieved, it was placed into the hands of American scientists who studied the artifact for nigh on eighteen years. During that time America was able to make leaps in technology that amazed the rest of the world. Because of that discovery, many medical advances were made as well, giving way to treatments for diseases and missing limbs. America was once more at the top of the global powers, offering bits and pieces out to the other countries, but keeping the Artifact a closely guarded secret.

After a compromised intelligence mission back to the glacier, America was forced to make a press release about the artifact and other countries began to wonder if that was the only one. America stated that it had been the only one they had found, although, through research unearthed during a cleaning operation, it was revealed that the Colombian Glacier had migrated to Alaska from Antarctica and these artifacts seemed to be from a more advanced civilization prior to our own. This news set off a new-age gold rush to see if there were other artifacts buried within the frozen land of Antarctica.

Russia, China, Britain, Spain, and Japan were able to fund expeditions to search for the artifacts, but after a year of fruitless searching everyone these countries were about to pull the plug on their searches. That was until Russia hit pay dirt. Within a single year the major superpowers laid claim to artifacts buried in their own corners of the globe. Exponential advances in technology, space exploration, and even in human evolution took place due to the knowledge gained by these artifacts, although what these artifacts looked like and what they could do were kept under lock and key. This advancement lead to the longest world-wide peace that Earth had seen in its history; lasting almost four decades. This was held in place all due to a project named Terra.

Terra was to act as a shield to protect the so called peaceful society that Earth had become. The Nations of the world united in order to terraform a newly discovered, and highly resourceful, planet to be used as a prison for those society deemed dangerous or repulsive. The project was to be overseen by a system of AI's, but human guards were also put in place to ensure the prison's sense of humanity wasn't lost, as well as to make sure that the entertainment was always on time. Yes, far from being a jail where prisoners could be fed and relax for the rest of their days, the planet had been outfitted with several arenas where those sent from earth would have to fight for their survival, all for the entertainment of those who lived on Earth. Thus began the new gladiator movement, and with it, the Nations ruling as “Caesar” over the entertainment.

Meanwhile Earth's peace grew fractured as jealousy and distrust swept over the world. A new race of humans were evolving due to the new medical advances, leading to a rise in gifted or mutated humans.. Those who were classified as "Evolved" were to be immediately captured upon discovery and studied by their respective governments. Those deemed fit were militarized and used as soldiers in a shadow war between countries to gain information on one another’s technologies. However, the evolution of humanity had grown to levels beyond containment as nearly all of the newest generation found themselves born different from those before them. Humanity fell into its most primal of reactions, of fear and distrust, which eventually lead to an all out war over Meta-Human rights. This war would shatter the peace that lasted nearly half a century and would leave the Earth lifeless and barren.

Any hope to revive the once fruitful planet was crushed by nuclear war, and the survival of humanity now rested on the shoulders of Terra.

The Present Situation 2075ad (12 years After Earth)

On the prison planet only convicts, guards, and a small amount of survivors who fled Earth remain of what was a great race of people. The guards, after receiving no communication from Earth for several days, soon panicked at the knowledge that their home was gone forever. This information spread throughout the planet's prisons causing those captive to riot and even the guards joined in the mutiny. Law and authority no longer mattered, for what was the point of holding those separate from a society that no longer existed. Those lucky enough to escape from Earth were the ones that made it away before the "event" that brought complete devastation to the planet. Those that survived range from civilians to military and medical personnel. Their pasts are unknown but one fact remains, those on Terra are now all that is left of humanity.

After arriving on the Terra the survivors found themselves on a planet with abundant resources and self-sustainable power. The survivors also found themselves in the midst of absolute anarchy. What remains of the Earth military is in a constant struggle with factions of former prisoners and surviving Meta-Human Revolutionists. The tempers from the war that consumed Earth still flare high and, left unchecked, threaten to consume Terra as well.


Terra is mostly water, high in salt and other non-consumable elements, though areas such as savannas, deserts, and volcanic mountains do exist, and the poles are capped with frozen water, each containing a prison for the worst of the prisoners. Forests and other dense vegetation cover the areas of land outside of civilization, though monsters and creatures have made the planet’s rapidly growing population difficult to tame these areas. The only safe water supply is mostly found underground, leaving all surface water as tainted as the oceans that make up the planet. Technology is limited on Terra, so the resources to purify the slum waters of the planet haven’t been perfected yet, but the main city, Coraeth, has a working prototype that has great promise in water purification. Weather is almost always a problem; if it’s not a thunderstorm to pound and soak you, then the high levels of humidity and fog will leave you anything but dry. Precipitation is heavy yearly and it is a large factor in the colonies' water reservoirs. At least through heating and condensing, the water can be purified to a drinkable level, though the humans are still trying to adapt to the new chemical compounds in the water. Although the days last longer than nights on Terra, the nights can be considered the most alien portion of this world because if you can glimpse through the clouds, you'll find the sky illuminated by not one but three moons.

Being first and foremost a prison planet, the only urban areas are those surrounding the arenas with only a scant few mining settlements to offer hope of life. Most civilians stick to these urban areas since most of the planet sits untouched. Large scale battleships and transportation frigates, the last remaining from Earth, can often be found at the center of some settlements.

With the quick revival of post-Earth technology, factories and other necessary places also started popping up, giving people new places to work and gain income, though the monetary system on Terra is still under works, though it’s been over-all decided that credits were the best way to handle business, instead of actual paper and coin. Those items no longer have a backing system or value on Terra, other than a collectors piece, and the digital credit system is a lot easier to track, and very hard to forge or fake.

How Far We've Come

Technological Advancements have lead to progress in the fields of Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
--Cybernetics are common place and applied in many ways, whether it be implants for amputees or upgrades to improve the senses or other factors of human body.
--Mechs. Machines of war piloted by an individual are commonly deployed in military sorties. These machines are either heavily armed and armored, or geared with minimal armor and environmental controls. These systems allow the mechs to be used in space or other hostile conditions, and can be piloted indefinitely as long as the pilot is alive, and the cockpit is not severely damaged. Each mech is usually assigned a unique A.I., made to fit the pilot’s personality for easier controlling of the machine.
--Artificial Intelligence systems are used in vehicles, handheld devices, and even housing centers making for a very easy experience with most daily activities.
--The Internet of this age has advanced into large virtual world that anyone may lay claim to with the proper equipment or implant.
--Energy sources are mostly solar, plasma, and electricity. Ways to convert these energy forms are commonly practiced.
All and all this world is in a golden age of technology, yet the poverty line is much higher than Pre-Terra life. Life is beginning anew, and the planet will be "Civilized" within the next two or three decades.

Human Evolution has also advanced rapidly since the early cases. Reported abilities range from psychic manifestations to physical manifestations all the way to elemental manipulation. Mutations do occur, though are extremely rare and do not live through infancy. Meta-Human politics are still very new and most Meta-Humans are still viewed as freaks. The known Meta-human types are as follows:
--Elemental control (strictly limited)
--Mutations-- The mutation gene is extremely rare, as humans are not yet genetically ready to make that final evolutionary leap, so anything beyond just a Meta-human is rarely found, since they die in child birth. Those that survive are usually handicapped physical or mentally (or sometimes both), and those that don’t escape detection are usually gathered and experimented on, then euthanized once their usefulness is outlived. It is this practice that has a lot of tensions between the Humans and Meta-Humans, though some Meta-Humans are leery of Mutants. As such, the Mutants are very limited.

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The Captain and Her Crew

Welcome aboard the Dirty Ivan, one of the fastest, and most outdated cargo ship roaming the stars. He is crewed and piloted by only two natural life forms, Liliya Tatyana, and her furry companion Micah Levay, an alien life-form of unknown origins. The ship's A.I., conveniently named Ivan for Liliya's sanity, was an artificial bio-android built by the diminutive Russian to help pilot the ship, and run its weapons when she was the one piloting it. Everything on board the cargo ship was either scrapped from past battles, or stolen from earth before its fall. Micah was picked up at a tavern while trying to hide from bounty hunters, having just escaped captivity and trying to avoid going back. The two have become quite fond of each others company, and work very well together, after training him up to speed on how the cargo ship runs. He's not quite yet advanced enough for piloting a Mech of his own, but he is quickly learning.

The Dirty Ivan is an old cargo ship, meant to carry anything from simple foodstuffs and the like, to heavy assault mechas into combat. the storage bay has a retracting ramp with several attach-points for mechs to tether to while out in space. The ship can generate artificial gravity, though Lily rarely does so unless the mood strikes her. The ship has quarters for seventy additional crew members, but some of the spaces need major work. With the constant running, Lily only has time enough to make sure the basics of the ship are covered, and doesn't care much about the unused places. It's only been recently that Micah has stressed the important of strength in numbers. The Ivan can also hold twenty  mechas, with storage for each one to have ammo and spare parts. Currently, One slot is reserved for Lily's mecha, Gustov, and another mech that is always under covers, a project Lily works on whenever she has the time, and advanced parts. Micah is currently using a space for himself to learn and practice the finer mechanics of mech building and design.

The Ivan's current situation

The Dirty Ivan is back in port after a major skirmish with pirates trying to overtake the Ivan. Micah and Lily were unharmed, but the ship's armor needed some repair, as well as their warp reactor. Unfortunately for Lily, she is completely clueless on how to repair the warp drive, and Micah, while handy with tools, was not willing to chance getting caught by stepping off the ship, so that left the Captain to find crew to help repair and defend the Ivan. So, with her ship's bio-android A.I. Ivan in tow, the pair headed to the local tavern, to try and see what crew might be found.

Interested? Please comment away! we will be checking in daily, so feel free to ask questions! We are checking interest on a space-bound RP, so this will be slow to start until we get solid interest. Please pm all character profiles to myself and RhinSama for approval.


Because there is so much potential for all manner of weird things in the universe surrounding Terra, Rhin and I feel it best to put Terra's Rebirth in the Non-Con Exotic thread. Here is all the starting threads one will need to bookmark.

OOC Chatter Only
Plot Discussion Only
Inside the Dirty Ivan
Character Submission Thread
Ships And Mecha
Major NPC's
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Re: Terra's Rebirth. Now hiring aboard the Dirty Ivan. Apply within
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2014, 10:34:38 PM »
Looking for any and all interested players, The game is still a work in progress, and a total revamp from the first go-around. I will always welcome returning players as well, this story is closed to no one, so please, feel free to ask any questions you may have, or even suggest input.

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Re: Terra's Rebirth. Now hiring aboard the Dirty Ivan. Apply within
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2015, 02:12:41 PM »
It's been a month, so I'm bumping the thread to see what interest I can gather. Myself and Rhinsama are still very much interested in running this game, we just need you to make this happen.

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Re: Terra's Rebirth. Now hiring aboard the Dirty Ivan. Apply within
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2015, 05:41:42 PM »
The Dirty Ivan is still searching for crew. Looking for all positions and character types. Please contact Rhinsama or myself for any questions or suggestions.

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Re: Terra's Rebirth. Now hiring aboard the Dirty Ivan. Apply within
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2015, 08:33:51 PM »
Welcome Interdiction of words. Thank you for your interest. Looking forward to writing with you, and hope this will be a fun game for you.

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Re: Terra's Rebirth. Now hiring aboard the Dirty Ivan. Apply within
« Reply #5 on: June 09, 2015, 04:54:17 PM »
The Dirty Ivan is still looking for two or three active crew members. feel free to PM myself or RhinSama for questions or details.

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Re: Terra's Rebirth. Now hiring aboard the Dirty Ivan. Apply within
« Reply #6 on: May 04, 2016, 04:56:56 AM »
Looking to restart the game. Looking for returning players, and new ones to get this ship back into space.