Sylar or Skylar.Does your character know what she's gotten herself into? MF/FF

Started by Kristen, November 29, 2014, 09:59:32 PM

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Hello everyone. I haven't seen every episode of every season but from what I've seen so far, I've really enjoyed the dynamic of Claire and Sylar from the show Heroes. This being said... I'm looking to play a Sylar type character (perhaps Sylar himself if nothing changes) but it doesn't necessarily need to be opposite a 'Claire'. It can be opposite any range of female characters.

The idea for this pitch is that Sylar, as in the show... adopts multiple paranormal abilities by killing his targets. However... Sylar isn't just interested in killing everyone. This isn't going to be a snuff RP and this isn't going to be an RP where Sylar kills your characters. Sylar is also a playful sort... he enjoys toying with his prey, and something about your character is bound to attract the interest of the man who given enough time, would be God. At least... if you were to ask him.

Sylar has a list of abilities and though these powers are phenomenal and impressive, I don't see this RP being so much about the razzle-dazzle of powers and paranormal largess. Sylar will primarily be using his puppetry technique (which I will explain below with a few inspiring examples). The idea is that Sylar's power of puppetry allows him to manipulate and control the body of his prey with little more than his imagination and fingers, this is not to render them mindless slaves, this is not to take away their fiery passion or heated will power, this is simply a way Sylar has of enjoying and tormenting his prey.

So I wanted to make that clear in this request... if you're looking to play a character who you want to be brainwashed, it can certainly be discussed, but this power is not designed to take away willpower and fiery passion. This power is designed to be an extension of bondage, a puppet without strings so to speak... or invisible strings. The idea is that Sylar is keen on enjoying his prize and will likely enjoy how helpless her defiance is within its very context.

Okay so these aren't exactly pictures but I have always thought this scene between Sylar and Claire in Heroes could have been something incredibly beautiful. For those unfamiliar with the show... It's setting is established in a modern day setting (and slightly futuristic depending on the season :P) where certain humans have special gifts. Sylar is a bit of a 'villain' who kills and learns to acquire their abilities. The cheerleader, Claire, has the ability of regeneration and rapid healing. This gift made her a very interesting target for Sylar.

In this particular scene, Sylar has absorbed the ability of puppetry control... this allows him to use his imagination and fingertips to cause Claire's body to move according to his desire. The great thing about this scene is that he doesn't overtake her mind or her will. So often, a hypnosis in a story is really strained because the dominant writers insist on having hypnosis force the sub character to either fall in love with them or give up their free and fiery will. This type of scene does not use hypnosis that stifling extent. It's one thing to exert control over your prey's body, it's another thing to completely take over their mind and use the hypnosis to claim they must feel exactly what your dom character wants them to feel or think what your dom character wants them to think.

Related... though not as scene-specific as the above scenario... here we can get a small look at the original puppeteer Eric Doyle hehe. Upon an escape of multiple villains... Eric was one such danger. His  new freedom, he used to kidnap Claire's biological mother, Meredith Gordon... a woman he's been obsessed with.

(Meeting Eric)

But yes... there's something that could just be delicious about Sylar having a little fun with his kidnapped victims.

Imagine your character coming home from work or school one day... to find him sat in her kitchen, helping himself to a mug of coffee, the faint aroma of the drink was smelled upon her entering the house but by the time she could really tell what it was... it's a little too late to turn and run. He's already asking her to have a seat...

Maybe your character is involved in a little criminal activity themselves? Nothing extreme... a little theft... a little blackmail. They think it's a great idea until one thing leads to another. They find themselves on a road that is extremely hard to turn back from. One by one, the people your character worked with start vanishing. No one hears from them, and no one knows what happens until they begin turning up ... as corpses.

It turns out one of your crew isn't who you thought it was. He was the technical expert, the computer specialist. He was the wiz kid of the group, but not the most outspoken, not the most verbal, not the most visually impressive. Suddenly... it's this one man who is now taking out all of his (and your character's...) partners. Your character is the last person in the group who knows about the few things the group has done... and he's now paying her a visit.

Perhaps your character's just being haunted? Ever get that feeling? Your character is involved in putting Sylar away for a long time. A prison that is well suited to keep the most dangerous criminals in check. Of course... greed is always a human vice. Greed for knowledge, wealth, and curiosity truly does kill the cat. These great villains are not killed, but studied, they're tested on, their powers looking to be manipulated. Of course... it so happens that during your character's visit to the facility, there's a breakout attempt.

The prisoners riot... the guards are overthrown... and while some prisoners take the chance to flee immediately, others take the opportunity to fight each other. For a man like Sylar... it's an all you can eat buffet. The facility enters a lockdown mode... but it's hardly comforting to your character who finds herself locked in with these monsters of men.

Sure they're also killing each other, but with Sylar on the loose, every kill he makes just makes him stronger. No doubt he's not interested in killing your character when he finds her. He knows she's there... and she knows he knows.

Alright ladies... there we have it. For the M/F version of a story... I would be looking to play a Sylar character.

Now... for an F/F story type. The characters don't require much change in characteristics or motivation. This is a simple shift with a very similar vision for the story. Instead of playing Sylar... I would play a female predatory character who has all of Sylar's characteristics. The uh... 'Skylar' version of a Sylar hehe. To that effect... I would use the character of Katherine Pierce. Taking away the elements of vampirism and replacing them with Sylar's characteristics, you get a primal and playful huntress who would take much of the same enjoyment in her prey that the above Sylar would...

Name: Morgan Stone.

Alright... so there we have it. Please send me a PM if the ideas intrigue you, rather than responding here. Again, I cannot stress enough that while I would be playing the dominant predator character, the emphasis would be on an appreciation of his (or her) prize. That means that it won't be about a violent kill, it won't be all about horrendous trash talking or tacky use of a hypnosis power to completely take away your character's personality. I can certainly delve into this further on a PM but basically what I am looking for is a character who... for whatever reason... finds themselves prey to a predator.

A beautiful prize, pursued... inevitably captured, and tormented in a most glorious fashion heh.

Thank you.

- Kristen -
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