Female Volleyball Plot (M for any)

Started by CriminalMindsFan, November 25, 2014, 02:39:57 PM

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I'm looking for a player to assume role of female student and volleyball player between ages of 17 and 18. She would attend a public American high school.

I'd play a male character who will coerce or manipulate her into doing sexual and non-sexual acts for his own benefit.

Perhaps she has dreams of going to a University, but her grades and financial situation make scholarship and paying for her education impossible. My character offers her a deal that involves using her body to get his assistance in getting into the University.

Or she has cheated in some fashion to graduate. He has caught her and she will have to use her body to keep the lie a secret.

Things like asking her to have a uniform malfunction during a volleyball match or to dress more sexy will be on his list demands for her.

The way she looks while playing volleyball should be like the two photos when it comes to sexual attractiveness while in her unform:


Ready to try this idea one more time.

After receiving some interest, this is now closed for now.