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Author Topic: Beachlover's carefree Roleplays [M for F]  (Read 557 times)

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Beachlover's carefree Roleplays [M for F]
« on: November 24, 2014, 03:07:04 PM »
Hello! I'm Beachlover, a fun loving a laid back guy from a sunny state of mind. Writing gives me a way to act without consequence and take myself as least seriously as possible. In that regard, I enjoy roles about people who are forbidden to be together, are thrown into a inappropriate situation/relationship, or just an absurdly funny and/or hot situation!

That being said, I'll list a few roles below that I think would be fun to act out. If you think so too, send me a personal message and we'll work out the details. Please only send Messages and not reply to this post. If you reply, then I know you didn't read all this. Also, if you have a role in mind that you think I would enjoy, shoot me a message as well! I'm pretty flexible and honestly just like to have a good time ;^)

Role Ideas:

1. Streaker Surprise
"Shiiiiiiiiiiit." he growled under his breath, legs pumping as he took the stairs two at a time to the second floor of the Girls Dorm. "Why did I ever let Rick con me into pledging his stupid fraternity?" he growled as he blew through the double doors and into the main hall. Stealth is out of the question at this point he figured. His latest pledge task of streaking from the frat house, around the stadium, through one of the girls dorms and back typically is a simple matter of speed and a bit of luck. Speed was not an issue as his toned, muscular form betrayed the training he undertook as a wide receiver in High School. Luck though...

Hearing the yelling of the female Resident Assistants he literally ran into in the lobby were coming from down the stairs well as he looked left and right down identical hallways. "Shit and ashes." he panted. "Which way?" Taking off down the hall to the left and away from the thundering footsteps he wouldn't make it. A random door was slightly ajar so he darted through it, closing it quickly and quietly behind him before leaning back against it. A rather attractive girl looks up from her studies as he put on his most winning smile, catching his breath. "Hi! Don't scream?" he pleaded as the noise from the hall increased.

2. Making the best of Spring Break
I'm Babysitting during Spring Break. I'm fucking Babysitting during Spring Break! He cursed his damn parents for the thousandth time since he heard of their plan to take a 'Second Honeymoon'. He knew instantly he was going to get screwed out of Spring Break as he figured correctly that he'd be saddled with watching over his little step-sister while they were out of the country. He argued that she was old enough to stay by herself, mature in her own right, practically ready for college, responsible!; but all to no avail. They weren't having it.

Now I'm stuck back home instead of at the beach with my friends. For a week. 'I'm Babysitting during Spring Break' became the cadence in his head as he worked out in the basement, trying in vain to work out his frustrations that first morning. Climbing the stairs back into the house when finished, grabbing a drink to the sound of giggling coming from the backyard. Taking a long drink of water his eyebrows rose as he peered out the kitchen window to the pool where his step-sister and a couple of her friends were laying out under the morning sun. Hmmm. Maybe it wouldn't be all that bad, he mused.

3. Beach Encounter
Moving back to Florida after college was the best decision he's made in a long time. He missed the quiet morning runs along the beach; the steady rhythm of running along the shore with his iPod blaring away in his ears. Looking out over the ocean from behind his sunglasses he smiled, vowing never to leave this blessed land. A chuckle escaped his lips as the rest of the country is freezing and he's out in his running shorts pounding through the sand with a thin sheen of sweat covering his toned form. Definitely not leaving Florida again. He looked back onto the beach and noticed that he wasn't alone. There was a sunbather in the coming yards ahead, one that looked somewhat familiar. Waitaminute. Isn't that...?

4. You just HAD to be here
The water was like a second home to him. A sun-lover by heart, he excelled in anything aquatic, even going so far as to get certified as a lifeguard. Excelling at school out of state he decided to take a semester off to relax and recharge, a treat for himself. Scanning the want ads for summer lifeguards he found one. Small catch, though: It was at a nudist resort. He shrugged, never having being particularly shy, and dialed. Besides, a bunch of hot naked people running around all summer? Paradise.

Two weeks later he was standing next to a pool, wearing only sunglasses and a whistle around his neck, watching over a gaggle of senior citizens doing water aerobics. Ok, not exactly Paradise. Trying hard not to let his attention wander, he noticed a new entrant to the pool area. A woman, late 40's, very attractive and... holy shit. That's his mother's best friend. What is she doing here?

5. Comic Con
Eric has always been a bit of a geek. Growing up on comic books and cartoons, he unfortunately quashed that part of his life as he joined the football team, life-guarding and other athletic pursuits. However, with the recent resurgence of comic book movies he's been happier ever. Moving across the country to California for college, he secretly harbored a hope he'd be able to make it to the SDCC, the largest Comic Con in the country. However, being a poor college freshman he knew his chances were slim to none. Fortunately his current girlfriend presented the perfect opportunity.

Britney appealed to Eric's other pursuits, chiefly those having to do with the beach, the sand and the sun. The quintessential surfer girl, comic books characters were the furthest thing from her mind. Which is why she was desperately looking for a way out of her promise to dress up for her younger nerd sister, Rachel, and to take her to the convention. Upon hearing her woes, Eric leaped at the chance to take his girlfriend's younger sister and to 'alleviate' Britney from the 'wasted' weekend. A pre-paid trip to Comic Con with Rachel? What could go wrong?

6. Costume Party
Halloween was finally around the corner, Eric's favorite time of year. A mix of sugar, mischief, and girls with an inherent need to dress in slutty costume. What's not to love? Deep within the middle of his Junior year of college, he was eagerly awaiting the round of costume parties and events that will be sprinkled throughout football season. They were always guaranteed to be at least interesting, if not completely outrageous at times. The dulled senses of an alcohol laced brain plus college students hiding their identities behind masks always creates more than a few awkward encounters. All too eager to make a few of his own, Eric was delighted when an e-mail from one of his former roommates announcing a party to be held at an off-campus house within walking distance from the dorms. Let the games begin.

7. Naked Mile
Hell Week. That magical time between the end of classes and the start of final exams where college students are primed to explode with stress and anxiety. Fortunately his Floridian college had a tradition to blow off a bit of steam before exams: the infamous Naked Mile. Officially: A short jog from the underclassmen dorms to the football stadium and back at 2 in the morning two days before testing began. Naked, of course. Unofficially: It was a night to scope out and find a one-night-stand to unload your frustrations on prior to having your brain ravaged by Exams.

Eric ran his freshman year and was hooked ever since. Partially because of the ridiculous spectacle of the race but mostly because of the tweaked out Senior girl who literally jumped him in the dormitory stairwell after the race. More than a few time's he's mentally congratulated himself for keeping up with his old high school football workout regimen and it has paid off in spades. Lacing up his sneakers he hung his room key around his neck and checked the alarm clock. 1:45am. Time for the insanity to begin he thought, grinning as he exited his fraternity and entered the still night air, following the trickle of students making their way to the start.

More to Come!!
Update: Removed Seeking Refuge, added Costume Party and Naked Mile
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Re: Beachlover's carefree Roleplays [M for F]
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2015, 11:29:51 AM »
Updated, Removed 1 story and added 2!