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Author Topic: All Dead Inside ( free form, post apoc, extreme, NC)  (Read 373 times)

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Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

All Dead Inside ( free form, post apoc, extreme, NC)
« on: November 22, 2014, 01:09:01 PM »
While this game will borrow heavily from Last of Us you don't need to have any prior knowledge of the game or have played it since its an AU. Been wanting to do this for some time now

The plot

Year 2015

Location Salt Lake City

A mutated strain of Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis, a fungus that attacks the brain and begins to alter the behavior of its host has spread across much of the globe. The origins of said fungus is unknown but its origins are rumored to be a weaponized strain that was purposely released from a government lab to it being a natural mutation. Upon becoming Infected, the victims eventually lose any ability to think and begin to behave irrationally as the fungus spreads in the brain. Relying on warped instincts, the Infected will attempt to attack and/or eat any warm blooded creature they find causing the infection to spread.

With in the span of a few months, nearly half the world's population was infected and civilization as we knew it collapsed. Quarantine Zones were set up and maintained by the military. Over the years many of these Quarantine Zones either collapsed due to riots sparked by a lack of supplies or were over run by infected or bandits, only a few are still standing and are under the tight control  of what remains of the military. Running water and electricity are unheard of outside Quarantine Zones though there are rumors that some groups have fortified small towns and have limited access to running water and power.

Radios are the only remaining means of long range communication.

This game will central around a group of individuals inside and outside the Quarantine Zones.

1. The fungus is spread via bites and spores. Any one bitten has a 50% chance of being infected. Any on breathing the spores, 100%. Gas masks will greatly lessen to outright eliminate the chances of being infected by spores

2.The Infected are fast and very agressive in the early stages of infection but they are vulnerable to damage and fire, shots or damage to the brain kill them. In latter stages they slow down but are even more agressive and even more dangerous.

3. The Infected are as dumb as rocks. In fact rocks may be smarter. They are attracted to sounds so a thrown bottle or rock can be a good way to distract them.

4.Bites take up to 48 hours to turn someone into an Infected. Less then 24 if they inhaled the spores.

5. There are a rare few who are immune to the fungal infection. The fungus is known to only infect humans, its unknown if it can infect non humans and has no effect on cyborgs. As far as the game is concerned there is no cure

6. The game takes place 8-10 years after the outbreak so entire cities will be in ruins

7. You have more then the Infected to deal with. Bandits, other survivors, some of which who will kill you just for your shoes, the military, cannibals and the environment

8.  Supplies and weapons are going to be scarce though military bunkers and the like may have a small store of supplies or weapons provided you can get to it. Such places will often be infested with infected


-Do not God Mod Characters.
-Any Non-Consensual scene must be discussed with the other players concerned before hand
-Make sure to use tags so we know where your character is and with who
-The current character limit is currently three in total
-Must specify Hard Offs on character sheets
-Main Character Deaths MUST be approved by GMs
-Discussing potential scenes in OOC and PM is going to be crucial
-If for any reason you need to leave the game, do inform your fellow writers. It's only polite
-The expected posting rate for all players involved is at least once every four to five days.

Character Creation

What can you play? You can play almost anything from a horror game, book, movie, TV as long as you modify the character enough to fit the setting and as along as it can communicate. Science has advanced enough that antrhos do exist but like cybernetic characters they are rare and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to powers, be reasonable.

-Canon Characters and OCs are allowed
-All genders and orientations are welcome, but your character should be 18+
-Characters don't have to be human, they can be non humans.
-No undead characters or supernatural characters
-Characters can be human, humanoid or anthro or monstrous
-Feel free to seek out connections with other writers, friends, siblings, ect. Small groups tend to be better equip to fend off bandits, cannibals, Infected and corrupt military
-Should you have trouble coming up with a character concept or have questions, feel free to shoot me a PM

Character Name:
Faction: Only if your character is a bandit
Gender and orientation:
Fandom: If your character is from a fandom
Items and equipment:
Physical description:
Sexual On's and Offs :
Hard offs:

Barter Towns

Small fortified outposts made by and ruled by bandits that have popped up outside ruined cities and other places. These small 'barter towns' serve as headquarters for factions of bandits. Damn near anything can be traded for at these barter towns, slaves, supplies, food, alcohol and more. Each barter town is ruled by a faction and each faction has their own set of rules.

Non bandits are viewed with suspicion and watched closely, those who are unfortunate enough to catch the eyes of the leader or the higher ups are often taken captive. If they are lucky they are stripped of supplies and released some where. If they aren't they may find themselves captives.

Known Factions

Fireflies -owners of Barter Town (the original barter town five miles outside of Salt Lake City)
MoJo Boys (small group that roams the ruined cities and surrounding areas)

Here come the zom-zoms

Runners These are the first and weakest stage of the Infected who have just recently entered their transformation. Since the eyes are first targeted by the fungus, runners have poor eyesight, but maintain many human instincts. Their overall appearance is still human though their eyes glow red. While agressive and fast, sometimes they do not attack at all, even when non-infected individuals are right in front of them. These non-aggressive runners will only attack if attacked first or when an object is thrown at or near them triggering their aggression. Runners often appear in packs of 4-8 individuals.

Stalkers Stalkers have the vision and speed of Runners and are no longer bound with human conscience and are very agressive. The most notable physical traits that define the "Stalkers" is the distinct croaking noises they make, the beginning of fungal growths on the head and face with only one eye left, the development of pseudo echolocation, and their discretion upon spotting a victim at distance - they will strafe and take cover, eventually closing in on the victim, hence the name "Stalker".

They are fast and dangerous and best avoided as much as possible.

Clickers Clickers are the third and most distinctly recognized stage of the Infected and thankfully rare. They are completely blind due to fungal infection overtaking their face. However, Clickers are able to maneuver through areas by utilizing echolocation, which produces noticeable clicking noises to locate sources of sound.

Clicker faces that are completely skewed and scarred by fungal plates that cover most their face. They are among the most dangerous of the infected, their humanity has been completely eliminated. When provoked, a Clicker will immediately enter into a "berserk mode," aggressively flailing its arms.

It is fairly easy to outrun a Clicker, as their crude echolocation has a short range

Bloaters Bloaters are the fourth, final and most dangerous stage of the Infected and thankfully the rarest. They are covered in thick fungus that effectively doubles as armor plate and their bodies are severely bloated, pale semi-translucent flesh stretched tight over their large deformed frame. Bloaters are extremely aggressive, but are rather slow-moving causing them to be more predictable than other infected. Like Clickers they are completely blind and use a crude short range echolocation
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Offline MaiMizzu

Re: All Dead Inside ( free form, post apoc, extreme, NC)
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2014, 03:20:35 PM »
Let me try to think of a fun character to play, i think i'd be interested in this RP

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Re: All Dead Inside ( free form, post apoc, extreme, NC)
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2014, 12:32:02 AM »
I might be game once I see some character concepts :)

Offline Karma Sinclair

Re: All Dead Inside ( free form, post apoc, extreme, NC)
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2014, 11:10:13 PM »
I'll come up with a character concept for this one.

Offline Karma Sinclair

Re: All Dead Inside ( free form, post apoc, extreme, NC)
« Reply #4 on: November 29, 2014, 12:01:44 AM »
Preliminary character concept:

Character Name: Sean Fletcher
Faction: None
Gender and orientation: Straight Male
Species: Human
Fandom: None
Occupation: Ex-military
Items and equipment: Pick axe, backpack, canteen, hunting knife, blanket
Physical description: brown, crew cut hair, light blue eyes, light beard, fit and muscular, though not overly so.
Personality: Sean distrusts everyone he meets. Too many people have betrayed him. He prefers to be alone, though he understands there are times when he needs the help of others.
Bio: Sean spent 14 years as a Marine and worked his way up to the rank of Major. When the outbreak started, he was ordered to kill people that were possibly infected, though there was no proof one way or the other. He tried to organize a resistance group to stop the unlawful killings, but the group turned on him when they were put to the test. Faced with the choice of killing innocents or being shot as a traitor, he chose to strike out on his own. He wandered the wastelands looking for a place to call home. Everyone he met seemed to be out for themselves and there were multiple occassions when he was forced to fight for his life. Tired of the petty greediness of other people, he moved away from "settled" areas, choosing to live a solitary, lonely existence. He would make periodic forays into "settled" areas to resupply, but tried to avoid contact with others as much as possible.
Sexual On's and Offs:  (Not sure yet)
Hard offs: None