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May 20, 2018, 01:04:16 PM

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Author Topic: A Little Bit of This and That  (Read 428 times)

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A Little Bit of This and That
« on: November 20, 2014, 01:00:01 PM »
Here is a list of a few pairings I'm in the mood for:

Blackmail (Thinking a wife blackmailed by an ex-lover or a coworker of her husband)

Teacher's Pet (D/s Relationship):It's a bit of a rough summary, but the main jest is finding a teacher to play with her. For the part of the teacher I need a male character in his mid to late 40s. I'd like to have a bit of light bondage play, humiliation, and possibly NonCon to start off with. This one's a pretty basic student/teacher power however less vanilla than the general pairing is.

A new school year has started at West Carlin High School and like many schools, a new year means new teacher. Marrissa is just starting her senior and has managed to maintain her statues as a social pariah. Unlike most of the girls she attends school with, Marrissa is a bookworm and not the cute popular kind, but one of the ones that tends to stay dressed in clothing that is 100% unflattering on anyone under the age of 60. Through out the year she is "adopted" by one of the new teachers and molded into his perfect toy.

The Arashok's Pet: This is an idea based on Dragon 2. Since my actual idea is hard to summarize I did a small write up.

Many people wonder how it is I've come to exist as I do, living among a people that seem to so despise all that is human. Some hate me for my existence. They believe me a trader to my kind, that I have rejected my people for the Qunari. but that is not the case. If anything, living amoung them has given me a new understanding of humanity, a view from both sides or the fence. I do not submit to the laws of the Quin, nor those of the chantry. I am what I am, a human, an apostate, a pet to the Aarashok.

Daughter of Artemis(NC + BDSM): So my idea for Alkmene is to have her purchased by a wealthy Land Owner, someone with position enough to own gladiators. the man would be ruthless, and he would use her as a means to get his rivals on his side. She'd be passed out for parties and trained to be an obedient slave to her master's wishes. Eventually, she would meet and fall in love with one of the man's gladiaters, and the two if them would plan and try to make there escape The story is definitely Non Con with BDSM mixed in.

Alkmene, a name meaning "Might of the Moon", one bestowed on her before her very birth by the goddess Artemis. Alkmene's mother, though beautiful and righteous, was unable to bare children despite years of trying. Even after several miscarriages, she still tried, vowing to give her loving husband the child he desired. One night as she slept, she had a vision. the Goddess Artemis came to her and told her she'd seem fit to bless her with a child. Nine month's later, the woman bore a daughter and died shortly there after.  Her Father dedicated the child to the Goddess. As she grew, she was taught the ways of the hunt, and by the time she was 13, she trapped and hunted her own meat largely taking care of herself. Her Father began spending more and more time at the gambling halls. Just shy of her 17 birthday, Alkmene is approached by two Roman soldiers, baring a papers signed in her father's own hand that sold her to pay for the debts he'd run up at the tables. the sum had apparently became so large, the collectors demanded there money, or something  of equal or greater value. Since she was all he had, she was taken as payment. She's was tossed on a ship and sent to Roman were she waited to be bid on and sold to pay the large sum that was her families debt.

Because He Said So (BDSM): This is culmination of several standing ideas that I've had in the past. I sat and condensed them into this. I'd like this to be a sort of corruption story. An innocent drawn into the taboo world of a D/s relationship. I would like this to be a Daddy/Daughter type relationship however a standard Master Slave is fine too.

Loryn lives a perfectly successful and normal life. She's a straight A collage freshmen who works hard, pays taxes, and even volunteers at the homeless shelter during her free time. She's content with her life and happy for it to remain simplistic until a new tenant with a dark nature moves into her apartment building. Her initial interaction with his is light, "Hello, How are you" when they pass in the hall. Yet more and more he seems to draw to him, engaging her in light conversation, inviting her over to his place and getting her comfortable with him. The intent behind his interaction is to gain her trust and adopt her as his sub.

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Re: A Little Bit of This and That
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Edited a bit.