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April 14, 2021, 08:43:46 pm

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Author Topic: The Infatuation / Love Potion [M Seeking F]  (Read 706 times)

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Offline pleaseteasemeTopic starter

The Infatuation / Love Potion [M Seeking F]
« on: November 15, 2014, 11:10:22 am »

Thanks a lot for taking the time to stop on by my request thread. Below is an idea I'd really like to explore in more detail, but before getting to that there are a couple of things I'd like to quickly say:
- First of all, I don't mind nor care what your real life gender is. If you're willing to play the female role in this and have some fun with it then whoever is sat the other side of the computer screen is of no concern to me.
- Secondly the idea I lay out isn't set in stone by any means. I'm happy and willing to change things a little, add or take away things based on what YOU might like and enjoy so that we can hopefully create a story that we will both enjoy. If you have ideas and suggestions of your own to bring to the table then please don’t be afraid to share!
- I try to type properly, speak properly and include a good amount of detail in my posts. I try to check my spelling and give as much in text in response as you give me. I will make the odd typo and chances are you will too, but so long as it's clear you're making an effort and putting in some care and detail I'll have no complaints. I guess this is a long and drawn out way of saying I'm not interested in two line replies becoming the norm. Sure every now and then a short post of only a line or two might be what is required, and if that is the case then great it's not a problem, but I'm not looking for that to be the standard. That doesn’t mean I need page after page of text, just a good paragraph or two is nice to have.

Anyway, now that's out of the way, onto what you hopefully came here for!

The Infatuation
Class 11JH is where this all begins. It’s a Chemistry lesson and the class of students have all been placed in small groups to investigate chemical reactions in a variety of different elements that has been set out. Unknown to all in the class one test tube of a mysterious genetic strain has been label as Sulphuric acid and ended up here totally by chance. My character opens the tube to get ready to pour it into a small beaker containing some aluminium so that results can be recorded, however upon pulling the small cork from the top of the test tube the glass cracks and the ‘acid’ all drops out over my character’s hand. It is here that it combines with the DNA of my character and a puff of smoke fills the air. Unknown to all the first person that inhales this smoke from the reaction will become totally and utterly infatuated with my character. It just so happens that you were in the small group I was working with, and in your good natured attempt to stop the acid from burning me you take a hold of my arm to pull it under the tap, inhaling the smoke in doing so.

That’s the basic setup I have for this. I’m open to changing just how it all happens and just how events unfold if you have a better idea!

I’d like for the characters to be aged between 16 and 18 if possible so to fit the setting, however just who they are I’m open to discussion about. Could she have been someone way out of his league? Could he have been someone way out of her league? Were they best friends already? Cousins perhaps?

The main plot point of the RP however would be your character leaving class that day and then suddenly realising they are head over heels in love with my character. Whenever they see him their heart flutters, talking to him makes her swoon and her legs feel like jelly. He however is oblivious to this, and the way she had been effected by the ‘love potion’ makes her start to come on strong. She’s desperate to have his affection, his attention and just be with him. How far would she go to have him? Would she change her dress code to ‘woo’ him? Offer him oral sex every single lunch break just so he might hang out with her for a little? Turn up on his doorstep with poor excuses just to see him? And so on.

I’m open to a whole range of different ideas, from her becoming a ‘bimbo’ in her bid to get with him. She might find out he likes blondes, and so wham, new hair colour. Or maybe he likes video games, and so she’s desperately trying to research them so to know about them. I just think it might be fun to play out, and see how he might take advantage of her, or even live up to everything she thinks he is and become her prince charming based on how you might like to play it.

Thanks for taking the time read all of this, and if you are interested then please get in touch as I'd love to discuss potential ideas with you.

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Offline pleaseteasemeTopic starter

Re: The Infatuation / Love Potion [M Seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2015, 05:05:17 pm »
Updated and revamped this idea!  :D