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August 11, 2022, 10:20:07 am

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Author Topic: F looking for M- Demon hunter or Demon  (Read 1004 times)

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F looking for M- Demon hunter or Demon
« on: November 14, 2014, 03:45:08 am »
I would like to find someone willing to help me develop my warlock character. She is a classic World of Warcraft warlock. She can tame demons due to her willpower being very high. I do not consider her evil, but more self serving. Perhaps Chaotic neutral would suit her as an alignment. She craves power, and will manipulate people as well as demons to gain her wealth and power.

I would like to have someone play a multi character rp with me.

1. You can be a demon under the sway of my warlock, perhaps an incubus (serving her in every way and helping her to survive and prosper)

2. A demon hunter seeking to free my warlock from the demon that has turned the tables on her. (sent by a relative or friend who is worried)

3.  A Holy (Paladin or Priest)  seeking to destroy her because of her dealings with demons (She may convince him she is actually a victim and perhaps end up corrupting him?)

4. A rival warlock seeking to undermine and subdue her for his own use. (perhaps a back and forth type rp where we switch frequently due to trickery or magic of some kind?)

A possibility of you playing more than one of these roles while I do others. I am looking for a rich and engaging rp here. I am wiling to have your input as to story development and content.

Here is the poem I wrote for her:
 Silent Scream

Who among you stalk the halls,
Of shattered Keeps and ruined walls?
Searching for the secrets old,
Ancient tomes of truth untold?

Do the whispers touch your soul,
Like distant bells lonely toll?
Do your eyes disturb the haunts?
Shadows flicker, sigil taunts.

Raise your eyes to search the ceiling,
Weathered paint the scene revealing.
Icy fingers trace your ear,
Wordless scream your sudden fear.

Silence fills the empty hall,
A single drop of tear may fall.
Crumpled on the dusty floor,
Felinthice will rise once more.

Cupid’s bow of luscious red,
Denies the finalty of dead.
A bond that lingers in the blood,
Cross dimension like a flood.

The rustle of a silken gown
Stirs the dust falling down.
Finger trace a bloody trail
To leave a message without fail.

Linger here and feel the dread,
Of tingling spine and weary head.
From your eyes the salty tear,
I can taste delicious fear.

Stay with me and sate my hunger.
Run and you will suffer longer.
Wish you may for swifter death,
The rattle of your final breath.

As the flicker of the flame
Dances in the demon’s name,
Jealous angels sacrifice
Virtue to the endless vice.

Pleasure in a lover’s touch,
Leads to pain, but not too much.
Heightened senses long to feel
Gentle hands lust reveal.

Life is but a flickered flame,
Summoned from the Ethered Plane.
Will it come to lover’s call?
And refuse Light’s sweet pull?

Is there fear within your soul?
Awash like waves on sandy shoal,
Reaching for the edge of reason
No relief the change of season.

Pulled from Death the sweet release,
Back to beg for more to please.
Aware of all the sacrifice
Made to satisfy the vice.

Scented oils to ease the friction,
Crimson stains feed the addiction.
Not a drop will go to waste,
So exquisite is the taste.

Offline VerasailleTopic starter

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Re: F looking for M- Demon hunter or Demon
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2014, 01:00:47 am »
I am still looking for a partner for this. I would love to do it in World of Warcraft. Felinthice is a Blood elf warlock with a lot of intense drives. She loves to get down and sexy with a good passionate lover. She will take on anyone who tries to tame her. A battle of wills, or using her whip or her spellpower to hopefully bring you to your knees.