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Author Topic: Pistol's character craving (F seeking any gender)  (Read 438 times)

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Offline RushedpistolTopic starter

Pistol's character craving (F seeking any gender)
« on: November 13, 2014, 11:31:51 PM »
Hello, I am Rushedpistol and I really want to roleplay as one of my characters from my original urban fantasy story that I am (slowly) working on.

Basic world details. The major thing to remember is that the setting is modern to futuristic with lots of flashy magic. However, like Bayonetta, you have to have the sight to truly see everything. While humans can see vampires and other things, they can't see their true forms. 
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Night Street: This is the name given to the domain of the Mother. Created in the depths of the primordial darkness at the same time that the first light began, she and the Father came together to give form to the Universe. She is the creator and destroyer of life taking the dying stars of  the Father to create worlds. Those under her influence either worship her as the Black Mother (her more Kali-Ma like persona) or the Joyous Mother. Due to her nature, her creations are often bi-gendered hunters that bring great joy to their prey even as they are being devoured. Ironically, most of her creations are often immortal. This being due to the fact that death and darkness is always here even as the light fades. People are more likely to run into her creatures than those of the father. Creatures that directly belong to her are Lilium, vampires (their prototype), ghouls, and dolls. Those that are under her influence and sway from the Inbetween outliers are Magic-Users and windigos/were-animals.

The Inbetween aka humans. That's us. The basic clay and template of the world created so that the Father and the Mother could experiment and create without starting from scratch each time. Due to this we are the oldest of their creations if the least well-made. However we were the last to receive the spark of life from them. Often unaware that we live shoulder to shoulder with fantastic creatures, the Inbetween that get caught by the Day or Night Street creatures are often forced to forge their own paths beside them. Often Inbetween end up swallowed whole and made victims of the streets or irreversibly changed. And this is not just from the Night Street, there are tons of things on the Day Street that prey on the Inbetween too. Humans are the largest group with several outliers that fall under the sway of either Street. The most human outliers are the Seer and spirits/ghosts.

Outliers These are the Inbetween who either from contact with one of the streets or a genetic quirk passed down from generation to generation are under the sway and influence of one of the streets. There are disadvantages to this. Those who are under the sway of the Night Street inherit the desires and light sensitivity of the Night Street. Those under the sway of the Day lose interest in the physical world to the point of becoming hermits and a lot of them become possessed much more easily. The outliers are Magic-Users, Seers, Were-animals/Windigos, Saints, The Possessed, Spirits/ghosts and, the touched.

Day Street: The domain  of the Father. Created in the heat and the flame of the Primal Light, he creates stars and is the bringer of rebirth and the spirit. He is always accepted back into the bosom of the Mother to help with the death of his stars and the rebirth of new ones. There is no animosity between the two however he feels since she deals with the physical and he with the spiritual she will never understand the true essence of divinity. He pities her for this. The creatures directly created by the Father's experiments  are Angels, Demons, and Disgraced Devils. He has created less creatures than the Mother due to his wanting to get them spiritually perfect. The outliers that belong to him are Saints, The possessed, and the touched.

With that out of the way, lets get to what you really want. The character scenario:

Christina Jasper

Christina is a very old character of mine that I really like writing. She went on a grand mission of revenge and then suddenly finds out that vampires exist. Because of her antics, she ends up being turned into a vampire by a hitman that also wanted the target of her revenge. The hitman wanted a protege and thought that Chris would be perfect. Now the scenario that I want to play with her is a chase story. Christina is sent by her maker to a city to take out a target but fails and now has to get away while the target pursues her.

The target will be your character. They can be anything.  Their reasons why they want her can vary. Maybe they are a human gangster that wants to be turned or have a vampire killing for them, maybe a rival vampire that wants to take away her maker's new toy, a magic user that needs her blood for something. Anything. All I ask is no death, no extreme torture, and be prepared for a chase. I don't want to play this with the character already captured. She's very hard to catch and now has some training so your character is really going to have to work hard to catch her.     

If you are interested, pm me. Also PBs are not needed for this roleplay. In fact, I would prefer not to use them for this character.