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Author Topic: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)  (Read 2642 times)

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Offline deadmanshandTopic starter

This idea just sounds fun. A college of wizardry beset on all sides by rogue experiments, bizarre and dangerous classes, life threatening field trips, arcane greed, extradimensional horrors, foreign powers, and seemingly suicidal students. Less Harry Potter and more weird fantasy. Dr. Strange at it's best. Over the top incantations, larger than life characters, surreal otherworlds, and more.

Section: NC Exotic
Who's Welcome: Everyone! LGBTQ and other letters standing for other things that I will most likely need explained to me as if I was a small child.
System: Freeform with a touch of system. Just to provide some balance between characters.
Setting: Collaborative but all based off of the following map with the actual college located in the Sorcerer Isles.
The Only Fantasy Map You'll Ever Need

Plot: The story will be made up of three separate parts. The Over-Arcing Plot, Field Trips, and Troubles. The Over Arcing Plot will be my overall plot. Field Trips will be excursions run by Professors that take place out in the world away from the college. Troubles can be anything from an artifact going out of control to a personal story hook. I want a lot of variety and options here with everyone being able to have a hand in the story.

Characters: There will be two primary character types. Professors and Students (minimum age 16). Professors will be more powerful but will have certain responsibilities in game. Namely teaching classes (Really. What did you expect from a school?) and running Field Trips (Your own adventures for some of the students.). Students don't have to do anything except participate but can come up with Troubles.

Note: All Field Trips and Troubles would have to be run by me first. In the interest of keeping a coherent vision of the game.

Magic: Seems mildly important to cover this aspect don't ya think? I am actually not sure how to tackle this one. D&D style Schools of Magic? Mage style Spheres? Different magical traditions like one Professor be the voodoo teacher and another be the shaman? What do you all think?

So any interest?

Edit: Game Info and Cast List can be found here:
OOC can be found here:

Code: [Select]
[floatright][center][img height=400]Picture link 1[/img][/floatright] - If desired.
[b]Name :[/b]
[b]Role:[/b] Professor or Student
[b]Where Do You Come From?[/b] Use the Only Fantasy Map You'll Ever Need. The only culture I am describing in the game is the Sorcerer Isles so feel free to make up a culture so long as it matches it's name on the map.

[b]Who Are You?[/b] Feel free to make up your own race or put a spin on a traditional fantasy race.

[b]Your Story So Far?[/b]

[b]What Can You Do?[/b] Describe your magical style. If your magical style has already been described by a Professor you may want to work things out with them.

[b]What Would You Like To See In The Game?[/b]

[b]Sexuality :[/b]
[b]Sexual On's and Offs :[/b]

[b]Player :[/b]
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Offline Angie

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2014, 07:18:14 PM »
I'm totally game for this one! Any chance you'll let me bring in one of my Succubus Sisters? The healer or the smasher, either way, succubi are fun!

Offline Ayama

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2014, 08:15:36 PM »

your idea sounds alot fun, who wouldnt want a more adult Hogwarts where things are actually serious.
I think i would really love to play a professor in that kind of roleplay.
About the magic question... that sure is a tough one. The idea of specialized professors sounds good.
Like everyone could learn what they want but in the end its nessecary to specialize on a certain magic aspect to master it.
Anyways, if you are going to start this roleplay, check me interested and one of your first professors at the Sorcerer's Academy =)


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Online Inerrant Lust

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2014, 11:51:32 PM »
I had an idea for a character a long time ago that was basically a magic girl that was into summoning Ancient Ones and other lovecraftian horrors. She ended up excelling in summoning tentacles from beyond out of portals. They could be used for combat... but really she just plants a portal underneath her skirt from time to time.

Upon thinking on it further, an interesting inversion on the idea would be making the magic girl a magic boy... likely very effeminate, and with the same fascination with tentacles..

Offline SmilingFox

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2014, 10:07:13 AM »
Count me in as a professor as well! This idea sounds great. I'm thinking maybe I'll have the prof focus on enchanting mundane items, and using objects to store complicated spells in advace. I'm not sure what gender to be, or if other races are allowed, so I'll give that some thought. I also have a few ideas for students too.

Offline ShadowFox89

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #5 on: November 11, 2014, 04:21:47 PM »
 Hmm... have a couple of character ideas for this...

 As for 'type' of magic, maybe MtG style 'colors of mana'? Allow for mixing of colors for different effects, affinities for one/two/three colors, etc.

Offline Siereis

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #6 on: November 11, 2014, 07:07:03 PM »
I would be interested in playing in this one too.  Honestly I can see myself playing either a teacher or student...whichever is in more demand (which at the time of this post appears to be student).

1.  What races are allowed?  Humans only or do we get to choose from essentially any fantasy race?
2.  I realize this is a sandbox RP, but will there any sort of overarching villain?  Or is it more of 'a day in the life' of sort of plot?
3.  Ideally, just how adult oriented are people looking for this to be?

Also..I like the idea of each caster being able to specialize in a school of magic.  Like with Magic the Gathering...just with more 'types'.  Fire, Holy, Dark, Nature, Earth, Air, Water...etc.

Offline Angie

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #7 on: November 11, 2014, 07:08:07 PM »
Could possibly drag out the 'Elements' from the CCG of the same name.

Offline Ayama

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #8 on: November 11, 2014, 07:50:41 PM »
Well according to the map 'deadmanshand' posted it seems like there will be every kind of fantasy race you want.
I see goblins, Lion tribe, demons, dragons and even elks... so hope for the best and all the races you want to play^^

For the adult oriented part... hard to tell, i personally hope for alot ofcourse =P But also a good plot.

The idea of elements isnt bad but i think i would prefer different magic types like, Arcane, Necromancy, Voodoo, Shamanism, Elementary, Summoner, Bloodmagic and so on.
But i bet more then half these types you could recreate with the elements as well.
Its a hard task to choose from almost infinite possibilities, but aslong i dont have to wiggle a wand around and say a bunch of wierd words.. xD

Oh i also think it would be nice if people would write wich role they prefer. Tho i already wrote that i would love to play a professor iam also up to play as a student if there are too few.

Offline Angie

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #9 on: November 11, 2014, 07:52:48 PM »
I think that depends on which 'Sister' I play-the Healer would likely be a student, the Destroyer would like be a professor, who also teaches martial arts (and maybe some kind of 'tantric' sex too)

Online TheSithChicken

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #10 on: November 11, 2014, 10:30:46 PM »
I'd like in on this as a student though I wouldn't be opposed to a Professor. For the magic system I'd like to see types of magic such as pure arcane, necromancy, blood magic, shamanism, voodoo, elementalist, holy, demonic, and so on. I think this could provide more variety in what a single person could do rather than separating them into more specific magics such as pyromancy or telepathy which, while certainly versatile, are much more limited than a full elementalist or psychic would be.
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Offline deadmanshandTopic starter

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #11 on: November 12, 2014, 12:08:31 AM »
That's a lot of responses. Excellent. Let me address your questions.

Angiejuusan - Depends on two things really. One is that I'd need to know something about them and the other being a good reason for a succubi to be either a student or a professor at a school of magic. The last should not be too hard.

Ayama - Consider yourself checked.

Inerrant Lust - Not exactly the kind of tone I was necessarily going for. Using magic to satisfy desires can be done but this just feels a little too... anime? Hentai?

Smiling Fox - On subjects and races see my comment below.

Caehlim - Good.

Siereis - Races and magic will be addressed below. It will be both actually. There will be an overarcing plot and slice of life type things. I like variety.

Now the adult content... I am going to put this in NC Exotic for freedom purposes. If people want to have sex they can. It's not a focus but I want freedom for people to enjoy themselves. I have toyed with the idea of even having a separate Dorm type thread for sex and the like. That being said if someone ignores the rest of the game for just sex and the like I am going to talk to them because that's not what I want from the game.

Important Stuff!

Races... Ayama has it right. Any fantasy race works. If you want to make a race of your discuss it with me. If you want to be from another world (dimensions and otherworldly realms are part and parcel of Weird Fantasy) talk to me. Variety is awesome.

Subjects and magics... I have thought about it and I like Ayama and DarkPrince's take on it. Different teachers for different kinds of magic. Alchemy, hermetic wizardry, necromancy, vaudun, shamanic, etc. The magic will feel a little more cinematic and pulpy and allow for a lot of very different character types.

Offline Angie

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #12 on: November 12, 2014, 12:20:22 AM »
Well for starters, I'm kinda playing them as not as evil as being demonic would make you think-while they have impulses to drain souls, it's more because they get a rush of power from it, not in any service to a dark lord or anything. It's a little more vampiric, I suppose, but I prefer playing succubi to vampires.

The student succubus would be here to learn how to temper her natural gift for healing magic with control, and also having such a wild variety of contacts would help her learn to keep her demonic impulses (to get intimate with everyone) under control. She's also somewhat...rebellious against herself-she's trying to completely reject her demonic nature and well, it's not working, which is why her mother sent her to the Academy.

Professor Succubus was probably a bit...anti heroic. Limiting herself to draining bandits and outlaws, rogue mages, etc. Melding powerful spells into her martial arts and then grabbing the last guy in the band of bandits to administer a little kiss. She was probably approached by a messanger from the Academy saying they wanted her to come and teach her particular brand of spellcasting (after all, not many spellcasters can meld a spell that weakens your arms into a Muay Thai routine).

Of course, you're well within your right to make me play something else. I got a full cast up here in my brain, I'll roll up anything you let me.

Offline Bandeena

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #13 on: November 12, 2014, 01:34:16 PM »
Wow, interest really has bloomed. I also like the idea of specialties--like an art school, but with magics. Would there be a core curriculum, or would each student work in their focus? And that leads to the question of learned magic versus inherent...

I'll put in my word now, interested as a student. Bunch of different ideas, but I don't want to decide on anything specific yet.

Online Inerrant Lust

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #14 on: November 12, 2014, 03:16:28 PM »
Hmm, that's too bad. I figured it would be a bit on the silly side, but nothing else immediately comes to mind. I'll think on it a bit.

Online TheSithChicken

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #15 on: November 12, 2014, 07:51:31 PM »
I've been thinking more about the magic system and thought that in addition to what I've already proposed we leave the potential for someone to specialize within a type of magic. The advantage in doing so would of course be a greater mastery of that facet of magic, but at the cost of a weaker command of other magics within their sphere. Also I wonder if summoning should be it's own thing since otherwise I can see it crossing multiple other types of magic since there are so many different kinds of summons.

On the subject of what classes are offered I'd say there does need to be some core classes that everyone is required to take, but not many. My main concern here is that there should probably be some kind of class that is specifically for teaching control and restraint. Out of control magics aren't something most people should be having to deal with on a daily basis and I think I'd find it pretty hard to believe that almost everyone at this school already knows their limits. Having a class dedicated to helping find those limits safely is probably a necessity. I'm sure it could make for some potentially great stories once we get going though.

Offline Ixy

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #16 on: November 13, 2014, 05:49:48 PM »
Depending on the posting styles-- like how many paragraphs, what level of detail, etc.-- I would like to be considered for a student role.  I rather like the idea of playing either a dabbling necromancer goth-girl or a completely unprepared "scholarship" human girl, for whom magic was (until YESTERDAY) just fantasy.

Offline deadmanshandTopic starter

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #17 on: November 13, 2014, 10:09:31 PM »
Angiejuusan - Both of those sound perfectly fine with a slight preference for the student.

Bandeena - There would be a core curriculum but outside of PC Professor classes and the occasional class I would write it would be more fluff than anything. Maybe with the odd, not at all life threatening test.

DarkPrince - Consider that idea stolen accepted. Specialties within spheres will be a thing ...when I write out the pseudo system for the game. Summoning will have to be part of different disciplines rather than it's own thing. Goetic summoning would be worlds different than shamanic spirit calling.

And apropo of nothing I want a witch doctor teacher.

I would imagine that the Headmaster - someone I'd run - would teach the course on control and restraint.

Ixy - I'm not superstrict about posting. Third person, 1-2 paragraphs, and no one liners. Easy enough.

Ayama - Both characters fit to me. Both pictures are awesome too. The second one I find both attractive and terrifying.

Online TheSithChicken

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #18 on: November 14, 2014, 01:05:42 AM »
I've been wondering a few things about the world and the school itself. For starters, how big is the school in both physical size and number of people. I'd also like to know if there are any limitations on what is taught or if it's something like in the movie Sky High where they teach you to use your powers, but not what to use them for. Regarding the world, I want some idea how magic is perceived by the rest of the world in general. Is it part of every day life similar to Harry Potter or is it more limited like in the Earth-Sea books where while there weren't a lot of mages every major island had a magus or are magic users the ruling body like the mages in the Dungeons and Dragons movie? Speaking of the world, what kind of state is it in? Generally unified, individualistic but at peace, or maybe some warring areas with the sorcerer's school as a kind of neutral area? Another thing occurred to me as I'm writing this which kind of has to go along with my last one. How do the different races generally see each other i.e. is there racism and if so how widespread is it?

Offline Angie

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #19 on: November 14, 2014, 01:28:37 AM »
So, here's a character:

Name: Xerah Faye Zanarius (Can it get any more 'exotic' sounding?)
Race: Succubus
Age: 20
Role: Student
Magical ability: Focused on healing
Style: While her method of spellcasting leans towards shamanistic rituals, her spells possess a "gem" motif-wounds are covered by a diamond weave as they magically close, a shield appears as a sapphire cocoon, a 'fire' is actually a large, glowing ruby. These gems fade when the spell is completed.
Personality: Incredibly shy and insecure, Xerah is slow to open up to anyone, as her demonic soul drives her to grab, mate with, and drain anyone she meets. She is also easily scared and 'jumpy'. Occasionally tends to be angry, especially in the mornings, as her mind and soul are in constant battle.

During times of incredible stress, she changes. She becomes more assertive and aggressive, lashing out with magic and demonic claw, intent on protecting her allies and destroying her enemies. She does not become brainless, merely driven. Since this change in personality is marked by a shift in appearance (see below), many wonder if they're not seeing two different people.

Appearance: As a succubus, she has mastery over her appearance, and uses it to look as plain and unassuming as possible. No matter the situation, she makes herself into a face in the crowd, to the point where anyone trying to remember details can only come up with "she was just sorta...normal looking". At the Academy, this tends to be a slim build of average height, with fair skin, brown eyes, black hair, and small breasts. Her clothes also continue this 'average' look, she favors neutral colors and simple shoes.

When she shifts into Demon Xerah, however, her body becomes much more memorable. Her hair turns a silvery-white, her skin turns blue, and she grows a tail about three feet long. Her body also becomes far more voluptuous, as her soul's nature as a succubus spills forth. Anyone can remember this form quite easily.

Bio: Plenty of kids are born not wanting to be what they are. Xerah was born not wanting to be a demon. Slightly different from the aforementioned children. As she progressed through a difficult puberty, her nature as a succubus threatened to overwhelm her at every turn. Her mother did her best to teach the child, but her ability to learn how to control herself was limited by how much Xerah hated what she was. Her mother had the idea to send her to the Academy, where Xerah has picked up healing magic and is slowly starting to learn that being a demon isn't so bad after all. Still has a long way to go, but hopefully she gets some friends along the way.

Offline deadmanshandTopic starter

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #20 on: November 14, 2014, 02:22:54 AM »
DarkPrince - Let me answer as much of that as possible. Most of the info on the school will go up tomorrow but it's a large school as it is the only college of magic in the world. So probably a couple hundred students at any one time. I assume the college probably has ethics courses - because it wouldn't be college without highbrow and practically useless courses - but the idea of why to use it is up to the teachers.

As for the world. Every country has it's own views on magic (determined by the first accepted players who makes a character from that country) but magic is not exceptionally rare. It is a high fantasy setting. The map clearly shows distinct nations but how they get along is up to the players of characters from those areas or the Professor who wants to run a field trip in that area of the world. Same for race relations.

This is not a set in stone campaign setting but one that will be built collaboratively.

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Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #21 on: November 14, 2014, 04:45:19 AM »
I am most definitely interested in this. I also have a bunch of characters that once used to thrive on an old HP site, that I would love to play again. I have one gal in particular that I think would be fun to pull in, if that's alright? I'll just leave her particulars below and you can let me know what you think?

Name: Alba Dellamorta
Race: Human
Age: 19
Role: Student
Magic Preference: Necromancy
Appearance:  Alba stands at an average five foot five on a soft and curvaceous form with skin the colour of fresh cream. Her long, thick, black hair reaches the bottom of her shoulder blades and is usually swept across to the left. She has eyes that sparkle with an unsaid wisdom in a colour reminiscent of antique jade.

Personality:  Alba is fairly quiet, but at the same time is far from a shrinking violet. She has a total inability to lie which has at times led to a cross word or two being thrown in her general direction. When she speaks it is with purpose and finds very little point in talking purely to save from silence. In Alba’s world things are usual at the point of extremes, if she likes something it is practically obsessed over, but on the flipside, if she doesn't like it then she loathes it with great passion. You will always know how she views you, if she likes you them there will be an abundance of smile and compliments, but if she dislikes you she will become quiet and avoid any interaction with you at any cost. Alba seems fairly laid back on the surface, nothing really phasing her that much and it Takes something quite phenomenal to coax a reaction from her.

Bio:For those in the know, the name Dellamorta is one steeped in dark and taboo tradition. The Dellamortas are a clandestine, matriarchal family; the women of the line are born with the unique and greatly misunderstood gift. Their particular talents and ambiguous morals have been employed by light and dark alike, the family never finding concern in the reason for the requirement of their skills, but only in the willingness and ability of their client to pay in full and on time for the services rendered.
The decidedly grim gift of necromancy that is housed in the bodies of the Dellamorta women is as much a part of their DNA as their stunning, jade green eyes. The natural ability is encouraged and nurtured in all female children, the males born seemingly with out the ability. The entire family comes together as a community to instill centuries of knowledge into the new, tiny vessel; converging members of the family across the land once every year, in the place of their origins.
Alba is the only child of Gloria and Gregori and is quite typical of all Dellamorta women. The first signs of her inherited ability presented themselves at the tender age of three: for years returning pair of Olive-sided Flycatchers nested in one of the old redwood trees that lined their property. On an early April morning the household was awoken by the heart wrenching sobs of the young Alba. A tiny, naked fledgling had fallen from the nest and had perished in the fall. Alba had lovingly scooped the little body from the dewy grass and cradled it tightly to her chest. Between the rattling sobs, Gloria deciphered that the chick had told Alba how one of its siblings had pushed it from the nest and to its plummeting death. The child necromancer had instinctively pricked her thumb on a glossy sewing needle to supply the ill fated chick with a vital ingredient to entice the dark spark of life to return to its cold, pink body. In the lack of her knowledge and experience, all she could manage was to make the tiny corpse twitch spastically in her little hands. The failure to return the small bird back to full animation racked the child with guilt and frustration. After her initial brush with the otherworldy ability, the youngest of the Dellamorta clan applied herself religiously to learning as much as she could about the tainted craft of necromancy in hopes of someday being a conduit for the great power she saw housed in the other females of her family.

Sorry for the novella....

Online TheSithChicken

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #22 on: November 14, 2014, 10:29:31 PM »
I've figured out what magic I want, but I'm worried about it being too strong. I don't know the limits of what we want to be possible yet so I'll just tell you all what I got so far and you tell me if it needs tweaking or if I need to just figure out something else.
I'd guess most other magic in this world isn't going to have much in the way of magic words if any at all, but that's exactly what this one is all about. I want Rune Magic. Words of power written in runes used to create various magical effects. I've been thinking about this most of the day and quickly decided if I didn't make some limitations it would be ridiculously overpowered. This is not going to be whatever I write becomes reality. Each word gives the user power over what it represents. For example, if I write "element" I can make fire, move water, or manipulate an element in some other way. The more meanings a word has the more I can use it for. The major drawbacks being that I have to write the word down for anything to happen at all and the more meanings a word has the less powerful the effect will be. So if I write out something more specific then I'm more limited in application, but have more power behind it. I also have a limited number of uses before the Rune must be rewritten. If I wrote it using paper and ink I get a single use out of the rune, but if I etch it in a piece of stone I get say three uses. The more lasting the material the more uses I get. Not to mention the time it would take to write new runes when I need to improvise in an emergency.
So I'm not overshadowing other people in their own magical disciplines I also decided that I should never be able to produce an effect of equal or greater strength than someone who uses magic specialized in that effect when writing something general though I might be able to if I write something very specific. Meaning if I write "fire" then any elementalist with power and skill in magic roughly equal to my own should be able to beat me in a direct confrontation between my fire and theirs. This forces me to use my runes in inventive ways to achieve similar results.
If this get's approved I'm hoping it'll give me a wide range of powers without making me overpowered. I've considered how to use this as a Professor or a Student though I would prefer to be a student in which case I'd be starting with the additional limitation of not knowing many Rune Words yet. I'd also like to be able to eventually learn just enough light magic to be able to write using light to eliminate the need for me to carry around a bunch of writing stuff in addition to my pre-prepared runes.
So what does everyone think? Good as is, need tweaking, or should I start thinking about something else?

Offline deadmanshandTopic starter

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #23 on: November 17, 2014, 08:05:38 PM »
Tinkertoy - Alba sounds just fine to me.

DarkPrince - Interesting. I always have a soft spot for runic magics but I need to think this one out to make sure it's not too unbalanced. Not that I am super focused on balance (being freeform and all) but it's no fun when one guy overshadows everyone else.

I'm going to try and get some more stuff up for the game tomorrow. As long as I am not in too much pain. I sort of possibly blew out my knee last night and that is making me less than comfortable. But I should be able to do some stuff while on mandated sit on my ass duty.

Offline Angie

Re: Sorcerer's Academy (Interest Check- LGBTQ friendly, NC-Exotic, Sandbox)
« Reply #24 on: November 17, 2014, 08:09:57 PM »
Ouch, that sucks, man.