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Author Topic: Mario  (Read 688 times)

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« on: November 10, 2014, 01:27:38 PM »
Disclaimer: I do not own Mario. This is merely a fun play-off of it.


Mario is a renowned plumber in Pipe Town, a small steampunk-like town made entirely of steel and sits over a patch of black piranha plants. His plumbing, however, isnít the only thing renowned about him for heís made quite a name with the ladies. When a smoking-hot princess in hiding, having heard of his great reputation, requests his help, Mario discovers that life made him out to be more than a plumber, but a hero.


The setting starts in the Mushroom Kingdom but can pretty much go wherever we want it to go. You will see many references to the games. Pipes are the in and out of this planet and are in some cases a primary mode of transportation, thus being a plumber is a rather lucrative job. Youíre not just fixing the plumbing, but the problems going down in the sewers. Itís quite dangerous.

What Can be Expected

Anything from any of the Mario games, but dominantly and mainly from Super Mario from SNES. This game is running pretty realistically in a fictional sense of course. Here are some basic run-downs:

Red Mushroom & Fire Flowers: They are an illegal drug. However, Mario has quite the stash of these. You canít always be innocent. In this world though, if you are caught with the item, then the local authorities will try to apprehend you.

Stars, Feathers, etc: They arenít an easily acquired product. They are going to be those black market products that have some crazy story in order to get their sellers to buy them or they can be acquired randomly in the game. Say, if the star falls from the sky and is acquired or the feather drops off some legendary bird.

Yoshis: They are the mounts in this game. Bowserís Army harvests the eggs and enslaves the creatures as beasts of burden, but they are dino mounts in this game. They start off small until you feed them and boy, can these dinos eat. Itís what makes them deadly as well as valuable guardians.

Currency: The currency in this game are coins of course. Who doesnít like coin?


There are many races we can use in this game, however, weíre going to put a non-cartoonish spin on them. Here a few to name:

Humans: Self-explanatory. Next!

Toad: They are a harmless and often kind race of people identified by their mushroom caps. They make a living as servants, merchants, workers; you can find them anywhere.

Koopa: The Koopa are a race of turtle-like beings who are stereotyped to be working for the evil Bowser. Although the Koopa Troopa army is allied with the villain, there are some Koopa who choose to remain neutral to the conflict. However, it doesnít help alleviate the prejudice that these turtle men face. They will be found in small numbers in neutral territories, as bandits along the roads who have gone rogue, or as elite warriors in Bowser's army.

Goombas: They are the number one soldier making up Bowserís army. They are men and women grown entirely from fungus. They resemble orcs in this game with their tusk-like teeth and brown skin, but be reminded that they are pretty much brown mushroom men.

Then, of course, the Spooks, Undead, Donkey Kong, and Bowserís generals/children, etc.

NPC & Iconic Characters

Luigi: Marioís brother. He wonít be there at the beginning of the game, but he will most definitely show up later. His relation to Mario is evident in his appearance, however, he is much taller and leaner. He is a helpful comrade.

Toadsworth: Princess Peachís loyal servant. She doesnít know it, but heís trying to track her down because he canít sleep until heís certain that sheís safe.

Wario & Waluigi: They are Mario & Luigiís arch rivals. Their appearances are rather twisted and dark compared to the heroes. Wario is obese, greedy, hot-tempered, though as strong as an ox and Waluigi is a tall and skinny cheapskate. You can only expect the worst from the two and itís best to steer clear of them. Donít let them waste your time for they certainly know how to ruin a good opportunity and make trouble.

Bowser: Heís an eight-foot, hulking dino lord and ruler of Koopa Kingdom. He attacked and successfully took Mushroom Castle in his last siege, however, he did not capture the woman he so hungrily desires: Princess Peach. With Princess Peach on the run, he will not have truly conquered Mushroom Kingdom until he has her. He intends to make the poor girl his wife and together they will rule the world.

There are many other characters, but Iím just listing the main reoccurrences.

Now the moment youíve been waiting forÖ

What I Am Looking For

This is the season where group games begin to slow down and become tedious due to eternal inactivity and issues with muse-icide. Iím retreating to solo games for the season, which should mitigate the chance of there being any mood kills.

Activity: I want an active partner. Someone who can post at least 3 times a week, however, I doubt that youíll have to post that much because you may be waiting on me, and I you, and so itíll go pretty smoothly. I just mean ďto be capable ofĒ posting 3 times a week.

Communication: Communicate with me please. If you want my YIM just ask if thatíll better keep us in touch, but just donít drop off the face of the earth. I know that I will most certainly be telling you what is keeping me if ever I take a long time to post, I expect the same respect from you.

Imagination: I will be the one primarily moving us through the plot, but I would like to also be able to build plots with you. They can be like fun episodes or side plots to play. You have to be just as imaginative as me. We have to be a team for this story to go on and on and to remain fun and sexy for the both of us. So having some creativity and not relying on me entirely to give you the inspiration or imagination to survive this game will be beneficial.

Literacy: You have to be somewhat literate to get accepted for the role of Peach. I love good description when you can make me see, feel, love, and hate a character. I love it! I love it more than the sex scenes, but if you add that ability to the sex scenes then you just blew my mind! This is a very scarce quality unfortunately, but I will be looking for a player that has a gift with description, who can spell, and knows basic grammar. Iím not a grammar nazi. I see people misspell and use grammar incorrectly all the time. You will definitely see me being a Shakespeare and sometimes making my own adjectives. I really donít care as long as youíre trying to not give me one, three-sentence paragraph. The shorter your posts are the more youíre telling me that Iím not feeling this game. Iím not asking you to write pages and pages, but Iím hoping that youíre inspired enough to do it of your own accord.

Pictures: If youíre one of those people who must use pictures to emphasize a scene. Please use the [img height=font size]http://[/img] code or Spoiler. Sometimes the pictures you link from the internet can be enormous and take up the entire screen and slow down processor speed. Please just think about what youíre doing before you do it.

Chemistry: Weíre a team here. I would love if our characters just worked out. Where we both didnít feel like we were forcing ourselves to post or interact with each other. Chemistry is rare but it exists. Iíve seen it happen with unlikely character couples and I love it. I hope to have that chemistry with our characters and writing styles. This game will go a long way.

Princess Peach: The role youíre going to be playing mainly is Princess Peach, but you are free to play other NPCs such as Toadsworth or even Luigi if you want. Let me know because I tend to be a NPC whore. I can make a slew of NPCs and have them follow our characters around until the end of the game.

The princess is supposed to be hot. Iíve made this request (for a hot character in general) a few times in other games and it must get lost in translation or I may just have a different perspective of what ďhotĒ is from that player. But sheís supposed to be this gorgeous, buxom, mouth-dropping babe. She will be like Zelda in this game because she doesnít want people discovering that sheís the princess unless theyíre need-to-know such as Mario and his brother or any allies they meet along the way. She isnít too street-smart because she hasnít lived on the streets and so the culture of the world outside royalty, politics, and etiquette will be new to her. But thatís why she has Mario. Heís going to keep people from trying to take advantage of her naivety. Even though the princess isnít accustomed to the lower-class culture, she is far from stupid or an airhead. She is clever, maybe too clever at times. How do you think sheís survived this long? She also knows how to use her beauty to her advantage.

The princess is also capable of defending herself even though she doesnít look like it. She may not be the best fighter or a martial arts master, but she does know how to put up a fight, and isnít afraid to slap whoever she feels deserves it even if itís Mario.

I gave you the main run-down of this game as well as Princess Peach. Whatever else you create around her character is of your unique spin. I will only be accepting what I feel was the best spin of the character for this game. This doesnít mean that you arenít good enough for this. What it means is that if your spin-off isnít picked that I just liked that person's and felt that that personís spin-off was closer to what I was looking for. However, if there is a stalemate, one of the writers can choose to back out or if they want to fight for the spot, there can be a write-off. Iíll have you write a sample post of how youíll be playing Princess Peach. You can put her in any situation. It does not, I repeat, it does NOT have to be sexual. I really donít care as much about the sexual aspect as I do about the OVERALL play of the character. So youíll place her in a situation and you can write as much as you want. Do your best and may the best writer win.

Feel free to post your interest below. I will be posting up a profile/example profile for Mario that you can ďquoteĒ and use to fill in your character sheet for Princess Peach.


Age: 26
Height: 5í9Ē
Weight: 175 lbs.
Physique: Muscular
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Common Quote: "Mama mia!" Mario uses this quote under various circumstances it can mean: Oo la la, god damn it!, or oh shit!

Basic Description: One of Marioís eye-catching allures is his masculinity. Heís muscular and hairy in all the right places. Interesting enough is his prized moustache that he refuses to ever shave. He wears dark-blue suspenders that are smudged in grease and sometimes mold from working the pipes or the plumbing when heís making ďhouse calls.Ē His demeanor radiates security. He is threatening to those who would dare bring harm to anyone he cares about or himself, and he is quite capable of switching from friendly to a chilling intimidating presence when he needs to.

Personality: Mario is rather optimistic. He has to be when working such a shitty job. He is a master plumber and Mr. Fix-It. He is also a veteran of the tunnels having killed many creatures and undead clogging up the pipes. Mario will try to be a gentleman, but if anyone throws that back in his face, then he can just as easily be an asshole. He doesnít mind helping someone in need, in his numerous cases, housewives when the man is gone.

In Pipe Town, Mario is very reputable despite his secret stash of red mushrooms, fire flowers, and his womanizing. He is the go-to-guy for everyoneís problems, and therefore, is a busy man who is rarely found in his office. If heís not in his office, then he can be found working somewhere about the town.

The plumber is fearless and a tough man. You do not want to pick a fight with this guy.

When it comes to women, well, hot women are his weakness whether they be heroines or villains. He loves his women and so he may need to be kept on a choker chain.

Backstory: Mario is a reputable plumber in Pipe Town. One day, he is approached by a woman desperately requesting his protection. What he doesnít realize is that his life is about to make a dramatic change.

Weapon: Sledge Hammer

Equipment: Toolbox and illegal products.

Requested Role: Filled
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Re: Mario
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2015, 05:02:43 AM »
I am relaunching interest in this solo game, and this time, I want to be specific about a certain detail that I neglected to mention in the explanation of this game.

This is NOT a smut game. The writers who have expressed interest in this game so far have been nothing but smut writers. I am sorry, but if all you write is smut, then you are not going to like this game. This game actually has a storyline and sexual play is second to it.

In conclusion, I will not be accepting smut writers in this game.