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Author Topic: Operation Steel Cloud - [Interest Check]  (Read 376 times)

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Operation Steel Cloud - [Interest Check]
« on: November 05, 2014, 07:58:49 AM »

1991 - An asteroid impacts the heartland of the United States. It leaves a fifty six mile wide crater in Topeka, Kansas. Countless lives lost. Winds scatter dust for hundreds of miles.

1992 - Survivors nearest the impact begin to exhibit strange abilities. The closest survivor is Stephen Sommers, who becomes nearly invincible. He demonstrates super speed, super strength, flight, x-ray vision, enhanced intellect, near invulnerability, and the power of flight. Within a month he is proclaimed the world's first superhero.

1995 - With the heroes came the villains, so Sommers, now calling himself Paragon, forms The Council of Heroes. For a time, they act as a vigilante group, fighting against super villains and normal criminals. There is a brief outcry from the public, afraid that these costumed vigilantes will do more harm than good.

2001 - The Council of Heroes is sanctioned by the UN to dispense justice to the rising supervillain threat. Meanwhile, governments are now finally cracking the genetic code and attempting to create their own heroes. Normal humans are getting in on the hero act as well, be it bored billionaires or tech geniuses.

2002 - Paragon stops living his civilian life completely. He fakes his death as Stephen Sommers so he can fight crime twenty four seven.

2003 - Paragon's collateral damage rate escalates. Six months later, he accidentally kills his first civilian. He is banished from The Council of Heroes.

2004 - Paragon begins killing villains in combat. More civilian deaths. Three months later, he is a wanted criminal. One month later, Paragon has killed or otherwise eliminated all members of The Council of Heroes. One week later, he goes on an unstoppable rampage and levels an entire city.

2005 - Paragon enslaves Kansas - the entire state- within a week. Any military intervention is met with swift retribution. Petrified, the world watches as he forces the civillians to build a massive antenna array. Meanwhile, the world's finest minds crack the secret to Paragon's insanity; the asteroid impact in 1991. The impact scattered spores that gifted Steven Sommers with the power to raise him above all other humans. The asteroid was not just a mere asteroid - it was a weapon. It was designed to infect a single human and raise him above all others. Once said human achieved full control over his or her ability, the spores triggered fully, sending the gifted human into a bloodlust and compelling him or her to enslave others, to construct an array which would signal the life forms that had sent the asteroid.

2006 - The array is complete. Despite humanity's best efforts, Paragon cannot be stopped. Six months later, the aliens arrive.

2008 - Most of Europe is overwhelemed, save France, England, and Russia.

2009 - France falls. Two months later, Africa as a whole is conquered. One month later, the west coast of the United States has fallen.

2012 - Half of the United States is under alien rule, with Paragon still holding the heartland.

2015 - Operation Steel Cloud. Humanity's last hope.

Operation Steel Cloud is a mixture between a superhero game and an alien invasion. Humanity has been gifted with real super powers thanks to the 91 asteroid impact, but the closest to said impact, Stephen Sommers (Paragon) was infected to a much higher degree than anyone else. Paragon's fall has brought aliens to earth and for years humanity has been struggling to hang on. The aliens' advanced technology and Paragon's might have brought humanity quickly to the brink of extinction. There is one final hope, however, and it lies in you.

You are one of the supers that Paragon didn't murder. You may be a villain or you may be a hero. It doesn't matter anymore. This is your planet, not theirs. It's time to take it back. It's time to invade the starship hovering over the middle of the United States. It's time to defeat the best of us. It's time to kill Paragon.

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Subject Name [b]NAME[/b]
Subject Alias [color=red][b]ALIAS[/b][/color]
Age [b]NUMBER/b]

[b]Background Data[/b] INFO GOES HERE

[b]Known Abilities[/b] INFO GOES HERE

[b]Known Equipment[/b] INFO GOES HERE

[b]Psychological Profiling[/b] INFO GOES HERE

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Re: Operation Steel Cloud - [Interest Check]
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2014, 07:59:27 AM »
Addt'l Images: One, Two

Subject Name Kumari Natarajan
Subject Alias Kali
From New Dehli, India
Age 23

Background Data Tells us that Kumari Natarajan grew up with a childhood fairly typical for someone in a lower social and economic standing living in India. Nothing remarkable is on record about her until sometime in her late teens. Around that time she joined the army (most likely for the food, shelter, and structure it would provide) and managed impressive scores in most fields, but proved to be an exceptional marksman and CQC combatant. Shortly after joining up with the Ghatak Commandos she simply disappeared and the Indian government has zero data on where she went or even the specific day and time she vanished.

She resurfaced several years later, the apparent result of some unknown military experiment. Her appearance was apparently not sanctioned by the Indian government, as we have picked up numerous communications and data transfers regarding her re-capture. She fled her homeland and took up the name 'Kali' while selling herself as a mercenary. The woman once known as Kumari Natarajan has long since abandoned her old name and life and seems only to live for combat.

Known Abilities Of the subject seem rather obvious from all exterior appearances. Kali has four additional limbs and seems to be able to control all six with the dexterity and speed of a highly trained military operative. She seems to be possessed of heightened strength, reflexes, speed, and advanced healing capacity. Her military training makes her an extremely deadly combatant from nearly any range. She has demonstrated exceptional CQC ability and is a champion-level marksman. Thanks to her multiple limbs she can wield many weapons at once, or use multiple limbs to support a single heavy weapon that would be unusable by a single normal soldier. Kali does not seem to need to sleep, nor does she eat in a traditional sense; she is fed a medicinal cocktail and nutrient paste through a port in her side. 

However, despite her exterior strength and ability, her insides seem to be rather weak. Kali seems to constantly wear a respirator mask and the raspy voice she speaks with indicates some kind of lung trouble. She often emits a wheezing, hacking cough. Her immune system may have been compromised by the experiments she underwent. While resilient against normal damage, illness may have a crippling effect on her.

Known Equipment Of the subject include a wide variety of firearms and knives. She seems to be armed with at least two pistols and two knives at any one time, though when Kali is in the field she carries, at minimum, four firearms and six knives. Kali is especially proficient with rifles and other semi-automatic weapons, preferring to engage from afar where possible, though it's wise to assume she is carrying some kind of automatic weapon on her. Her suit rigging holds at least four karambits (an Indonesian, curved, hand-held knife) at any one time.The battle suit she wears is high tech military-style gear and usually covered by a bullet-proof vest. Over this she wears a heavy cloak that seems to be a combination of moose leather and chainmail, rendering it impervious to blades and small caliber ammunition. The respirator mask she wears filters any air she breathes, rendering her immune to any airborne toxins or gasses. It is also extremely durable, as is her feeding system.

Psychological Profiling indicates that Kali is cold and unfeeling, treating human lives as nothing more than a means to an end. She kills without hesitation, especially if someone unfortunate gets in her way. Implacable and almost unstoppable when she has her sights set on a target, it is extremely rare for her to fail. Her cold, aloof, and utterly terrifying nature have made a name for her in the underworld. Kali seems to care little what others think of her; she only does what she needs to live. Though she seems willing to kill anyone for almost any reason, she will not harm children and does not go out of her way to cause collateral damage. Rumors indicate she may have associates in the homeless community, indicating perhaps a softness for the impoverished. A sympathy for those who shared her roots, perhaps?

Offline akirakaneda

Re: Operation Steel Cloud - [Interest Check]
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2014, 05:24:11 PM »
Im interested, although I wish to know if alien superheros (technological or based on another superhero universe issue) are possible

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Re: Operation Steel Cloud - [Interest Check]
« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2014, 05:44:26 PM »
No, Earth heroes only.

Offline akirakaneda

Re: Operation Steel Cloud - [Interest Check]
« Reply #4 on: November 05, 2014, 06:19:06 PM »
Hope everything it's ok

Normal guy
Berserker mode

Addt'l Images: psionic shield

Subject Name Unknown
Subject Alias K9999
From Unknown
Age Unknown, around 20

Background Data During the time between the crack of genetical code of the superheros and the rise of Paragon,  supersecret project was taken in Area 51 by the US government. Through the years the artificially made superheros proved to have a limit, although they could achieve many superpowers something in their unconscious stopped to fulfill their total capability, therefore they could only use a percentage of it before a mental breakdown, it wa a current problem for the US army.
That's why to get over of that problem scientist starts the mission to create a new synthetic superhero, cloning cell by cell it was supposed to be a force superior to Paragon, why? ... because the scientist were using his cells as their biological basis and the aim of the whole project was to destroy Paragon which was already an increasing menace to US security.

Unfortunately the idea was too good to be truth, after the main scientist sacrificed his own son to get his brain and all that in the reptilian brain that cannot be reproduced, the project went from bad to worse, the expensive and long project was cancelled in favour of cheaper options, many scients quit and finally when the first prototype was almost ready, it lost control ... his brain was not completely developed and reacted with his primal instincts, destroying the whole lab and research team in the lab, the place was locked down under miles deep in the earth and under several walls of steel, an atomic bomb was detonated inside the place hoping to eliminate everything in there, the place was abandoned in the confusion that comes after the rising of Paragon and the project considered failed.

In the middle of a battle in the region a bomb hit the place and casually opened the gates of the place, K9999 saw something he havenīt seen long before, light, following it he came up to the surface. Somehow he seems more calm as many memories in his brain seemed to make him less insane, without any knowledge of the exterior world and with nothing more besides his clothes he walked in the desert, but his partially cyborg brain ocasionally remembered his predetermined order "destroy Paragon".

Known Abilities

Electrokinesis - K9999 can control static electricity, but his ability is limited. He can only create electricity and attack with "electric slashes".
Psionic Shield - K9999 can create a moon-shaped shield of psychic energy.
Drill - K9999 can transform his right arm into an iron drill.
Full Power Energy Attack - By using his full power, K9999 can release energy through the air causing damage to anyone nearby. he canīt control this power at will

Known Equipment none

Psychological Profiling : as said before is a very unstable guy, his brain is partially cyborg, and he is very good to understand the functioning of machines and to think logically, however he is a "social idiot" since common sense or social rules are unknown to him, he had very human contact in the desert of Arizona, but he has a very highly developed ability to learn.
During the use of his powers his unfinished mind, can lost control and turn from a cold emotionless man to an authentic berserker which is guided only by the desire of destroying Paragon, that word usually causes nervous tic's.
On the other hand, as his whole body is based on the Paragon's cells and the unconcious mind of a teenager ocasionally had flashbacks of both which increases the confusion in his tortured mind.
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Offline Deathnote

Re: Operation Steel Cloud - [Interest Check]
« Reply #5 on: November 05, 2014, 09:01:48 PM »
Addt'l Images: Alternate Pic

Subject Name Ken Aldrin
Subject Alias Black Bullet (Formerly known as Scout)
From Topeka, Kansas
Age Chronologically 30 / Biologically 20

Background Data Ken Aldrin was only six years old when the 91 asteroid hit his home town of Topeka, Kansas.  Among the countless lives that were lost due to the impact of this asteroid were both of Ken's parents.  As a result, Ken was placed under the custody of his parents' closest friend, Uncle Stephen Sommers.  He started developing super speed at around the same time that Uncle Stephen became the superhero known as Paragon.  Although Ken was expressly forbidden from getting involved in any super heroics until he turned 18, he would still use his super speed to help out from time to time.  It was unclear why Paragon changed his mind, but when Ken turned 10, he was allowed to join his Uncle Stephen in the fight for justice as his trusty side-kick, Boy Scout (Ken would later insist that the 'boy' part of that name be dropped completely).

By 2002, the relationship between superhero and side-kick was becoming strained, especially when Paragon decided to fake the death of his alter-ego, Stephen Sommers.  Wishing to escape Paragon's shadow and become his own man, Ken abandoned his former superhero identity of Scout and became the Black Bullet.  A few months later, the first signs of Black Bullet losing control of his Super Speed started appearing, though in exchange it also seemed that he was becoming faster.  In spite of their previous disagreements, Black Bullet was able to join The Council of Heroes as an official member thanks to Paragon's recommendation.  Six months later, when Paragon accidentally killed his first civilian, Black Bullet would attempt to defend his former mentor and prevent his banishment from The Council of Heroes.  When his efforts were proven to be for naught, Black Bullet found himself unable to stay with the council and subsequently left of his own accord.

Black Bullet was one of the first to confront Paragon when the former superhero started enslaving Kansas.  He couldn't believe that Paragon would intentionally kill anyone, least of all the entire Council of Heroes.  The two of them fought, though it was obvious that Paragon was the superior fighter.  If it were not for Ken's healing factor, he would already be dead.  Upon realizing that there was no way to get through Paragon's invincibility through brute force alone, Black Bullet led Paragon all the way to Antarctica.  In the freezing and uninhabitable wasteland of a continent, Black Bullet made his last stand.  Using a freeze gun that once belonged to a former villain, Black Bullet attempted to encase Paragon in a block of ice.  Unfortunately, Paragon was already on to his plan and deftly destroyed the gun before it could be used.  In the course of their final battle, Black Bullet was thrown straight through some relatively thin ice where he would be frozen for a long period of time...

Ten years later, Black Bullet would be found in a block of ice... and somehow still alive...

Known Abilities Ken has the ability to move faster than the speed of sound.  His super speed includes the ability to enhance his perception to match his speed, an aura that protects him from friction, and an accelerated healing factor.  He is also incredibly tough, enough to allow him to withstand the forces that come with moving at superhuman speeds.  Recently, Ken has discovered that he could go much much faster than the speed of sound.  The fastest he has ever gone was faster than Mach 10, but even then it is unknown whether or not that is his true top speed.

Ken's super speed comes with an accelerated metabolism, meaning that he would have to consume a lot more food than the average man of his size and age.  While he has control over his accelerated perception of time, if he's not consciously controlling it, he may end up activating it without even noticing.  For example, he could be standing in line for what would feel like hours on end.  Only when he starts paying attention will he realize that only five seconds have passed in "real" time.

Known Equipment none

Psychological Profiling Ken could be considered by some to be the "strong, silent" type.  Usually very stoic and serious, he has a surprisingly short temper.  He attempts to be approachable and tries to be friendly with other people, though it's obvious that he's not very good at it.  He can also be surprisingly stubborn and make very reckless decisions at times.  Once he's made up his mind about something, he'll see through it to the end.  Ken is also the type to see things in shades of grey.  He believes that everything is circumstantial and prefers to hear the full story before having to judge someone if he has to.  He also believes that there is good in everyone, though there are people he would find hard to forgive if at all.