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Started by Crimsonbella, November 04, 2014, 03:18:38 AM

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Current Status: On hold for future projects! You people work fast in filling my needs!

Greetings one and all. Thank you for taking a look at my thread! Please check out my O/os for the basics of what I'm looking for. Just to repeat myself a tiny bit, I'll explain what I'm looking for in my lovely partners.

In general, I'd like my partners to play male roles opposite of my female roles. Your personal gender does not matter to me. Ladies, if you can play a damn good male role, by all means contact me if you're interested. Smut is fantastic, but I've noticed without a good plot to drive the characters threads fall apart. As mentioned in my O/o's, please be open/willing to playing multiple characters along with me should the need arise. For me a plot is much more expansive and robust with more than just two main roles. Naturally, the mains will be the focal point in which everything rotates around, and side characters don't need to be included in every scene.

For more in depth details and discussion, please shoot me a PM! I'd like to not clutter the thread with bumps <3

Post-Apocalyptic-- details to be ironed out [potential non-con]
In 20XX nuclear and biochemical warfare ended the modern way of life. In the beginning, reports of the undead staggering from the wasted cities was believed to be nothing more than a hoax. Too soon in the wake of recovery was the truth laid bare. Entire cities spawned hordes of undead. Those that survived set up fortified cities and struggled to keep on living.

Our story takes place fifteen years after the end began. Major technology has failed. There is no internet, no television. Radio has survived, some cities are lucky to still have functional electrical plants. Zombies in general are still a threat, but years of exposure to natural elements and loss of fresh prey has made the major hordes weak. Fresh dead, bodies of the recently bitten or deceased, remain a threat with higher speed and great physical resilience. Fortified hub towns spared from the bombs dot the landscape: the last vestiges of humanity scraping out new lives. Some towns, some states, fared better than others. Roving bands of raiders and lawless towns also exist, adding to the danger for those wanting to be left in peace.

Along the Mississippi River lies a small town. While well defended resources are running low. It's time to send out the scavengers. Little does the team know that sometimes in order to save a town, certain sacrifices must be made...

My Character

Rats in the Tower -- Hostage situation [potential non-con]
Plot 2

The prestigious Frontline News Organization Tower looms over a near-futuristic Los Angeles. Rivaling New York's Rockefeller Center, the Tower stands as a pinnacle to a more modern age of media. The epicenter of commercial business and news, takes center stage as world leaders gather for a public forum, hosted by FNO's international anchor. With the televised forum well underway, chaos erupts when terrorists infiltrate and lock down the tower. When the options are run and hide or face capture and possible execution and torture, what's an eccentric journalist to do but naturally run and continue documenting all the atrocities taking place.

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Everyone needs a little Lovecraft....
The whispers of the Deep Ones remained silent for many long years. Human memories fade quickly, events pass into legend and spiral into fairy tales to frighten young children. The year is 2015, no one fears monsters these days....but they shall soon learn that they should. Miskatonic University, once famed and prestigious, has fallen off the charts as far as Ivy League schools go. A dark history of tragedy and mystery, shadows long since cast over the school, have also faded with time. The sudden strange activity and bizarre occurrences cannot be connected with the past...can they? 

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Fandom Fun and general ideas with no hard plots ready at the moment
Far Cry 4 (pre-game Ishwari + Pagan or perhaps an AU/role reversal where rather than killing her, Mohan kidnapped Lakshmana and escaped Kyrat)
Elder Scrolls (Skyrim somewhat craving)
Shin Megami Tensei
Game of ThronesCurrently filled
Legend of Grimrock
O/o Thread Slightly outdated.