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May 26, 2018, 01:07:00 PM

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Author Topic: Inspired by Tomb Raider: survival, adventure, action, NC, struggle, supernatural  (Read 947 times)

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Offline Snow NymphTopic starter

!!! Definitely still looking !!!
!!! May or may not be looking for more interest with this idea at this point, ask me first !!!

Inspired by the most recent, "2013" edition of Tomb Raider.  Less about puzzles, more about action and survival.

Short version: Inexperienced in combat heroine struggles to survive, and quickly learns how to fight, and then fights to take down a larger enemy.

Here's a flurry of images so you may understand where I'm coming from, native to the idea or not.  Disclaimer: Not a Lara Croft RP, just inspired by it.  If you want to do a Lara Croft RP, I'm not completely against it, but you'll have to sell it well.

Original Characters
Though inspired by Tomb Raider, I don't actually intend to play with Lara Croft.  We'll be using original characters, and an original plot.  I do require a female lead, and a strong one at that.

Our Roles
I believe this would work best player and GM.  Meaning, someone plays the heroine, the other plays the world and the other characters.  The GM also decides the outcome of actions, less god-modding, and more lord or lady of the diceless justice.  If that makes sense...

Plot Elements
Survival: Risks and danger, no permanent injuries, but probably some blood.  No overly graphic horror-type stuff however please.
Adventure: There is a deeper plot, and the fight of good versus evil
Action: Physical combat, she will win some, she will lose some
Struggle: It's not often easy, it's not often impossible. 
Dynamic Friends and Foes: She isn't alone, she had friends.  Her friends may betray her.  Her enemies may be convinced to work with her.

Supernatural: Partially negotiable, in that, you'll have to talk me out of it if you don't want it.  A good plot outside of it would work well.

Specifics however... flexible.  Stranded on an island?  Kidnapped by a cult?  Wakes up in a nightmarish realm?  Demons?  Monsters?  Science Fiction?  Give me somewhere to run with and I'll brainstorm.  Have an idea yourself, I'd love to here it!

Hotness Elements
NC: The degree of it is negotiable, it may be simple groping, or partial stripping, or it may go up to 'almost sex' all the way to rape.  Let's discuss it!
Clothing: It will be damaged, perhaps torn off her.  But nakedness will be partial, or else very temporary.  I also have a thing for bare arms, tank tops, spaghetti straps, bandeau's...

Romance: Romantic, not smutty.  FxF or FxFuta preferred.  Multiple partners?  I'm preferring limited to under the clothes action, but like I said, negotiable.
Punishment: What happens to her on defeat?  Do they tie her up?  Attempt to enslave her?  Perform rituals?  Something kinkier?
Public Humiliation: Is she made an example of upon defeat?  How often?

Something else in mind?  Let me know!

Game Over Checkpoint?
If you want to focus more on survival, less on kinkiness or NC, I'm open to a Game Over system with non-graphic deaths.  The heroine must have memory of the events (else why would she do anything differently?), and we can talk some consequences for death perhaps.  Maybe it's just the pain of death.  I won't suggest it, so if you want to try it, say so.

Possible Girls
Here's some pics of potential girls.  I think they would make some good heroine's, but maybe they make some good NPC's too.  Bonus points for wanting to use pic 1.

Potential Plots?
If I'm up to it, I may add some potential plot ideas here later... but we'll see!

If Interested:
2-3 paragraph standard average: more accepted, but I'll hover about here usually
Weekly minimum posting: I'll sometimes manage multi-daily, daily, biweekly, but I always try to manage weekly.  Anything similar is accepted, with rarely longer than that when life just gets a bit hectic.  If delays get extensive, please send me a warning!
Posting in Thread: Not PM's
Third-Person: he's/she's

Thank all who replied up to this point with the good nature of bumping me.  I didn't mention my preference for the PM reply originally, so that's my bad.  I appreciate the thought, but please leave this thread for me to moderate only :)  If I want to refresh the interest with bump, I'll add some content as I do so and then manage it myself.  Again, super-appreciated, but I may not want to bump it past a certain point that may be fast approaching, depending.  But thanks again!  And it was good to see you again Garuss :)

Use of pictures in the story HIGHLY Preferred!

For the love of all that is holy, please send interest over PM with details.  Who plays the heroine?  What kind of plot might you be interested in?  What kinds of kinks?  Ratio of plot:kink?  Amount of NC preferred?  Please, please tell me what you can about your thoughts!
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Offline Roxy Sabine

Hi Snow Nymph!
I must admit that this RP seems like a total blast! I've been a fan of Lara's adventures since the second game of the saga and even though I still have to play this new chapter, I love the new focus on survival and exploration that came up with it.
I'd be fine with GMing the story and the plot elements that seems most intriguing to me revolve around being stranded on an island and investigating on/being kidnapped by a mysterious and evil cult worshiping an ancient relic of some sort. Maybe something similar to the Cthulhu mythos.
Maybe it's not her who gets kidnapped, maybe she is traveling with her younger sister along with other people, and when they shipwreck on the island and she comes to her senses they're all missing. The possibilities are endless! NC (up to rape eventually) and Punishment/Public Humiliation are definitely a turn on for me too and I'd really like to include a scene where the bad guys use her (or one of the npcs) as a victim for a ritual. Well...I basically agree on the whole "Hotness Elements" paragraph but I'd like a FxF romance if that's possible though ^^ I've a few ideas on possible partners but I think that that's something that can be discussed later eventually.
The girl in Pic 1 is absolutely hot, so I'm ok with that too!!!

How much of the supernatural element do you allow in this? Will demons be allowed? Will kinky scenes with them be allowed? 
I like kinkiness in my stories and a bit of smut but usually that goes hand on hand with the plot.

I know that I'm not an experienced member of the E community so I'll understand if you have some concerns about that. I'll attach my approval thread so you can take a look at some of my writing prompts to check my style and know something about me :)

Offline Garuss Vakarian

A bump for a fair, and friendly role player. Sorry our interests never came together Snow, but ever happy to give a friendly bump.

Trust me ladies and gents, she is fair. And if you read her past posts, a partner well worth your time.