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Started by mcontroller, November 02, 2014, 08:05:38 PM

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Hello!  First of all, thanks to those who have deigned to play with me.  Below are three other ideas I have in mind:


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They had found the stone on display at Galaxy City's Treverian Museum of Natural History, the curator thought it was just another piece of quartz, not realizing the treasure he had on hand.  Overlord raided the museum after hours, it was no effort at all to knock out the guards and take what was rightfully his.

A quiet throat cleared behind him.  Overlord turned, his thick black cape swishing with the movement to face the man who dared interrupt his reverie.

"Yes?" he inquired, his hollow voice sending a shiver through his minion.

"The alarm was tripped, sir," the minion explained.

"I see," Overlord replied, "Well, no matter.  Galaxy City's Guardmen are out of town, leaving only a few teen heroes, a couple independents."

He smiled, his glowing eyes regarding the jewel.

"Nothing we cannot handle..."

The premise is a super villain no one took seriously now has access to an artifact that gives him god-like power.  Heaven help the heroines who attempt to stop him...

God Among Men

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Blackness, shivering cold, a sense of weightlessness.

Then all at once, reality returned.

Subaro blinked and rubbed his eyes.  The stasis field always had that effect on him; suspended animation, devoid of chemicals or cryogenic processes, it froze him in a slice of time while the universe whipped by.  Him and his ‘staff’.

He smiled ironically at that.  As a ‘god’ Subaro, scientist researcher second class, had a host of slaves who saw him as something far more than human.  Guards, handmaidens, harem slaves, all saw him as their deity and his vast worldship as one step below heaven.

He had not meant it this way, when he arrived at this world.  Then he and his superior and the rest of the team had set about researching this planet and it’s primitive cultures.  But while here war had broken out at home, populations were decimated.  A new dark age had swept over the Confederacy.  Subar’s superior and the rest had gone back in the swiftship to see what had befallen their families, while he was left behind to tend to their mother vessel.

That was two thousand cycles ago; there had been no word since.  Subar had used the stasis field to cheat time, averaging ten years for every one lived.   Probes designed to pick up sub space transmissions while he ‘slept’ told him the same thing every time; no one had tried to contact him.

Over the years loneliness had finally taken it’s toll and he brought a girl up for company.  She saw him as a god, and to his surprise the world ship-seen as a bright light from below-was considered an omen of luck, good and ill both.  So he became a god, at least in name.

He looked at his reflection in the plasteel viewscreen; he was a handsome man, tall and broad shouldered frame housed in pure white boots, breeches and tunic cut down to his navel.  His thick, black hair was worn short, his skin bronzed by alien suns.  Gray eyes looked back at him sadly.

He shook himself forced his mind away from his reverie and waved his hand over the control console before him, activating it.  When he had slept earlier he had sent emissaries-harem slaves and servants he had grown tired of, sent below with their minds full of useful knowledge-to propose new agricultural concepts.  Already the medical advances he had proposed had cut down infant mortality and extended life spans, but to deal with growing populations farmers had to modernize.

He sighed as he regarded the computer’s condensed reports concerning events of the past decade: wars.  More wars.  Not wars for resources or even women, but simply wars of prestige.  Feuding cousins vying for advantage over one another for short term gain.  Damn it, there was even a religious war concerning the proper worship of him!

“Time for another meteor strike,” he muttered.  Time to show them what ‘wrath of God’ was all about.

As he called up likely targets and prepared the tractor beams to draw in suitable missiles, another screen showed prospective candidates for new harem members.  Across the globe women were given up to him in an annual festival called Bride’s Day.  On that day Subaro chose the fortunate to serve him, calling them up to the heavens on a magical ray of light.

He hesitated; this years Bride’s Day had an interesting assortment…

To better flesh out the premise, rather than a group game I am looking for a single writing partner to role play the different women in Subaro's life, from newcomer to the ship to a harem member, to perhaps more exotic members like nekos.  On Subaro's ship many sexual depravities go on below decks as women are modified to become more perfect slaves, their bodies turned into ultra-sensitive vessels of pleasure.

George's Guest

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George is a retired vet who lives on a small Montanna ranch.  He enjoys the solitude, spending his days riding his horse and scouting out his range.  Until one day a fugitive winds up on his doorstep, a cat girl right out of one of his sister's animes who needs refuge, and whose pheromones makes her irresistable to an otherwise stand up guy.

The game I have in mind involves a lot of sex and maybe a little adventure. The neko in question is not out to dominate, just to make everyone around her happy, including the teenagers who help on the farm, George's kid sister, his fiance, etc.

Master App

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i]Jack had no idea where the app had come from on his phone, only that it allowed him to alter bodies and minds, which made him a virtual god...[/i]

The premise is a man acquires an app that allows him to transform both himself and others.  Much sex ensues.