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Author Topic: ( Cravings thread! -- F for M -- World of Warcraft )  (Read 277 times)

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( Cravings thread! -- F for M -- World of Warcraft )
« on: October 30, 2014, 01:38:09 AM »
Hello, lovely, thanks for taking a look (apologies for the plain layout!).

Tell me what you want! I'm always happy to accommodate your suggestions and desires. :)
Write a minimum of 2-3 descriptive paragraphs. A longer introduction is appreciated.
Reply at least once a week and let me know when you'll be away.
Don't abandon the RP if you're bored or have a problem. Let's try to work it out first! If not, we can part ways.

Read my O/O's before my plots/pairings. Contact me by PM if you're interested!

Click Here for ONs and OFFs
*Feel free to request light kinks such as stockings, red hair, etc.


- OOC communication
- Story driven
- Descriptive writing
- Plot contribution
- Realistic anatomy
- Taller males
- Multiple characters
- Romance
- Conflict
- Drama
- Playing a switch
- Consensual
- Dubious consent
- Foreplay
- Oral and vaginal
- Humans
- Supernatural creatures
- Teasing and seduction
- Dom or switch males
     Sure thing

- Coercion and blackmail
- Hurt/comfort
- Sex outside of the bedroom
- Arranged marriage
- Kidnapping
- Cyborgs
- Dragons
- Non-sexual pain
- Non-consensual sex
- Period clothing/stockings
- Roughhousing
- Pleasure control
- Playing a dom or uppity sub
- Strong submissive males
- Role reversal
- Virginity
- Sexually experienced
- Small Dom/Big Sub
- Substance use
- Voyeurism/exhibitionism
- Light bondage only (no BDSM)
- Tattoos, scars, piercings
- Pseudo-incest

- Anthros (no furries)
- Anal
- FxF or Futa
- Pregnancy
- Corruption
- Mind control
- Adultery
     No thanks

- Sex driven RPs
- One shots
- MxM
- Scat, vore, gore, bestiality, etc
(basically, no extreme kinks)
- Effeminate males
- RP abandonment
- Major god-modding
- Harems
- Breath control

World of Warcraft - I've played up to Cataclysm but I'll wiki whatever era/event you want. We can change my ideas or make something new.

( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) ( 5 ) ( 6 )

- Night elf x OC
- Blood elf x OC
- Worgen x OC
- Death Knight x OC
- and more...
(no goblins, undead, or gnomes)
  • Worgen x OC: He's never truly come to terms with his curse and is always seeking a cure. The worgen heads to Dalaran, the only place he believes he can find a magical cure. Once there he hears about a warlock living in the underbelly of the city, and rumor has it she can help him... for a price.
  • Death Knight x OCl: Former Death Knights are integrating into society by seeking adventure, reuniting with loved ones, or finding a higher calling. Although suspicion and dislike follow them everywhere, yet another obstacle has arisen: with the Lich King defeated, a dark mage/druid (or Lady Sylvanus?) seeks to put a leash on the undead once again.
  • Night elf x OC: I'd love to pair an Alliance druid with a Horde druid (troll or orc, if you're okay changing the lore), or another Alliance druid. This idea is pretty vague but it could be interesting if a character becomes tainted by the Emerald Dream or by fel magic on a trip to the Outlands. Or we could open with a more cliche scenario (hurt/rescue, captured in battle, ambassadors, etc) to get things started.
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