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June 12, 2021, 04:17:18 pm

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Author Topic: Porcelain Princess' Search For A Prince (Female Seeking Male)  (Read 643 times)

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Porcelain Princess' Search For A Prince (Female Seeking Male)
« on: October 29, 2014, 10:13:13 pm »
A Quick Introduction:
Hello there! It seems as though you have stumbled upon my request thread.
Let me just start off by saying that my name is Addison, or at least that is what I chose to go by on this website.
You may call me Addison, Addie, Porcelain, Princess, Porcelain Princess whatever you choose or prefer, any are perfectly fine by me!
Though I am new to this particular site I have been roleplaying for about five or six years now, so I would consider myself to be fairly experienced roleplayer.
Please take a moment to read over my On's and Off's located here.
Thank you!

My Requirements:
  • I want my partners to be literate. This means use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If English is not your first language, I completely understand. However if you message me using slang, unnecessary abbreviations, etc, I will not reply back to you. Same goes for during an RP. If you start to use an excessive amount of slang terms, abbreviations, etc, when the time is not right, I will drop the RP then and there. I do however understand that everyone makes spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes so I will not pin those against you.
  • I want all post to have some sort of substance and emotion to them. I want to know what your character is feeling and thinking, not just doing. I don't want to participate in an RP that lacks depth, that's absolutely in no way enjoyable.
  • If you have come here looking for a pairing to be based solely, or majorly based on smut or even story, you are in the wrong place. I am not going to be your bimbo, sex toy, rag doll, slave, or whatever you may call it. My pairings must have story and plot to them, a ratio of about 60:40 is what I prefer. The 60 obviously being story and plot, and the 40 being smut. That being said, I also do not like diving right into sexually activities. Give the story a chance to build up and evolve before even treading into those waters.
  • I personally do very much enjoy OOC conversations and love getting to know my partners better outside of our roleplay. I feel that it helps create a better knowledge of the other person's personalities so that we can better the pairing. Just like any other relationship, the better the bond the better the conversations you will have. So feel free to shoot me a message outside of our RP.
  • I absolutely refuse to take place in a one liner RP. If you can not get at least a one paragraph response to me, I will drop the RP. There are never any circumstances that I see fit, when one liners are okay and acceptable. I usually give out anywhere from one to five paragraph responses, sometimes more, depending on where we are at in our role play. Whatever you give, I will do my best to mirror, and whatever I give, I expect you to do your best to mirror. That being said though, I do prefer quality over quantity.
  • Multiple main characters is something I personally will not do. If you want me to be two different females that you engage with, too bad. I am not comfortable playing two main roles, and personally don't like it. I get too confused and caught up in things and it just throws me off. If you however want to play two different main characters we can definitely discuss the idea.

My Pairings:
Those listed with a strike through them are already taken or ones I am not interested in currently.
Create Custom Plots
Older Sibling's best friend
Best friend's older sibling
Step Siblings
Adopted sibling
Single mother
Best friends
Old Flame
Camper x Camper
Camper x Counselor
Bartender x Customer
Waitress x Customer
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Hunter
Vampire x Victim
Vampire x Vampire
Band member x Fan
Band member x Band member
Band member x Crew member
Boss x Assistant/Intern
Doctor x Patient
Nurse x Patient
Doctor x Nurse
Police Officer x Criminal
Police Officer x Victim
Kidnapper x Victim
Criminal x Victim
Celebrity x Celebrity
Celebrity x Average Joe
(Zombie) Apocalypse Survivors

My Plots:
Four Years Later
Pairing: Old Flame
The Plot
MC and YC dated all through high school, and were completely and utterly in love. We were that couple that everyone expected to one day get married and live our lives together, and we saw it the same exact way. Things were perfect until senior year came and we both got accepted into different colleges on the opposite sides of the country. Once graduation had come and passed we decided that it would be the best for us to break up and focus on our own futures. Four years later, YC's moved back to our home town to start your new business. YC and MC run into each other and you find that I've become a mother to a three year old child, little did you know that the child is yours. Thinking that it's the best thing to do since YC has such a promising future MC hides her pregnancy from you and never tells you that she's had a child. Where things go from there, who knows?

Welcome Home
Pairing: Best friends
The Plot
MC and YC were best friends all through Jr. High, and High School. The two of us basically were inseparable and we spent all of our time together. Due to fear of losing our friendship, neither of us confess that we actually have feelings for the other one. After graduation YC decides to join the armed forces, whichever branch is up to you, and MC goes off to college. The two of us have seen each other a few times a year since graduation, and talk through emails back and forth, but really haven't got a chance to talk one on one. Almost two years after finishing college MC gets engaged to a guy she met at school, and invited YC to the wedding to be in her wedding party. After finally seeing each other, and being with each other one on one our feelings for the other person start to come back. It's a few days before my wedding and MY has to decide what she wants to do. Get married to this guy who she realizes she doesn't truly love, or break off the wedding and leave with YC.

The Foreign Exchange Student
Pairing: Student x Student
The Plot
MC is a foreign exchange student who has just transferred to YC's school from a completely different country, continent even. After being stuck in the same small town for years on end MC gets bored and decides to study abroad. Taking a big change and making a big chance MC moves to YC's country without knowing anything about the area, the people who live there, or even the school she's going to, besides what she had read online and the bit of research she's put into it. She needs new friends, and new people to talk to, but most importantly she needs someone to show her around and get acquainted with the area, and that's where YC comes in!
The type of character you play will be completely up to you, whether he's the quiet nerdy kid, the jock who everyone knows, the misfit or different kid who stands out compared to everyone else, etc. It's completely up to you and I'll let you have fun choosing who you want YC to be.

Feel free to message me with any ideas or plots you may have, or if you'd like to discuss any of my pairings or plots listed above. I am open to any ideas and changes as well!
Thank you for taking your time to read over my request thread, and if you are interested don't hesitate to send a private message my way!
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