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Author Topic: Kittens Cravings. Seeking Male  (Read 948 times)

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Kittens Cravings. Seeking Male
« on: October 28, 2014, 03:33:48 am »
War Bride
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This takes place in an alternate timeline with a steam punk vibe

The German army proved unstoppable and their marched across Europe. The Russians and the ocean were the only things able to stop their progress. Of course, this leaves most of Europe under German control. As peace settles across the globe again, Germany sets up provinces in their conquered territory. Their airships patrol the skies, preventing any valuable workers from escaping and the newly appointed governors rule with an iron fist.

The war has cost Germany though and they have a shortage of sons and workers. A woman is valued most for her reproductive organs and ability to bear sons.
Many governors resent being sent away from the fatherland. They should be heroes! They are heroes! They often take this anger out on their new subjects, showing their worth and proving how little worth the conquered carry.

The new governor of England and Ireland has his hands full with the rebellious Irish. They dislike being subjected and fight the occupying force. Years pass though and eventually, they settle into this new way of life. There's no escape for the new serf class and life slowly gets better. The war time rations are over and while winter is hard-for the most part people survive.

One Irish maid has the unlucky position of working for the Governor. She's a new hire and thankfully, the notorious pervert hasn't noticed her yet. This maid comes from a boy rich family. Her mother raised 5 boys, only to lose them in the war and her sister has given her husband 2 sons already. But, she isn't German, so perhaps he will leave her alone.
What she doesn't know is the Governor was just turned down. He was denied both his German bride and return to Germany. He's looking for someone to take his displeasure out on and looking for a woman.

Vikings Raid
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Aine looks up, rage in her eyes as the viking stands over her. Her hands are numb and sword dropped at her feet. She's dazed, barely able to focus on the large, bear of a man as he stands smirking over her. The raid had been unexpected, the long ships came with the mist, the viking warriors rising up quickly.
The town is small, isolated but have good land. The land is fertile and crops grow quickly.

Aine slowly slumps forward, falling to the ground unconscious.

The vikings are growing tired. Their land doesn't support crops, they must raid to survive. They want their own home. And this band has found it.
The men that didn't fight are allowed to live. They'll be put to use farming the land for their new overlords while the vikings enjoy the women.

Aine was the only woman to fight. Women aren't allowed weapons, their not trained in their use. Fighting is a man's sport, a man's job. Aine still drew a sword and fought. She knew they'd most likely kill the short boy wielding the large sword. She just didn't expect her enemy to hit her upside the head and dislodge her helmet.

With her hair spilling over her back, it's clear she's simply a brave woman defending her home.

She's pretty, though its impossible to tell her figure. Aine's bound her breasts flat and dressed in her brother's old armor. The girl is spirited though which is rare in these women, she's a natural fighter. Most women are raised to be submissive to men, to passively accept their lot.
This one....she picked up a sword and fought.

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I'm looking for someone to play the Bane from the latest movie but with a few twists.  This is not cannon. The basic plot will remain the same with a few major exceptions. Bruce Wayne, knowing he will not always be able to fight for Gotham, has adopted and trained a protege. This young orphan has become proficient in armed and unarmed combat and has never adopted Waynes refusal to kill. The second deviation is a simple one, Bruce Wayne dies in the foreign  prison. His protege, Matilda, realizes shortly after his disappearance that she must step forward. She bids her time and works closely with Commissioner Gorden as they try to find and disarm the bomb.
The third and possibly the biggest deviation is the final battle. The police are defeated and the bomb detonates. However, Miranda Tate and Bane have escaped with most of their army.  Bane has brought with him Wayne's defeated protege.

I'd like to start the roleplay at the beginning of the final battle with the villains believing Wayne has escaped and returned to do battle. Bane unmasks the Batman, wishing to see his face as he dies. Seeing the young woman, he decides to take her.
Plot beyond that will need to be discussed.

New Slave
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The island country of Jerarquía was set in the Indian ocean a equal distance from India and Australia it was based on a semi British, contemporary Indian and Spanish history. There was only  three major cities in a population of 832,211, the eastern capital of the country holding the only public airport. A country with a thriving market of new technologies. Many technologies that never left the country's borders. A country based off of series of local, regional, and national elections, but based more so off of laws of status. Hierarchy of daily life was straight out of medieval times.

The highest on the daily totem pole being any man with a slave, and women were the slaves. Upon her 18th's birthday a woman could either pay the ever escalating female freedom fees (fff), or be registered as the slave to a male. Most women were sold far too quickly to be retained by their own family, but those men able to retain the higher fees to purchase their own sister, mother, aunt, niece or whatever were highly regarded. Seen as protectors of their families, and their blood line. The initial registry in these cases was often very high....but when the women in question were foreign tot he land, no a previous young citizen of Jerarquía, the fee was a few hundred dollars.

tags: Incest, Lactation, Force, bondage, slavery, pet play