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May 21, 2018, 03:51:54 PM

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Author Topic: The Fairy Witch: F seeks f/m GM for Extreme Dresden Files RP  (Read 345 times)

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Offline NoelleAldenTopic starter

The Fairy Witch: F seeks f/m GM for Extreme Dresden Files RP
« on: October 24, 2014, 01:24:14 PM »
I'm looking for someone to be the Gamemaster for an RP set in the Dresdenverse, using the rules of the Dresden Files RPG. I myself am a big fan of the series and have read all the core books, as well as most side stories; I would like to stay out of canon business, focusing mostly on original characters for this one, though.

I'm open to most every location, except Chicago, and though I would prefer it to play sometime after Changes but before Peace Talks, I am open to playing further in the past - but not in the future. In the rp itself, anything goes - I don't mind my character being put through the ropes at all. Anything reasonable goes, so long as it does not involve one of my Offs (see the link in my signature).

This is the character I have in mind for this game:

Name: Bree McCalvin


High Concept: Seelie Sorceress

Trouble: Summer's Desire
Bree is driven to revel in her desires, be they material or spiritual. Much like Spring and Summer are times of coupling, feeding and oppulance, so is she a being that is fundamentally driven to indulge.

Background: Two-Half Child
Born the daughter of a Seelie Sidhe and a human sorcerer, Bree has ever been a child stuck between two worlds, not truly belonging to either.

Rising Conflict: Parental Power Play
Neither of her parents was a good person, or even decent - Bree was, first and foremost, a power play in some arcane Fae game.

The Story: Empty Roads
When she was twelve, the game that she was born for ended with the defeat of her parents (and their death). Bree ended up on the streets completely alone for three years, until a small Cult took her in.

The Sequel: Cult Love
The Cult revered a lesser noble of the Wyldfae, and its members spent most of their time living in reckless abandon, with Hedonism as their life's philosophy. It wasn't until they began to use black magic that Bree first found herself at odds with her new Family - and it wasn't until a Warden came to stop them that she decided to take action.

The Result: Summer Choice
When the Wardens came, they executed most of the cult members - and since Bree had used black magic herself (having been tricked into it by her 'Master'), they were about to execute her, when she saved herself the only way she knew how - by choosing to embrace her Fae Heritage. Now a True Fae, the nineteen-year-old Bree finds herself alone on the streets once more.

Appearance & Personality
Bree is a tall girl at six feet and an inch - and most of that is legs, legs, legs. Her skin is flawless, without any hair and pale in a healthy way - regardless of all the time she may spend in the sun. She has curly, dark red hair, often compared to aged wine, and eyes of Summer green, slitted like a cats. Her ears are just a bit pointed, and her canines are longer and sharper than any humans could be, though she usually hides her inhuman traits under her guise. Her body is built slenderly, with a firm C-cup and is, in general, very limber.

Ever since her heritage awakened - and with them, the ability to create seemings - Bree has almost never worn real clothes, instead covering herself in the Seemings of such; this not just because it is cheaper, but also because she changes her hairstyle, make-up and clothing according to her whims, and actually changing real clothes would just be impractical. Now, as a True Fae, she can create True Seemings out of ectoplasm, and may well clothe herself in such when she sees fit.

Despite her Summer nature, Bree herself is a calm, restrained individual that likes to be in control - or at least she'd like to be, but said Nature always pushes her to be wild, reckless and indulgent. The conflict between her Nature and her personality has left her slightly... unstable. Due to her upbringing, Bree can't help but despise weakness, yet she has a soft spot for children and people whom she considers Innocent. Even before she became completely Fae, Bree always stayed true to her word, and she always expects people to do the same - and can get pretty violent if they do not.

  • Superb (+5): Deceit, Discipline
  • Great (+4): Conviction, Rapport
  • Good (+3): Presence, Endurance
  • Fair (+2): Altertness, Empathy, Lore
  • Moderate (+1): Athletics, Contacts, Intimidation, Stealth, Weapons

Stunts & Powers
  • [-4] Greater Glamours
  • [-4] Seelie Magic
  • [-4] Supernatural Recovery
  • [+4] The Catch: Cold Iron
  • [-0] Human Guise

  • Physical: [][][][]
  • Mental: [][][][]
  • Social: [][][][]
  • Mild (P/M/S) -2
  • Moderate (P/M/S) -4
  • Severe (P/M/S) -6
  • Extreme (P/M/S) -8

  • Power Level: Submerged
  • Skill Cap: Superb (+5)
  • Skill Points Spent: 35
  • Skill Points Available: 0
  • Base Refresh Level: 10
  • Adjusted Refresh: 1