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May 23, 2022, 10:22:30 pm

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Author Topic: In Need of a Mentor of Sorts  (Read 838 times)

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In Need of a Mentor of Sorts
« on: October 19, 2014, 03:48:05 pm »
Hello, I am EvaRose (you can call me Eva or Rose or what and this sounds so formal to me) and I'm trying to look for another person to roleplay with. This is a little hard because I am now in college. Unfortunately, my only free time now is during weekends. This will last, for me, until December 22nd. I plan on scheduling my classes differently for next semester so that I'll have more free time (which means time for the sleep I so desperately need as well as for roleplays).

There are links to my f-list and O/O thread in my signature.

I enjoy roleplaying over threads the most, but shall do so over private messages as well. I won't do roleplays over emails, IM's or anything else though.

I argue that nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes with grammar and spelling. I think faster than I type and I know I do it, as long as a reply is coherent it is fine. This is because I tend to misspell words if I type too fast, and know this because I look back and see that I have made mistakes.

When I say that I'm in need of a mentor, I mean that there is something I need to be taught how to do. For this, I need someone to be patient with me and, hopefully, help me change this plot so that it is more for a steampunk setting. As I have never tried this setting, I know almost nothing about it. This is a plot that I have tried a few times but would now like to try with a steampunk theme to it. I think that would make this interesting.

Of course, I am also looking for someone who will just do what I have typed below. So, in retrospect, I am looking for one person who will work with me to make this steampunk themed and someone who will do a regular one set in the past.

Anyone who wants to try it, just send a private message my way.

Lies Are a Pain in the A-
Setting: Past Fantasy?
Pairing: (f) Witch x (m) Pirate
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She was nothing more than a simple girl living in a small farm bordering a seaside town. Her father was a man both hated and feared. He would do things like shout at the sky, talk to animals, and chase away all the men that tried to court his daughter. People called him crazy, even the daughter he was trying so desperately to keep safe secretly thought he was insane.

Then, he came around. Nobody knew who he was when his ship made port, and she certainly did not. He looked like a pirate however, but she knew nothing of those kind of people. She wass there, selling vegetables to anyone with a ship when the two of them first meet. The girl was swayed by his charms and soon broke one of the many rules of the small town she called home by sleeping with him. That would have been fine (sort of) had it not been for the naval ship that arrived during the middle of the night.

The naval was there when she was led off the pirate's ship. A single naval man saw the two of them together and another mistake was made: instead of going to others and telling them about the wanted pirate’s presence, he tried to catch the man himself. To say the least, this did not work out and the pirate escaped while the girl was left to earn the wrath of the navy. Sent to England, the girl was jailed for a crime she never knew she was committing: associating with a person convicted of piracy. She blamed the man for what happened to her, not just the sentence but what occurred while she was in jail.

Years pass and the pirate is doing well. There are whispers among the pirates of a ship called The Nightingale and the things they were doing. The captain was known for being ruthless, attacking all who came near the ship whilst sailing the seven seas. Each crew member is forced to be branded as soon as they join, making it so that all who sees know what ship they come from. Nobody leaves the ship. Those who try leave to are found dead the next day, or disappear altogether.

It is by chance that The Nightingale reaches a pirate-friendly port at the same time that the man’s ship does. The crew leaves the ship. The marks on the forearms on each man is surprising enough, but so are the animals that are left on the deck. Wolves, enough to make a pack in the wild. The captain steps down to the dock and with him a woman. Or a ghost? Their eyes meet for but a moment, and memories resurface. The captain finds himself the exclusive target of The Nightingale. The Navy is searching for him as well but, while the navy just wants him to be captured to pay for his crimes, she wants him dead. Can he escape death at the hands of a woman or at the gallows, or is it time for him to pay for his sins?
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