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Author Topic: ~Hollow Gods, Shadowed Chains~  (Read 364 times)

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~Hollow Gods, Shadowed Chains~
« on: October 19, 2014, 01:53:55 PM »
I had an idea, a very vague sketchy one, that I'm hoping to turn into a roleplay! I've not got my preferences set to available, but this is because I'm making an exception, as I'm really craving this idea! The basic details are:

~Please contact me via PM on Elliquiy if you are interested. I will update this thread if this idea is taken~

Genre: Medieval Fantasy
Pairing: MxF (or maybe MxM, depending)
Plot: The dark god Varux has fallen from Heaven. He is the god of tyranny, dominance, and war. Once, he was the beautiful god Estua, god of peace and prosperity...until something in him changed. No one knows what caused the most beautiful among the gods to fall and become a monstrosity. Some speak softly of love scorned, others speak of a foul void that wormed into his body.

He became an organized instilled corruption to his fellow deities, so they carved him a prison made of Soulstone, a powerful substance created from melting down the evil souls of Varux's fallen worshipers, binding him with pure chains of spirit and light, and they cast this prison deep into the heart of the tundra wastelands of the north in the realm of mortals. They ripped from him his black heart, the center of his divine magic, and with the loss of this, he cannot return to Heaven. His heart has been secreted away somewhere in the mortal realms beyond his reach, rumored to be guarded by an entire legion of angels. The other gods did not want to have to bind him, but his power had been growing exponentially, and they could not risk him spreading his tyranny to the other gods.

But Varux has broken free of his prison of two thousand years. He learned to manipulate the soul-stuff that bound him, and he devoured every last vestige of his spiritual chains and walls. But he was weak when he freed himself. The first thing he had to do was find a body to hide in--he chose the weak heir of an elven mage. He spent years inside this vessel, learning the secret ways of the elven arcane arts, until he slew the mage and took control of the mage's settlement. This gave him a small but equipped force of elves whom he quickly corrupted and bent to his will.

Within ten years, he'd taken the entire elven forests of Kerramir. The gods might have tried to seal him in the mortal realm...but he would spite them and conquer it. Within fifteen years, the nearby human settlements had their backs to the wall and eventually found they had to surrender.  His conquest is not yet complete. He needs a suitable body to possess; Varux keeps burning through these feeble mortals. But he is about to get his opportunity.

His sister has Fallen from Heaven. His beautiful, sweet sister, a paragon of light and hope. Varux will capture her and use her for his own ends...can he manipulate her power to make for himself a body? How will he handle the first of his fellow deity family members that he's seen in over two thousand years?

Ons required: Non-consensual scenes, bondage, sadism, masochism, incest.
On I would like but not required: Pregnancy (any offspring are going to be spirited away to be cared for by Varux's clergy so they aren't in the way of the story), humiliation, exhibitionism
Hard Offs: Scat

Notes: I would play the male. I welcome a writer of any gender to play the female role. I am not really going to ask for a minimum post length response. It should also be noted that I am a slow replier to RPs, but I do stick with them! I have RPs on E that have lasted over a year and are still going.

Extras: I don't have strong details about this setting done; I'd absolutely love to build this world and build more about its people and story with a co-writer! I wanted to leave the female role very open--you decide what Varux's sister is the goddess of, why she Fell! Regarding my Ons and Offs--if you are interested in something in particular that you think works for this idea and my O/O matrix or thread doesn't mention if I like or dislike it, please feel free to ask me about it.  :-)

Aside: Can easily also be a MxM game, if someone wants to try creating a compelling brother for Varux instead! The only kink that changes in my list is just to remove the pregnancy kink.
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Offline BlytheTopic starter

Re: ~Hollow Gods, Shadowed Chains~
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2014, 03:08:03 PM »
Update: Wow, that was quick. O_o

I have a MxM nibble on this already. I will keep this open, though, as I would really like to run a MxF version of this too! No longer accepting MxM versions of this RP. I am only accepting a MxF of this now. And of course, repeating just in case: co-writers of any gender welcome if they will play the female character.

Update the Second: I now have a MxF version of this, so this idea is closed. Thank you to all the others who have shown interest.
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