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Author Topic: Perin's Indignation - The Elven War (F for F/Herm in a long-term fantastical RP)  (Read 831 times)

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Perin's Indignation - War of the Elves

Hello :-) I hope all is well. Real life has been kind of dry lately, and I would love a long-term fantastical RPG to spice things up. Here's a concept I've been craving for a while now, and I truly hope you'll find yourself invested in it as well. Details can be discussed as well! Keep in mind that this is a WIP!


Name: Perin.
Planet Radius: 2145 km / 1332 miles.
Population: Approximately 12 million.
Land Mass percentage: 24%.

The sparsely populated planet named Perin has a radius smaller than that of Mercury, however it's climatical and environmental characteristics mostly resemble that of Earth. With only a single sun in Perin's solar system, the planet experiences the usual four seasons, however the transition between each season is rather abrupt. This means that the citizens of Perin could be enjoying a relaxing fall evening one night, before their world is blanketed with thick snow by the next morning. Uneven, rolling terrain and the predominance of mountains means that travelling on foot is incredibly difficult for the inexperienced.

Year 2238 - 2499 - The Cold War
About ninety percent of Perin's population consisted of (this universe's take on) humans, mainly magic-less beings who ruthlessly consumed the planet's resources. However, despite the existence of such selfish beings, the planet's balance was kept in check by the elves, magic-capable entities who realized that in order to live sustainably, one must live with nature, not merely 'off of it'.

Tensions between the few, powerful elves and the many humans brewed as the latter group became irritated by the seemingly arbitrary laws the former society proposed in order to maintain Perin's resources, which included population control policies. After more than two hundred and fifty years of cold war, both the humans and the elves came together and elected The Council of Voices, an elite body of five incredibly powerful entities. Their main task was the equal representation of both species, and by the turn of the twenty-sixth century, tensions eased.

Year 2500 - 2525 - The New Species
It was a golden age for Perin. Humans and elves lived side by side in happiness, however this would soon bring disastrous consequences. Half-elves, beings of both human and elvish blood, would soon be born on Perin, their existence leaving both native species perplexed. They waited for an ultimatum from The Council of Voices: Would the continued intimacy between humans and elves, and subsequently the birthing of more half-elves, cause problems for their peaceful society? No word was heard from the five prestigious members; it seemed that even The Council didn't know as of yet.

As these half-elves aged, a sudden uproar would shake the small planet as the human population realized just how dangerous these 'newer' species are. In the event that a half-elf and a human being participate in sexual intercourse with one another, the human would suffer a rather gruesome death; It seemed that half-elf fluid was toxic to humans. The Council, realizing this, would immediately begin 'cleansing' Perin of all half-elves, and instate firm divides in where each of the species should exist.

Year 2526 - 2930 - The Fall of The Council, and the Human Race
The half-elf eradication law would soon be forgotten as the species was eventually wiped out - or so it seemed. Out of the sight of The Council of Voices, a population of half-elves had managed to find refuge in a secret location that was surprisingly provided by the full-blooded elves themselves. These peaceful, nature-loving elves found fascination in their half-elvish counterparts, and as the centuries passed, the elves would continue bonding with 'The New Species', allowing them to breed and continue their unique existence. The elves now felt more distant than ever from the humans.

The tattered remains of recorded history describes a half-elf, who had lived her entire life within human society in secret, fearlessly standing up to The Council with another mysterious female by her side. Their bravery elicits the uproar of the half-elvish community, and together they manage to overthrow The Council of Voices.

Without their protection, the humans were sitting ducks to the magic-capable half-elves, and many months of violent and bloody war would ensue. It wouldn't take long before the humans would drop their obsolete weapons and throw the white flag of surrender upwards in defeat. The half-elves would take advantage of this moment by spreading across human territory en masse and having fueled, passionate intercourse with every single human on the planet. By the end of 2930, the entire human population was effectively loved to death.

Year 2931 - 3299 (Present) - Dangerous Overpopulation
The elves did little to stop the half-elves from taking revenge on the humans. However, being provided with all of the land and resources that had been partitioned for the late human species coupled with the high fertility of half-elves meant that their population would sky-rocket exponentially. The planet's resources would deplete quickly as it struggled with the multiplying community, which caused the full-blooded elves to spring into action by the year of 3295. Despite being severely outnumbered, the full-blooded elves possessed greater magical capabilities, which allowed them to overpower the half-elves and contain them in several massive 'containment facilities' (otherwise known as prisons) across the world.

The World

  • Lush, natural planet, with humanoid settlements very sparsely located across the globe. Hostile environments coupled with the natural distrust civilians have for one another means that surviving alone in Perin is incredibly difficult. Tight-knit communities all over are wary of strangers.
  • Technological development in Perin currently resembles that of the middle ages, however the use of magical energy has allowed for the invention of many modern conveniences, including light bulbs and certain vehicles. The sheer cost of such auxiliarities means that only the wealthiest of the wealthy can afford such items.
  • A steampunk setting is something I would enjoy if that's something you would prefer

The Characters

Name: Melissa Losireth
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Elf

Backstory: Melissa spent her entire childhood and adolescent years in the care of a rather small, tight-knit elvish community in the village of Aleria. This was due to the fact that her parents were brutally murdered a few months after her birth, leaving her with no known family to care for her. As a member of Aleria's protection unit, she served as the night sentinel, watching out for potential dangers while the community slept, cherished blade in hand. By the year of 3295, her village had been declared a danger zone by the government, which meant it was susceptible to an invasion by the approaching, out of control half-elf population. The people of her community were forced to relocate all over Perin, and the protection unit were assigned as guards for the many new containment facilities across Perin. Melissa struggled to cope with the jarring lifestyle change. She found it difficult to sleep on thin, military-grade bedding, and the constant screams of suffering coming from unruly half-elf prisoners was a complete contrast to the soothing chirping of crickets back in Aleria.

Name: Useli
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female or Hermaphrodite
Species: Half-Elf (?)

Backstory: One of the many half-elves who ended up being arrested and contained in the facility Melissa has been assigned to guard. This dangerously attractive woman is actually a rather peculiar being: Her late mother was a half-elf, and her late father was a full-blooded elf. Such a pairing giving birth to a living child was, and still is, considered impossible. However, only Useli is aware of this fact and cunningly uses it to her advantage. She possess immense magical capabilities due to her unique blood, easily capable of overpowering several trained mages. As a thrill-seeker, she willingly complies with her containment sentencing in the hopes that she finds excitement in her prison break.

Possible Scenarios

Scenario 1: A Prisoner
As a new prisoner, Useli is brought to one of the empty cells opposite of Melissa's watch post. She immediately realizes that the guard is distracted by her beauty, which is unusual considering they are both (predominantly) female. Useli attempts to converse with the other woman with no success for a few hours, before the prisoners below follow through with their months-long planned break-out attempt. In the chaos, Melissa quickly seals the doors to her watch post, protecting herself from the flood of half-elves seeking escape. Of course, in the process she ends up locking herself in with the incredibly dangerous entity that is Useli, who had easily freed herself while the chaos ensued.

Melissa would draw out her weapon and attack once Useli didn't comply with her order and return to her cell. Each strike of hers is dodged with incomprehensible speed, and in retaliation Useli would gracefully dance around the sentinel, her hands shamelessly brushing against the guard's body in a rather sensual manner. While they 'fought', Useli would comment about how it was a shame that Melissa's armor restricted access to the gentle swells of her smooth body, before knocking the wind of out her. She would then pick up her confiscated weapons and flee out the window, with Melissa pursuing as soon as she recovered.

Feeling the thrill of the chase, Useli would take things up a notch. She would lead the guard towards the prison's massive entrance, where elven reinforcements prepared to contain the rebellion, and now in the eyes of countless witnesses, Useli would quickly turn around and embrace Melissa, before sending out a shockwave of pure energy, which temporarily paralysed every full-blooded elf in the area. This allowed for the imprisoned half-elves to make their easy escape.

The manner in which Useli played out her actions has resulted in Melissa Losireth being accused of the break-out, and now she is wanted by the entire planet. Thrilled by attracting the attention of the world, Useli decides to travel alongside the now-fugitive who despises her.

(Other scenarios possible!)

What I want in an RP (and what I hope you want too~)

  • A long term RP via forum PMs. I prefer quality over quantity, and I will usually write a few paragraphs per post.
  • An RP that isn't 100 percent centralized around smut, beginning with Useli's imprisonment and eventually developing into a journey across Perin with Melissa as wanted fugitives.
  • To play as a Melissa who acts bold and unphased on the outside, but is actually rather sensitive and submissive.
  • To play with a thrill-seeking, frivolous, somewhat cynical Useli who hardly ever takes anything seriously. Lacking much of an agenda, the reasons she gives for most of the things she does is 'because I can'. She is also dominant. OR
  • To play with your version of Useli. I'm up for suggestions, but I would really enjoy a more dominant character
  • Character development.
  • Eventual romance between the characters without the words "I love you" being uttered.


This deserves its own section! In an RP, there's little I enjoy more than incorporating music. Sending back and forth songs that set the tone excites me! Although I don't do it too often~ Examples:

I hope this doesn't feel inconsistent, as I'm not the most experienced storyteller in the world.If you like some of the ideas here but are afraid that your suggestions would contrast heavily to what I've posted, then message me! I like to think of myself as a very open-minded individual. However, a few details, such as the character genders and the technological era (Medieval or steampunk) are kinda firm. Sorry!
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