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Author Topic: Dragon's Price - fantasy, epic, M/m BDSM all welcome  (Read 359 times)

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Offline BitterSweetTopic starter

Dragon's Price - fantasy, epic, M/m BDSM all welcome
« on: October 16, 2014, 09:14:39 am »
Thank you so much, everyone - this story is taken!

Testing the dominant waters:

I’ll be playing a dominant man for some M/m BDSM.  You can expect the belt, spanking, perhaps some CBT, rough sex, being shoved around, hair pulling, dirty talk, exhibitionism, anal sex and ass play, collars and leashes, moderate pain, forced and controlled orgasm, teasing, dubious or non-consent and assorted related kinks we come up with.

What you aren’t going to see here; toilet play, animals, incest, Elliquiy banned kinks, feminization/sissification, bloodplay, needles.  I would also prefer that your character not be extremely twink-y or feminine.  They can be younger/lighter built, swimmer’s build, etc but not child-like, girly or feminine.  Masculine men totally welcome.  Also, player gender/sex/preferences/etc all fine.

Dragon’s Price

In the ancient times, the lands were at peace, fertile, glory hid in the great woods, and shone in the summer sun.  The seven lands were ruled by the Dragon Lords, men and women – it was said – who bore the blood of dragons and could call the lords of the sky to their side.  Their power was tempered by justice and mercy and the people prospered.

But arrogance and pride poisons the greatest hearts and the Dragon Lords fell to squabbling, then warfare, then destruction.  They misused their great powers and tore the land asunder, losing demons into the world.  It was left to dragonkind to fight the eerie demonkind and they did, at great cost.  The few surviving dragons fled the seven lands long ago.

If the Dragon Lord ever existed, their bloodlines are long extinct.  The seven lands are a morass of squabbling duchies and warlords, some little better than robber barons.  The intangible demonkind seem to have faded along with the dragons, well enough, there are troubles a plenty without.

Our story begins in this darker age.

MC is a well known mercenary with a fair sized army of his own.  He’s known as a powerful warrior, earning the loyalty of his soldiers with his tactical and strategic skills.  YC is someone desperate for protection and perhaps the particular skills and rather mysterious talents of MC.  You approach and offer yourself in the ancient ritual of hiketia; an unbreakable bond between the supplicant and the protector.  My acceptance means I will protect and care for you and you, in turn, will obey, submit and serve me.

My dominant characters are not emotionally cruel, meaning he will come to care for yours beyond the convenience of a fuck.  They also have a sensuality to them and are interested in YC’s body, pleasure, reactions etc.  I would like YC to not have BDSM related experience, and perhaps unexplored submissive needs.  If they are not m/m experienced either, I’d like them to become interested in men - so that sex with MC is not always undesired.

I expect both plot and smut, but will be moving swiftly to the smut.  I have played dominant men in the past, though it's been some time and not on E.

Please use PM to contact me.  My current posting rate is likely to be twice weekly.
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